5 Religious Movies (That Make Religion Look Crazy And Awful)

By Spencer Thew,Adam Koski,Jordan Breeding  Published: July 09th, 2018 

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Everything Is Awful: And Other Observations (Unabridged) – Matt Bellassai

Matt Bellassai - Everything Is Awful: And Other Observations (Unabridged)  artwork

Everything Is Awful: And Other Observations (Unabridged)

Matt Bellassai

Genre: Comedy

Price: $ 25.95

Publish Date: October 24, 2017

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Mockumentary Trailer Shows The Guys Responsible For Every Awful Health Food Craze

You’d eat dirt if they promoted and packaged it well enough.
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Have Something Awful To Say? Scream Into The Void With John Oliver

An upcoming app called Peeple will allegedly allow users to rate everyone they know — sort of like a Yelp for reviewing human beings. Its founders say they want to “spread love and positivity.”

That claim has “Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver wondering if they’ve ever been on the Internet.  

“The Internet is a faucet that dispenses hate, racism and the occasional sad orgasm,” Oliver said on Sunday night’s show.

“The Internet essentially exists so people can say vicious things about each other,” Oliver said. “We don’t need another app to facilitate that. What we need is something which helps stop people from getting hurt.”

So Oliver and his team launched a website called Scream Into The Void, which allows people to write hateful things without consequences. 

“You simply type whatever awful thing you’re thinking, hit the button at the bottom of the page and the message will be deleted forever,” Oliver said. “It’s brilliant.” 

Unlike the Peeple app, which may be a hoax, the Void is here now… and it’s waiting for your screams. If you’ve got some awful thoughts to share, you can Scream Into The Void right here.



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Aldon Smith — God Awful Parking Triggered Arrest (VIDEO)

Aldon Smith wouldn’t have spent a night in jail or gotten kicked off the 49ers, if he’d simply been able to park his car. Santa Clara PD say the now ex-Niner smashed into a parked car on Thursday evening … while attempting…


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Online Retailer Advertises Plus-Size Leggings In A Truly Awful Way

No, no, no, no, no.

Shopping is a daunting experience. Shopping for plus-size clothing can be even more so. When a retailer screws up and say, unfortunately mislabels a product, it’s downright exhausting.

Herry He’s Store, a China-based retailer sold on Aliexpress.com, is the most recent offender. Instead of making what might have been the obvious choice (using a model that actually fits into the leggings), instead, the store had a thin woman squeeze both her legs into one pant leg. Yes, really. 


As Mic writer Michelle Garcia pointed out, it’s not as if the brand didn’t have access to a larger model. Additional photos show the pants displayed on a person that appears to wear one leg on each side. “It wasn’t enough to just show this larger model wearing these pants?” she asked. 

 The photos not only misrepresent what the product would actually look like on someone if they purchased them, but they are a pretty lousy sales tactic, too. We’re not sure who would jump on the opportunity to buy a pair of leggings that is basically saying: check out this skinny woman who could wear one half of your pants on both legs! 

The Huffington Post reached out to Herry He’s Store for comment and did not hear back by the time of publication.

H/T Mic

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Dancing With the Stars’ Emma Slater on Being Val’s Wingwoman, That “Awful” First Week Elimination, and More

You won't find a more beloved member of the Dancing With the Stars family than Emma Slater, the 26-year-old dancer-choreographer from Staffordshire, England. Thanks to her loving demeanor and spunky personality, she's also one of…

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News in Brief: Area Man Just In Bad Mood Because He’s Tired And An Awful Human Being

LUBBOCK, TX—Offering up an apology moments after snapping at a coworker Tuesday, local claims adjuster Ryan Tuttle reportedly explained to his colleague that he’s just in a bad mood because he didn’t get enough sleep the night before and he’s a generally terrible human being. “I didn’t mean to get so frustrated with you in that meeting—to be honest, I’m just really drowsy and innately insufferable,” said Tuttle to his slighted coworker, adding that he tends to lash out when he hasn’t slept well or even briefly considered the feelings of those around him. “Look, you know I wouldn’t have yelled at you if I had been endowed with the slightest bit of empathy and got a full night of sleep. We’ve all been there, right? Sometimes exhaustion and being a fundamentally despicable individual at heart just brings out the …

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“We were awful” – Pink Floyd’s Waters on band’s early days

Pink Floyd’s founder members Roger Waters and Nick Mason unveil a special plaque at London’s Westminster University, formerly known as Regent Street Polytechnic, where they first met and formed the band. Rough Cut (no reporter narration)

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Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters on band’s start: ‘We were awful’

Pink Floyd founding members Roger Waters and Nick Mason joked while unveiling a memorial plaque on Thursday that they were so bad at first that they wouldn't have passed an audition on a talent show.
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Awful Records Presents Micah Freeman’s New EP “The Red”

Awful Records‘ Baltimore-born, Atlanta-based singer, emcee, and producer, Micah Freeman presents The Red EP.

After Freeman’s release of the title track, The Red and it’s accompanying video, which features Awful’s founder, Fatherthe DIY indie label trolled the internet on 4/20 and released a compilation albums’ worth of music from nearly every artist on the roster. At the top of the playlist is Freeman’s joint, Movement, which features Awful’s resident songstress, ABRA.

“The origin of the phrase, “paint the town red” is a little elusive, but it’s usually used to describe going out in the city, getting intoxicated, and engaging in various debaucherous activities. My label mates have coined it, ‘the fuck shit’. I wrote The Red Extended Play to make sense of a wild and turbulent time in my life. I wanted to discuss dysfunctional relationships, battles with myself, partying, and always being late to those parties… Oh, and talk a little shit, of course.”

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Mo Pitney on the Success of ‘Country’: ‘God Has Been Awful Kind’

The past few months have been quite memorable for Mo Pitney, who is watching as his debut single, “Country,” gets more and more radio action –…
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The Awful Truth Behind Sexual Harassment Of Women Gamers

Speaking on a panel at indie game convention PAX East in 2012, Jenny Haniver recalled what happened one time when she tried to tell a male gamer about a nearby adversary. “Shut up, bitch,” he said over and over again.

Haniver runs Not in the Kitchen Anymore, “a website which documents and examines her experiences as a female gamer through a collection of transcribed audio clips recorded while she games online.” Like many other women, she’s frequently harassed by male gamers because of her gender and has been for years.

That’s the arena Shannon Sun-Higginson steps into with “GTFO,” which is set to debut at this year’s South By Southwest Film Festival. Put into development long before Gamergate brought the issue of misogyny in gaming into the national conversation, the film details the casual abuse perpetrated by, in Sun-Higginson’s words, a “vocal minority” of predominantly white male gamers who are fearful of losing their place within the industry.

“Gamergate is just one example of something that’s just a much bigger and, unfortunately, common and systemic problem,” Sun-Higginson said in an interview with The Huffington Post. “I think a lot of outsiders saw Gamergate as this weird, crazy thing that happened. But for people who are experiencing it daily, it doesn’t seem like a fluke incident.”

An example of the harassment as captured in “GTFO.”

Using some funds raised on Kickstarter and her own camera, Sun-Higginson was inspired to make “GTFO” after watching a 2012 video of gamer Miranda Pakozdi taking abuse from Aris Bakhtanians during a Capcom sponsored reality show.

“You can see it getting progressively worse and worse,” Sun-Higginson said of the video. “I’m not a gamer, so when he sent that to me I was just shocked — like a lot of people would be. I wanted other people like me, who are not gamers, to know that this is happening.”

For those non-gamers, or those who haven’t followed Gamergate, much of the abuse shown in “GTFO” — including threats of rape and death — is appalling. It’s a world many don’t know exists, which is why Sun-Higginson’s film, one of a few that will tackle the issue in the coming year, is so important.

“I hope ‘GTFO’ is the start of that conversation,” Sun-Higginson said. “I just hope some gamers who watch this movie can come away and say that maybe the next time they see this happen, they’ll stand up for someone else. I’ll tell my friend I won’t play with them he if yells hate speech at everyone who sounds different from him on xBox Live. Other than wanting non-gamers to see this problem exists, I think another really important goal for me is to have people thinking about this in a deeper way. Rather than just looking at it like a freak show.”

More on “GTFO” can be found at the film’s website. This year’s South By Southwest Film Festival runs from March 13-21.
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