Watch Jonas Brothers Sing ‘Lovebug,’ ‘Year 3000,’ And More Beloved Hits On Carpool Karaoke

Jonas Brothers jam to their old hits, take a lie detector test, and get real about the reason they split on their Carpool Karaoke segment for “The Late Late Show.”

Gethpress 3000

Gethpress 3000

Gethpress 3000 1:29
Adam Pally has Chris Gethard’s life in his hands, over a trough of freezing ice water.
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Andre 3000 Cast In American Crime Season 2

Andre 3000 is an extremely versatile actor and he will now be taking his talents to ABC’s American Crime Season 2.

Variety is reporting that the Outkast member will portray architect Michael Lacroix opposite Regina King. The two “prominent members of their community” face the uphill battle of defending their son who is accused of the show’s central crime. It appears the season has been made to reflect many of the nation’s current ills.

The upcoming American Crime Season 2 also reunites Andre Benjamin with his Jimi Hendrix biopic director John Ridley.

““Working with Andre changed my life, personally and professionally on All Is by My Side,” Ridley told Variety. “To have him joining me for season two is pretty phenomenal. Personally, I couldn’t be more excited than to work again with Andre. He is an amazing individual, a true artist, and All Is by My Side is one of the reasons I was given the reins on American Crime,” Ridley tells Variety.

“Folks at ABC were absolutely moved by Andre’s performance in the film, and by the overall
language of cinema we used in telling the story. It’s fair to say ‘American Crime’ might not exist were it not for our previous collaboration.”

The first season of American Crime earned an unprecedented ten Emmy nominations. Three Stacks is on a winning team.

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Article: Home Run Ball Travels 3,000 Miles To Birthplace At Rawlings Factory

TURRIALBA, COSTA RICA—Gliding through the sky as part of a time-honored excursion occurring every season, a home run ball hit out of Seattle’s Safeco Field completed a roughly 3,000-mile journey Friday to return to its birthplace at the Rawlings factory, sources confirmed. “Like scores of fellow baseballs, this home run ball has undertaken a long and arduous journey, leaving its comfortable dwelling in the Mariners’ ballpark to fly thousands of miles to the manufacturing plant in Costa Rica where it originated,” said Louisiana State University baseball migration expert Bill Hallerton, noting that the ball joined hundreds of others hit out of Busch Stadium, Progressive Field, and Comerica Park for the final 1,300-mile leg of its trek. “They all follow a familiar pattern every summer: departing their home stadiums, traversing the continental U.S., and then flying due south over the Gulf of Mexico. It’s pretty …

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Female Fan Has Encounter With Andre 3000

The guy Andre 3000 is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. Well, a female fan had an encounter with him in a strip club and laid out the whole thing on a message board. Check it out.


So last night me & my bitches went to the strip club last night in St. Louis. Any of y’all familiar with the EXTREME ghetto ratchet ass strip joint called BOTTOMS UP? Well anyways, we ended up getting V.I.P next thing I know , some skinny guy with a orange hat & white Diana Ross looking sunglasses came in. So I’m all in his face thinking DAMN I know this aint who the fuck I think it is. Come to find out It was 3 stacks. I BOUT MELTED. I immediately gave him a hug & susprisngly he embraced me back , I was shocked because it happened so unexpectedly.

Anyways we was talking for about 10 minutes , he’s very different indeed , but he such a fucking TURN ONN! Skinny ass, he stay in the club tho! I told him I miss him & I loved him & he was like I MISS YOU & LOVE YOU TOO BOO & we both started laughing! He was real down to earth. I had to soak up as much attention as I could from him because I knew it wasn’t going to be long until them stripper bitches came being thirsty. So after that I told him it was nice meeting him & we gave each other another hug & my face was in his neck so I kissed him, right on his neck, he was smelling so good, he smelt like an ocean breeze or some shit. NO lie , I seriously believe he was under the influence , it seem like he was just in a daze floating , I couldn’t see his eyes because of the dark lenses on his sunglasses. He wasn’t dressed fancy , his hair looked wild & his facial hair. He had this comfortable bummy look going on which fit him because that’s his style.

Next thing I know 3 bitches with big asses with no clothes on but thongs, not cute at all swarmed him , he got a lap dance by all 3 same damn time. Them hoes was going in , one of them was riding him from the back , ass all on his chest & the other two, one on each side, was shaking they ass in his face. I could tell he was enjoying himself. All that ass on him & in his face. I got mad like he was mines. He was laid back & them thick hoes swallowed him, he looked so small underneath those pigeons!

We also took a picture & also some guy kept taking a picture of him& Andre told him “ay man we can take a picture together , but please don’t take one of me by myself , could you delete those for me? Appreciate it” I wonder why he was so conscious with someone taking a solo picture of him? But didn’t mind taking a picture actually with someone? ANOTHER thing, this guy wears the same outfit a lot I see. He rocks the same fit for weeks.


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Why an Unpaid Internship Was Worth 4,000 Miles and $3,000

You know those Hollywood types who fall into acting because of timing and luck? That’s kind of how I got into journalism. I had never considered it as a kid — I’d always worked on the school paper, and thought it would be cool to see my name in print, but had always considered myself a creative writer first. I applied to write for Her Campus Johns Hopkins, but because Her Campus National was looking for a JHU Campus Correspondent, I found myself building a chapter of the publication as a freshman. When it was time to apply for summer internships, I sent out 31 applications, but was at a disadvantage because I was an incoming sophomore, and most publications prefer to hire juniors or seniors.

Just when I thought I’d be tutoring SAT/ACT at my local library, I got an email from the copy chief of Sports Illustrated. He was impressed by my resume, and called me for an interview, where he hired me on the spot. At Sports Illustrated, I worked in the Copy department, so I was observing conferences, helping the copyeditors with filing, and learning how to copyedit. I spent my summer cross-referencing the Merrium-Webster’s 11th Edition with the Sports Illustrated Style Book, double-checking that the en dashes and em dashes were in the right places, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Looking back, I realize how wonderful that internship was — SI treated me like a member of the team, which is something very few interns can say.

At the end of the summer, I dreaded going back to Baltimore, simply because it wasn’t New York, which has an intoxicating quality when you’re young and ambitious. I didn’t want to stop working — so I found myself applying for fall internships and going on interviews during my lunch breaks at SI. I landed a gig at Elle, which I couldn’t turn down. To make it work, I changed my entire JHU schedule to fit a full course load on Monday and Tuesday, so I could get on an Amtrak to New York Wednesday morning and work Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 10 am to 6 pm. My dad doesn’t believe in internships (he thinks companies take advantage of interns), but my mother was supportive because she’s always encouraged me to pursue unique experience.

The Elle internship was more traditional, despite my nontraditional approach to it — interview transcriptions, archival work, research for spreads, and yes, coffee runs and errands. It was a reality check, especially coming off the SI internship. The office was a totally different environment and the learning curve was steeper. I had less access to editors, less room for error, and more pressure. When my friends found out what I was commuting for, the responses were mixed; my favorite was, “That is both really fantastic and completely insane,” which it was. I was exhausted all the time, and slept on the train because I was doing my schoolwork in the middle of the night. I broke seven years of vegetarianism because I needed more protein, got hooked on caffeine, and caught walking pneumonia five weeks in. But I was also surrounded by people working in the pop journalism industry — there was talk in the cafeteria sushi line about the Rihanna cover and the Lorde interview. I got to observe a tabletop photo shoot, and learned how to style my collegiate wardrobe so it looked on-trend.

My life became a bizarre dichotomy of academia and pop culture — even though my homework focused on Frank O’Hara’s poetry and Hans Holbein’s paintings, I learned that Eva Chen (a Hopkins alum) and Lucky had spun off from Conde Nast, Joanna Coles was named Editorial Director of Seventeen, and Karl Lagerfeld designed for both Chanel and Fendi. Back at school, my priorities changed — I dropped out of clubs I’d loved freshman year, lost touch with acquaintances, and spent less time on schoolwork.

After 10 weeks, my Sports Illustrated money started to run out, and I needed to end the Elle internship because it was getting too expensive. Over those 10 weeks, I travelled 4,000 miles and spent $ 3,000 on an unpaid internship. I also discovered that the magazine industry is thrilling, but I’m still more passionate about the arts.

Before I started commuting between Baltimore and New York, my uncle told me not to do it. “You’ll miss out on the college thing. Go have fun.”

“This is my idea of fun,” I said. It was fun to step out of my comfort zone, because uncharted territory is exciting (and learning to walk in heels is an important life skill). It was fun to prove to myself how far I will go — 2,000 miles, apparently — to make it in a competitive industry. Suddenly, everything from creative writing to screenwriting to film production seemed within my reach. It was empowering to do something ridiculous.

The other day, a friend of mine, a Hopkins pre-med interested in switching to magazine journalism, asked if I’d recommend doing an internship. She said it was impossible to fit it into her pre-med track, but she’d hate herself if she didn’t give media a try.

“I’d say do it, even if it seems impossible,” I told her, “You might surprise yourself.”
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Floyd Mayweather — Strippers Got $3,000 Each … For Instagram Twerk-fest

Floyd Mayweather shelled out $ 30k to get 10 strippers into his hotel suite for a crazy Instagram twerk video … and he handpicked the women from a popular L.A. strip club … TMZ Sports has learned.The video blew up on social media Monday night when…


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