The Best Clinical-Strength Deodorants

Hyperhidrosis is the pits, as is any excessive sweating or persistent perspiration. It prevents you from feeling comfortable in your own skin and clothes, and it forces you to soak in your own bodily swamp all day while your coworkers question a curious stench in the air. You need to step things up with clinical-strength deodorants.

A clinical-strength stick or wipe is enhanced with aluminum to neutralize and stop sweat for up to seven days, depending on the product and your own regimen and reaction to it. They’re stronger than the usual antiperspirants, but their aluminum grades are higher.

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If you suffer from any such sweaty condition, then the clinical-strength deodorants below will keep you smelling and feeling fresh. Use any of them year round if you need to, or ad hoc if you have a big work presentation and first date approaching.

1. Duradry 3-Step System

The most advanced of this roster, Duradry provides three different steps for controlling excessive perspiration and odor, with dermo-recommended, maximum-strength formulas: a bedtime lotion that combines aluminum chloride and salicylic acid to stop sweat, a morning deodorant stick with 20% aluminum zirconium, and a daily wash that hydrates and further deodorizes. Use them all together to triple-team odor and sweat, since sometimes that’s what it takes to tackle the task.

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2. Gillette Clinical Advanced Solid Ultimate Fresh Antiperspirant

Strong enough to be clinical strength, this 20% aluminum zirconium formula is a lower dose than some of the others on this roster. (It’s equivalent to 6.25% aluminum chloride.) That smaller potency, while still strong, is good if you need to stop sweat in its tracks—but maybe for a couple days, not a full week.

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3. Certain Dri Prescription Strength Clinical Roll-On

With a recipe of 12% aluminum chloride, Certain Dri is one of the toughest deodorants on the market—sans prescription, that is—and can stop excessive sweating for up to 3 days. A couple simple strokes will suffice, since it’s *that* strong.

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4. Secret Clinical Strength

Like the other name-brands on this list, Secret’s clinical-strength deodorant contains aluminum zirconium 20%. The invisible-solid stick provides 48 hours of sweat stoppage and underarm dryness, and it comes in 5 different scents, plus an unscented one, stress-response option, and waterproof option.

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5. Sweat Block Clinical Strength Antiperspirant Wipes

These wipes are a grooming wonder: A simple swipe neutralizes sweat for up to 7 days (6.4 on average!) when applied to clean, dry pits. There’s a secret formula behind them—with high concentrations of aluminum chloride, like the rest of this list—but they’re FDA approved despite the hush hush. So wipe away! 

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Dove Men+Care Clinical Strength

Like the rest of its antiperspirants, Dove Men+Care’s clinical-strength deodorant halts perspiration for 48 hours. It also relies on an aluminum zirconium 20% formula to keep the defense on high alert over those 2 days, just in case you need something stronger than the average person. Plus, it’s Dove, so you know it’s gonna nourish while it neutralizes. 

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7. Degree Clinical Sport Strength

While everything else on this list lasts between 48 and 168 (!) hours, Degree’s clinical-strength sport stick is a simpler 24-hour shield. And that’s a good thing, since maybe you don’t need to stifle your perspiration for a full  2-7 days. Some of us just need it for special occasions—like athletes on the day of their big game. It’s still as strong a formula as the other sticks on this list, with aluminum zirconium 20%.

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