Melanie dressed in a hotpants, ankle length white socks and white panties

God Melanie Walsh bum looks so gorgeous in those hotpants.  Knee socks, ankle socks, frilly socks, short socks, long socks, thigh high socks, thin socks, thick socks.  Socks Melanie Walsh just have so many of them. Big cotton panties, little cotton panties, thong cotton panties, French cotton panties, gym cotton panties umm Melanie Walsh loves them all.

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Hi guys,

As it is a nice hot day today I thought I would do an outside shoot. So today’s shoot it taken outside in my sunny garden, I am wearing my tight red top, sexy denim hotpants, ankle length white socks and white cotton panties.

I really think those denim hotpants are super hot, I hope you agree.

Luv Melanie XXX



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