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<p>With September around the corner, it's time to go back to school. We list some of the best songs written about school, teachers, friends and learning.</p>
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The Essential Back-to-School Guide on a Budget: The Best Boots, Bags, and More Under $150

Andreea Diaconu

You don’t just look smart, you are smart: book smart, street smart, and fashion smart too. And you know the basics of back-to-school style as well as you know your ABCs. A luxe tee to layer under a cozy knit, boots, carryall, never-want-to-take-them-off jeans, a chill-stopping, head-turning topper, and, of course, a shoe for every occasion.

Without them your wardrobe would be like a book that was missing chapters. And given the wellspring of compelling new trends in the Fall collections, there are many stylish tales to tell. Feeling like a grunge goddess? Pair Madewell’s inkcheck plaid sweater with some Dr. Martens. Channeling Ali MacGraw? Cole Haan’s spruce green penny loafers will keep you right in step with classic collegiate style.

Think of this handy guide as the CliffsNotes to the best back-to-school basics—all $ 150 and under—and use the time you’ve saved to finish your Mensa application.






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LL Cool J, Fabolous, Erick Sermon, Migos & More To Take Part In WSHH’s Back-To-School Giveaway

(AllHipHop News) WorldStarHipHop Foundation’s 3rd annual “Back-To-School Backpack Giveaway” will have several big names on hand. New York City emcees LL Cool J and Fabulous are set to host the event with Erick Sermon and Migos scheduled to be part of the guest lineup as well.

Children will receive a backpack filled with school supplies. Other prizes include New York Mets tickets, iPads, eReaders, gift cards, and a gift basket with additional school supplies. Teenage rapper Jayla Marie will be performing.

The WSHH “Back-To-School Backpack Giveaway” is scheduled for Sunday, August 30 at The Jamaica Colosseum in Queens, New York.

Watch Jayla Marie’s video for “If I Ruled The World” below.

PHOTO: LL Cool J’s Instagram

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Back-to-School Style: Fall’s Coolest Coats

Androgynous chic has been a trend in women’s ready-to-wear and has trickled down to contemporary and fast fashion. For fall’s best back-to-school outerwear, think sporty bomber jackets and coats in roomy, oversize cuts — all with a youthful appeal.

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Back-to-School Style: Fall’s Best Men’s Accessories

Backpacks, sneakers and caps are “school supplies” that make back-to-the-classroom shopping fun. This fall season offers an array of appealing men’s accessories available in everything from bright colors to bold prints and textures.

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10 Smart Back-To-School Tips For Divorced Parents

Back-to-school season is stressful for all parents but it’s a little more complicated when you’re divorced: Who’s doing the annual trek to Target to load up on school supplies — and more importantly, who’s paying? Are both of you listed on important school forms? 

 To make heading back to school a little less overwhelming for you and the kiddos, we asked HuffPost Divorce bloggers and readers on Facebook to share their tried-and-true advice. Here’s what they had to say:

1. Split the cost of back-to-school supplies. 

Between backpacks, calculators, school uniforms and that extra big box of Crayola crayons, your kids’ back-to-school supplies can end up costing a small fortune. To lessen the individual burden among parents, Lynsey Mattingly and her ex divvy up purchasing responsibilities.

“My ex and I always separate who’s buying what, with him buying the backpacks, lunch boxes and water bottles while I usually get the entire supply list the teachers send home,” she told us. “It comes out to about the same price and this way we are both playing to our strengths: he gets a few quality items that he’s better at picking out and I get the specific, detailed things.”

2. Create a shared Google calendar to keep everyone in the loop. 

Each school year, Elizabeth Denham dutifully updates the families’ shared Google calendar with the kids’ upcoming school events. This way, no one misses back-to-school night or a holiday performance. 

“For all of the really important events, I send invites through the calendar as soon as I enter the date so that I don’t have to remember to do it by phone,” she said. 

3. Drop the kids off together on the first day of school. 

The first day of school can be a scary, overwhelming experience for even the most confident kiddo. If at all possible, try to free up your schedules so both of you can drop the kids off and show your support, said Leah Porritt. 

“On the first morning of school this year, we met before and walked our son to school together,” she said. “He had both of us there to send him off to first grade and I think that meant a lot to him — even if the normal school year mornings are a mixture of mom, dad, stepparents or before-and-after care. For his sake, we put differences aside and make an effort to both be present together.”  

4. And if your ex can’t be there for day one, text a pic. 

If your ex is unable to make it that first day, be generous and send him or her a pic. (You have at least 20 on your camera roll — why not share the love?) 

“Texting a pic is an act of goodwill and will be greatly appreciated,” said blogger Valerie DeLoach. “And you never know — one kind act could change the whole dynamic of your current relationship.”  

5. Let your kids’ teachers know who’s who in your blended family. 

Your family tree likely got a lot more complicated post-divorce, especially if you or your ex remarried. Early on in the school year, fill your kids’ teachers in on who’s who in your family; that way, there’s no confusion when your child’s stepdad picks her up. 

“I do it because it can be confusing for teachers to hear my son talk about his parents, stepparents and numerous siblings on either side,”said Porritt. “He’s old enough now to explain who is who, but it makes it more comfortable for him if his teacher already understands his extended and blended family situation and doesn’t need to question him!”

Another bonus of touching base with your kids’ teacher? Backpacks that are a little less heavy, said reader Carmen Poff. 

“When my ex and I tell the teachers our kids have two homes, most will send home a second set of text books so they won’t have to haul them back and forth,” she said. 

6. Attend parent-teacher conferences together. 

Heading to parent-teacher conferences as a team — like writer Carolyn Flower does every year with her kids’ dad — sends a strong message to your children and their teachers: Regardless of what happened in the past, today we’re partners who have the kids’ best interests at heart. 

“As a collaboratively divorced family, we’ve never missed a parent-teacher meeting,” Flower said. “We feel that demonstrating we are still a team shows the children and the school they are loved and supported in all they do. It plants healthy seeds for successful mindsets.” 

7. If your ex lives out of state, have him or her call into the meeting. 

Don’t let distance interfere with both parents taking a proactive, involved role, said Honorée Corder. 

“Because my ex lives in another state, when it’s time for parent-teacher conferences, we schedule a time that works for both of us so he can be conferenced in,” she said. 

8. Set times when you and your ex can debrief on your kids’ progress at school. 

To ensure that no book report or soccer meet falls through the cracks, Kasey Ferris and her ex have have scheduled communication days where they discuss and update each other on their son’s life. 

“Every Sunday and Wednesday there’s an email exchange where we discuss the week, any tests coming up and updates on projects that need to be completed,” she said. “Anything crucial or time-sensitive is handled via text, but everything else goes into a Sunday/Wednesday email. It’s created a lot of peace between us.” 

9. Don’t leave your ex’s side out of the family tree.

Regardless of how you feel about your ex, your kids still need him or her in their lives. When there’s a family tree assignment — or a photo project that calls on family photos — rise above any bitterness and include your ex’s side of the family (yes, that includes new spouses). 

“If there is a project at school that asks for family photos I always make sure that the kids try to include pictures of their mom, their mom’s partner and kids as well as my own partner and kids,” said reader Barry Fraser. 

10. Create a group chat where you discuss your kids’ wins and progress. 

Start a group chat that includes the parents and the kids and send texts whenever your kids ace an assignment or need a little encouragement to bring that C grade up. It’s a little communication trick that has worked wonders for blogger Emma Bathie and her family. 

“The idea is to direct the reminders and notes to the kids but they’re there for both parents to see and comment on if needed,” she said. “It can also be a nice way for the parents to make positive/encouraging comments about each other in front of the kids (‘Hey Matt, I really appreciate you picking up the kids for me last night when I was stuck in a meeting and then traffic. It was really helpful!’) You’re also showing the kids you can be the grown-ups they need you to be.” 

Together, you’ve got this school year! 


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Back-to-School Style: Must-Have Sneakers

All the cool kids know it’s the accessories that make the outfit. From high-tops to low-tops, wedges to athletic, there’s a sneaker for every girl heading back to school this fall. The perfect complement to a T-shirt and jeans or a great dress, today’s must-have sneakers deliver all-day comfort without sacrificing style. Here are the ones that earned an A+.

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Back-to-School 2015 Style: The Best Men’s Jeans

Jeans are a timeless men’s staple and for back-to-school the key fit in denim is the slim cut. Details such as whiskering, ripped and repaired and dark indigo tones are some of the coolest treatments.

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Back-to-School for Kids of Divorce

Getting a new school year off to a good start, with both parents on the same page, can influence children’s attitude, confidence, and performance both socially and academically. The transition from summer to back-to-school can be difficult. It can be even more trying when it’s the first year back to school after a divorce. My kids are going back to school in a week with the added twist of now living at two different houses. Although my ex and I separated in January, we did not have a regular visitation schedule. We did alternate weekends and were flexible with weeknights on an intermittent basis, which in hindsight may have been hard for the children. Really, everything was hard for them, it was a matter of making things as easy as possible, letting them feel their feelings, talking about them, and reassuring them that it was going to get easier. And it has.

Mostly, they slept at my house during the week, but still went to baseball with their dad, Scouts with their dad, the occasional mid-week movie with him, or even a sleep-over here and there, with the goal being that not too much time would pass between visits. But it was not a routine, and I know from childhood experience that routine is comforting and necessary. And now, we will have one. I also know, it will be different from anything they’ve ever done. And it will be an adjustment.

During the summer, it was easier — no early wake ups, no homework, and no after school activities. The custody agreement was designed with their best interests in mind, and they spend a good deal of time with their dad, which is great. It’s good for him, for them, and for me. They had questions about the logistics and I let them fire away. I took out a calendar and marked the days so they’d see how it would work, I encouraged them to talk with their father. I let them know it might feel strange at first, that we would take it slow, and that they could talk to either of us, or their therapist if it felt uncomfortable, difficult, or stressful.

It would be a transition but we live five minutes away from each other. Forget something at one house and need it for the next day? We’ll go pick it up. Have a really busy week and need to stay at one house because you’re working on a project and all your stuff is there? No problem. Out sick one day and just need to be where you woke up, all day, and the next? That’s fine.

My boys are very different when it comes to being flexible, and comfortable with change. My older son prefers routine and my younger son is less structured. As I expected, my older son was more anxious about the agreement. But, because my ex and I have listened to their needs, and have been flexible as to visitation, such as the random evening when the boys had half days last school year and my one son would say “I want to go to dinner with dad” or “I want to do a night swim at dad’s.” And if homework was done, “OK, text him and ask, it’s OK with me.” I want them to spend as much time with their dad as they can. I see this working out for everyone. They want to see their dad, he wants to be in their lives, and I don’t want to be a 24/7 single mom. Win, win, win.

Even children who like school, as mine do, get overwhelmed by transition. And children who have so much change at home can simply shut down, as mine did. Last year, when my husband and I split up, I let my sons’ teachers and administrators know. They were having a tough time emotionally and I wanted my “village” on alert. We are fortunate, because we chose this neighborhood for the schools; to have remarkable teachers, school counselors, and administrators was a support beyond belief.

My youngest, who has ADHD, became physically unable to take his pills. He’d choke on them. We had to find another solution, which we did. He was unable to go to school at first for days on end. He was completely non-functional. And his absences were forgiven, although he had a significant amount of make-up work. The school helped with a plan. He’d come in early for homework club, stay late, have tutors to help, and he did that until he got caught up. But at first, he stayed home. My other son would miss assignments. His teachers and I were in daily email contact and they helped make sure he stayed on track. His ADD, normally well managed, simply could not process the stress in his personal life and handle the rigors of seventh grade. He needed help. And he got it. And by the end of the year, he was fine.

My boys and I moved over the summer. We love our little house. They are both doing well. We have settled in. This is yet another transition, starting school. They’ve been traveling, staying up late, sleeping in; it’s going to be a rough first few weeks. And add to that a schedule where some days they come home to my house, and others their dad’s. I know they are already anxious.

One’s way of dealing with it has been to ask me over and over, “OK, so tell me again, which days am I going to Dad’s?” And I tell him. I show him on the calendar. I will put a calendar on the fridge with the days color-coded and remind him in the morning, and his father will, too. The other’s anxiety is simply “It’s too confusing, I can’t do it.” And I let him feel that. “I know it feels really overwhelming. It will be a little strange at first, I’ll remind you, and we’re going to try it.” I may get him different-colored plastic bracelets to wear for mom days and dad days, or something. I’ll talk with him this week about it. He’s very routine-oriented, so once things become routine, then he’s fine. It’s the anticipatory anxiety that gets him. I get it, I’m the same way. So, I can let him feel it, and not minimize it. There’s nothing more demoralizing than having your anxieties dismissed. They’re real.

I believe my boys will do well because we have set up the best solution for an unfortunate situation. What would be worse would be living under the same roof still, unhappy, tense, and fighting. So, happy mom in her house, happy dad in his, and happy kids with two houses five minutes apart. That’s a transition we can work with. Just feel the feelings, talk about them, and know they will come up at times of transition and let them out, and then let them go, knowing they’ll come back again.

The best way to make your kids feel safe is to listen. Listen and let them feel. “There’s no reason to be worried,” will shut your child down. Tell them, “I can see you’re really worried. What are you worried about?” and you’ve opened lines of communication forever.

You can read more from this author at In Other Words. This article was originally published on The Good Men Project as Back-to-School Transitions for Children of Divorce

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Back-to-School Style: New York City vs. Los Angeles

We had a feeling that teenagers who live on opposite coasts might just rock a slightly different back-to-school style. So we talked to 14 high school students — seven in New York City and seven in Los Angeles — about their overall approach to fashion, where they shop and what they plan to wear when they return to the classroom in the coming weeks. And then we dressed them in an outfit of their choosing from a selection curated by our stylists on both coasts and photographed them on the streets of Williamsburg, N.Y., and West L.A.
A touch of downtown cool — and in some cases, a bit of preppy polish — and always casual. That was the consensus of the teens in the greater New York City area when asked to describe their respective styles at the Williamsburg photo shoot. Ranging in age from 15 to 18, they showed up in their own outfits — the boys in khakis and polos, the girls in a mix of skinny jeans or shorts with T-shirts and dresses — before being styled in b-t-s looks that suited their fashion preferences.
The students attend a mix of public, private and performing arts high schools.

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Back-to-school Style: 10 Great Dresses

A great dress is an easy back-to-school option — paired with sandals, sneakers or boots and a cross-body or hobo bag, it’s instantly, effortlessly chic. As the weather cools, layering with tights and a fitted denim jacket or a slouchy boyfriend sweater will give any of these styles months of staying power.

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Back-to-School Fashion Kids Dig

Calling all kindergarteners, grade schoolers and teens! While you’re squeezing the life out of summer, we parents are hunting for back-to-school looks we hope will express your style. I’ve handpicked these finds for everything from the first day to serious play, with the goal of helping you save every day on the clothes you love. Keep in mind that beyond any of these fun trends, you know you have a winner if once donned, your kiddo lights up and emanates empowerment; confidence is by far the hottest accessory.

Circle time kicks off with a roar with animal motifs front and center on kids’ shirts, sweaters and more.



Bunny Bow Shirt, $ 4.99, HM.com
Faux Fur Vest in pink, $ 17.99, HM.com
Tutu Tulle Layered Skirt, $ 14.99, HM.com
Stevies #Dressup Ballet Flat, $ 21.99, Target.com
Animal Purse, $ 17.99, HM.com

Zion (right):
Get Appy Tee in Lakeside, $ 34, HannaAndersson.com
Straight Leg Cords, $ 36, HannaAndersson.com
Star Wars R2D2 Backpack, $ 19.99, Target.com

Wolf Tee, $ 32, SaltCityEmporium.com
All Out Star Cargo Shorts, $ 45, HannaAndersson.com
Boys’ Down Vest, $ 39, LandsEnd.com
Beanie, $ 11, SaltCityEmporium.com
Kasper Suede Sneakers by Hanna, $ 55, HannaAndersson.com

There and Backpack Junior in bear, $ 32.20, HannaAndersson.com


With a myriad of beautiful plaids this fall, it’s also a versatile pattern that you can dress down for school or dress up for a special occasion, and wear right up to the holidays. (Look especially for shirtdresses this season in this print.)


Plaid Shirtdress, $ 41.60, HannaAndersson.com
Microfiber Tights, $ 3.15, ChildrensPlace.com
Ryder Tall Boots, $ 23.07, ChildrensPlace.com

Hooded Sweater, $ 46.50, USA.Tommy.com
Red Plaid Short, $ 36.50, USA.Tommy.com
Rockstar Skate Sneaker, $ 20.26, ChildrensPlace.com

With an abundance of knitwear trends available, it’s about finding separates that express your style whether a knitted dress or pants, punchy tights, a striped cardigan and/or a glow-in-the dark tee (the latter, another trending design moment).


Fun Knitted Dress, $ 64, BodenUSA.com
Patterned Tights, 2-pack, $ 24, BodenUSA.com
Cosy Vest in Ecru, $ 38, BodenUSA.com
Suede Fringe Boot, $ 29.95, FabKids.com

Glow-in-the Dark T-shirt, $ 34.50, Jcrew.com
Cotton Cashmere Cardigan, $ 59.50, Jcrew.com
French Terry Moto Pants, $ 35, TeaCollection.com
Blue Velcro Sneaker, $ 24.95, FabKids.com

Athleisure has spilled into kids’ clothing and they’re loving it! From comfy, cozy track pants to sleek joggers and sweatshirts with lace cutouts, dressing relaxed never looked so swell. Also look for lots of influences from the Dark Side–as in Star Wars designs on everything from backpacks to T-shirts.



Quilted Vest, $ 29, OldNavy.com
Junk Food Star Wars Football Tee, $ 26.95, Gap.com
Twill Joggers, $ 16, OldNavy.com
Canvas Top Sneakers, $ 24, OldNavy.com
Flat Visor Jersey Baseball Hat, $ 9, OldNavy.com

Lace Accent Sweater, $ 12.99, HM.com
Varsity Jacket, $ 24.99, HM.com
Navy Star Leggings, $ 14.99, H&M
White Sneakers, $ 24.99, H&M

Teens can ease back into school with a little bit of rock and roll…a graphic print shirt or mixed-media dress topped with a faux leather jacket is just the ticket to a winning presentation.


Caroline (right):
Floral & Sequin Dress, $ 49.95, Abercrombie
Mossimo Black Annie Booties, $ 34.99, Target.com
Biker Jacket, $ 34.99, HM.com

Kingsley (left):
Boys’ Moto Jacket, $ 39.95 H&M
Tony Hawk NY Bridge Graphic Tee, $ 18, Kohls.com
Straight Jeans, $ 39.95, Gap.com
Mossimo Jace Sneakers, $ 17.99, Target.com



Navy & Red Polka Dotted and Belted Dress, $ 22.90, Forever 21



Black Star Sweater, $ 12.99, HM.com
Striped Sweatpants, $ 19.99, HM.com
Puffer Vest, $ 34.99, HM.com



Southwestern Print Shirt, $ 29.95, Gap.com
Jogger Pant, $ 29.95, Gap.com


To see the above looks in action check out my NBC Today show segment and more back-to-school trends here.

*Sale prices reflect time of publication and may be subject to change.

— This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

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Cath Kidston Film Celebrates Back-to-school

IN THE BAG: Cath Kidston, the British accessories, clothing and homeware brand known for its vintage-inspired prints, has shot a film to tout the upcoming back to school season — and its new collection of school bags.
The short film spotlights British bloggers Katie Ellison of Mummy Daddy Me; Kat Molesworth of Housewife Confidential, and Kathryn Sharman of Kat Got The Cream, who are all shot with their children as if preparing for the first day back at school, while toting Cath Kidston’s fall bag collection, dubbed Bags to School. For the back-to-school season, the label has worked up designs with playful prints of robots, ballerinas and sausage dogs. Prices for the bags start at 24 pounds or $ 37 for a race car drawstring backpack and rise to 30 pounds or $ 46 for a rose print satchel backpack.
Sam Washington directed the film, with production by El Carousel. Sue Chidler, marketing director of Cath Kidston, said the firm had decided to create the collection and film “to capture the first day of school as one of the big emotional periods that parents go through,” she said. “We wanted to connect with our customers in a unique way and be a part of this…journey

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