Jaguars believe Nick Foles will buck free-agent QB trend

Teams that go shopping for a franchise quarterback generally miss more than they hit, but the stability-craving Jaguars needed to take that risk. – NFL

Buck Angel to Host Eldorado Facebook Live Event

Eldorado Trading has invited trans activist and performer Buck Angel to host a special edition of its educational series “Eldorado Presents,” focusing on body-positivity and acceptance. – Pleasure & Retail

Heaven Can Wait – Warren Beatty & Buck Henry

Warren Beatty & Buck Henry - Heaven Can Wait  artwork

Heaven Can Wait

Warren Beatty & Buck Henry

Genre: Romance

Price: $ 14.99

Rental Price: $ 3.99

Release Date: June 28, 1978

Heaven Can Wait is a romantic fantasy about Joe Pendleton (Warren Beatty), a Los Angeles Rams quarterback who is accidentally summoned to Heaven by an overly zealous celestial escort. Pendleton is returned to earth in the body of another man, who is a corporate giant. While practicing to once again play for the Rams, Pendleton must escape attempts on his life while romantically pursuing a beautiful English woman (Julie Christie) who protests the destruction caused to her village by one of his many corporations.

© © 1979 by Paramount Pictures Corporation. All Rights Reserved

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Hillbilly Love Stories, Vol. 1 – EP – Mikele Buck Band

Mikele Buck Band - Hillbilly Love Stories, Vol. 1 - EP  artwork

Hillbilly Love Stories, Vol. 1 – EP

Mikele Buck Band

Genre: Country

Price: $ 5.94

Release Date: December 31, 2018

© ℗ 2018 Mikele David Buck

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Raiders’ Davis on 1-8 start: ‘Buck stops with me’

In a wide-ranging interview with ESPN after a 20-6 loss to the Chargers on Sunday, Raiders owner Mark Davis accepted blame for the team’s poor season. – NFL

Jim Jones “Epitome,” Young Buck “Caption This” & More | Daily Visuals 6.22.18

Earlier this week Jim Jones ran into some bad luck with the law when he got bagged with some toast and controlled substances, but the show must go on and today he keeps his grind moving.

For his clip to “Epitome” Jones starts things off with news coverage of his mother’s house burning down on Christmas and follows that with shots of himself surrounded by prayer candles and using one of them to light a spliff. A superstitious person might feel that act right might’ve jinxed Jones and led to his arrest earlier this week.

Going from Dip Set to G-Unit, Young Buck flaunts the stacks of cash the IRS didn’t get while in a home with two stacked white girls for his visuals to “Caption This.”

Check out the rest of today’s drops including work from Wiz Khalifa featuring Gucci Mane, Chief Keef, and more.












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Pass The Buck

Warning: If you are upset by the use of the "N" word do not purchase this movie.

After a night of bar hopping and striking out (looking for BBC) Presley St Claire decides to take her girlfriend Sally D’Angelo over to sample her boyfriend she keeps on the side, who just happens to have a 10 inch BBC. Both of these married hotwife whores are looking for nigger cock to satisfy their needs on this Saturday night, and they got it. Both of these white bitches take turns on him shoving that big black tool of his up their pussies. Sally even rims his asshole while he’s fucking Presley. Also includes great ending blooper. Great girl/girl action, fucking, blow job, cum shot, asshole licking and racial slurs.

Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie!

After a night of bar hopping and striking out (looking for BBC) Presley St Claire decides to take her girlfriend Sally D’Angelo over to sample her boyfriend she keeps on the side, who just happens to have a 10 inch BBC.

Stars: Presley St. Claire Sally D’Angelo

Categories: Black Dicks/White Chicks High Definition All Sex Mature Big Tits Interracial Amateur

Scene Number: 1

Orientation: Straight

Studio Name: Sally DAngelo

Amateur Pay Per View

Uncle Buck – John Hughes

John Hughes - Uncle Buck  artwork

Uncle Buck

John Hughes

Genre: Comedy

Price: $ 9.99

Rental Price: $ 2.99

Release Date: April 8, 1990

John Candy stars in this John Hughes comedy as an idle, good-natured bachelor who's left in charge of his nephew and nieces during a family crisis. Unaccustomed to suburban life, fun-loving Uncle Buck soon charms his younger relatives Miles and Maizy with his hefty cooking and his new way of doing the laundry. But his carefree style doesn't impress everyone, including Tia (Jean Kelly), his rebellious teenage niece, and Chanice (Amy Madigan), his impatient girlfriend. Uncle Buck is the last person you'd think of to watch the kids. But with a little luck and a lot of love, he manages to surprise everyone in this heartwarming family comedy.

© © 1989 Universal City Studios, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Young Buck Remixes Dr. Dre’s “It’s All On Me”, Addresses Recent Jail Rumors

Young Buck & DJ Whoo Kid treat us with a new track “It’s All On Me”, a remix from Dr. Dre‘s recent “Compton: A Soundtrack” album with BJ The Chicago Kid‘s hook in tact. Buck felt a need to address all the rumors of being sent back to the pen, and also vented about various socio-economic issues plaguing these inner cities.

[ALSO READ: Young Buck Facing 5 Year Prison Sentence For Allegedly Cheating On Drug Test]

Listen to Buck on Dr. Dre’s “Its All On Me” below! “10 Pints” by Buck & Whoo Kid dropping soon!

[ALSO READ: Young Buck Will Be Going To A Rehab Instead Of Jail]

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Young Buck — Judge Not that Pee-o’d Over Fake Urine Test

Young Buck will not be going to prison for playing dirty with his pee. Buck was facing 5 years for trying to pass off someone else’s urine as his own during a random drug test in his weapons case. He brought someone else’s pee to the probation…


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Compton’s Billionaire Buck discusses Kendrick, YG, Big KRIT, Freddie Gibbs, N.W.A. and The West’s Second Coming

As part of my job, I get the chance to listen to sorts of Hip Hop from all regions. But I have no shame in admitting that I have a bias for the West Coast. In my formative years, growing up in Southern California, I remember stealing borrowing a copy of my brother’s Warren G Regulate…G Funk Era and playing it obsessively. When that obsession cooled, I somehow managed to steal borrow a copy of my brother’s All Eyez On Me album.

No Brown Sugar, but a favorite question among Hip Hop heads is “when did you fall in love with Hip Hop? For me, it was hearing Pac for the first time. Born only a few months before NWA released Straight Outta Compton, and being a toddler when classics like The Chronic, Doggystyle, Quik Is The Name, Dogg Food etc. were released, I invested an extraordinary amount of time to studying/admiring/fawning over the masters. In my teenage years, I vividly remember sprinting to my mother’s car after church service to see if Power 106 was playing Shade Shiest’s “Where I Wanna Be” or Westside Connection’s “Connected 4 Life.” Even to this day, there is no genre in the world that captures me quite like So-Cal West Coast Hip Hop.

But as you well know, not long after Dr. Dre’s “Up In Smoke Tour” ended, West Coast music suffered an extended drought, to put it nicely. A few folks like The Game, Xzibit, Rass Kass nobly carried a dying genre for a time with incredibly dope shit, but a small minority can’t keep an entire Coast alive. Some (including myself) thought that the West Coast died the minute the legendary Nate Dogg passed away in 2011.

But alas! Out of no where, the West has risen again to the top of the ranks with a multitude of new shining stars. Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q, Nipsey Hussle, YG, Tyler Tha Creator, Problem, Mellowhype, DJ Mustard, Ab-Soul, Earl Sweatshirt, Jay Rock, and many more. Not to mention, the O.G.s of the game like The Game, Snoop, Suga Free, Warren G, Cube, W.C., DJ Quik, and Dr. Dre (who’s recent Compton: A Soundtrack is a classic in my book). With the release of the thrilling Straight Outta Compton movie, the West Coast has definitely gotten its second wind pimp, to quote E-40.

If you’re a music geek like me, you are obsessed with tracking the origins of historic musical movements. It’s crazy to think that a couple of (at the time) regular dudes from Compton (Kendrick, YG, Problem, Billionaire Buck) were inspired to become essentially new niggas wit attitudes, and subsequently put the West Coast back on the map.

ATTENTION: Notice I didn’t mention Tyga, simply because he’s wack as shit. Period. Whenever my Spotify connection is down, and I’m forced to listen to the radio, all I can think about is how incredibly wack Tyga is. Fuck all the talk about Obama’s birth certificate, someone needs to find Tyga’s birth certificate and erase “California” from it– he has no business representing the coast in any shape or form whatsoever. Tyga’s music is so fucking wack that if you were to first play Hotel California and then Doggystyle the wackness is so strong that it has the potential runneth over and ruin a classic, or at the very least cause permanent brain damage as your cerebral cortex scrambles to make sense of the extreme disparity in quality. Some may call me a hater or whatever, but to quote Jay, I call a spade a spade, it just it what is…and what it is is hot garbage that gives me severe migraines when I’m forced to listen.

(These views are completely my own (Kellan Miller’s), and are not at all reflective of Allhiphop as a staff, label, or as a motherfucking crew.). I say that because if Tyga happens to read this and sic his goon squad of 75lb tattooed light-skinned stick figures and Kylie Jenner on me, somehow capturing me and forcing me to listen to all 45 excruciating minutes of The Gold Album, the good colleagues that I work with shouldn’t have to suffer that level of torture. So when I say I’ve been contemplating quitting my journalism career to become a rapper, for the sole purpose of Ja-Ruling/Meek Milling Tyga, these views are completely my own. When I fantasize about creating a diss track that ended Tyga’s career, so the world would be completely rid of a skinny tree tattooed tree fig that luckily got a break when Lil Wayne had a little too much lean when he heard his demo. Inevitably, I would be awarded the Noble Peace Prize for my efforts, and I imagine Eazy-E and Mac Dre would personally rise from the grave to thank me.

But hopefully it won’t come to that, because mark my words, the next California rapper to blow is none other than Compton’s own Billionaire Buck. While he doesn’t yet have the recognition of Kendrick and YG, Buck started to make headway when he released the track “Around Da Way” about a year ago. With hot flows and thumping bass lines (ingredients of a proper Left Coast track), the song instantly became a favorite in my playlist. Watching the video made the song all the much better– featuring Buck walking through the actual streets of Compton, a nice throwback to N.W.A.’s “Straight Outta Compton” video.

At some point after putting the puzzle together, I realized that Buck, Kendrick, YG, and Problem all grew up together, and collaborated with each other back when they barely had a dollar to their name and were just dreaming about making it to the main stage. As you already know, Kendrick has arisen as one of Hip Hop’s most golden voices. When he’s not directing incredible The Wire-like music videos/films, YG is flooding the streets with pure 100% Grade A bangers. ANd with all the recent talk about ghostwriters, it’s worth mentioning that Problem probably ghost-wrote the lyrics to the song you’re smoking a blunt to as we speak, and also keeps DatPiff in business with dope mixtape after mixtape. But after his acclaimed Apollo and Eclipse mixtape series, the Hip Hop world is waiting for Buck’s latest album, The Black Jew, tentatively set for a November release.

Luckily, Buck took a short break from his current tour cycle to chop it up with me about a variety of topics.

How did you, Kendrick, and YG cross paths?

Well, we both from the same neighborhood, so we grew up together. Back in the old days, when we were trying out this rapping shit for the first time, we would all record at the same studio. Then Kendrick got his deal, and started recording in Carson, mostly with the T.D.E. crew.

Now that you guys have gotten some fame and attention, especially in Kendrick’s case, has anyone changed?

Nah. Nobody’s really changed at all. Everyone’s really busy now, which is how it’s supposed to be. We’ll always be homies, but right now it’s like brotherly competition, kinda like what Kendrick was getting at on that “Control” verse. I’m trying to be the best, period.

Is your relationship with Kendrick any different these days?

Nah, we talk all the time. TDE mainly operates on their own, which is why we haven’t really gotten the chance to collaborate yet.

In the past, you’ve talked about how big of an influence Problem had on you.

Problem is smart as hell. He was always on his shit. When we was just young cats with no idea how to make it, Problem had the blueprint mapped out. He knew the game inside and out, and was always ahead of us in terms of making moves. Early on Snoop took him under his wing a little bit and showed him some things. Then Problem turned around and schooled me on a lot things not only about the industry, but the music itself. Most times, Problem would come to the studio with the beat already made and the hook mapped out. In those days we’d be on Limewire stealing beats just to rap to and figure out our styles.

There were rumors of collaborations between you and other artists that never materialized. What happened?

Freddie Gibbs and I were supposed to do some shit together. After meeting at a show, he told me that we should link up and put out a record together. After that I hit that nigga up like 2 weeks later and his phone was disconnected. I ran into him later and he said he was down, but still nothing ever happened. A similar thing happened with Big K.R.I.T. About a year and a half ago I met him, we drank some lean, collaborated on some tracks, but he never put the shit out. But I’m not tripping, it is what it is.

Growing up, what West Coast artist would you say had the biggest influence on you?

DJ Quik. Anybody that knows anything about Hip Hop knows that Quik is a legend. During his career, I feel like he had the wrong people around him handling his business. I’ve done shows with him, you can tell he’s kind of strained and exhausted at this point. He’s definitely given his all and then some to the game.

In addition to E-40, there are rumors of a Quik collaboration on your Black Jew album. Any truth to that?

I’m working on a track with Quik, but it’s taking a while. That’s the thing about the masters of the craft. These days, rappers are in such a rush to get their shit out on Youtube or Datpiff or whatever. Quik is a perfectionist, and won’t put out anything until it meets his standards, even if it takes 10 years or something. It’s the same with Dre. They aren’t just beatmakers, they are producers in the classic sense. Dre treats your voice like an instrument. That’s why his shit with Kendrick is hot, because he makes sure the artists ride the snares like a pattern. It’s the same with Eminem’s shit. Compared to what dudes are doing now in terms of quality in the mix and production, it’s a way different experience.

Aside from your Compton people, who are some of the artists you’re feeling now?

I’m feeling Rick Ross. I like his hustle. It took him a long to blow up to mega stardom. When I see people like that get on, it’s incredibly inspiring and motivating. MMG actually reached out to me about a deal, but I figured I’d more financially stable if I had the chance to own my own material and do things exactly the way I wanted.

What have you learned about the industry over the years?

It’s crazy, and really hard to explain to anyone that’s not a part of it. A lot of rappers that make it to radio are the ones who know the right people. That’s usually what it comes down to in the mainstream. You also gotta have the right people behind you. Kendrick did it the right way, going on the road with Tech N9ne, which eventually lead to an A&R from Aftermath giving him the nod.

Can you describe in one sentence what Black Jew is going to sound like?

It’s going to be N.W.A. mixed with The Roots.

Do you think the current popularity of Compton is just temporary?

Compton is going to be on par for the next decade. You can trust that.

Make sure to track Billionaire Buck’s movements on the interwebs.

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Obie Trice Ft Young Buck & Tone Tone – “Dealer”

After releasing his “Good Girls” single, Obie Trice releases new track “Dealer” featuring Young Buck & Tone Tone from his upcoming album ‘The Hangover’ dropping August 7th. Pre-order now on iTunes.

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Young Buck — It’s Snoop Dogg’s Fault I Faked My Drug Test!

Young Buck couldn’t resist smoking weed with Snoop Dogg while on probation … and now the G-Unit rapper is facing more jail time for faking a mandatory drug test.  Buck literally got busted with his pants down according to a probation…


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Jeezy, Future and Young Buck Hit Compound In ATL For New Year’s Eve [Photo]

Jeezy and Future held down the Compound nightclub in Atlanta for New Year’s Eve. Also seen in the spot was G-Unit’s Young Buck.

The Snowman looked like he had a good time holding court, puffing on a stogie. Future just dropped a new track called “Real Sisters” and is releasing a mixtape with Zaytoven called Beast Mode on January 15.

Check out the photos in the gallery.


Photos: Prince Williams/

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Young Buck – New Years Cake

After recently dropping a freestyle over Drake’s song “Pound Cake”, Young Buck gives us the official video for his “New Years Cake” freestyle. Now, the video is pretty much Young Buck rapping in the studio, but at least he’s consistent with it. It looks like G Unit isn’t slowing down their momentum after bringing the group back. 2015 might be a good year for 50 and his crew. Check out the video below.

via: XXL

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Young Buck – Bring My Bottles ft. 50 Cent & Tony Yayo (Music Video)

So this is a bit surprising, a new G-Unit video. After the gangster rap group announced their reunion this summer, G-Unit kept the momentum going with an EP. Now, we have “Bring My Bottles”, a video for Young Buck’s single featuring 50 Cent and Tony Yayo. Are you ready for an album? Leave a comment below.

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Janessa Jordan, Jenn Seven and Buck Wylde



Janessa and Buck find Jenn asleep on their couch, and decide the best thing to do would be to eat her tasty young twat of course. What better way to wake up than with two tongues twirling around your rock hard clit?

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