Miss Congo’s Hair Goes Up in Flames Right After Being Crowned Miss Africa 2018

[[tmz:video id=”1_8hudcis0″]] And, the winner of Miss Africa 2018 is … whoever saved her from major scalp injuries!!! Miss Congo, Dorcas Kasinde, won the African beauty pageant hosted by the Cross River State Government Friday, but immediately after…


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Kanye West Hands Out Dozens of Yeezys in Uganda, Kim Gushes Over Africa

[[tmz:video id=”0_06ianoi5″]] Kanye West’s season of giving continued in Uganda … with tons of kids getting Yeezys!!  Ye and Kim Kardashian West surprised a bunch of kids as their tour of the east African country continues. But…


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Kanye West Coon Tour Hits Africa, Rents Out Resort In Uganda


Source: SAUL LOEB / Getty

Kanye West put on his best tap shoes and white gloves to put on a good old-fashioned minstrel show for President Donald Trump, after which he announced he’s heading to Africa. The Chicago superstar has officially been spotted on the continent, renting out a five-star luxury resort for an entire week.

The Blast reports:

Ye has landed in Uganda, and along with Kim Kardashian and the kids, they are going to spend the week vacationing in a five-star luxury resort which rests above the bank on the Nile River.

The front desk receptionist at the Chobe Safari Lodge tell The Blast the entire resort is “closed to the public” until October 19. They confirmed that Kanye West rented the entire joint for the week, and made it clear he didn’t want anyone bothering him or his guests.

During Ye’s most recent media stunt at the White House, he spoke on heading to Africa to get in touch with the energy that he expects the area will provide. He spoke on wanting to record in the middle of nature, and it appears his crew has set up a fancy NASA type dome in the middle of the plains to do just that.

West arriving to the Motherland would be big news if folks believed that he’ll connect with his roots but Yeezy is obviously too far gone. Hopefully, this isn’t another classic Kanye West troll moment.

Photo: Getty

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Melania Trump Embarks on Four-Nation Trip to Africa, En Route to Ghana

IN THE TRENCHES: For her first solo trip abroad, First Lady Melania Trump is en route to Ghana, the first of four countries she plans to visit this week.
While many Washingtonians might want to take flight as the battle over Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh continues, FLOTUS’ trip was months in the making. Her wardrobe choices also required considerable planning. Without President Trump at her elbow — or any of the other Trump family members within sight — this will be an individual experience, and presumably a statement–making one from start to finish.
In an interview Friday, Trump’s stylist Hervé Pierre said, “It’s her trip. She really decided to do it. From the beginning, she wanted to do this.”
Expected to land in Ghana at 6 a.m., the First Lady’s travel itinerary includes stops in Malawi, Kenya and Egypt before returning to the Beltway Sunday. “She will spend time with schoolchildren, visit hospitals and do some of the things that tourists do while they are in Africa,” according to pool reporter Katie Rogers of The New York Times. “Why Africa? The White House says she has never been before and has long wanted this to be the destination for her first solo

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Today Sucks But Here’s A Lovely Weezer Cover Of “Africa” By Toto

Today Sucks But Here's A Lovely Weezer Cover Of Africa By Toto

Today Sucks But Here's A Lovely Weeze…
Today sucks for a variety of reasons but here’s Weezer covering “Africa” by Toto for your listening pleasure.
Submitted by: Dashiell Driscoll
Keywords: weezer africa toto cover weezer cover africa twitter fan campaign
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Live In South Africa – OneRepublic

OneRepublic - Live In South Africa  artwork

Live In South Africa


Genre: Concert Films

Price: $ 12.99

Rental Price: $ 2.99

Release Date: January 1, 2017

A theatrical concert film shot at the Coca—Cola Dome in Johannesburg, South Africa, in front of 20,000 fans. Captured with 20—plus cameras by Banger Films' team of world— class cinematographers, the film will capture the energy and magic of the night as these virtuosic pop—stars perform all their smash—hits, including "Apologize," "Counting Stars" and "Stop and Stare." Interwoven with epic visuals from South Africa and exclusive documentary interviews, this concert film will be a must—see for OneRepublic's millions of adoring fans.

© © 2018 OneRepublic, LLC exclusively licensed to Eagle Rock Entertainment Ltd.

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Out of Africa – Sydney Pollack

Sydney Pollack - Out of Africa  artwork

Out of Africa

Sydney Pollack

Genre: Drama

Price: $ 4.99

Release Date: December 13, 1985

The most acclaimed motion picture of 1985 stars Robert Redford and Meryl Streep in one of the screen's great epic romances. Directed by Oscar® winner Sydney Pollack, Out of Africa is the fascinating true story of Karen Blixen, a strong-willed woman who, with her philandering husband (Klaus Maria Brandauer), runs a coffee plantation in Kenya, circa 1914. To her astonishment, she soon discovers herself falling in love with the land, its people and a mysterious white hunter (Redford). The masterfully crafted, breathtakingly produced story of love and loss earned Oscars® for Best Picture, Director, Screenplay (based on material from another medium), Cinematography, Original Score, Art Direction (Set Decoration) and Sound.

© © 1985 Universal City Studios, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Live In South Africa: Dust and Thunder – Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons - Live In South Africa: Dust and Thunder  artwork

Live In South Africa: Dust and Thunder

Mumford & Sons

Genre: Concert Films

Price: $ 12.99

Rental Price: $ 2.99

Release Date: January 1, 2017

When Mumford & Sons discussed the idea of touring South Africa, it struck them as an uncharted, mini adventure. They would announce a handful of gigs and see who showed up. No pressure. 5000 tickets went on sale, 5000 tickets sold out instantly. 85,000 ticket sales later, and the band were embarking on more than a little adventure. Overnight it had become a fully blown phenomena. DUST AND THUNDER chronicles the meeting of South Africa with their long-standing favourites, Mumford & Sons. A British band in huge demand, and a country extremely excited to welcome them. With a coachload of their close musical friends brought along for the ride, this exquisitely shot film captures the tour's conclusion with two nights in the beautiful Pretorian outback. Airing new songs from Wilder Mind and the Johannesburg mini-album (a collaboration with Baaba Maal, The Very Best and Beatenburg) for the first time, and watching the expansive crowds hollering back the old favourites, DUST AND THUNDER gets to the very heart of what makes Mumford & Sons such a special act, with the stunning beauty of the Pretorian outback as their backdrop. Captured with gusto by award-winning live specialist Dick Carruthers, the result is an exciting and emotional document and a truly spectacular concert film that may well go down as their finest.

© © 2017 Mumford & Sons under exclusive license to Eagle Rock Entertainment Ltd.

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Proud Women of Africa: Rainbow Girls

Co-authored by Nick Schönfeld.

I have a friend called Dagny Warmerdam whom I met during my time in Cape Town. Over the years Dagny has become one of the most important people in my life. We’ve been through so much together: stressful commercial shoots, an impromptu beached-whale rescue, and most recently spending a week with the Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit (I’ll tell you more about that in another post). In 2011, while photographing our friend Philipa, we talked about what it was like growing up as a lesbian woman in Cape Town.


Dagny told me that despite a constitution widely regarded as the most progressive in the world, and which supposedly safeguards women’s and children’s rights, the Rainbow Nation as South Africa is unofficially known, is home to high levels of violence against women and children. Your degree of sexual freedom is based on the color of your skin, and to which social group you belong. If you are white, being LGBTQ in South Africa is no different than in the US or UK: difficult at times, but a personal struggle for acceptance by family or friends. In poor and black communities being LGBTQ can mean exile, rape or even death.


One thing in particular that Dagny said shocked me more than anything else. In South Africa, LGBTQ’s are subjected to the shocking practice of corrective rape: a truly awful hate crime in which the perpetrator tries to ‘cure’ the victim of his or her homosexuality. I couldn’t get my head around the fact that in a country I loved so much, corrective rape happens regularly, with possibly as many as ten new cases a week in Cape Town alone.

Months of phone calls and emails later, I found myself standing outside a town hall in Khayelitsha. Inside, something remarkable was happening: the 2012 Miss Lesbian Beauty Pageant. A celebration of lesbian beauty, right in the middle of Khayelitsha, a township in Cape Town infamous for its treatment of LGBTQ’s.


Most of the women I photographed for this series were participants in this pageant. The pride with which they strutted their stuff on the catwalk was incredibly moving and it inspired me to take the portraits you see here. They wanted to make a bold statement, in defiance of those who refused to accept them, and out in the open for all to see. They ignored the repressive attitudes that were meant to subjugate them, and instead, chose to celebrate who they were in full view of their community.


The Rainbow Girls opened my eyes to the raw and often contradictory world of sexual identity in South Africa. A world in which simply being who you are means living in constant fear. A world that is ripe for change. But more than anything, the Rainbow Girls showed me that being a black lesbian in South Africa takes real guts.


Click here to read Priscilla Frank’s Huffington Post article about the Rainbow Girls:

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South Africa to welcome Essence Music Festival

Durban, South AfricaNew Orleans's Essence Festival is going global with dates in South Africa set for 2016 and 2017.

Music News Headlines – Yahoo News

Essence Festival to Expand with South Africa Events

After more than 20 years in New Orleans, the Essence Festival is now going global.
The festival has launched a three-year partnership with eThekwini…
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‘Decoded’ Asks: What Does Taylor Swift’s ‘Wildest Dreams’ Get Wrong About Africa?

MTV’s ‘Decoded’ tackles racial bias in Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” video.

Where Do the Lies About LGBTIs in Africa Come From?

Shocking legislative developments have focused Western media attention on the gay rights situation across Africa like never before. Many of the column inches dedicated to Uganda’s Anti Homosexuality Act have demonstrated an awareness of the complexity of the social and political landscape for African LGBTIs. The colonial provenance of the penal code provisions which outlaw same-sex intercourse has been explored. The claims that “homosexuality is unAfrican” have been shown to be false, thanks to a wealth of anthropological evidence to the contrary. The incoherence of using a religion imposed on Africa by proselytising European missionaries to decry same-sex attraction as unAfrican has not gone unnoticed. In short: on the issue of LGBTI rights in Africa, analysis has (largely) been surprisingly nuanced.

What is generally lacking from Western media, however, is an understanding of some of the most pernicious lies about LGBTIs in Africa — and relatively few people have asked the question, ‘where do the lies come from?’

One such lie is the idea that declaring you’re gay, or even pro-gay, opens up the floodgates to foreign money. African LGBTIs are therefore not really gay; they’re just in it for the money. And in a country like Uganda, where the GDP per capita in 2013 stood at just $ 572 USD, the (fictitious) idea that decadent, wealthy Westerners are using poverty to coerce Ugandans incites a nationalistic defensiveness, galvanising public opinion against LGBTIs and their supporters. “The team of homosexuals is very rich,” Ugandan former Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi was reported to have said. “They have money and they will do whatever it takes to make sure this vice penetrates Africa…[they want to] lure people into their club.” Indeed, the idea that LGBTI is synonymous with money is so embedded that Ugandan legal scholar, Professor Sylvia Tamale, recently told an audience at the London School of Economics that after she spoke out against the treatment of LGBTIs in her country, she received a text message from a friend, congratulating her on becoming a millionaire.

The trope of the wealthy gay man using his financial clout for nefarious purposes did not originate in Africa, however. In the early 1990s, voters in the US state of Colorado narrowly approved an amendment to the state constitution prohibiting the recognition of LGBTIs as a protected class — effectively making discrimination against LGBTIs legal. Opponents of LGBTIs, such as the Colorado Coalition for Family Values, propagated the notion that “homosexuals” were not a persecuted minority, but were in fact politically powerful, incredibly wealthy and enjoyed enormous influence on American cultural life. As scholar Mariana Valverde points out, “[t]he similarity between these beliefs and…anti-Semitic propaganda about Jews…is striking.”

The migration of the trope from North America to Africa can be explained through the influence of US neoconservative organisations, such as the Institute on Religion and Democracy (IRD). According to a report by the think-tank Political Research Associates, the IRD is “one of the main organizations promoting homophobia in both Africa and the United States over the last decade.” The report claims that while mainstream Episcopal church funding in Africa is directed towards visible projects — and therefore requires accountability on how money is spent — “conservative funding pays the salaries of archbishops and their staffs,” concluding that “archbishops’ offices have become mouthpieces of U.S. conservatives.”

The threatening spectre of the ‘gay agenda’ is further sustained in the African context as it allows governing authorities to exploit frustration at socio-economic conditions by redirecting public anger at a common enemy — the mythical, wealthy, privileged, powerful ‘homosexual’. Western donors unwittingly played into this trope when they threatened to pull development aid in response to poor treatment of African LGBTIs. The former Minister of Ethics and Integrity in Uganda, James Nsaba Buturo, commented: “I have been pressured by some donors to allow homosexuality, but I have told them they can keep their money and the homosexuality because it is not about charity at the expense of our moral destruction.”

While the situation for LGBTIs across Africa is far from uniformly pessimistic, any judicial victories will be diluted by the extreme social hostility fomented by these toxic beliefs and by the American religious fundamentalists who sustain them. What is needed is a brighter spotlight shone on the role that foreigners have had in stoking anti-LGBTI hatred in Africa by co-opting postcolonial politics for their own ends. The notion that money flows from abroad to fund a ‘homosexual agenda’ needs to be countered forcefully with the indisputable truth that foreign money is flooding from the US to fund an insidious neoconservative agenda. The lies told about LGBTIs in Africa need to be exposed as such.

The most effective way to counter lies is to tell the truth again and again: African LGBTIs are not awash with money. Declaring yourself pro-gay does not incite a tidal wave of Western cash to come your way. LGBTIs are not a foreign contagion.

US neoconservatives are behind these lies. Right-wing American religious fundamentalists do not care about Africa, no matter how much they may attempt to co-opt the postcolonial political debate. Only once these truths begin to uproot the lies that are so deeply embedded will the American neoconservative grip around the necks of African LGBTIs finally begin to loosen.

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Gay Voices – The Huffington Post

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Ne-Yo to Perform at MTV Africa Music Awards

Grammy Award-winning R&B singer Ne-Yo will perform at this year’s MTV Africa Music Awards.
The event, sponsored by the KwaZulu-Natal province in…
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Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa – Eric Darnell & Tom McGrath

Eric Darnell & Tom McGrath - Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa  artwork

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

Eric Darnell & Tom McGrath

Genre: Kids & Family

Price: $ 9.99

Rental Price: $ 2.99

Release Date: November 7, 2008

Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria and the Penguins are back–still together and still lost. Your favorite zoo animals accidentally find themselves on a hilarious adventure in Africa, where, after meeting their own species, wonder should they stay or should they go back to NY? Featuring Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, Jada Pinkett Smith, and will.i.am, this outrageous comedy takes you on a trip like no other.

© © 2008 DreamWorks Animation LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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Africa Express Presents… Terry Riley’s In C Mali – Andre de Ridder & Africa Express

Andre de Ridder & Africa Express - Africa Express Presents... Terry Riley's In C Mali  artwork

Africa Express Presents… Terry Riley’s In C Mali

Andre de Ridder & Africa Express

Genre: Classical

Price: $ 9.99

Release Date: November 24, 2014

© ℗ 2014 Africa Express under exclusive license to Transgressive Records Ltd.

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Pitti Uomo Day 3: Moschino by Jeremy Scott, Katy Perry and Africa in the Mecca of Menswear

As I worked and walked my way through the third day of Pitti Uomo in Florence, I realized fashion leaves me with more questions than answers. What makes us feel good, and is that directly related to how we look in an item of clothing? Is our character driven from the inside or can it be changed depending on our mood but also our outfit? Can a fabric like Véritable Wax Hollandais from Ivory Coast, one that has been imitated and exploited in the Western world, finally take its rightful place as a fashion classic, alongside tweeds and tartans? All are debates that I’d love to continue with friends, readers and colleagues.

The morning of day 3 started in passionate style, with Constellation Africa, a group presentation by four talented designers from the great continent. They are MaXhosa by Laduma, designed by Laduma Ngxokolo from South Africa; Projecto Mental, designed by Tekasala Ma’at Nzinga & Shunnoz Fiel from Angola; Orange Culture designed by Adebayo Oke-Lawal from Nigeria; and Dent de Man designed by Alexis Temomanin from Ivory Coast/UK. The word stunning doesn’t even begin to describe this fashion show, which I’d been looking forward to all week.

So, I wasn’t disappointed, far from it, but I actually walked away feeling even better than I thought I would. The groundbreaking show in Florence was promoted by a project called the Ethical Fashion Initiative headed and founded by Simone Cipriani, an initiative that is part of the UN International Trade Center. Supporting and encouraging a sustainable, fairly traded African fashion industry should be a priority in a world that cherishes creativity, like the fashion world. Yet, while major fashion and design houses have “borrowed” African fabrics and styles for ages, culminating in last season’s Afrocentric madness, the creative forces from the continent have not made it to a breakthrough. Until now. With a major event at what the designers of Projecto Mental call “the Mecca of Menswear,” Florence, supported by the voices of Stella McCartney and Vogue Italia’s Franca Sozzani, the buzz reverberating was definitely positive.

As the first outfit from Ivory Coast’s Dent de Man came out, I felt goosebumps, wowed by its beauty and style. Wax fabrics have always been a part of my life, as long as I can remember I wore them wrapped around my waist in the summer, at the beach, or had jackets made on a 125th Street in Harlem by the Senegalese tailors there. But to finally see them take their rightful place upfront and center stage, in perfectly tailored, wonderfully wearable menswear, was breathtaking. Here’s to hoping they’ll continue to be made into men’s suits and shirts, for generations to come. I also enjoyed the blanket looks at MaXhosa by Laduma, a tribute to Xhosa tribal blankets with a modern spin, and the “Wes Anderson meets a Vietnamese intellectual in a village of Nigeria” looks from Orange Culture. Yup, I came up with that quote all by myself.

The afternoon belonged to the cocktail party co-hosted by Saks First Avenue and the Italian Trade Agency at the Westin Excelsion. On the hotel’s rooftop Sesto Lounge, they served gnocchi with butter and sage, mini sliders and ribollita, a complete blend of Italian and US cuisine. The atmosphere was a great mix too, of fashion bloggers, industry executives and designers and the goodie bag awaiting guests as they exited reminded me of just how classy Saks is and how much I miss the store when I’m not in NYC. Yes, there is Saks location in Dubai, but nothing can equal a shop that takes up an entire city block!

The evening was Moschino. With Jeremy Scott as the fashion house’s new creative talent, I knew the show would be irreverent, fun, exciting and colorful, everything Franco Moschino himself was known for. Again, it turned out to be a goosebumps moment for me, because inside the Palazzo Corsini, just steps away from the Arno, I felt Moschino’s soul in the rooms (yes, models marched through several rooms of this XVII Century palace, adding to the show’s magic) among us, finally, after years of wannabe fashions with a lame sense of humor. Scott has the heart and soul of the brand down to a proverbial “t”, and his irrevent kings, half-naked matadors and rockstar Marie Antoinettes in this first collection for the brand prove it. Oh, and I almost forgot, he had Katy Perry there to support him too!

— This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

Style – The Huffington Post
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Angelina Attends S. Africa Summit

Appearing at an African Union summit in South Africa on Friday, actress Angelina Jolie, who is also a United Nations special envoy on refugee issues, spoke about rape as a weapon of warfare and ask…

Access Hollywood Latest News

MTV Africa Music Awards to mark Nelson Mandela’s birthday

Former South African Nelson MandelaThe 2015 awards show will be broadcast live from Durban, South Africa on July 18, the day the former president and Nobel laureate was born.

Music News Headlines – Yahoo News

Operation Change: South Africa – Oprah Winfrey Network

Tune in for an all-new episode of Operation Change Monday at 10/9c.
Subscribe to OWN: http://bit.ly/18Lz0rV

The team joins Sir Richard Branson in a quest to enhance the lives of those affected by HIV/AIDS in South Africa, by providing medication and helping to construct a new kitchen at a local orphanage.

To find out more about Operation Change Click Here:

Find OWN on TV at http://www.oprah.com/FindOWN

Visit our channel for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/OWN



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Proof That Americans Have Absolutely No Clue About Africa

The World Cup is in full swing, giving Americans the rare opportunity to engage with other countries and wonder what life must be like across the oceans that separate us. And not only have the international games given us an opportunity to watch exciting games while drinking in bars and swoon over good-looking athletes, they have also shined a very special spotlight on how little we know about other parts of the world, particularly Africa.

This week, after the United States’ unexpected victory over Ghana, Delta Airlines sent out a tweet that warranted a universal SMH.

delta tweet

The company’s tweet drove home one clear point: we know nothing about Africa, even though we think we do.

Maybe it’s because our first introduction to the continent as children made us think it was like this:

Whatever the reason, we don’t know what we’re talking about, and we prove it to ourselves daily.

For example, remember when people confused Morgan Freeman for Nelson Mandela after his death?

morgan freeman nelson mandela

nelson mandela morgan freeman

Or how about the fact that most people think all of Africa looks like this?

african savannah

When really, some places look like this.


For some reason, we can’t understand how people in African countries could possibly be watching the World Cup on the same devices and television screens we’re using in the west.

And of course we butcher African names any chance we get.

Oh hey, remember that time Elizabeth Taylor played Cleopatra. We’re talking about Cleopatra the queen of Egypt. You know that country Egypt, the one that’s in Africa?

cleopatra elizabeth taylor

And let’s not forget how the glorious Internet has shaped our view of what life must be like in Africa. For example, two of the most popular images are the ridiculous child memes of the “Skeptical African Kid” and “African Kids Dancing.”

skeptical african kid meme

dancing african kids meme

Or how about the fact that people — including celebrities — don’t even understand that Africa is a CONTINENT, not a country.

rick ross tweet

lady gaga tweet

We’ll just let Miss South Carolina of the Miss Teen USA 2007 bring this one home.

In short, we have a lot to learn about the world. But we certainly have a lot to learn about Africa and we really should start working on that.
Comedy – The Huffington Post
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Back In Africa 3

The ultimate porn reality show shot on location in Cape Town!

In this third chapter of the popular Back In Africa series, our heroes continue their studies and uninhibited sexual adventures…

Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie!

The ultimate porn reality show shot on location in Cape Town! In this third chapter of the popular Back In Africa series, our heroes continue their studies and uninhibited sexual adventures…

Stars: Kevin Warhol Ariel Vanean

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Back In Africa

Back In Africa cover

Last winter, six models headed to cape town for an intensive 3-month English course. Taking matters into their own hands, the boys documented their trials, tribulations and pleasures as they pursued language proficiency. The result, George believes, is among the sexiest and funniest material produced over BalAmi`s many years…

Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie!

Last winter, six models headed to cape town for an intensive 3-month English course. Taking matters into their own hands, the boys documented their trials, tribulations and pleasures as they pursued language proficiency.

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