New Security Tactics Employed for L.A. Pride to Thwart Terrorist Attacks

L.A. Pride Festival goers will be thinking love and inclusivity, but cops will be focused on shutting down terrorism by rolling out some new tactics for this weekend’s events.  Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … the L.A. County Sheriff’s…


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Mars Attacks: interactive version of Jeff Wayne’s War of The Worlds opens in London

Participants witness the invasion on Horsell Common in Surrey, south of London, experience the march of the fighting machines to the capital, and flee the invasion on the River Thames, in scenes that intersperse virtual reality with live-action characters from the novel. Rough cut (no reporter narration).

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Jaguar attacks woman taking selfie at zoo

Fire officials say a woman who crossed over a barrier at an Arizona zoo while trying to take a selfie was attacked by a jaguar.

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Floyd Mayweather Doubles Down on Gucci Despite Celebrity Attacks

[[tmz:video id=”1_f7v133sw”]] Floyd Mayweather will STILL not give up his Gucci — in fact, he rocked one of his expensive Gucci jackets on his jet Thursday night … despite being trashed by stars like 50 Cent and T.I. The attacks on Mayweather have…


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R. Kelly Riddled with Panic Attacks Before and After Lifetime’s ‘Surviving’

R. Kelly is feeling the heat in the wake of Lifetime’s docuseries, because while law enforcement hasn’t nailed him yet, he’s been suffering panic attacks severe enough to require medical attention. Sources connected to the embattled singer tell us…


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Danielle Bregoli Attacks Iggy Azalea with a Drink, Caught on Video

[[tmz:video id=”0_vf08jq55″]] Bhad Bhabie’s got fresh beef on her hands after going off on Iggy Azalea at a Hollywood Party, savagely attacking her … with a full drink! Yeah, she hasn’t come that far from her Dr. Phil days. We got video of Bhabie (nee…


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Mars Attacks! – Unknown

Unknown - Mars Attacks!  artwork

Mars Attacks!


Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Price: $ 7.99

Rental Price: $ 3.99

Release Date: February 27, 1997

Academy Award and Golden Globe-winner Jack Nicholson ("Something's Gotta Give") — in a dual role — heads an all-star cast in Academy Award- nominee Tim Burton's ("Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," "Tim Burton's Corpse Bride") black comedy about the planet-wide pandemonium that ensues when "little green men" from Mars come to gleefully terrorize Earth. Several people from across America, including the President of the United States, try to defend themselves against the alien invasion. Also starring Academy Award-nominee, Emmy and Golden Globe-winner Glenn Close ("The Stepford Wives," "Fatal Attraction"), Golden Globe-nominee Pierce Brosnan ("The Matador," the "James Bond" series), Academy Award- nominee and Golden Globe-winner Annette Bening ("Being Julia," "American Beauty"), Emmy and Golden Globe-winner Sarah Jessica Parker ("The Family Stone," TV's "Sex and the City"), Emmy-winner Martin Short (TV's "Primetime Glick," "Three Amigos!"), Emmy and Golden Globe-winner Michael J. Fox

© © 1996 Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. Based on The Copyrighted Property of the Topps Company Inc. All rights reserved.

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Emma Stone Opens Up About Her Lifelong Struggle With Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Emma StoneEmma Stone is pulling back the curtain on her lifelong struggle with anxiety.
During an interview with Dr. Harold S. Koplewicz for the Child Mind Institute, Stone discussed having her…

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Drake, Odell Beckham Jr. Watch as Kourtney’s Ex Younes Bendjima Brutally Attacks Man

[[tmz:video id=”0_1roprwjr”]] Drake and Odell Beckham, Jr. watched as Kourtney’s ex, Younes Bendjima, viciously beat a man outside a West Hollywood nightclub … and TMZ has the video. It went down March 24 at Delilah nightclub at 2:15 AM. Drake,…


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Rapper Zay Hilfigerrr Allegedly Attacks Roommate, Cops Called

“Juju on That Beat” rapper Zay Hilfigerrr’s being accused of beating up his roommate, and cops were called after the latest alleged attack … TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources tell us … cops responded to a 911 call from Zay’s home in North…


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How To Battle Trolling Ad Hominem Attacks Online

An internet troll’s favorite way to argue? Ad hominem, of course! This is your guide to spotting bad arguments on the internet and how to fight them.
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LaVar Ball All Smiles at Lakers Game Before Trump Attacks

Does this look like a man under attack by the President Of the United States?!  LaVar Ball was all smiles at the Staples Center on Tuesday — cheesin’ it up with his wife at the Lakers game … hours before Donald Trump dissed him on Twitter…


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Paris Attacks: Explosions, Gunfire as Police Raid Apartment, 2 Suspects Dead

A senior police official said he believed Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a Belgian Islamic State militant and alleged mastermind behind the 11/13 attacks, was inside the apartment in a Paris suburb along with 5 other heavily armed people.

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Wizard Attacks Wizard – The Trump Persuasion Series

If I told you that throughout American history some candidates for president “looked up” and another group “looked down,” would you be able to make a list of people in each group without a definition of those terms? 

Obviously President Kennedy looked up, literally to the moon, and all it represented. Reagan looked up to a shining city on a hill. Bush Senior looked up to a million points of light. 

Other candidates were arguably “looking up” in the sense that their messages were about something good ahead. Clinton wanted to build a “bridge to the future.” Obama was all about hope and change. And now Trump is about making America “great again.” All of that feels more up than down.

Now make a list of candidates that looked “down.” And by that I mean they were more about the details, and looking down to the actual work that needed to be done on the ground. Carter comes to mind, as does Bernie Sanders. If Gore had been elected president, I think he would have been looking down at the wiring, not up at the sky.

This up or down sense we share about the candidates is important because the up candidates generally win. And when a Carter or Nixon slips through the cracks, we wish we had picked more of an upper.

My point is that the “up” candidate has a huge advantage. And in the past our “outsider” candidates were more about complaining down than looking up.

John Anderson = down (budget talk)

Ross Perot = down (budget talk)

Jesse Jackson = down (race relations)

Trump is the first up-looking outsider I can think of.

That’s why an article about President Obama criticizing Trump’s slogan caught my eye. This was direct wizard-on-wizard fighting that one rarely sees, and I’m not sure everyone caught it.

Keep in mind that Obama has said he is staying out of the conversation during primary season, as sitting presidents do. But he still wants Trump to lose. You know that.

And today he signaled (according to the Master Wizard Filter) that Joe Biden is waiting on the sidelines and Obama plans to back him. But he did all of that in the context of talking about his administration’s success with the economy and healthcare, a halo that extends to Biden.

But what caught my eye was Obama picking up on Trump’s use of “again” in his “Make America Great, Again” slogan. Obama cleverly turned “again” into a a statement of "gloom and doom,” pointing out that America is great already. That was a strong wizard move, to use Trump’s own words against him to turn optimism into pessimism.

Notice that the wizards change who you ARE, as opposed to criticizing what you DO. Obama turned Trump from an optimist into a pessimist with a sentence or two. Brilliant.

But by debate time last night, Trump had already adjusted, and emphasized that he would make America greater. I think what we saw, according to the Master Wizard filter, was a tap on the shoulder from Obama to tell Trump the big wizard is only sitting on the sidelines as long as he needs to.

Update: This is a bigger deal than you think. All the Republican candidates, and much of the press, have been chipping away at Trump and trying to get him to backpedal, change, adjust, or apologize for anything. Trump never blinked. But with a few well-engineered sentences, uttered once, President Obama – one of the all-time great wizards of persuasion – made Trump reword his campaign slogan.

Yeah, that happened. Did you even notice?

People keep asking what kind of kill shot would take out Trump. My guess is that only Obama has the linguistic firepower to do it, and he is handcuffed at the moment because of primary season. Things will get interesting when Obama starts influencing from the sidelines. Then it’s a fair fight.

I predicted that Trump would soften his immigration plan over time. At the second debate, he talked about letting the non-criminal resident illegals back into the country according to some vague process. That is the start of the softening. Soon the “good ones” won’t have to physically leave, but might have to register and prove their value to the country in some fashion. That will be the next level of softening. Trump just can’t call it amnesty.

And I heard every candidate agree with the wall idea, including one call to use drones as part of the solution.

Funniest comment I saw from a civilian after the debates was that half of the male candidates on stage appeared to have low testosterone. That was my exact observation while watching. Without judging, my objective observation is that several candidates have an effeminate speaking style. I doubt that is a winning formula for a Republican.

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Report Attacks African Nations’ Justifications For Anti-Gay Laws

In response to the increasing criminalization of homosexuality throughout Africa in recent years, an international team of researchers released a scientific report countering every government justification for enacting anti-gay laws.

A group of scientists shredded every argument used by African governments to justify the recent glut of anti-gay laws across the continent in a new, scathing report.

The report published Wednesday by the Academy of Science of South Africa excoriated leaders for unscientific claims that homosexuality is contagious, unnatural, learned or a medical condition.

“As variation in sexual identities and orientations has always been part of a normal society, there can be no justification for attempts to ‘eliminate’ LGBTI from society,” the report authored by 11 South Africans, one Ugandan and one American said. “Efforts should rather be focused on countering the belief systems that create hostile and even violent environments for those who are ‘othered’ within ‘heteronormative’ societies.”

Anti-gay laws are on the books in 38 of 53 African countries, the report said, including four of seven countries worldwide where same-sex activity is punishable by death.

Homophobic sentiments intensified in Africa in recent years, the journal Nature reported, with Uganda, Gambia and Nigeria introducing anti-gay legislation last year.

The reports findings are already accepted globally in the scientific community as fact. But the authors’ argued the reports must come from Africa to root out illegitimate ideas like sexual orientation being a choice or that homosexuality is a contagious disease while extolling public health benefits of tolerance.

“It had to be Africa-led,” Glenda Gray, co-chair of the report panel, told Nature. “If it were American-led, African governments would say that it was Western propaganda.”

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Ronda Rousey Attacks Stephanie McMahon, The Bella Twins Battle for Victory and More WrestleMania Highlights

Nikki Bella, Brie BellaReady, set, wrestle!

For those of you not watching the most talented musicians perform at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, chances are you were all about WrestleMania 31. After all,…

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Boko Haram Attacks Another Nigerian City, 200 Killed

Boko Haram attacked another Nigerian city this past weekend, killing hundreds. The terrorist group defeated military soldiers, killing insurgents and civilians, and burning down houses in the city of Maiduguri Sunday (Jan. 26)

Reports AP:

At the same time the insurgents continued scorched-earth attacks on villages some 200 kilometers (125 miles) to the south in Adamawa state, slitting throats of residents, looting and burning homes and abducting dozens of trapped women and children, according to Vandu Kainu and other escaping survivors.

Adamawa state legislator Adamu Kamale appealed for troops to protect civilians in Michika, where six villages are under attack. “The attacks have continued since Friday with no presence of security operatives,” he complained.

The multiple attacks come as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry visited Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital nearly 1,000 miles (more than 1,500 kilometers) southwest of Maiduguri, to encourage peaceful elections on Feb. 14 in Africa’s most populous country.

“This will be the largest democratic election on the continent,” Kerry said. “Given the stakes, it’s absolutely critical that these elections be conducted peacefully — that they are credible, transparent and accountable.”

Kerry met with President Goodluck Jonathan and his chief rival candidate, former military dictator Muhammadu Buhari. Kerry told reporters afterward that he won pledges from both to refrain from violence.

He also issued a warning: Anyone responsible for inciting post-election mayhem will be barred entry to the United States, where millions of Nigerians live.

Kerry promised more U.S. support in the fight against Boko Haram if the elections take place peacefully and democratically.

Nigerian soldiers continue to be overpowered by the militant group, fueling rumors that military members are working for Boko Haram. In 2012, President Goodluck Jonathan admitted Boko Haram had infiltrated the Nigerian government.

Photo: YouTube

The post Boko Haram Attacks Another Nigerian City, 200 Killed appeared first on Hip-Hop Wired.

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Bill Maher Slams Islam Again In Wake Of Charlie Hebdo Attacks

On the Season 13 premiere of “Real Time with Bill Maher” on Friday night, the host continued to slam Islam following his comments earlier in the week on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Maher spoke out against “hundreds of millions” of Muslims on Wednesday night on “Kimmel” for supposedly supporting the Jan. 7 terrorist attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which resulted in the death of 12 people.

Maher revisited the topic on his own show on Friday in a discussion with bestselling author Salman Rushdie, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina and CNN commentator Paul Begala. “We tend to forget how often it happens, and we’re Americans so we don’t want to single out people,” Maher said before listing terrorist attacks that have occurred across the globe since 9/11. “What we’ve said all along, and have been called bigots for it, is when there’s this many bad apples, there’s something wrong with the orchard.”

Maher then referenced the heated debate between Ben Affleck, author Sam Harris and himself back in October. During the discussion, Harris said that the religion is a “mother lode of bad ideas.” “But it is,” Maher agreed on Friday night. “And, unfortunately, the terrorists and the mainstream share a lot of these bad ideas.”

Watch the full clip above.
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Roger Waters Attacks ‘Institutionalised Brutality’ Of Guantanamo Bay

Pink Floyd‘s Roger Waters has spoken out against the torture methods used by the U.S. government at Guantanamo Bay. In an op-ed for the Daily Mail, Waters focused on the detention of a Londoner named Shaker Aamer, who was seized by the U.S. while working in Afghanistan. “During Mr Aamer’s long spell of incarceration, he has never been put on trial,” he said.
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Sony Hack: George Clooney Attacks Media, Defends Studio

Clooney and his agent circulated a petition around Hollywood to show support for embattled Sony Pictures, but no one would sign it out of fear

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Nikki Sixx attacks KISS star over depression remarks

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