Encounters with Demons – Minyard, P.A.

Minyard, P.A. - Encounters with Demons  artwork

Encounters with Demons

Urban Fantasy Romance

Minyard, P.A.

Genre: Fantasy

Publish Date: June 9, 2019

Publisher: Capraro Press

Seller: Alina Rutkowska

When demons die, a Beloved’s power grows… 300 pages of power-packed action from an award-winning author! Father-to-be Gabriel Walker has just been murdered by a bank robber. Then he’s given the choice between passing into the Father’s kingdom or remaining behind to help others in need as a Beloved – a mythical demon hunter. Although his assigned Guardian fumbles at explaining the rules of his complex new existence, Gabe learns a few cool tricks: he must hunt demons to survive and can travel through space and time to do so. After Gabe proves to be an able demon-slayer, he attracts the attention of Nick, who has good reason to convince Gabe to return home to his wife… As he navigates death with his newfound talents, Gabe doesn’t realize his biggest challenge lies ahead in trusting the other Beloveds. It turns out that the newest demon-hunter isn’t the only Beloved with incredible powers. Gabe’s story as a modern-day beloved is juxtaposed against the story of Michel, the very first Beloved. While not all Beloved are related, those who come from Michel’s line seem to cause Nick the most trouble. Gabriel is one of Michel’s descendants … Encounters with Demons  is the first novel in a sci-fi saga of good vs. evil. If you like fast-paced thrillers, geeky heroes, and demonic villains, then you’ll love this high-octane series from breakout author P A Minyard. Get your copy now to experience how a geeky medical physicist becomes a demon-slayer today!

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