Malapropisms from r/boneappletea #1

Just because you can say a word doesn’t mean you can spell it (or even get close). The following is some of the malapropisms found on Of course, we only picked some of the clean ones, so visit the site at your own risk.

…which is widely “except a bowl” – acceptable

He just ended “home a phobia” – homophobia

Has anyone gotten “sell you lightest” from a blood draw? – cellulitis

He was “discuallow fide” – disqualified

You look “for meal your” to me – familiar

I like the “try angles” under the eyes… – triangles

It’s a “doggie dog world” out there! – dog-eat-dog world

They “clothes” school – closed

Not to add to the “disk horse” but… – discourse

Must sell: “chester draws” – chest of drawers

Me and my dad spent some “koala t” time together – quality

LOL! I’m in “tiers” – tears

I had a “mind grain” again – migraine

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