Greek Freak went Kareem in Milwaukee, Raptors win anyway

The Toronto Raptors overcame a strong Milwaukee Bucks crowd and one of Giannis Antetokounmpo’s best games. – NBA

Kerr ejected: ‘I don’t want to be here anyway’

Steve Kerr was ejected early in the third quarter of the Warriors’ preseason game Monday against the Suns after exchanging words with the referee when Steph Curry was whistled for an offensive foul. – NBA

So, Anyway… (Unabridged) – John Cleese

John Cleese - So, Anyway... (Unabridged)  artwork

So, Anyway… (Unabridged)

John Cleese

Genre: Arts & Entertainment

Price: $ 26.95

Publish Date: December 13, 2016

© ℗ © 2016 Random House Audio

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‘White Bitch’ Jessica — Sorry, Internet … Zola’s Story Is Fake!! Mostly, Anyway

Zola the stripper’s infamous sidekick – that “white bitch” Jessica – has her own story to tell, and it’s that Zola’s viral tale is almost completely made up!  By now, you’ve probably heard ex-stripper Zola’s epic story — she…


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MLB’s Matt Kemp — HITS HOLLYWOOD CLUB … My Season’s Done Anyway.

[[tmz:video id=”0_rkgmjj5a”]] With his team eliminated from the playoffs … and his season over with a finger injury … SD Padres star Matt Kemp hit the Hollywood club scene last night … because … well … why the hell not?!  Kemp and some…


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Amber Rose Makes Feminist Statement On VMAs Red Carpet, Slandered Anyway [Photos]

Amber Rose, and Blac Chyna, tried her damndest to make a feminist statement on the 2015 MTV VMAs red carpet. She generally got slandered for her trouble anyway.

Reports Mashable:

The models stormed the red carpet clad in beige-colored clothing painted with the words “BITCH,” “SLUT,” “HOE” and other derogatory words. Beside them, two friends stood in black clothing painted with the word “FAGGOT.”

Naturally, the models stood out in a sea of short dresses. Some have even interpreted the bold outfits as a feminist statement.

In effect, Rose and Chyna used their VMA red carpet walk to take back the words used against them in the past. And that’s a statement we can get behind.

However, being that we’re talking about Amber Rose, the slander on the Internet is real.

Check out their outfits below, and the reactions (they also have plenty of supporters) on the flip.

Photo: MTV

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Judge Joe Brown — I’m a TV Kingpin Again … In Jail, Anyway

Judge Joe Brown’s jail sentence is less punishment and more super awesome vacation — total privacy, fancy amenities, and he even gets full control of the television.   Law enforcement in Shelby County, TN tell us Judge Joe will be kept away from…


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Stonewall Whitewashes Trans History. Why I’m Seeing It Anyway.

“Seneca Falls … Selma … Stonewall.” I gasped, and the other college students in our subterranean computer lab frowned at me. I shrugged by way of apology, and they slipped back into their somnolent attempts at studying.

Winter holidays had ended, and the new semester had many of us struggling to let go the comfort that Christmas and a new year had brought. However, one word had banished the lazy weakness from my muscles. One word had pushed me to the edge of my seat, staring deeper into a computer screen — so close I could discern the pixels — as the world’s most powerful man took his vows of service to my country.

Stonewall. I could hardly believe I had heard the word cross President Barack Obama’s lips when he spoke at his second inauguration. The one word, punctuating that powerfully alliterative phrase, gave me the sensation of hearing somewhere far off glass shattering — as if some transparent yet so far unyielding barrier had finally given way to a single point of pressure. Finally, I felt, the gay rights struggle had been openly acknowledged along with the journeys for gender and racial equality in this country–the same civil rights journeys that had now delivered, for the second time, a black man to the nation’s highest office.

Strange now that some short two years later, that word should so easily fracture our community as we reach an unimagined level of recognition — certainly unimaginable to those men and women who marched Christopher Street decades ago declaring this the age of “gay liberation.”

Based on the trailer, the film Stonewall will certainly be guilty of many of the accusations leveled against the historical drama. While I connect deeply with New York newcomer Danny — who literally and figuratively isn’t in Kansas anymore — and his arc from closeted child of the American heartland to urbanized radical, I do so only through the thread of my own white cis male privilege. Stonewall as a turning point belongs to all queer people, but none of us can or should deny the role our transgender sisters of color played in sparking the revolution whose eventual spoils we almost greedily enjoy today.

The trailer for this groundbreaking film appears to do what the gay rights movement has been doing since the 1990s — quietly concealing the importance and needs of transgender people behind the mask of the white male to normalize us to mainstream America. A pragmatic tactic — some might say a “necessary evil” — but unfortunately, even in 2015, one we must still tolerate.

A boycott is no answer. First, this is Hollywood we are talking about. Roland Emmerich is the same man who directed that homeland love fest that was Mel Gibson’s The Patriot — so an expectation of true historical accuracy is plainly naive. More importantly, I ask myself — who is this movie for? Is it really for those of us with queer identities or, like any other Hollywood project, is it targeting the mainstream? I am inclined to believe the latter, and I believe that we should support the movie despite its glaring historical inaccuracies for, once again, the sake of courting the “average American.”

I wrote recently about how the film Brokeback Mountain changed my relationship with my straight, conservative father. As much as he has changed, I can hardly imagine a conversation where I could explain the true importance of Stonewall to him. Too many barriers still stand — of generation, of language, of belief and conviction. He, like so many family members across the country no matter the skin color, cannot be expected to feel the poignancy of Stonewall without the pillowy reductionism that Hollywood brings to most nuanced and powerful historical moments.

The challenge of accessing queer history is hard enough for potential allies. We should not compound it by splintering ourselves over such an important turning point in our legacy just because we have realized — years after the fact — that the media representation so key to our recent victories has also coldly concealed our failures as a community.

Take the higher road. Instead of boycotting the movie — of declaring it #notmystonewall — bring a family member or friend who has started to open up to you, but does not yet know the legacy of which you are a part. Make the moment, not ourselves, the point of the conversation. Ease a loved one through the film, then seize the chance to build off the story with the facts of the summer of ’69. Hollywood has delivered us an incomplete story, but we have the chance to fill in the blanks. Let’s not waste it.

Two years ago when I heard Obama say Stonewall to millions watching, I was rocked by the moment. But for most others, those who voted for and against him, it was just another word — a carefully timed rhetorical device, used and discarded. Stonewall is more than a talking point, more than a Hollywood drama — but the path to Christopher Street is no easy one to follow. I say we should take advantage of every opportunity to convey the significance of our movement, no matter how contrived or misleading, and be responsible arbiters of the story after the screen fades to black.

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Gina Rodriguez Has An Affair To Remember On ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’

If you’re going to sweep Gina Rodriguez off her feet, you’re going to need a hand — or two.

The “Jane the Virgin” star was the celebrity guest on Monday’s episode of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?,” playing alongside the show’s improv veterans Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie and Jeff Davis. But things got particularly out of hand when Stiles, Rodriguez and Mochrie’s hands were placed in a luxury hotel for a romantic rendezvous.

In the skit titled “Helping Hands,” Stiles popped some bubbly and fed threw the actress handfuls of grapes as she tried to keep up with the antics.

Earlier in the episode, the 31-year-old star challenged Brady and Davis to sing about her character Jane, reimagining her not as a virgin but as an organic corn farmer. The skit even inspired the actress to do a little bit of freestyle rapping.

Watch the “Helping Hands” segment above and check out the full episode on The CW.


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This Is Not How You Play Frisbee, But We Love It Anyway

Who are we to judge?

Two Bosnian men were clearly showing off for the ladies when they displayed their sick frisbee skills. The video, uploaded to LiveLeak, shows our heroes flickin’ the disk around. They just happen to be doing it the completely wrong way.

They’ll get the hang of it eventually.

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David Lee Roth injures nose, rocks out anyway during concert

Rock group blasts out hits including “Panama,” “Dance the Night Away” and “Hot for Teacher” during performance on Hollywood Boulevard
News, reviews, interviews and more for top artists and albums – MSN Music
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Changing Lanes: What Does ‘Sexual Health’ Mean, Anyway?

We’ve seen a lot of changes in the sex retail trade in the last few years. More women have become regular customers, more companies are embracing sex education as part of their branding, there’s increased awareness of the importance of quality design and materials, and there’s wider discussion of the value of sexual pleasure for older people and folks with disabilities. | Feature Articles

Love Me Anyway – JL Redington

JL Redington - Love Me Anyway  artwork

Love Me Anyway

JL Redington

Genre: Suspense

Publish Date: December 2, 2013

Publisher: JL Redington

Seller: Gossamer Publishing, LLC

There is a serial killer loose in America’s National Parks. Greyson Beauchene, Head Ranger of Alaska’s Denali National Park is certain he will never have to deal with that because his park is too ‘out of the way.’ However, Ranger Beauchene soon finds out he is dead wrong.  Greyson and his two assistants are flown by helicopter into a remote section of the park where hikers have found a casket, one of the biggest indicators the serial killer has found Denali. Greyson’s team is joined by one incredibly irritating and extremely demanding FBI Profiler and her two Agents. Very good at what she does, Aspen O’Connell sets out to take control of the crime scene and everyone involved in it, and Greyson is having none of it.  Greyson, Aspen and their teams must work together to find this killer before he kills again. Events move quickly as the group pieces together clues from the crime scene and a profile is established.  As they work through abduction attempts and visible threats, Greyson and Aspen struggle to put their growing feelings for each other in a place that will keep them focused on finding an evil, evil man and bringing justice to innocent victims.

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What Exactly Is a “Healthy” Sex Life Anyway?

How often we have sex is a hot topic among my friends. Who's having it more often—and is it hot enough to break a thermometer, or just barely lukewarm? More often than not, the conversation…

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Headbanging Causes Brain Bleed Incident, But Doctors Say Rock On Anyway

Bang your heads, metal fans — just be aware that there’s a very small risk that it could lead to one of the most hardcore rock injuries of all time: bleeding in the brain.

In a case study published in The Lancet, a 50-year-old German man reported a headache that wouldn’t go away for two weeks. A scan revealed a chronic subdural hematoma, aka bleeding in the brain.

The cause? The man had been banging his head at a Motörhead concert.

Doctors had to drill a hole into the man’s skull, remove a clot and then drain the brain for six days. He recovered completely, and now almost certainly has the ultimate bragging rights at any metalhead gathering.

Despite the incident, experts say headbangers shouldn’t worry too much about brain bleeds.

There are probably other higher risk events going on at rock concerts than headbanging,” Dr. Colin Shieff, a neurosurgeon and trustee of the British brain injury advocacy group Headway told the Associated Press. “Most people who go to music festivals and jump up and down while shaking their heads don’t end up in the hands of a neurosurgeon.”

The study’s authors agree.

We are not smartasses who advise against headbanging,” lead author Dr. Ariyan Pirayesh Islamian of the Hannover Medical School in Germany told the CBC.

“Our purpose was not only to entertain the readership with a quite comical case report on complications of headbanging that confirms the reputation of Motörhead as undoubtedly one of the hardest rock ‘n’ roll bands on Earth, but to sensitize the medical world for a certain subgroup of fans that may be endangered when indulging themselves in excessive headbanging,” he said.

Yes, that’s right. Science officially confirms that Motörhead is “one of the hardest rock ‘n’ roll bands on Earth.”

Not bad when you consider that Motörhead singer-bassist Lemmy Kilmister is 68 years old and rocking with a defibrillator.
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11 Times This Season Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Wasn’t Supposed To Turn You On (But Did Anyway)

“Game of Thrones” is one of the raciest shows on television, but the sexy undertones in these eleven moments were probably not what producers intended.