5-on-5: Rookies talk best advice, big purchases and LeBron

We caught up with Deandre Ayton and the Class of 2018 to talk about awards, most anticipated matchups and LeBron’s move to L.A.
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5-on-5: Let’s talk about the Week 1, Christmas and MLK Day games

Headlined by rivalries and reunions — and plenty of LeBron — the league’s opening week, Christmas and MLK Day slates won’t disappoint.
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5-on-5: Should the Warriors be worried about Steph?

Are we headed for a Warriors-Celtics NBA Finals? What’s up with Stephen Curry? Our NBA experts answer the pressing questions in the conference finals.
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5-on-5: Best stars, matchups and more to watch on Christmas Day

Christmas Day features some of the NBA’s best and most exciting players and teams. Who has the brightest future? What’s the biggest things to watch in Cavs-Warriors?
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