Bridget Foley’s Diary: Grunge Again

“I felt like it was coming at me. Of course I loved the music, but what I was really interested in was the style.” — Marc Jacobs on grunge, June 2018
Get ready for Grunge Redux.
Twenty-five years ago, Marc Jacobs rocked fashion with his grunge collection for Perry Ellis. It shocked, it awed, it outraged. It also charmed, inspired and, with clothes and an underlying approach that were the antithesis of fashion-intellectual (Jacobs prefers the virtues of instinct and whim) it got people thinking. A quarter-century later, we still are. What is fashion? Where does it start? How does it reflect and inform the culture? Why the enduring appeal of “off-beat” and “undone?”
This month, we can ruminate on those questions while examining — and shopping for — some major original-source material. Sort of. As reported, for his brand’s November delivery (he refuses to call it “resort”), Jacobs has re-created line-for-line copies of 26 looks from that seminal grunge collection. It will be available online on Nov. 15, and in physical stores beginning on the Nov. 19, with the opening of a major pop-up concept on Madison Avenue in the old DKNY space. Anyone who loves or is remotely curious about fashion

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