The Peacemaker (1997) – Mimi Leder

Mimi Leder - The Peacemaker (1997)  artwork

The Peacemaker (1997)

Mimi Leder

Genre: Thriller

Price: $ 4.99

Rental Price: $ 3.99

Release Date: September 23, 1997

Superstars George Clooney and Nicole Kidman strike sparks when they join forces to stop a nuclear terrorist in this explosive action-adventure. When a train carrying atomic warheads mysteriously crashes in the former Soviet Union, brilliant nuclear specialist Dr. Julia Kelly (Kidman) discovers the accident is really part of a diabolical plot to cover up the theft of the weapons. Assigned to help her recover the missing bombs is crack Special Forces Colonel Thomas Devoe (Clooney), whose brash, take-no-prisoners style clashes with Kelly's more diplomatic approach. Putting aside their personal difference – and their budding romance – together they race against time as they track the last remaining warhead to the steps of the United Nations in this taut apocalyptic thriller from director Mimi Leder.

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