Episode 369 Scott Adams: Whiteboard Discussion of Border Persuasion


  • Great examples of CNN mind reading by Stephen Collinson
    • Guesses and hunches are being presented as news
  • Solar panels on the wall and vandalism
  • Whiteboard: Border Barrier Debate
    • Dems are winning on topics of drugs and crime
    • Effective mocking and sarcasm
  • If Mexico pays for the wall, would it then be “moral”?
  • Current immigration policies mostly benefit rich white people
    • VISA overstays versus sneaking across the border
  • About 70% of climate change skeptic points aren’t valid
  • Did Michael Mann use tree ring estimates for gaps…
    • …and later discontinue tree rings as an unreliable proxy?
  • Are testosterone levels in males decreasing, or are men evolving?
    • lifestyles that increase or decrease testosterone
    • Soy is everywhere, in a lot of our food

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