A & O – Buki Koshoni

Buki Koshoni - A & O  artwork

A & O

Agnes and Olga Portraits

Buki Koshoni

Genre: Photography

Publish Date: May 16, 2014

Publisher: BKP Buki Koshoni Photography

Seller: Rowland Koshoni

A series of reportage portraits, shot on the beaches of Larnaka, Cyprus, featuring twin sisters Agnes & Olga. Styling provided by American Apparel. Cinematic and compelling, the work of photographer Buki Koshoni captures his subjects with inimitable style. Koshoni’s strain of contemporary photography blends fashion and portraiture in a display of the human form at its most provocative. Koshoni’s images interrogate identity, personality, sexuality and bodily aesthetics, taking a compelling and intimate approach to his subjects.  His images are a rich mix of cultures, genders, sexualities, ethnicities and identities, all captured under Koshoni’s effortless lens and laid out in fine, digital print. You can now indulge in exclusively published digital photobooks from Buki Koshoni.  Order online today.

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