Malapropisms from r/boneappletea #2

Just because you can say a word doesn’t mean you can spell it (or even get close). The following is some of the malapropisms found on Of course, we only picked some of the clean ones, so visit the site at your own risk.

I realized it was a “double aunt Andre”… – double entendre

You “minus well” do it – might as well

Asbestos has great “fire rodent” properties – fire retardant

I would like to “perches” that – purchase

He threw his “boom a range” – boomerang

My nephew has two great “pier knees” dogs – Pyrenees

some guy from “ballet parking” stole something from my car – valet parking

I’ll give you an “in death review” – in-depth review

She is about to hit “meta pause” – menopause

Oh the “ironing” – irony

If the “zombie eclipse” was happening… – zombie apocalypse

Me and “ellen the generous” when I go on her show… – Ellen DeGeneres

Nothing but “milk toast” opinions – milquetoast

I have reached “end lighting ment” – enlightenment

That is very “app lickable” to the situation – applicable

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