Ann Summers Lands Store at London’s Gatwick Airport

Erotic lingerie and sex toy retailer Ann Summers has landed a new store at Gatwick. Yes, the airport. – Pleasure & Retail

Plies Has Felony Gun Charge Dropped After Airport Arrest

Plies just caught a break after being hauled out of an airport in cuffs this summer, because prosecutors are dropping the felony gun charge against the rapper … TMZ has learned.  A county clerk tells us Plies was facing a felony charge for…


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Halsey Can’t Believe G-Eazy Used His Magazine Cover to Get Through Airport Security

G-EazyCan I see your ID or magazine cover?
Earlier this week, Halsey and G-Eazy found themselves at another airport ready to travel to another far away destination.
There was just…

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Camila Cabello’s Hilarious Airport Poses Got Turned Into Memes, And She Loves It

Camila Cabello hilariously posed for paparazzi at the airport, and her impromptu fashion show pics got turned into memes by Kehlani.

Feelmore Owner Sets Sights on Opening 1st Airport Sex Shop

Nenna Joiner, founder of Oakland, Calif.-based Feelmore boutique, is lobbying for the San Francisco International Airport to make its Terminal 3 Pop-Up Shop Retail Program more accessible to “true mom-and-pop shops,” including Feelmore. – Pleasure & Retail

Tekashi69 Airport Brawl Triggered by Rapper Disrespecting Women

[[tmz:video id=”0_mf0zdw9w”]] Tekashi69 would have avoided a violent beatdown Wednesday at LAX if his crew hadn’t mouthed off to some female friends of two other rappers.   TMZ broke the story, Tekashi — also known as 6ix9ine — and his posse…


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Airport 1975 – Jack Smight

Jack Smight - Airport 1975  artwork

Airport 1975

Jack Smight

Genre: Drama

Price: $ 14.99

Release Date: October 18, 1974

"Something hit us…the crew is dead…help us, please, please help us!" With these terrifying words, 22 of Hollywood's greatest stars find themselves aboard a pilotless jumbo jet headed on a collision course with destruction in the nerve chilling sequel to the greatest disaster movie ever made. Charlton Heston is in the cockpit for this incredible adventure as the only man who can save the 747 and its passengers when it's hit in midair by a private plane. Karen Black is the chief stewardess who must act as the blinded pilot's hands and eyes to take control of the plane or die trying. Myrna Loy, Helen Reddy, Linda Blair, Dana Andrews, Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., Gloria Swanson, Sid Caesar and George Kennedy, recreating his acclaimed Airport role, are also aboard trying to survive the deadly skies of this high flying thriller.

© © 1974 Universal City Studios, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Meek Mill’s Airport Assault Case Dismissed

Meek Mill’s gotta give it up to his legal team — the rapper struck another sweet deal and his assault case has been thrown out. TMZ broke the story … Meek was charged with misdemeanor assault back in March after allegedly getting into an altercation…


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Airport Security 18

Rosta Benecky is in charge of Airport Security. Tomas Fuk sent in to see him. Tomas sits and agrees to having his luggage checked. As Rosta opens the suitcase Tomas comes up behind him and overpowers him. With Rosta passed out Tomas gags and binds him, naked. He stands in front of Rosta, bare-chested and wanking his hard cock. With Rosta’s mouth held open by the gag Tomas is able, despite moaning protestations, to shove his cock in. He removes the gag and then makes Rosta suck his rock hard cock. Tomas fucks Rosta’s mouth and pulls his head onto the dick. Then he moves Rosta onto his knees and starts to rim and play with his ass hole. With the hole nice and wet Tomas shoves his dick deep inside and fucks it. Rosta moans, but has to take the cock as it pounds his hole. Tomas turns him over onto his back and resumes his deep fucking of Rosta’s hot ass. Then he moves to spoon, with Rosta’s massive cock getting hard too. Rosta grabs his dick and wanks it as Tomas keeps up his hard fucking. He keeps wanking as Tomas’ dick is deep in his hole, until he shoots his load over himself. Tomas pulls out of that ass and dumps his cum all over Rosta’s balls.

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With the hole nice and wet Tomas shoves his dick deep inside and fucks it. Rosta moans, but has to take the cock as it pounds his hole.

Stars: Tomas Fuk Rosta Benecky

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Faizon Love Dodges Jail Time for Airport Valet Attack

Faizon Love is getting off easy for his brutal beatdown of an airport valet … as long as he’s on his best behavior for a while. The comedian and actor pled no contest to misdemeanor assault, and got a suspended sentence of 180 days in the county…


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Wiz Khalifa Arrested at Airport For Riding a Hoverboard (Report)

“See You Again” rapper commented: “Haven’t been slammed and cuffed in a while. That was fun.”

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Hollywood Reporter

Anthony Anderson’s Heathrow Airport Emmy Nod Surprise

‘Black-ish’ star Anthony Anderson tells the story of finding out about his Emmy nod for Lead Actor in a Comedy at London’s Heathrow Airport.

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Luis Miguel — Sued by Pap Over Alleged Airport Beatdown

Luis Miguel is being sued by a photog who claims the Latin legend’s bodyguard beat him up … at the singer’s direction.  Tony Echevarria claims he was filming Miguel on April 19 when the singer’s bodyguard pushed him to the ground and battered…


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Morrissey: Airport security groped my penis and testicles

In his first lengthy note of the day, he accused a TSA officer at San Francisco International Airport of groping him while going RSS feed
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Jessica Alba Debuts The Honest Co. Airport Kiosk

Now, you’ll never have to board another flight without your eco-friendly travel essentials.

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Healthy Airport Snacks Exist—Here’s How to Find Them

Photo: Courtesy of Hannah Bronfman / @hannahbronfman

Summer is a season of far-flung getaways. But when zipping from home to vacation destination, nutrition tends to fall by the wayside in favor of quick, easy, and often salty snacks, as airports remain one of the last frontiers for the health food revolution. Thankfully, according to Manhattan-based nutritionist Maria Marlowe, there are plenty of healthy, energizing bites that can be easily packed for (and found during) your time in the terminal and on the plane—because there’s nothing better than starting your vacation feeling bright-eyed, nourished, and not the least bit bloated.

Long journeys find Marlowe prepping a pre-flight plate of cooked or raw veggies and plant protein—quinoa, tempeh, chickpeas—which are easy to digest, along with an assortment of fruit for between-meal munching. But, for shorter flights (less than three hours), the expert asserts that you probably don’t need to eat—it’s just a mode of distraction. “I have a meal before I leave for the airport, and then plan on having a nice meal when I arrive. If you need a little something to keep you going, add a shot of chia seeds—rich in protein, fiber, and anti-inflammatory Omega-3s to keep you glowing—to your water.”

If the thought of travel sans snacks leaves you feeling prematurely famished, there are also prepackaged on-the-go items that meet the criteria of both nutrient and fiber dense (aka filling), including sprouted or raw nuts and seeds, dried coconut, Artisana almond butter squeeze packs, and Go Raw Super Cookies.

Already at the airport? Marlowe suggests keeping an eye out for fruit—bananas, oranges, and fresh-cut melon are easily found—pistachios (one of the lowest calorie nuts), veggies and hummus (filling and hydrating), or fresh juice (if available, organic wheatgrass shots will offer an antioxidant boost, while fresh-pressed carrots and oranges are stocked with vitamins A and C to nourish skin from within).

But above all else, water is the most important resource to have with you. Marlowe recommends sipping eight to ten ounces of H2O per hour in the air and forgoing other accessible beverages like coffee, tea, and alcohol, as they will leave you—and your skin—feeling dehydrated and lackluster. After all, a fresh complexion is the first step to a bon voyage.

The post Healthy Airport Snacks Exist—Here’s How to Find Them appeared first on Vogue.

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Missoni Installation Decks Out Malpensa Airport

Missoni has decked out Milan’s Malpensa international airport in vibrantly colored knits: through October, the end of Expo 2015, two 49.2-foot columns swathed in stripey textiles will connect the arrivals and departures areas at terminal one.
Called “Tra le Righe #2,” which translates to “Between the Lines #2,” the installation is a spin on the “Missoni, L’Arte, Il Colore” (Missoni, Art, Color) exhibition currently underway at the MA*GA art museum in the Varese province of Lombardy, where Missoni founders Ottavio and Rosita Missoni set up shop decades ago. At the base of the columns, travelers will find information both on that exhibit and on the Missoni fashion company.
Luca Missoni and Angelo Jelmini developed the Malpensa project.

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Kanye Settles Airport Lawsuit

Kanye West and a paparazzo he attacked have settled a lawsuit, at least in part with a handshake and an apology.

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Airport Security 12

In this great new Airport Security scene we have three wonderful guys, security guards Danek Gyor and Ondra Radni with their prisoner Mate More. We find Danek as he is pushing Mate into a cell and beginning an inspection of his luggage. Danek is joined by Ondra who immediately pulls Danek out of the cell and begins to pat him down. Not satisfied he pulls Mate’s tee shirt off. Danek opens Mate’s jeans and pushes them down. Soon his is taking Mate’s shorts down too and squatting to check out his cock as Ondra restrains the prisoner. They turn Mate around and begin to check his ass too, spreading the cheeks in the process. The inspection gets interesting as Mate is turned again and Danek begins to suck on his cock. That cock soon responds, getting nice and hard. They push Mate down on his haunches as both Danek and Ondra pull out their own stiff cocks. Mate is made to suck each cock, taking turns on them. As they are sucked Ondra and Danek kiss each other. Mate is turned again and this time Danek starts to finger his hole. His finger is quickly replaced by his big, stiff cock as he fucks Mate, who also has to suck on Ondra’s cock. Ondra wants to fuck too and Mate has his legs up on the shoulder, for easy access, as he holds onto Danek for support. Ondra really works that tight hole, going in nice and deep. Mate moans all the while and is soon on his knees taking Danek’s dick again. Then it is Ondra’s turn again and he fucks that sexy ass, pulling out just in time to dump his hot cum all over it. He sucks on Danek’s cock too and is rewarded with another big load, all over his chest. Mate grabs his own cock, which is still rock hard and wanks it to a climax, shooting his cream over the floor. He is then shoved in his cage and locked in as our sexy guards take their leave.

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In this great new Airport Security scene we have three wonderful guys, security guards Danek Gyor and Ondra Radni with their prisoner Mate More.

Stars: Florian Mraz Mate More

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Teal Carpet At Portland Airport Becomes Online Superstar

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Visitors and Oregon locals lined up inside Portland International Airport to have their photos taken with an odd celebrity — a piece of nearly 30-year-old carpet.

Ever since Oregonian’s learned the iconic teal carpeting at the airport known as PDX was being torn up, the floor covering has become an online superstar. More than 40,000 “foot selfies” — photos people took of their feet on the carpet — were plastered on Instagram.

Demand for actual bits of the carpet have been so high airport officials are giving four local vendors 1,000 square yards each to incorporate into items.

Airport authorities say the carpet is too old for continued use. They said the process to replace the carpet was well under way before they realized how popular it was.
Style – The Huffington Post
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Dropkick Murphys — No Luck O’ The Irish … Boston Airport Show Was Planned

Begosh and Begorrah … turns out Dropkick Murphys’ impromptu St. Patty’s gig at Boston’s airport had nothing to do with luck … and it cost their fans a ton of gold to see it. A spokesperson for Cara Group Travel tells TMZ the show was all part of the…


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Unlikely Team Of Allies Unite To Take On Airport Gate Agent

BOSTON—Mobilizing from various corners of the seating area to form a unified front, an unlikely team of allies at Logan International Airport rallied together at gate B32 to take on the American Airlines boarding agent, sources reported Friday.

The Onion

Stars at the Airport: Winter Break Edition

Contrary to popular belief, it is in fact possible to travel comfortably without looking schlumpy (see: Rihanna’s designer sweatshirt gown). To prove it, we’ve gathered the 25 best airport looks from stylish celebs to inspire your holiday travel outfit. Sit back and enjoy the flight.


K-Pop Superstars Girls' Generation Dress Like Normal Girls at the Airport (Copy Their Outfits Next Time You Fly!)

I have a guilty thing with photos of celebrities at the airport: I'm always so impressed and inspired, pledging to myself that I too will wear the best outfit I can think of the next…

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Jay-Z opens 40/40 Club at Atlanta airport

Rapper Jay-Z opens 40/40 Club in Atlanta, at world’s busiest airport
MSN Music: News
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Airport Security Conducts Sexy Cavity Search on Beauties

Airport security prick, Evan Stone has just busted Jessa Rhodes and Vicky Vixen for smuggling unmentionables! He finds step-mom, Vicky’s sex toys but cuts the gals a deal once they start sucking his shlong! 18-year-old Jessa gets a hard sticking in her sweet firm pussy. Seriously, Jessa Rhodes is a tiny little bitch who can ride some serious shaft. She gets it totally from Vicky Vixen! Now here’s a MILF with a oversize fat ass and she loves pounding herself up and down off a massive, long porno meatstick.