Nipsey Hussle’s funeral service draws mourners from across the country

Not only will the Los Angeles Staples Center be packed for Nipsey Hussle’s memorial on Thursday, but throngs are also expected to line the streets to bid him farewell. – RSS Channel – Entertainment

GamersGate: The World's Largest Online Game Store

Rain Across – Terrina Williams

Terrina Williams - Rain Across  artwork

Rain Across

Terrina Williams

Genre: Instrumental

Price: $ 9.99

Release Date: September 23, 2018

© ℗ 2018 Terrina Williams

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Laudomia Pucci: How Styling Keeps Brands Fresh Across Generations

LOS ANGELES — “Don’t crush your chiffon, honey,” Neiman Marcus senior vice president and global fashion director Ken Downing advised a model.
The 10 women stood in a makeshift backstage, styled by Downing for an afternoon in-store event at the retailer’s Beverly Hills store on Wilshire Boulevard. They wore pieces from an exclusive Emilio Pucci capsule collection for Neiman Marcus.
Laudomia Pucci, the brand’s image director in town for the event, went to the archives to deliver a fresh spin on seasoned prints originating from the late Sixties and early Seventies for the resort capsule.
“I think the idea here was to have the ‘perfect wardrobe’ for resort escape,” she said. “And, of course, in this store there is not much resort-beachwear. So it’s morning-to-evening in the season. It’s what we call ‘Pucci perfect’ because you just easily put it in a suitcase. It’s light and you have everything. It goes from the beach, swim, caftan, eveningwear. So you can dress it up and dress it down as you wish and it’s styled as you wish.”
It’s all in the styling that allows for brands to remain relevant across generations, Pucci said, offering that the business her father started has remained appealing to younger

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Why players across the NBA think Jose Calderon is worth $2.2 billion

An internet mix-up led to Jose Calderon briefly showing up on Google with a net worth of $ 2.2 billion, leading to endless jokes in Cleveland. – NBA

#RIPPrince: Fans Across Social Media Honor The Purple One, Prince

Prince At The Ritz

Source: Gary Gershoff / Getty

The loss of talented all-around musician Prince Rogers Nelson two years ago on this date still has a heavy effect on his fans and past collaborators. Across social media, the Purple One was honored as is fitting for a star of his caliber and discography.

Earlier today, the trending topic #RIPPrince began cropping up on Twitter and Instagram with folks sharing loving thoughts, images, songs and the like. Prince was just 57 years at the time of his passing, which was brought on by complications related an overdose of pain pills. A new wrinkle in the case developed just this week when it was revealed the singer was given a faked prescription that was thought to be Vicodin.

While the tragic circumstances of Prince’s passing will forever be a point of contention, most are choosing to remember him for his musical contributions today. We’ve collected some of those responses below and on the following pages.

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Photo: Getty

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Across the Universe – Julie Taymor

Julie Taymor - Across the Universe  artwork

Across the Universe

Julie Taymor

Genre: Action & Adventure

Price: $ 12.99

Rental Price: $ 2.99

Release Date: September 14, 2007

Across the Universe, from director Julie Taymor, is a revolutionary rock musical that re-imagines America in the turbulent late-1960s, a time when battle lines were being drawn at home and abroad. When young dockworker Jude (Jim Sturgess) leaves Liverpool to find his estranged father in America, he is swept up by the waves of change that are re-shaping the nation. Jude falls in love with Lucy (Evan Rachel Wood), a rich but sheltered American girl who joins the growing anti-war movement in New York's Greenwich Village. As the body count in Vietnam rises, political tensions at home spiral out of control and the star-crossed lovers find themselves in a psychedelic world gone mad. With a cameo by Bono, Across the Universe is "the kind of movie you watch again, like listening to a favorite album." (Roger Ebert, CHICAGO SUN-TIMES)

© © 2007 Revolution Studios Distribution Company, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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All Across This Land – Blitzen Trapper

Blitzen Trapper - All Across This Land  artwork

All Across This Land

Blitzen Trapper

Genre: Alternative

Price: $ 9.99

Release Date: October 2, 2015

© ℗ 2015 Vagrant Records

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Tom Cruise Flew Same Path Across Andes 10 Minutes Before ‘Mena’ Crewmembers’ Crash

Cruise left in one of two helicopters transporting crew from the colonial town of Santa Fe de Antioquia to Medellin’s Olaya Herrera airport.

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Thicker, More Defined, or Straight Across: Here’s How to Get the Exact Brows You Want

Welcome to's first-ever Eyebrow Week! Over the next seven days, we'll be discussing everything brows—how to do them, what to use, pro tips, and more—and when we're done, we promise you won't leave the…

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Here’s How Volunteers Across The Globe Are Celebrating #MandelaDay With Service

Every July 18 is Mandela Day, which commemorates Nelson Mandela’s years of service, volunteering and fighting for justice. Here’s how people partook.

Handjobs Across America 27

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Fourth of July: 10 Biggest Music Acts Playing Shows Across America

Grateful Dead, the Rolling Stones and Chris Brown are among the musicians set to take the stage on Independence Day.
Music News Headlines – Yahoo News

The 9 Weirdest Things That Came Across Our Desks This Month

As Allure editors, we’re lucky enough to have unique, creative jobs that bring totally random objects to our desks at any given time. From animal-themed knickknacks to unusual fragrances, we rounded up the strangest things we’ve seen lately.
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Meet Ingrid Nilsen: Becoming a YouTube Sensation and Supporting Women Across the Globe

Ingrid Nilsen’s popularity reaches into the millions. She’s a top YouTuber — one of an elite cadre of young video stars whose focus on makeup, fashion, and lifestyle attract a vast audience of girls and young women.

In an interview with HuffPost, Ingrid displayed her belief that beauty is much more than skin deep.

Michael: You’re essentially a very private person who has found herself thrust into about as public an arena as there could be.

Ingrid: That’s exactly right. It is interesting to be in this space, because I know other YouTubers as well who are definitely even more private than I am. We’ve found ourselves in this space where our jobs are very much in the public eye, so it’s a bit of a challenge to find that balance, but I think everybody eventually figures out what works for them.

Michael: So you get to dictate where the line is.

Ingrid: It is nice to have that option where I can kind of carve my own path. And it’s not like I’m walking outside of my house and people are waiting outside for me, because that would be absolutely terrifying. I wouldn’t be comfortable with that level of attention. I love the relationship I have with my viewers because they’re always kind and respectful.

Michael: You’ve gone from doing videos that are strictly fashion and makeup to more introspective pieces. Tell me about that transition.

Ingrid: Another YouTuber creator said it best: “Your viewers are both your peers and your boss.” So it’s an interesting relationship to have, and you want people to like what you create. But you also need to do what’s meaningful for you, and I just really had to sit down and think, what is meaningful to me right now? What is going to bring me fulfillment? And I just kind of crossed my fingers and hoped that people would like it, but if it wasn’t getting billions of views, but there were a handful of people that really connected with it, that’s all I really wanted. And that’s all I’ve ever wanted.

Michael: What prompted the shift?

Ingrid: Last year was my biggest transitional phase, because I was 25, and like most people smack-dab in the middle of their 20s, I was figuring out who I am, and re-examining what I’m doing. It really took a lot of thought. I wanted to create things that were meaningful and a true reflection of where I am in my life. I wanted that to come across in video, but I wasn’t sure how to do that.

And it just took time to get inspiration and to figure it all out mentally, and to figure myself out also. And there definitely is that pressure of “I have to keep up with the pack! Everything is moving so quickly, and I need to keep up so I don’t fall behind!” But I think that it was more important to me to follow the transitional phase, as confusing as it was for me, and create something really awesome out of it, and turning it into something that I could look back on and be proud of.

Michael: Sounds like the beginning of a trend.

Ingrid: We will see a lot more of that as creators on Youtube continue to grow up, because there are still people in their teens and going from that transition to being in your 20s, and people in their 20s growing up. You’re 20s just in general are weird, because you’re no longer a kid, but you kind of feel like…am I really an adult? Is this really what adult life is like? So it’s an interesting time and I’m definitely still figuring it all out, one step at a time. But it’s been a cool journey for sure.

Michael: A soul-searching kind of journey.

Ingrid: Soul-searching is the perfect way to describe it all. My friends around my age are going through the same thing and no one really knows how to vocalize it. It’s like this internal struggle that everybody is going through.

Michael: What were the biggest takeaways from the introspective time?

Ingrid: The #1 thing is stop worrying about what everybody else is going to think. In addition, I’ve realized that my lifestyle has changed over time naturally, as it does especially as you get older. And I’ve really started to embrace a “less is more” philosophy. Living with less in turn allows me more space to do the things that are really meaningful to me. And when I’m not worried about all the material stuff, I can focus on the things that either bring me joy or serve a purpose or a combination of both. It’s been something so helpful for me, and it’s really helped clear my mind.

Michael: How has this been reflected in your videos?

Ingrid: I’ve been changing around the format of my videos so there’s more of a storytelling element, where I’m sharing personal experiences and personal stories, and integrating that into my videos, with really great shooting and almost like a film quality to them. That was something I wasn’t sure how people were going to react to. When I started producing stuff that wasn’t just a 100 percent beauty video, and talking about things in a different way, it has been absolutely incredible to see the response. I have just never been so moved by my viewers ever…ever in all the five years I’ve been doing this, and it just made me want to give all of them a hug, because I felt like we were all on the same page. It’s just the most amazing feeling.

Michael: You felt a need to go deeper and it actually corresponded with your audience’s unspoken desire, to go deeper in their own lives.

Ingrid: That is totally true, because from the beginning I’ve always said that I believe that beauty is more than skin deep, and my channel has just been a way for me to really experiment with that and translate that message into video form.

Michael: Where do you see yourself going from here?

Ingrid: My overall goal with all of this is to create a community where I can support women with incredible talents. Whether it’s undiscovered writers, or lesser known artists, and creating a community where that is possible and those women can be supported and their work can be shared. That’s what I’m about. And I would love to have a brand with physical objects that reflect all of that. So it’s all kind of a little bit vague right now, but essentially I want to create a really amazing community of women that have something awesome to share with the world, and I want
to help them share that.

Michael: Beauty and makeup brought you to a position of prominence and created awareness about you, and as a result of having that platform, you’re now in the position where you can speak to broader, deeper issues that affect women you age.

Ingrid: Yes, definitely. And there are still plenty of times where I can make a video and talk about beauty products and just be a girl, and sit down and talk like I’m talking to my girlfriends. So it’s just a really great balance to have, because I can dive deep and I can also talk about a pair of shoes that I’ve really loved wearing for the past month. And I feel like that is the dream combination.
Style – The Huffington Post
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The House Across The Street Official Trailer 1 (2015) – Ethan Embry Horror Movie HD

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The House Across The Street Official Trailer 1 (2015) – Ethan Embry Horror Movie HD

Amy has moved east from Kansas, determined to start a new life. She thinks she has found the perfect small quiet town, a great neighborhood on a quiet street. As she moves into her brand new apartment, eager to start a dream job, happy to befriend her neighbors, she finds out that not everything is as it seems, especially at the house across the street.
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Joe Cocker: Across from Midnight – Live in Berlin – Joe Cocker

Joe Cocker - Joe Cocker: Across from Midnight - Live in Berlin  artwork

Joe Cocker: Across from Midnight – Live in Berlin

Joe Cocker

Genre: Concert Films

Price: $ 9.99

Rental Price: $ 2.99

Release Date: January 1, 2004

Joe Cocker’s Across From Midnight captures his 1997 performance at Waldbuhne, Berlin. His 17-song, 86-minute performance includes hits like “Feelin’ Alright,” “Up Where We Belong,” “You Are So Beautiful,” and “You Can Leave Your Hat On. Inspired cover choices such as “The Letter,” “Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood,” and “Into the Mystic” round out an entertaining set list.

© © 2004 Eagle Rock (US)

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