Blues Guitar Lessons – Jody Worrell & Peter Vogl

Jody Worrell & Peter Vogl - Blues Guitar Lessons  artwork

Blues Guitar Lessons

Learn How to Play Blues Guitar Licks and Scales with Video and Tabs

Jody Worrell & Peter Vogl

Genre: Music

Publish Date: April 30, 2013

Publisher: Watch & Learn, Inc.

Seller: Watch & Learn, Inc.

The Blues Guitar Lessons ebook features guitar lessons by Jody Worrell and Peter Vogl.  You will learn how to play blues guitar licks, pentatonic scales, blues scales, and a variety of techniques.  Each segment is taught with step by step video instruction and demonstrated along with an audio jam track.  You can also refer to the included tabs for help.  The lessons included in this course are Stevie Ray Vaughan Style Lick, Eric Clapton Style Lick, Am Pentatonic Licks, F Blues Licks, and E Minor & Major Pentatonic Licks.

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