The History of Hip Hop – Eric Reese

Eric Reese - The History of Hip Hop  artwork

The History of Hip Hop

Volume 1

Eric Reese

Genre: Music

Publish Date: May 4, 2018

Publisher: Eric Reese

Seller: Eric Reese

The History of Hip Hop   by  Eric Reese  is a hip hop memoir detailing the urban movement of one of the powerful inner-city America's music genres. It is a cultural phenomenon that famously began in the 1970s; ushering in an exciting new generation of artists known for rap. This book details the following:  How should the genre be classified as hip hop or rap? The birth of the hip hop movement starting on the streets of the Bronx and Brooklyn in the early 1970s  What is the Golden era of Hip Hop and who were the major rappers at that time? The rise of hip hop in the UK in the 1980s What musical elements found in hip hop today were present in music genres that before it? The significance of Rapper's Delight in rap history What major accomplishments has hip hop set in urban culture, social awareness and American history? Why is the world so obsessed with rap music? What next for hip hop music now that Trap is in? Hip Hop is everywhere and has inspired many households of young people from as far as Myanmar, Sweden, Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom, Brazil and Australia.  The History of Hip Hop will quell all your curiosities of the words behind the two words that has reigned supreme worldwide.  Buying this hip hop history book is a no-brainer! Hip Hop lives on!

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