‘Power’ Recap – Season 5, Episode 3: Are We On The Same Team?

Power Episode 503

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We’re only at episode 3, but Season 5 of Power is already looking like a wild ride.


Officer Blanca Rodriguez continues to put the pressure on Angela as she discovers more connections between Ray Ray and Raina’s murders. Her investigation brings her to a Detective Leary who reveals Tariq’s inconsistent account of what happened that night. Everywhere Blanca turns, Angela is involved. Angela knows it’s only a matter of time before Blanca discovers the truth, so after meeting with Tasha to devise a game plan, she figures out a temporary solution. Angela sends Donovan to transfer all information regarding Raymond Jones to federal custody and away from Blanca’s jurisdiction. If Blanca wants to solve this case and discover Angela’s true motives, she’ll have to go about it another way.

Meanwhile, Angela has a major breakthrough in the Jimenez investigation. She discovers that Alicia Jimenez isn’t Diego’s lover, but his sister and the other command of the Jimenez cartel. She also has a new love interest in Steve Tampio from D.C. Angela hasn’t faired well with work romance before so I expect this to go extremely well…


Dre holds a meeting with the organization to officially install Arturo as the new Toros Locos leader. Diego is there to witness the meeting and questions whether Lorenzo’s supporters will acknowledge this new regime. Arturo invites Diego to see how discipline is applied to the group. Dre cautions against it but Diego isn’t hearing it. The Jimenez don’t really give two f*cks about law enforcement, tact, or anything else. 2-Bit and Spanky are tight because Dre allowed Arturo to take the credit for the Lorenzo hit.

Diego watches as Arturo kills the traitors in the Toros Locos but continues to wonder how Arturo knew about Lorenzo’s coup. Diego then tells Dre he’s making Cristobal number two in order to keep the Toros in check. Diego also delivers Dre an ominous message to stay away from his sister or else. Wandering eyes will be cut out and fed to whoever crosses the boss!

Power Episode 503

Source: Starz / Starz


Councilman Tate and Ghost move into the next phase of the Queens project, as they woo potential investors. Linda (played by Garcelle Beauvais) seems unimpressed with their project and the competing visions between Ghost and Tate. Ghost decides to take the initiative and meet with Linda to persuade her to reconsider investing. With a little wine, and a lot of sex, Ghost seems to have the advantage…until he reconvenes with Tate to hear the harsh truth.

Tate reveals Linda’s advances were a test of Ghosts’s professionalism, and he failed. Tate isn’t going to be Ghost’s pimp, but Ghost berates the Councilman for exploiting his family through ambush press conferences and photo ops at funerals. They decide to calm hostilities between one another and handle business however they need to in order for the Center to be built.

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