How to Stop a Divorce: A Couples Counselor Shares the Mistakes Most People Make, and What to Do Instead

When faced with a divorce (or breakup) you don't want, most people panic and do all the wrong things. "It only pushes him out the door faster," says Kim Bowen, marital therapist and founder of…

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The Social Shopper: Taking on the Track Pant Trend

Comfort and style don’t always go together . . . but isn’t it just so nice when they do? Take track pants—the sleekly chic and totally sport-ready trousers traditionally favored by those heading to and from the gym. With the right additions, they’re anything but just-for-the-gym clothes. Vogue Market Editor… Feed
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Gabby Loves Avon #2-

Kim Kardashian Wears All White To Her Bridal Shower In Beverly Hills

Kim Kardashian is counting back the days to her May 24 nuptials, and on Saturday, May 10, was caught by the paparazzi on her way to a hotel in Beverly Hills where she celebrated her bridal shower.

Shutterbugs from the photo agency X17 Online caught the reality star in a strapless white dress, pearls and silver heels. Her mother, Kris Jenner, also wore all white.

On Friday, Us Weekly posted what they claim to be the official wedding invitation of Kardashian and fiance Kanye West. The gold-embossed black invite calls for black tie attire and reveals a 6 p.m. dinner, but does not state an exact location. “Guests won’t know the venue until they get to Paris,” a source told the publication last month.


Kardashian, 33, last celebrated a bridal shower in 2011 before she married Kris Humphries. The July affair took place at her mother’s Calabasas home and Demi Lovato, Serena Williams, former Spice Girl Melanie Brown, Brittny Gastineau and Rachael Ray were all in attendance.

For more photos of Kim, head over to

UPDATE 4:36 p.m. — Kim started posting Instagram photos from inside her bridal bash this afternoon, shedding some light on the guest list:

Style – The Huffington Post
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Smitten Photo Time: 5 Readers' Moms Compete for Mother of the Year

It's almost Mother's Day! If you haven't picked out a gift for your mom, make sure to check out our gift guide. But the best kind of present that money just can't buy is simply…

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The Best Beauty Advice We've Ever Received From Our Mothers

There are no words that can truly express the love and gratitude that we have for our mothers. Every day they bestow upon us their great wisdom, including guidance on how to heal from a broken heart and how to strut in a killer pair of high heels.

The lessons we’ve learned from our mothers are deeply-rooted within us. And since sharing is something they would appreciate, we’re dropping gems from our mamas.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we are sharing with you the best beauty advice we’ve ever received from our mothers (and grandmothers).

Renee Jacques, HuffPost Associate Viral Editor

donna jacques renee jacques

“Always put lotion on right after you get out the shower or else you’ll have ‘alligator skin.'” – Donna Jacques

Dana Oliver, HuffPost Style Senior Beauty Editor

dana oliver shirley oliver

“Smile, Dana!” – Shirley Oliver

Brennan Williams, HuffPost Pop Cultural Editor

anna williams

When it came to advising my personal appearance through the years, my mom [Anna] always recommend that I maintain stellar hygiene, and to remain a gentleman while keeping classy!

Michelle Persad, HuffPost Style Fashion Editor

michelle persad cheryl mcgrath

“Don’t rub your eyes and don’t touch your face.” – Cheryl McGrath

Megan Mayer, HuffPost Style Associate Editor

melanie mayer megan mayer

“My most favorite thing in my bathroom cabinet is a jar of Sisley Global anti-age cream. It feels so amazing when I put it on my face. It’s expensive, but moisturizing is so important and it’s well worth it. With that said, I think the best beauty advice is a good night’s sleep and lots of water.” – Melanie Mayer

Yasmine Afiz, HuffPost Religion Associate Editor

yasmine afiz

“Be happy for today!” – Yvonne Karamali, grandmother

“It’s more important to be beautiful on the inside than on the outside.” Dilara Hafiz, mom

Jamie Feldman, HuffPost Style Fellow

jamie feldman

“Never be afraid to experiment with hair. It’s just hair, and it grows back! Always feel free to express your beauty — whether through makeup, piercings, or otherwise. It’s important to express yourself. Also, eye cream, eye cream and more eye cream.” – Samantha, mom

“It’s never too early to start using anti-aging moisturizer. Lipstick is an extremely important tool. Pick a hairdresser and stick with him. And you can make anything look expensive as long as you wear it the right way — with confidence.” Milly, grandmother

Julee Wilson, HuffPost Black Voices Style & Beauty Editor

mary ann wilson

My mom [Mary Ann] has always told me: “Pretty is as pretty does”– meaning your beauty comes from how well you treat people and carry yourself in the world. No amount of makeup, lotions or potions can mask a mean spirit.

Chanel Parks, HuffPost Style Fellow

chanel parks

If there’s one thing my mom [Marilyn] has taught me about beauty, it’s that you really don’t need to conform to any type of trend — my mom has dyed her hair a million colors and wears the flashiest prints, because they represent her, not what others think about her. This has definitely been an inspiration for the bold, bright lipsticks I wear and my ability to accept my hair as hair, not a super precious gem that’s worth a million dollars. Read: Don’t cry over it, and cover it with a wig. Ha!

Julie Miller, HuffPost Style Blogger

julie c miller

“Take great care of your skin: sunscreen & facials.” – Margaret Carlson Citron
Style – The Huffington Post
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Breaking: ABC Finally Renews Nashville for Next Season (Whew!) but Cancels Some Hilarious Comedies

Last week at this time, Judy Greer was telling me about her anxiety-reducing meditation techniques, and after waiting (and waiting) for the networks to unveil what shows have been canceled and renewed, I really do…

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Deborah Lindquist: Dressing Your Mom in Style for Mother's Day

By Deborah Lindquist

“Are you wearing that?” My mom asks me.

In my fearless quest to create my teenage sense of style, I did sometimes come up with “interesting” ideas. “Oh, do you mean this purple turtleneck bodystocking with a neon lime green micro miniskirt?” (This was before Punk Glam designer Stephen Sprouse made neon a hot trend.)


So she may not ask you those questions anymore (with that look!) and besides that, you’re now certain to wear just the right thing for her Mother’s Day brunch, flea market shopping excursion, getaway, or whatever your day together brings.

Mother’s Day is the perfect day to give your mom something fun to wear. Not only will she think of you every time she wears it, you know her well enough to know her favorite things. Here are some ideas for the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

The pretty floral
Always in fashion, a pretty floral print skirt can be a great Mother’s Day gift choice. This handpainted floral skirt is made of vintage kimono fabric, and is a lovely piece for your mom to wear to a brunch date out with her family.

Photo by Chika Okazumi

An artistic sweater
Cardigans are the easiest layering pieces ever invented. Designed to button up or not, they become favorite go-to pieces when you just don’t know how the weather will be today. Pops of color and artistic appliques make this reincarnated cashmere sweater a work of art and a fun piece to wear anywhere. Layer it over a basic top or dress and you’re prepared for the day.

Photo by Chika Okazumi

A lot of kisses
Mothers are all about love, and Mother’s Day is the day to celebrate all the love she gives. From your earliest boo-boo kisses to the ones she now gives to her grandchildren, the love goes on. It’s funny how kisses can change everything — even make a scraped knee feel better. It’s as if they are magic. Spread some of those magic kisses around and give her a kiss appliqued scarf. No size required, just a fun piece covered in kisses.

Photo by Chika Okazumi

Have a great Mother’s Day, filled with happiness and love. Whatever you choose to do with your mom, knowing that you gave her a fashionable gift will keep you from asking the question, “Mom, are you wearing that?”

As one of America’s most sought after environmentally conscious designers, Deborah Lindquist creates exquisite apparel out of a mix of “reincarnated” and new Earth-friendly fabrics, such as cashmere, hemp and bamboo. Lindquist’s avant-garde apparel has been showcased in numerous publications including Elle, In Style, Lucky, WWD, Vibe, People, Brides and Maxim. You can also catch her one-of-a-kind pieces during episodes of Lifetime’s How to Look Good Naked and Access Hollywood’s Hollywood Green. She has dressed trendsetters such as Rihanna, Pink, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Keisha Cole and Jessica Alba. Check out her press page and blog to learn more about Deborah.
Style – The Huffington Post
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Zoe Saldana Tells Us About Rosemary's Baby, Making Rosemary a Modern-Day Woman, and More

In a cheeky nod to Mother's Day this weekend, NBC is premiering their miniseries take on Rosemary's Baby. Their version of the classic 1968 Roman Polanski film (which starred Mia Farrow) moves the story to…

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Jon Hamm Takes Selfies With His Wax Figure

Don Draper is now immortalized in wax.

Jon Hamm’s “Mad Men” character has achieved perhaps the highest honor in all the land by being the newest wax figure at Madame Tussauds wax museum in New York City. Hamm celebrated this moment by taking selfies with himself and longtime partner Jennifer Westfeldt.

Just look at these photos, though. #TrueDetectiveSeason2, amirite?

jon hamm

jon hamm

jon hamm

jon hamm
Style – The Huffington Post
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Weekend Beauty Inspiration From Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen was spotted earlier this week at the Met Gala looking lovelier than ever (she even made our list for best hair and makeup) and again at the L.A. premiere of Godzilla on Thursday….

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3 Super Easy DIY Gifts To Make For Mother's Day (PHOTOS)

Mother’s Day is nearly here, and you know she’s wondering what you’re gonna give her. If you’re still stumped on how to show mom just how much you appreciate her, why not go back to the basics and make her something special? We’re not talking about the macaroni necklaces and finger paint portraits of days gone by (although, who doesn’t love a good pasta-based statement piece?), but something slightly more sophisticated.

Today, we’ve got three projects that are sure to please her, and the best part? They’re all super simple. So you can show your gratitude this Mother’s Day without breaking a sweat.

To see the ideas, visit our friends at ModCloth.
Style – The Huffington Post
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Girl Meets Boy, Meets Shoes: These Tomboyish Oxfords Are Exactly We Are Craving On This #FlatsFriday

We love Fridays. We love flats. BOOM. Enter Flats FridaysEvery week, we will bring you a new trend in flat shoes, for you to style any way you please. From pants to dresses, jeans to…

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The 12 Baby Products That Save Our Adult Lives

This Mother’s Day, we hope all of the mommas get the pampering and relaxation they deserve. Whether that’s a mimosa-filled brunch or a day at the spa, we hope you get some good old TLC.

While you celebrate motherhood, stop and think about what your kids have given you — love, laughter, happiness and beauty products. Yes, we meant to say that.

It seems that the secret behind soft skin and getting ALL of your makeup off is hiding in your kids’ products. From baby oil to nipple cream, you can fix your adult problems with a trip down the baby care aisle.

Here are the baby product formulas you should look for the next time you need a style or beauty remedy.

baby prod collage

For Dry Skin:
All we ever want in life is skin as soft as a baby’s bottom. Well, that probably means that we should be using their skincare regimens, which include baby lotions and washes that are fresh and happy-inducing. And, if you slather some baby oil on your body while it’s still damp from the shower, you won’t have dry, flaky skin (but really, who ever wants that??).

If it’s night time and you’re winding down, try ones with lavender and if you want some added hydration, incorporate some aloe, cocoa butter and gel formulas into your life. Who knew a baby would inspire our “so fresh and so clean” moments?

For Redness:
Three words: diaper rash cream. What could cure unwanted redness more than a formula that’s specifically for red, itchy patches? And if you want a slightly lighter formula, say for bug bites or face blemishes, try Aden + Anais Mum Bub ointment.

For facial redness, as a result of a breakout or rash of some kind, make a DIY mask that will calm down that itchy mess.

Take half a pack of Aveeno’s eczema bath treatment and mix it in with a little bit of water — you don’t want it too thick, but the consistency should be dense enough to spread over your face nice and evenly. After mixing, apply to your whole face (or just the irritated parts), and wait about five to ten minutes. If you want to make these masks all the time, but don’t want to shell out a lot of money, order ground colloidal oatmeal, it’s an awesome active ingredient that soothes your skin.

For Chapped Lips:
This one might be a little weird, but bear with us. The key to shiny, supple, soft and any other delectable adjective, lips may be nipple cream. Although this isn’t exactly for the baby as much is it’s for a breastfeeding momma, it is “safe for baby,” which means it’s safe for us, too.

Apply a good amount before you go to sleep, and when you wake up the next morning wipe off the dead skin. It might be a little sticky, so roll it around between your fingertips before applying. Also, for added moisture throughout the day, keep some Baby Aquaphor handy.

For Washing Your Delicates:
Items like lingerie, bras, you know “the intimates,” will hold up well if you hand wash them in baby shampoo. As our Black Voices Beauty and Style editor Julee Wilson says, “It’s gentle and makes everything smell so yummy!”

For Hair Troubles:
If you haven’t heard this one, your life is about to change. Instead of splurging on a fancy dry shampoo, get rid of oily residue with baby powder. Just pat your roots with as much powder as you need, but watch out, that stuff can get messy. With a comb, flesh out the white as to work it within your strands so it doesn’t look like dandruff.

And for our curly-haired girls out there, your detangling needs might be met with kids detangling spray. It won’t burn your eyes, so no tears for you!

For Removing Makeup:
Eyeliner, and mascara especially, can be hard to take off of your eyes at night. But, baby oil is slick enough to take that black (or brown) right off of your lashes. Swab a Q-tip into the oil, and gently rub it against your eyelids and waterlines. Just massage the leftover oil around your eyes.

Additionally, if you run out of makeup remover wipes, baby wipes could be a good alternative. We recommend going for fragrance-free or those made for sensitive skin — also, the baby versions tend to be a cheaper dupe if you don’t want to shell out for more pricey wipes.

For Smooth Shaves:
Yet another use for baby oil! While your legs will be super smooth, if you apply baby oil after shaving, you can also shave WITH IT. Yep, that’s right — slather it all up your gams and slide the razor up accordingly. You’ll moisturize and get rid of stubble (or long hairs) at the same damn time.

Do you use any baby products for your daily routine? Let us know!
Style – The Huffington Post
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6 Engagement Rings from the Designer All Your Favorite Celebs Are Wearing

If you follow Glamour on Instagram, you may have noticed I spent a bunch of time elbow-deep in diamonds earlier this week. You might recognize the rings on the left, because pretty much all your…

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Jennifer Aniston's Favorite Hairstyle Might Surprise You

It’s hard to talk about Jennifer Aniston without mentioning her hair.

At the Women’s Wear Daily Beauty CEO Summit on Thursday, Aniston represented haircare brand Living Proof, which according to WWD, she bought out in 2012. This is another beauty venture for the actress, as she is the face of Aveeno Skincare and created a signature fragrance back in 2010.

Sporting a more brunette look, which was integral for her role in the upcoming film “Cake,” Aniston says that her hair hasn’t always been perfect. During her adolescence, Aniston said she “hated” her hair as she “always had problem hair.” But since then, she’s had some help, “I sat in enough chairs of these amazing creators and learned how to manage it,” referring to her Living Proof partners, including hairstylist Chris McMillan.

In addition, Aniston revealed her favorite hairstyle she’s had, and it might surprise you. She revealed that her beachy waves in 2004’s “Along Came Polly” was one of her best looks. And if you thought she was going to say “The Rachel,” Aniston has publicly admitted that she wasn’t too fond of the cropped lob, which coincidentally was styled by a high McMillan.

Read more of what Jennifer Aniston had to say about Living Proof at
Style – The Huffington Post
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What Happily Ever After Really Means for Women According to Author Jennifer Weiner

You might know #1 New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Weiner from her books, like Good in Bed or In Her Shoes. You might know her from her outspoken stance on the equal treatment of…

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'Belle' Actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw's Curly-To-Straight Hair Trick

One of my biggest struggles with having curly hair is achieving a straight hairstyle. While I’ve left the task of getting bone-straight locks in the hands of my hairdresser because I don’t have the time, tools or energy, “Belle” actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw has convinced me to give it another go.

While making the promo rounds for her breakthrough role in the new British drama film, Mbatha-Raw switched up her super curly look for a much sleeker and straighter updo. Instead of relying on sticky and greasy hair gels, her stylist Ted Gibson used a styling cream. So, that’s where I went wrong…

Scroll down to find out how you can go from curly to straight at home.

gugu mbatha raw

1. To start, flatiron your hair straight with a heat protectant like Leonor Greyl Éclat Naturel Styling Cream. This helps to ensure that your hair doesn’t get damaged from the heat.

2. Create a deep side part and apply more of the styling cream to smooth. Brush hair to the back of the head with a boar bristle brush, depending on where you want to position the ponytail.

3. Secure by hooking one part of a bungee elastic, then wrap around the pony.

4. Twist the ponytail into a beautiful bun in the back of the head and add hair pins to hold in place.

5. Spritz on a medium-hold/anti-frizz hairspray like Kérastase Styling Laque Couture for added hold and to give hair a beautiful shine.
Style – The Huffington Post
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The World Shows Support to #BringBackOurGirls—So What's Taking So Long?

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'That Nail Polish Looks Terrible:' Words Of Advice From My Jewish & Stylish Grandmother

My relationship with fashion started really early on. The first lunch outing I ever went on was spent in a baby carrier atop the table of the cafe inside Saks Fifth Avenue. When it came to reading, the first word I recognized well enough to speak out loud was “Macy’s.”

The reason for this early intimacy with shopping? My super fashionable grandmother, or Nana as she requested to be called upon my birth (“grandmothers are OLD,” she argued.) At 82-years-old (and still working full time!), my Nana continues to be the most stylish person I know… and I work in fashion.

Now, before we begin, let me be clear about something. I LOVE my Nana. She is caring, thoughtful and a fiercely strong woman who has served as a role model my entire life. Having said that, there are still a few things we disagree on. Things like whether writing is a “real job” or my extreme “interest in the Internet.” What we do have in common, is our passion for good style. Shopping and sharing* clothing has been the glue that turned two people who can’t see eye-to-eye on a whole lot into, well, best friends.

But, like any best friends, sometimes we disagree on what looks good and what doesn’t, too. In honor of Mother’s Day this weekend, I’ve decided to share a few of the most memorable fashion moments we’ve sparred over through the years.

You must always have a manicure… and color matters.

Once I showed up to Nana’s apartment in what I thought was a great outfit, cute accessories and mint green nail polish. She opened the door, gave me a once over and said, “what kind of color is that on your nails? I hate it.”

Your shoes should match your bag

This one I can actually get on board with. The first time Nana pointed out that I was wearing a blue bag and brown shoes, I laughed in her face. Now I can’t leave my house without double checking that they go together.

Messy hair is not as cute as you think it is.

Sometimes I don’t feel like showering. By sometimes I mean pretty much any Saturday morning. Conveniently, Saturdays are usually the days Nana and I get together. The last time I rolled out of bed, threw a trusty hat over a messy braid and showed up at her house, she said: “Is that in now? Not brushing you hair?”

Never wear heels — if you’re under 25.

Until I was about 24 (I’m 25 now), Nana yelled at me every time she saw me in a pair of heels. I’m not sure if she’s just given up hope on me, but she hasn’t said a thing since my birthday.

Earrings are a must.

It used to make her CRAZY that I never wore earrings. I don’t know why I didn’t wear them, after all, I DID have holes in my ears. I just didn’t feel like wearing them. She got so fed up that after 22 years she gave me HER nicest pair just so I would wear them. Now that’s dedication.

…Just nowhere besides your ears.

More specifically, no where except your earlobes. I used to have a nose ring that I’m pretty sure crushed her soul a little more every time she looked at it. Now I’ve ditched the nose ring but have a tragus piercing, and I can see her biting her tongue every time I tuck my hair behind my ears. Hey, at least I’m wearing earrings, right?

It’s not just hair, and it doesn’t just grow back.

I recently chopped all my hair off. Nana hasn’t seen it yet, and the next time I’m seeing her is Mother’s Day. The last time I cut all my hair off she had a panic attack right there in the salon. Happy holidays, Nana!

Of course, she’s also imparted a whole bunch of wisdom on me over the years, like:

Cherish your brows.

Back in the day when Nana lived in Israel, she had her eyebrows threaded and they never grew back. So I don’t do much else besides tweeze anymore.

Put a belt on it.

This one is pretty self explanatory. When in doubt, add a belt. It turns an outfit into a look.

Anything can look expensive… if you wear it the right way.

Nana wears something she bought for $ 10 and gets more compliments than I ever do on the things I wear. It’s about the confidence, she says.

Being a total badass probably helps, too.

To see more photos of my Nana, who doesn’t know quite how famous on Instagram she truly is, click here. Happy Mother’s Day to you and all the awesome, stylish moms in your life.

*By sharing I mean I wear all of her clothes that she “doesn’t want anymore.” Seriously.
Style – The Huffington Post
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Taylor Kinney Talks The Other Woman, Chicago Fire, and the Hazards of Hiking With Lady Gaga

What you know Taylor Kinney from depends on what you watch more: NBC’s Chicago Fire or your Lady Gaga Google alert (he’s Mother Monster’s beau of almost three years—they met on the set of her…

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Lessons in Layering: 5 Outfit Ideas For A Rainy Spring Day

I thought it was "April showers bring May flowers," not "April showers bring a wet, gross spring and summer" (well, if the Farmer's Almanac is to be believed anyway). BUT that does give us more…

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How to Make Sex Last Longer if Your Guy is a Quick Finisher

Recently, we heard some surprising news that's not so good for your orgasm. According to Dr. Harry Fischer, board certified urologist and author of The New Naked: The Ultimate Sex Education for Grown-Ups, revealed a…

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Defining Luxury

Luxury is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days. It’s used to describe anything from rustic wilderness retreats to cars. It’s used by working moms when speaking of Saturday morning breakfasts with family, by authors who are able to make time to finally begin their next novel. It’s used by branders and marketers to sell products, by designers to sell an image or an idea. The capricious nature of our society results in the definition of luxury undergoing constant flux, leaving much room for interpretation. Such interpretation depends as much on one’s current circumstance as it does on society’s current fascinations.

What’s sumptuous for some is comfortable for others — a delicacy as opposed to a necessity.

When thinking of luxury in the broad sense, we conjure images of the unattainable: a private jet, a suite at the Ritz, or something as brazen as a Bentley, all of which serve as standard symbols of luxury and it’s inherent opulence. It typically evokes a Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous type of sensibility that’s superior and unpublicized. It’s likened to a hidden gem or a secret society of wealth and power that commands unparalleled levels of service and living standards in every facet of life. An every day, run of the mill existence will never be included in the thought or implementation of luxury. To do so, in fact, is it’s antithesis.

As a society, we’re looking for ways to experience our own, perhaps unconventional, versions of luxury. We’re taking the very idea of something out of the ordinary, the opposite of mundane or routine or widely accessible, and burnishing it with our own one-of-a-kind stamp. Centuries past saw more clear divisions of wealth and class, but today’s world of modern technology has made even the most special items readily available with the click of a mouse (and an Amex, of course). Women who had no idea what an Hermes Birkin was in years past can now troll eBay, put in a bid, and negotiate free shipping to their doorstep. This melding of convenience with rarity has broken the barrier between the us versus them idea once behind luxurious living. Websites like Net-a-Porter or Scott Dunn Travel exemplify the luxury-to-the-masses credo. In keeping prices for goods or services rendered at the level of luxury and wrapping them in a widely accessible presentation such as a website, we’re lead to believe such enrichments are accessible to everyone. Of course, this can be interpreted as the materialistic motivator that has driven our society into massive credit card debt and widespread unhappiness, which could explain why re-defining luxury has become a pressing focus.

Of course luxury is most often portrayed as tangible objects. But that is also changing. More and more we hear and feel that time is a luxury, and that is, of course, the irony. We work longer and harder to be able to give ourselves and our loved ones (and, in my case, my dog) our own versions of a luxurious lifestyle through things such as private school, designer clothes, or days at the spa. We’re always in battle with time, trying to control or manage down to the last minute in order to get or make more of it. We wouldn’t go to those extents if it weren’t valuable. Most would say it’s entirely elusive of a price tag, yet what’s the saying? Time is money. So where does that leave those seeking the luxury of a Saturday morning breakfast with family?

This harder, faster, stronger mentality leaves little room for relaxation, arguably the biggest luxury of all.

To be free of stress and worry escapes us, even when given the chance to let everything go and breath deeply, we succumb to our mobile devices and continue to let in the noise. So is luxury being able to answer an important email at any time of day? Or is it being able to turn off electronics and forget you know what email is, even for a short, hour-long yoga class?

Luxury will always have a champagne and caviar connotation, steeped in the roots of kings and empires and their unmatched existence. However, despite our yearly income, we have the ability to make smaller things a luxury in our own right. A cashmere blanket and a cup of tea can fill a craving for luxury when a Caribbean vacation is out of reach. We can order personalized stationary, or carve out time to cook pancakes with our friends or family whenever we wish. It boils down to the desire to feel as though our lives are worth something, that we are special and rare, and deserve to live in luxury if only for a seemingly transitory moment. But a luxurious life is always within our grasp; it comes from what we make of it.
Style – The Huffington Post
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Found: A Wedding Hairstyle for the Coolest Bride-to-Be You Know (Maybe Yourself?)

This week has been a whirlwind of gorgeous red-carpet hairstyles, largely thanks to the 2014 Met Gala—the most dressed-to-the-nines celebrity event of them all (other than maybe the Oscars, but that's debatable). There were endless…

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Justin Bieber Responds to Seth Rogen Calling Him 'A Little Bit Of A Motherf–ker'

Justin Bieber heard that Seth Rogen isn’t a fan of his, and he responded in typical Bieber fashion.

On May 8, three days after the “Neighbors” star told Howard Stern that Bieber is a “a little bit of a motherf–ker,” and “a bit of a dick,” the Canadian pop star took to Twitter to respond to the actor, making sure to misspell his last name, of course:

We’re sure Rogen is super relieved to learn that Bieber is still a fan of his work.
Style – The Huffington Post
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Angelina Jolie Never Thought She'd Have Kids Or 'Meet The Right Person'

Angelina Jolie may be starring in a fairy tale, but she never thought she’d be living one.

The “Maleficent” star covers Elle magazine’s June issue and admits that she never imagined her life would turn out the way it did.

“I never thought I’d have children, I never thought I’d be in love, I never thought I’d meet the right person,” Jolie, who has six children with fiance Brad Pitt, said. “Having come from a broken home — you kind of accept that certain things feel like a fairy tale, and you just don’t look for them.”

The 38-year-old also opened up to Elle about why she cast her daughter Vivienne as a young Aurora in the “Sleeping Beauty” adaptation.

“And my little Vivienne — we call her my shadow, because there’s nothing I can do to shake her. I can be tired, I can be grumpy, I can be in a terrible mood, and she doesn’t care. It’s ‘Mommy, Mommy,’ and she’ll cling to me,” Jolie said, adding that Vivienne was the perfect person for the role. “We knew that she would still do that thing, she’d still smile at me and insist that I pick her up. So we couldn’t really cast anybody else.”

Her son Pax, age 10, and daughter Zahara, age 9, also appear in the film, which hits theaters May 30. However, Jolie and Pitt don’t plan on keeping their children in front of the cameras for long: “Brad and I made the decision that we wouldn’t keep them from sets and the fun of making movies, but we wouldn’t [glorify it either] — we wouldn’t make it a good thing or a bad thing. But I would really prefer they do something else.”

“After two days of it, Brad and I were so stressed we never wanted to do it again,” Jolie added.

Read Elle’s full interview with Angelina Jolie online now, and on newsstands nationwide May 20.




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Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler Welcome a Baby Boy!

Congratulations to Kristin Cavallari and her hubby, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler—they welcomed a baby boy today! The former Laguna Beach star shared this adorable pic on Instagram to announce the happy news: The photo's…

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Reader's Dilemma: Should I Be Mad if My Boyfriend Hooked Up With Someone While We Were on a Break?

Ah, the dilemma that's been a pop culture favorite since the early days of Friends: All's fair in love and war, but what about when you were on a break? My boyfriend and I had…

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20 Swim Trunks For The Everyday Man

Shorts with an inseam ranging from eight to five inches is the new normal for both swim trunks and chino shorts. Trust us, it’s time to toss those roomy cargos and to-the-knee khakis you’ve been holding on to since 2001. Your thighs need to see the sun.
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New Girl Wraps the (Sometimes Frustrating) Season of Nick and Jess

It would be too much to hope for to have Mindy and Danny and Nick and Jess all happy and patched up for the summer, right? Right. New Girl was not about to go there,…

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Best Facial Sunscreens: The Top 5 Formulas That Will Protect Your Face This Summer

This list was assembled with data provided by Rank & Style.

SPF is one of the most important things you can slather on your body daily. But, sometimes it’s hard to find the right sunscreen for your face — blueish-white streaks and greasy residue are two things that often deter our SPF use.

Since it’s imperative to our health and aging, Rank & Style searched for the best facial sunscreens to solve our streaky woes. From editor/user reviews to popularity, these are the formulas you should be using this summer (heck, all year long!).

sunscreen update

1. Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50, $ 38: If you’ve been looking for a thinner formula that doesn’t cake up, this Kiehl’s gem is right for you.

2. Clinique ’Super City Block’ Oil-Free Daily Face Protector Broad Spectrum SPF 40, $ 22: Antioxidants make Clinique’s product great for all skin types, and don’t let the size fool you — this sunscreen boasts a whopping SPF 40.

3. Philosophy ‘hope’ Oil-free Moisturizer SPF 30, $ 42: Get philosophical in fighting those UV rays while soaking up some good ‘ol hydration.

4. La Mer The SPF 50 UV Protecting Fluid, $ 85: Yes, La Mer tends to be on the expensive side, but it’s so popular that it seems worth the price.

5. Skinceuticals Daily Sun Defense SPF 20, $ 40: Users love this Skinceuticals sunscreen because surprise, surprise, it won’t clog up your pores.

Head over to Rank & Style to see the complete list of top facial sunscreens. Plus, check out the best spring clutches under $ 100, face sprays and bright statement necklaces.
Style – The Huffington Post
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New Watters Wedding Dresses: Awesome Aisle Style for Pretty Much Every Bride

Regardless of your style or the vibe of your wedding, your dream wedding dress was probably on the Watters/Wtoo runway this season. There were just so many wedding dresses, for so many different types of…

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TOMS and Warby Parker Aren't the Only Buzzworthy Brands

The success stories of both TOMS and Warby Parker have been written and written again, but there are two companies in their shadows that deserve your attention as well: Tortoise & Blonde and BucketFeet.

Founded just four years ago, eyewear brand Tortoise & Blonde has toured the country with musicians, received backing from Urban Outfitters and began building shop-in-shops in multiple Manhattan UO locations. BucketFeet, founded in 2011, has partnered with retail giant Nordstrom, counts Crate & Barrel founder Gordon Segal as an investor, opened a flagship brick-and-mortar shop in downtown Chicago and will launch a summer pop-up in Manhattan later this month.


Tortoise & Blonde’s first shop-in-shop in downtown Manhattan.

I was introduced to these companies a few years ago while creating the official style segment of the South by Southwest Music Festival. My goal in creating this, then called Style X (read “Style By”), was to celebrate emerging brands that weren’t getting as much attention — and didn’t have as much money — as their well-known competitors. We had runway shows and speakers like the Man Repeller and Huffington Post’s own Anya Strzemien, but the heart of the showcase focused on pop-ups and up-and-coming brands.

Perhaps more than any other brand, Tortoise & Blonde benefitted tremendously from early SXSW exposure. The eyewear company was founded around the same time as the well-funded startup Warby Parker, but Tortoise & Blonde’s founders had a much deeper connection to people’s eyewear choices. While Warby Parker has been led with design and New York cool, Tortoise & Blonde was led by a successful optometrist, Dr. Steven Weisfeld, who serves as CEO with his son Evan as partner.

“We participated (in SXSW) very early in our company’s lifecycle, which was great because it made us start thinking more omni-channel. The e-commerce space was crowding rapidly and it was a great differentiator when raising capital and building out the brand,” said Evan, who ditched a high-paying finance gig to launch Tortoise & Blonde with his father. “We have also seen a higher conversion rate of prospects we meet at events and pop-ups that go on to purchase online versus ads purchased on Google and Facebook.”

Tortoise & Blonde initially met Urban Outfitters on their “Store on Tour” in the fall of 2011, about six months after its launch at SXSW. By the next year, the company launched a program of pop-up shops at existing and opening UO store locations across the country. In June 2013, Tortoise & Blonde launched its first permanent shop-in-shop with UO in their Noho store in NYC and will open two more Manhattan locations in the coming months at the Fifth Avenue and Herald Square UO stores.

“We are firm believers that brick-and-mortar will never truly be replaced by e-commerce. Customers still need to be assisted with purchases, especially with a product like eyewear,” added Evan, who serves as chief operating officer for the young company.

BucketFeet, based in Chicago, is co-founded by CEO Raaja Nemani – who also left the finance industry to start the company – and Chief Artist Aaron Firestein, who discovered his passion for artist-designed shoes while traveling in South America. Today, the company has a growing roster of artists around the world who design shoes that cater to everyone from skateboarding teenagers to soccer moms. (I recently purchased a pair designed by New York artist Jayson Atienza.)


BucketFeet’s flagship shop in Downtown Chicago.

With international reach and a passion for creativity, SXSW was the perfect platform for BucketFeet to raise awareness for its mission to put artist-designed sneakers on the feet of millions.

“SXSW is a unique event and one that fits within the culture of BucketFeet. It’s not about sales, it’s about connecting with creative people from all industries: tech, music, art, fashion, food,” co-founder Firestein said. “Pop-ups and in-person events have been huge for us. We are a footwear company, so giving people the opportunity to try on and feel our product is priceless.

“We want people (artists and consumers) to see BucketFeet as something much larger than just a shoe brand, and there’s no better way of doing that then by interacting in person.”

Despite a world where it seems it’s e-commerce everything, the role of pop-ups and brick-and-mortar has not fully declined – as evidenced by brands like Tortoise & Blonde and BucketFeet, and more importantly, by the investments of retail kingmakers like Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom. The ambitious model of TOMS is easier said than done, as is getting tens of millions in venture backing as Warby Parker has done. But what emerging brands like Tortoise & Blonde and BucketFeet demonstrate is that there exists a new path to fashion and retail success that looks a bit like the old path: one face-to-face interaction at a time.
Style – The Huffington Post
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8 Times Your Mom Was Totally Right About Your Love Life

There was a time when anything your mother said to you resulted in an eye roll and a petulant “But Mom!” whine. But now that you’re a little older (and not living under her roof), you’ve suddenly realized she knew exactly what she was talking about all along. Here are eight things Mom told you about dating that she was totally right about.

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Katie Holmes Looked Like A Disney Princess At The Met Gala

Last night at the 2014 Met Gala, Katie Holmes showed up looking a LOT like Belle from “Beauty and the Beast.” The only thing that was missing from her outfit was a single rose.

Although the dress was elegant, we can’t seem to shake the fact that she resembles the Disney princess. Where are your white gloves, Katie?

The yellow-gold Marchesa ball gown draped off the shoulders, and it had several ruffles on the skirt and embellishments along the bodice. Holmes‘ beachy waves and bronze makeup rounded out this red carpet look.

We don’t blame you Katie because we wouldn’t mind dressing up like Belle for a night either.



katie holmes belle
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5 Gorgeous Real Girl Engagement Rings That Will Dazzle You Even More Than Those Met Gala Ball Gowns

I know, I know. Everyone's all "ball gowns!" and "The Beygency!" but let me pull you away from that fun for a minute so we can look at some gorgeous reader engagement rings. Engagement Ring…

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Bold, Dark Lips Take Over The 2014 Met Gala Red Carpet

When the celebrities and designers showed up on the 2014 Met Gala red carpet, one of the first things we noticed were the bold lip colors. While there were definitely some great neutrals, oranges and pinks floating around, it was the dark, in-your-face lipsticks that made a glamorous statement.

Since these lip looks were paired with extravagant ensembles, you might think they’re impossible to wear. But, there’s always room for a vampy vibe in our beauty book.

Here are the top dark lipstick looks from the Met Gala that we don’t mind trying ourselves:


joan smalls purple lips

The trick to finding a lip color like Joan Smalls’ comes down to searching for those with a blue undertone. Although bold lips can stand on their own, a swipe of gold lip gloss on top will give your lips added glitz and glamour.

Try This: Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick in Satin Blueberry, $ 25

Brick Brown

adele exarchopoulos dark lip

French actress Adele Exarchopoulos might be an unknown face to you, but you’ll remember her after this. Exarchopoulos’ lips were filled in with chocolate-y goodness, and if you’re afraid that you’ll look a tad too ’90s with brown lipstick, use deep reds for a modern touch.

Try This: Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Black Raspberry, $ 25

Vampy Red

beyonce vampy lips

Beyoncé definitely proved the theory that she can do no wrong — especially with that bloody red on her pout. She and Lala Anthony sported similar colors, but Bey’s lips had a richer tone thanks to a mixture of MAC Lipsticks in Cyber and Hang Up.

Try This: Wet ‘n’ Wild MegaLast Lip Color in Cherry Bomb, $ 2.29

Deep Berry

selena gomez deep berry

Selena Gomez always flaunts the prettiest shades of berry on her lips and looks great doing it. A deep raspberry complements an elegant gown, especially when paired with voluminous lashes and neutral eyeshadow.

Try This: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Berry Couture, $ 7

Let us know what lip colors you’re loving this season!
Style – The Huffington Post
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Guess How Many Outfits Mindy Kaling Will Wear on The Mindy Project Season Finale Tonight (Spoiler: A LOT)

If you're an avid The Mindy Project fan like me (and, well, all of Obsessed), you're probably dying for tonight's season finale. Will Danny finally get his act together (I'm not feeling him right now)…

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Kendall Jenner Towers Over Kim Kardashian At The Met Ball

It would be an understatement to say Kim Kardashian was excited to be at the 2014 Met Gala, as evidenced by the dozens of photos she posted to Instagram throughout the night.

But in addition to hanging with practically all of A-list Hollywood and the biggest names in fashion, the 33-year-old was thrilled to share the experience with her younger sister Kendall Jenner, who looked stunning in light pink mermaid-style gown from Topshop.

“Best thing in life is sharing memories with the ones you love! From getting ready together to experiencing the night I’m happy you were at my side @kendalljenner I love you my model baby!!!,” Kardashian wrote along with a photo of 5’10” Kendall towering over her almost 5’3″ frame.

Style – The Huffington Post
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Stuff We Hope Our Favorite TV Shows Fix Next Season

Most of my time is spent gushing over what I love in TV shows, but that doesn't mean nothing ever gets under my skin. As we gear up for the season finales of New Girl…

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Shailene Woodley And Lena Dunham Prove The Met Gala Can Be Fun, Too

The Met Gala serves as an opportunity to see some of the biggest names in the film, music and fashion industries dressed to the nines and completely decked in glam. Thanks to professional photogs, there were plenty of gorgeous shots to go around.

These days, however, social media gives us what we want even more — an inside look into what’s really going on both inside the event and at the after parties. Thankfully, a slew of those photos have surfaced too, and from the looks of at least one, the Met Gala is way more fun than you might think.

Lena Dunham and Shailene Woodley, two of Hollywood’s sweethearts and what we can only hope are budding best friends, took a break from the flashing lights to make some funny faces, which Rodarte then posted to their Instagram. (Woodley wore the designer to the event.)

It’s so refreshing to see these ladies cutting a little loose at such a high profile event. We just hope Ms. Wintour didn’t catch them goofing off. Something tells us that wouldn’t go over so well with her white-tie theme for the evening.

Check out the awesome photo below, and to see all the looks from the Met Gala red carpet, click here.

Style – The Huffington Post
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Michelle Obama Dresses To Impress At Opening Of Anna Wintour's Costume Center

It’s here! Met Gala day 2014 is here!

We’ve been flipping out over a Michelle Obama sighting at the opening of Anna Wintour’s Costume Center since we first found out she might be there last week. Now, the wait is finally over. FLOTUS arrived in New York on Monday to commemorate the opening and she obviously dressed to impress Vogue’s editor-in-chief in a green, long-sleeved floral Naeem Khan dress. The ensemble is a bit more casual than her stunner from Saturday’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, but the First Lady still looked lovely.

She also took the opportunity to share some adorable moments with Wintour, who we’re not used to seeing quite so… cuddly.

michelle o

michelle and anna

anna and michelle

Guests of the ceremony include some of the biggest names in the fashion industry, from Calvin Klein to Victoria Beckham to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Other attendees couldn’t hold in their excitement from inside the venue, taking to Instagram and Twitter to share some sneak peeks of the newly renovated building.

Could this mean… an appearance at the Met Gala? You know, she’s already in town and all. It seems silly for her to leave before all the fun starts. Enjoy your first Michelle sighting of the day while we countdown and daydream about outfit options for tonight.

Style – The Huffington Post
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Some Creepy, Hidden Mad Men Messages to Keep Your Eye On

Here's the problem with splitting the final season of Mad Men into two halves, spaced a year apart: seven episodes is not a satisfying dose of the show. There are only three eps left in…

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Our Favorite Couples Who Have Dated On Screen and in Real Life (Looking at You, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone!)

I don't know about you and your boo, but the chemistry between my boyfriend and I can barely get us $ 13 and a 6" sub from Subway from strangers on the street, which is why…

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25 Beauty Mistakes Brides Are Bound To Regret

By Kristen Klein for Bridal Guide

Your wedding is one of the most photographed days of your life. Look your best in all those pictures by avoiding these common makeup mishaps.

1. Trying something new
Your wedding day isn’t the time to experiment with red lipstick or smoky eyes for the first time. “Choose tones that you feel comfortable with and most like yourself,” said Jo Levy, makeup artist for Rouge Bunny Rouge. Makeup artist Elise Brill added, “I always tell my brides that my goal is for them to look like themselves, just defined and finished. I would hate for a bride to look at her pictures five years from now and not recognize the girl in them.”

“I think brides get too caught up in that it’s their special day and end up doing more than they would normally do, and it ends up being too much,” said beauty expert Sonia Kashuk. “It is your special day, and you want to look like you — only better. When you’re walking down the aisle, the person on the other end wants to see you!”

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2. Getting caught Up in beauty trends
Thanks to Kim Kardashian, contouring (using bronzer and highlighter to bring out your cheekbones) is a huge trend right now. But this kind of heavy manipulation can look too harsh during the daytime, according to makeup artist Sam Russell. “Natural lighting accentuates your natural beauty, so keep it light and fresh.” Always remember that your photos are going to be on display for many, many years after the wedding; you don’t want someone to be able pinpoint which decade your wedding took place in based on your face alone. “Think about the timelessness of your look; can it transcend the test of time?” said Kashuk. “When you look back on this day ten years from now, you want to still look modern and relevant.”

3. Skipping the makeup trial
It’s an extra cost but a worthy one. Schedule your trial at least three months before the wedding. “If you aren’t happy with the first trial, this will buy you time to try out another option,” said makeup specialist Amanda Gabbard of the Guerlain Spa.

One way to save money while experimenting: Seek out free makeover events. Nordstrom is hosting beauty trend events across the country right now, where you can meet one-on-one with an artist for a free makeover.

4. Going in unprepared for your trial
You probably already know that you should bring photos to your hair trial, but many brides don’t think to bring photos to their makeup trial as well. Look through magazines or Pinterest for women with similar coloring to yours whose makeup you love. And if you have any photos of yourself where you particularly like (or dislike) your makeup, bring those along as well. “I’ve seen verbal descriptions of a hair or makeup look turn into a disaster. A picture is worth a thousand words,” said Devin Giannoni, founder of “After you’ve shown the photos, discuss them. Make sure they see what you’re seeing.”

Also, wear white to your trial — it’ll help you get an idea of what your makeup will really look like on the wedding day. And don’t forget to take pictures! “Sometimes people like the look in person but not in photos, or vice versa,” said Melisa Imberman, owner of The Event of a Lifetime, Inc.

5. Wearing lipstick or lip gloss
Skip these products in favor of a lip stain, which is the most long-lasting option. “Lip gloss wears off super quickly and will get all over your groom when you kiss him at the end of the ceremony,” said makeup artist Donna Kelly. “Also, when your lips are too shiny, you will lose definition in your pictures, and it can leave a glare.”

Another reason to forego the gloss: “If you’re going to have a veil that covers your face, the veil will stick to your lips,” said Liz Fuller of Makeup Artistry, Inc. “The same goes for long hair — if a bride wants to wear her hair down on her wedding day, hair can get stuck to the lips.”

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6. Adding shimmer in the wrong places
“A little shimmer or iridescence on the cheeks looks fresh and dewy, but worn on the nose or forehead, it can look like your skin is greasy,” said Gina Ludwig, CEO of Hair Comes the Bride, Inc. Makeup artist Jane Cohen likes to apply a sheer gold shimmer along the tops of the cheekbones, on the cupid’s bow of the lips and just under the brows. “It makes the bride look as if she is lit from within. It’s an easy trick but one that really works.”

Whatever you do, steer clear of anything with glitter. “Glitter and sparkles have the unfortunate effect of reflecting back light towards the camera. This often results in white spots across your skin in the images,” said photographer Johanna Jacobson, owner of Ambientimage. These spots can then turn green, orange, or fuchsia in post-production, depending on the color balancing and effects your photographer uses. “The only way to get rid of these spots is by costly retouching and individually cloning out each spot or reflection.”

“Shimmery is different from sparkle because a shimmer doesn’t have particles — or flecks — that cause a flashback at the camera,” said Fuller.

7. Applying blush incorrectly
Concentrate on the apples of your cheeks, where you blush naturally. “Many people wrongly think that blush should be applied in a diagonal line under the cheekbones and up towards the temples, like we did in the ’70s,” said Cohen. Further emphasize your cheekbones by applying a little bronzer right underneath and blending it into the blush.

8. Going for too dramatic eyes
Except for mascara, ban the color black from your makeup bag. “Black liner or shadow is too harsh for the majority of people,” said Giannoni. “You can create a much more beautiful effect with other colors that will create a soft, glamorous, even sultry look.” She recommends using browns, grays, navy, and deep purples instead.

Smoldering eyes tend to look much better in person than they do in photos; “Eye makeup looks that are too smoky can cast a shadow around the eyes in photographs,” said Levy. “Instead, opt for soft and subtle eyes.” And be sure that you’re choosing shades that will enhance your eye color. Makeup artist Chelsea Hernandez recommends bronze for green eyes, mocha for hazel eyes, navy and dark brown for blue eyes, and purples and grays for brown eyes.

Also, opt for a cream shadow rather than a powder as your base color. “Cream lasts longer, making it better for your lid color,” said Hernandez. Use powders in your crease and to highlight underneath your brows.

9. Choosing the wrong kind of lash enhancements
A popular trend now is to get eyelash extensions, which are individually bonded with your natural lashes (much like hair extensions). But master lash guru Suzette Zuena, owner of Lash House Beauty Boutique, recommends that you have these applied at least two weeks before your wedding in case you have an allergic reaction to the adhesive and to ensure that they’re comfortable for you.

If you choose the more traditional false eyelashes, opt for individual pieces rather than strips. “Tears can weaken the glue at the inner corners of the lash, causing them to lift and look crazy,” said Rebecca Perkins, co-founder of makeup salon Rouge New York. “A gentle coat of waterproof and a generous application of individual lashes will withstand a torrent of joyful tears on an emotional day.“ Individual pieces will also give you a more natural look than strips: “You can build up the lashes to the desired thickness,” added Cohen.

Also, consider using black eyelash glue rather than clear; Gabbard says it’ll blend better with the rest of your eye makeup.

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10. Forgetting your brows
Your brows frame your eyes and can truly change the entire look of your face. Aside from having them professionally waxed a week before the wedding, you’re going to want to define them with a brow powder. Follow the natural shape of your brows with a powder that matches your hair color, said Hernandez.

11. Wearing a foundation with SPF
Many formulas now include sun protection, which is wonderful for your everyday look. But on your wedding day, stick to a traditional foundation. The reason: “Some ingredients in the SPF formulas can cause the face to look white in flash photography,” said Fuller. If you’re going to be outdoors all day long, you can wear a sunscreen underneath your foundation, since that’ll sink into your skin rather than sitting on top of it with the foundation, said Fuller. But do a couple of test shots before the big day to make sure that you’re not left with a chalky complexion or a washed-out look, recommended Erica Bishop, makeup artist for Prescriptives.

12. Using airbrush foundation
Airbrush foundation can be a bride’s best friend — if you’re someone who doesn’t need a lot of coverage. “The finish is very lightweight, so the bride won’t feel as though she is wearing a mask,” said Mary C. Rascon, director and owner of Cambio Salon and Day Spa. But if you need more coverage, you may want to stick with a traditional formula. “If there’s an appearance of any smudge due to an accidental rub or too much perspiring, it’s a problem to repair airbrush makeup,” said Hope Henderson, makeup artist and founder of Beauty Mark.

13. Piling on the foundation
“Many brides believe that they have to have a heavier foundation in order to look good in photographs, but in fact, it’s the opposite,” said Cohen. “To be able to see the skin glowing underneath, a sheer foundation creates an amazing close up beauty shot in bridal portraits.” And piling on the makeup won’t make it last longer. “Just be sure to use a good primer and follow with a medium coverage foundation,” said Misha Shahzada of Artmix Beauty. Primer gives your foundation something to adhere to, helping it last all day long. It also minimizes the appearance of pores, giving you that porcelain look. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer is always a top choice among beauty pros. But you don’t just need a facial primer — you also need an eye shadow primer to keep your shadow fresh and avoid creasing. Fuller recommends Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion.

14. Overdoing it with the powder
Powder can be great for mattifying your look, but when used under your eyes, it can sink into any tiny wrinkles and magnify them. “The under eye area can end up looking dry in photos with too much makeup,” said Giannoni. “To prevent this, you want to use very little powder under the eyes or skip it all together. The less powder, the better, to keep the under eye skin looking fresh and beautiful.”

15. Skipping body makeup
Makeup doesn’t end at your jaw line; Lauren Knuckles, professional makeup artist at Pucker, points out that it’s important to even out your complexion on your décolletage and back as well, since these areas are on display in a wedding gown. And Cohen likes to sweep a gold shimmer powder along the collarbones: “It helps to light up the face.”

16. Not waterproofing all of your makeup
You already know to wear waterproof mascara. But you should also wear waterproof foundation. “As a bride, you are bound to shed a few tears,” said Ludwig. “There is nothing worse than having streaks of black mascara running down your face or white streaks where your foundation came off.” And when you do cry, don’t wipe those tears — dab them instead. “Even if a bride does use waterproof makeup, consistently wiping her face of tears or sweat is going to completely destroy her makeup.”

17. Not giving your makeup time to set
Between each step of your makeup, give your makeup some time to dry. “Use a hair dryer set on the cool setting if time becomes an issue,” said Giannoni. “Your makeup will last longer if you let each step dry before the next one.”

Also, never apply your foundation with your fingers. “Using your fingers brings bacteria, germs, and even sometimes fingerprints,” said Nicole Zerafa, owner of Original Diva salon. “Using a sponge or brush will give your foundation a more natural look and will blend it more evenly into the skin.”

18. Over-tanning
A lot of brides try to get some extra sun during the week of the wedding. But remember that you are wearing white — “The contrast makes it look even more dramatic,” said Zuena. And, of course, trying to get a natural tan means you run the risk of burning or getting tan lines, meaning that your makeup artist will need to spend extra time combatting those problems.

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19. Getting a spray tan too close to the wedding
Don’t book your tanning session the day before the wedding; instead, build color gradually over several sessions in the weeks leading up to the big day. “Get the lightest shade possible, and let it build,” said Kelly. “This will let you test whether or not you like it, and you can control the evenness of the tan better.” Plus, your faux tan needs time to set in — if you get it done the day before, you run the risk of it bleeding onto your gown, according to Kristin Alexander of Esoteric Events.

Worried about it wearing off before the big day? Giannoni recommends placing an “emergency touch-up appointment” on hold for the day before the wedding in case you end up with any streaks from your previous sessions.

20. The mono-tan look
A spray tan often looks unnatural because it coats your body evenly with color; a natural tan simply doesn’t work that way. Instead, opt for airbrush and ask your artist to skip your face on the last pass. “It doesn’t look natural to have the entire face and eyelids all one deep tanned color,” said Giannoni. “It’s better to use a bronzer on the face to deepen the color of the complexion. The face and chest should match, but the center of the face should reflect light.”

21. Changing your skincare regimen
If you’re prone to breakouts, you may feel inclined to pile on the products to pre-empt pimples in the days leading up to your wedding, but it’s best to keep your routine consistent. “A few days before your wedding is not the time to experiment with skin treatments, peels, or products you are unfamiliar with,” said makeup artist and beauty expert Lindsey Lopez. “The best thing you can do is keep up with your skincare regimen as normal, and hydrate in the morning and night.”

If you don’t regularly get facials, don’t get one right before the wedding. “Beginning too soon before the wedding will encourage impurities and therefore pimples and blocked pores to come to the surface and spoil wedding day skin,” said Cohen. “It takes a few weeks before they are eventually cleared, so I always advise my brides to begin the facials at least three to four months in advance so that by the time their wedding day comes, their skin is totally clear and glowing.”

22. Not prepping your skin properly on the big day
Before you start applying makeup, it’s important to prep your skin properly. Hernandez recommends washing your face with a gentle cleanser, then using Bobbi Brown Extra Bright Advanced Moisture Lotion, which moisturizes while toning down any redness in your skin. Follow it up with a CC cream to even out your skin tone. And be sure to use a hydrating cream around your eyes — this helps your under eye concealer go on smoothly.

“I can’t tell you how many brides, bridesmaids, and moms show up with skin that is not exfoliated or moisturized,” said Fuller. “It is extremely difficult to apply makeup on to skin that is dry or flaky.” And if you have a breakout before the big day, leave those pimples alone. “Pimples that have been picked and are scabbed over on the wedding day — yikes! It’s easier to cover a pimple than it is to cover a scab.”

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23. Waxing the day before
“Wax brows or any other area of face at least five days before the big day to avoid marks or scabs,” said Dimitri James, celebrity makeup artist and creator of Skinn Cosmetics. And if you’ve never waxed before, don’t start now. “You can break out in a little rash around the area if your skin is not used to it,” said Kelly.

24. Forgetting about the bridal party’s makeup
Your bridesmaids are going to be in dozens of pictures with you; give them some guidelines regarding their makeup so that everyone looks cohesive. “You don’t want each of your bridesmaids with different hair and makeup because it looks ill planned and will ultimately distract from the bride, who should stand out from everyone else,” said Karuna Chani, international makeup artist and skin care consultant.

25. Not packing a sufficient emergency kit
Even with the most budge-proof makeup, you’re going to need to keep a few things on hand for touch-ups –- the wedding day is long! “No bride wants to look oily on her wedding day,” said Zerafa. “Oil absorbing sheets are the best way to avoid this; they don’t remove existing makeup.” Some other key products: your lip color, cotton swaps and tissues to fix any smudges, translucent powder, and lash glue if you’re wearing falsies.

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