The Lion at Sea – Max Hennessy

Max Hennessy - The Lion at Sea  artwork

The Lion at Sea

Max Hennessy

Genre: Action & Adventure

Publish Date: March 4, 2019

Publisher: Canelo

Seller: Canelo Digital Publishing Limited

A young recruit; a legendary battle; a cataclysmic war; a baptism by fire… Confident and strong willed,  Kelly Maguire  knew from a young age that he could accomplish great things. A constant and abiding love of the ocean would prove to be the making of him. When the call of war is heard in the early 1910s, Kelly knows that he must answer it. Enlisting in the Royal Navy, he hopes to win both the war and personal glory. But from the barbarous battles of Gallipoli to the nightmarish action at Antwerp, Kelly, along with his young shipmates, begins to learn the trials a sailor must face, trials that will forge him from a boy into a man. As the epic battle of Jutland approaches, everything is at stake.. A gritty adventure full of danger, blood and guts,  The Lion at Sea  is the first in Max Hennessy’s Captain Kelly Maguire Trilogy, perfect for fans of David McDine, Alan Evans and Alexander Fullerton.

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