INFLUENCE PEDDLER: Camille Charrière on Diversifying Beyond Instagram and Her Debut Fashion Documentary

LONDON — Camille Charrière has been a pioneer of blogging platforms and social media from the get-go. But as the influencer market becomes more and more saturated, she has been experimenting with ways to cultivate her voice and shine a spotlight on behind-the-scenes stories that often get forgotten in the fast-paced world of Instagram.
Her first project came in the form of the podcast “Fashion No Filter,” hosted alongside the writer and fellow influencer Monica Ainley. The duo readily took on the challenge of producing in-depth discussions about fashion by stripping away the visuals and encouraging their listeners to flex their imagination muscles. The result was a series of humorous audios that discussed topics ranging from sustainability to the street-style phenomenon and feminism, with the likes of Roksanda Ilincic, Caroline de Maigret and Chloé president Geoffroy de la Bourdonnaye taking part.
Building on the success of the podcast, Ainley and Charrière went on to produce a documentary with French TV channel Paris Premier that will make its debut on Sunday and examine all things style and fashion through a tongue-in-cheek compare-and-contrast exercise of the British and French fashion capitals.
Here Charrière, who is already plotting season two of “Fashion No Filter” and more

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