Pete Davidson gets candid about mental health and bullying

“Saturday Night Live” performer Pete Davidson isn’t laughing about the public harassment he’s faced during and after his relationship with singer Ariana Grande. – RSS Channel – Entertainment

GamersGate: The World's Largest Online Game Store

Melania Trump Marks Bullying Prevention Month With ‘Wonder’ Screening

Following her recent four-nation tour of Africa and a day trip to a Philadelphia hospital, First Lady Melania Trump continues to raise her profile.
This afternoon, FLOTUS ushered 20 sixth-grade students into the White House’s family theater for a private screening of “Wonder.” This being National Bullying Prevention Month, the Digital Pioneers Academy classmates were given a silver-screen lesson about a boy who is bullied for his facial deformity. Released last year, the flick features Owen Wilson, Julia Roberts and Jacob Tremblay.
The First Lady’s office indicated that the movie’s message of kindness was the reason she personally selected it even though she had never watched it, according to a press pool report. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos sat in on the matinée at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. While students chomped on popcorn, the First Lady introduced herself and welcomed them to the White House. She also thanked DeVos for being there, and then asked the students how they show their peers kindness, the pool report said.
“As you may know, October is National Bullying Prevention Month and I encourage everybody to be kind to each other, to treat each other with respect in everyday life and social media. Can you do that? Yes? Very

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Chris Evans Invited A Bullying Victim To The Avengers: Infinity War Premiere

Chris Evans, Hailee Steinfeld, and the ‘Stranger Things’ kids are just some of the actors responding to bullying victim Keaton Jones’s viral video.

Did Big Brother’s Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson Face “Harassment” and “Bullying” Inside the House?

Cody Nickson, Jessica Graf, Big Brother The Big Brother house isn’t exactly filled with peace and harmony tonight.
On Thursday’s all-new episode, viewers were quickly reminded that it was Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson…

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Transforming Memories of Rejection and Bullying While Performing on ‘East Los High’

I am going over my lines in the hallways on the set of my show, East Los High and getting ready to shoot a classroom scene. I’m nervous because these classrooms can trigger certain uncomfortable memories. I have to remind myself I know what I’m doing and that I have no fear, like my character, Daysi Cantu. While researching this character, I have learned that Daysi can take on anything.

I look around me and see the beautiful, feminine actresses, the popular girls, the dancers with sculpted bodies. My cast mates are kind and so welcoming to me as part of the East Los familia. In these moments I keep asking myself, is this really happening? The pretty people are talking to me!

After all my work to be taken seriously as an actor while celebrating my gender, I am now the newest cast member of East Los High and I have some hot scenes!

How cool and weird is this situation right now? On this TV show, I’m popular! My real school life was nothing like this. I hated high school. I went to a Catholic School and at first I didn’t mind the religious aspect. I saw myself being of service to others and put in hundreds of Christian service hours. Then I was hunted down by the school administration and blamed for kissing a female school mate, something I did not do. I was threatened and humiliated in public, shamed for being a lesbian.

I experienced being persecuted before I’d even had a chance to actually come out! I lived my sophomore year shamefully eating lunch in bathroom stalls and the library where at times I’d cry because I felt so lonely and depressed. It felt as if I had a disease. As if I was a leper no one wanted to speak to or commune with, an outcast, thrown out like trash.

But now, here I am on set… walking the hallways, proud and out and queer at East Los High and my peers accept me for who I am. I was cast as a genderqueer masculine appearing and androgynous queer/fluid person on the show. In the scene we are about to shoot I will stand up in front of this ‘class,’ and speak Daysi’s truth.

As Daysi, I get to stand up for myself and be confident and be supported — even by administrators. How I wish this had been the case — and was the case today for millions of LGBTQ youth all around the country. 9 out of 10 queer youth in 2010 said that they experienced bullying and although there are some supportive districts/schools, very few cities and states have passed explicit laws protecting LGBTQ students from discrimination. And, unfortunately, in some cities and states where such legislation gets introduced, opponents misinform the public and politicians vote these laws down, the way the U.S. Senate recently did.

Daysi Cantu is funny, loving, charismatic and confident and is supported by her familia. I am honored and blessed to play a character like this on a show that reaches so many youth and shows our communities the way we really are; a complex intersection of identities.

I am happy to be welcomed into a loving East Los family, something not many queers and trans people have the privilege of experiencing in their lives. I hope this story line and character can help those struggling with identity and security and being accepted by their families or friends. I hope it opens a very necessary and continuous dialogue about queer and trans lives.

Latinas/os need to tell their stories. I am proof that sharing your own story will set you free and make your dreams come true.

Karen Anzoategui is a performer whose solo show ‘Ser!’ won two LA Weekly awards. Anzoategui has a solo show and documentary on bullying playing Oct 2nd-4th at Human Resources La in Chinatown. More at!csd/crce
Season 3 of ‘East Los High’ premiered July 15. All season 3 episodes are available on Hulu Plus, and all transmedia videos are available on
Check out Karen’s campaign #OutwithKaren

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Donnie McClurkin Reacts To Empire Shade, Calls It Bullying

Donnie McClurkin, though doth protest too much. The three time Grammy Award winner infamous for going from gay to straight issued a press statement in reaction to his name being dropped on last night’s premiere episode of season two of Empire

On the show, Miss Lawrence of Real Housewives of Atlanta and Fashion Queens fame, and a flamboyant gay man, name checked McClurkin.

Due to McClurkin’s aforementioned history, and the context of the scene—Lawrence auditioning for Empire Records by serenading Jamal and imploring him to perform with him at a gay award show—many took it as shade. McClurkin got word and issued a press statement, and also referred to the scene as a “new form of bullying.”

“It was brought to my attention via social media that my name was included in a “back-handed”  manner during a scene in the FOX show, Empire. What might have been meant for evil, God uses for good! Despite the scripting used by @leedanielsent it has helped bring attention to the gospel of Jesus Christ that I sing and preach, an empowering moment! To my brothers and sisters, thank you for your support, encouragement & love! No negativity towards @leedanielsent let’s show the love of Jesus,” says McClurkin.

“Let this experience be a reminder that as loving Christians we’re called to share the good news of Christ and be examples of God’s love on the earth.”

Clearly, Lee Daniels (or whoever wrote the scene) was trolling because he could have used a plethora of names other than McClurkin’s. Clearly, it worked because he got a reaction.

Watch the scene in question on the flip.

Photo: Press Handout

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Is This Teen ‘Bullying’ Her Parents?

Ann and Mike say they’ve lost control of their 16-year-old daughter, Kristi, whom they say is angry, violent, refuses to go to school, smokes marijuana, and has no respect for authority. After getting to know the family dynamics and watching home videos of how they interact, Dr. Phil suggests that Kristi is bullying her parents. See for yourself in the home videos above.

Can Dr. Phil help turn this family around? See what happens on Dr. Phil Monday — watch clips here or check local listings.

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Hilary Duff: Mum bullying is isolating

Hilary Duff has joined forces with her sister Haylie to try and stop mothers judging one another. RSS feed
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Mom Debates Putting 6-Year-Old Under The Knife To Prevent Bullying

Amber recalls being mercilessly bullied as a young child because of her protruding ears. When she was 8 years old, she had surgery to treat the issue. Now a mother to 6-year-old Alayna, Amber’s painful memories have re-emerged as she sees her daughter’s ears developing like her own. To safeguard her daughter from experiencing the emotional difficulties she suffered, she’s contemplating having a surgeon pin back Amber’s ears.

In the video above, plastic surgeon and co-host of The Doctors Dr. Andrew Ordon explains that Amber and Alayna’s ears lack the typical folds that keep them closer to the head. He says that although Alayna is young, the procedure would be low risk and straightforward. “The external ear is 80 percent fully developed by the age of 7 or 8,” he says. Alayna is at a safe age to undergo the surgery, which involves removing a small amount of excess skin and cartilage from the back of the ear and creating a natural-looking fold with stitches.

Amber says she hasn’t spoken with her daughter about having the surgery, because she doesn’t want to make her feel self-conscious. Psychotherapist Dr. Fran Walfish offers Amber advice for having the conversation.

“The trauma of bullying affects a child for their entire life,” Dr. Walfish says. “Allowing Alayna to develop a positive self-image now, I believe, can empower her for the longevity of her entire life.” She suggests that Amber have a sensitive, open, and honest dialogue with Alayna to prepare her for the operation and why she’s having the surgery. “You had the same thing; she’ll relate to you.”

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Keke Palmer’s Bullying Revelations

Keke Palmer has had an incredible road to success – but she’s also had to deal with online bullies. Why was she taunted on social media?

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The Cyber Bullying Actress and Comedian Maysoon Zayid Endured | In Deep Shift | OWN

Maysoon Zayid, a Palestinian American actress and comedian who has cerebral palsy, got her big break when she was asked to appear on Countdown with Keith Olbermann. Being on television was everything Maysoon had ever dreamed of—until she got home and read the comments online.

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Oprah Winfrey Network is the first and only network named for, and inspired by, a single iconic leader. Oprah Winfrey’s heart and creative instincts inform the brand — and the magnetism of the channel.

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The Cyber Bullying Actress and Comedian Maysoon Zayid Endured | In Deep Shift | Oprah Winfrey Network
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Jailed Rapper To Seek New Trial Based On Witness Bullying

ST. TAMMANY PARISH, La. — Rapper McKinley “Mac” Phipps, serving time for manslaughter in a fatal nightclub shooting 15 years ago, will seek a new trial based on recent allegations by witnesses that authorities threatened and coerced them, his attorney said Thursday.

“The statements made by key witnesses in the trial of Mac Phipps in the recent article in The Huffington Post are examples of critical new evidence the court needs to consider to grant Mac Phipps a new trial,” the attorney, Remy Starns, said in a statement. “We are in the process of gathering affidavits from all of these witnesses and expect to file a motion for new trial soon.”

Starns’ statement was distributed to reporters during a news conference held by Phipps’ relatives and supporters at the Saint Tammany Justice Center in Covington, Louisiana. The courthouse is where a jury convicted Phipps of manslaughter in the 2000 slaying of rap fan Barron Victor Jr. during a fight at a nightclub in Slidell. Phipps has always maintained his innocence.

“We just want the truth to come out about my son’s case,” Phipps’ mom, Sheila Phipps, told reporters. She said she wants “not only justice for my son, but also for the victim’s family.”

The Huffington Post on Wednesday published the results of a four-month review of McKinley Phipps’ conviction, revealing that a key witness at his trial says now that she lied when she identified Phipps in court as the shooter because of prosecutors’ threats to charge her. Four other witnesses to the shooting told HuffPost they also were threatened, intimidated or outright ignored by investigators.

Phipps was prosecuted under the leadership of former district attorney Walter Reed, who left office in January amid a reported federal grand jury investigation into campaign funds and side businesses.


Joining the family at the courthouse was Belinda Parker Brown, president and CEO of Louisiana United International, a Slidell-based civil rights organization. She said she hoped the new district attorney, Warren Montgomery, and the U.S. attorney, Kenneth Polite, will look into the allegations against Reed’s office.

“The citizens here in St. Tammany Parish have suffered under Walter Reed’s corrupt administration,” Brown said. “I’m calling on the Montgomery and Polite to look at all the cases that have went before this corrupt administration. The time is now.”

Montgomery said in a statement Wednesday that his office would look at Phipps’ case if the rapper’s attorney petitions the court with evidence.

“At that time, I will fulfill my responsibility to respond to the allegations,” Montgomery said.

The Mac Story (Story Continues Below)

Longtime Phipps’ supporter David Augustine Jr., better known by his stage name Dee-1, was unable to attend Thursday’s press conference due to a planned performance at the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas. He sent his publicist on his behalf.

“I feel like the truth eventually comes to light and I think the truth is finally coming to light,” Dee-1 told HuffPost by phone. “Hopefully, following the truth will be justice,” he continued. “That’s the goal right now — for justice to actually be served and Mac can come home.”

THE CLUB SHOOTING: (Story Continues Below)

McKinley Phipps’ sister, Tiffany Phipps, read a statement prepared by her brother at the press conference. It read, in part:

“It is indeed a tragedy that Barron Victor Jr. was robbed of his life at only 19 years old. A life can never be replaced, and I can only imagined what his family has gone through. It is likewise a tragedy however, that because of my false imprisonment, my son was robbed of an opportunity to grow up under the guidance of his father. His mother was robbed of a provider for her child. My parents and siblings were similarly robbed of years worth of memories they would have made and shared with their son and brother. However, through it all, I never lost faith that the truth would someday be brought to light. I did not kill Barron victor Jr., and it is my hope that the evidence brought forth is more than enough to support that claim.”

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Playground Bullying and My Ex

Dear Eva:

My 7-year-old boy is coming home from school reporting on several disturbing experiences. He says that other kids won’t play with him and that kids hit him on the playground. He’s a very smart, sensitive and creative little boy. We’ve seen him struggle to connect with other children. We’ve discussed these issues with his teachers but he still struggles.

To add to the situation I am co-parenting my son with my former partner. We have equal joint custody so we see and hear from our child in varying ways. We are very different people who handle our child’s problems differently. Though we work to be as consistent as we can, we often are divergent.

How can we help our son navigate these hard situations and not confuse him with our differing parenting styles?


Worried Mommy

Dear Worried Mommy,

There is nothing like our children’s hardships to make us suffer, and yes worry.

About the playground hitting: I see that you are being very proactive with the schools, and this is a good place to stay engaged. It’s important to make our children’s environments safe, and as ideally suited to who they are as possible.

Having done that, the next step is to fortify our kids. What is his understanding of what’s going on? Just being there and letting him share his feelings can be very orienting for him, and give you more clues about the playground dynamics. Smart, sensitive and creative kids often have a more challenging time navigating the social space because they can be quite unique, and still be learning the fundamentals of social engagement.

Many communities have social skills groups where similarly aged children work on social skills with trained therapists in the context of play. This dissection of the specifics of social interactions can help children become more aware and intentional when they engage with others, which can go a long way in managing peers.

I hear that both you and your ex-partner are spending time talking with your son about his school experience, great, and that you are working to be as consistent as you can with responses. Doubly great. This kind of collaborative parenting is such a gift to kids, and not easily achieved. That no one is doing it quite perfectly, pretty normal. It also strikes me as pretty normal that he would share the story in different ways with each of you as you are both different parents. As long as he’s not misrepresenting, which might indicate a problem with the overall family dynamic, you might see his differing stories as his way of getting out more of the nuances of his experience.

If the stories emphasize very different aspects of his experience, you might want to have a parent-to-parent chat earlier rather than later to get the complete story. This might help in coming up with a more coherent response. Also, it can be that you and your ex-partner are such different people that no matter how much you discuss the situation, you will still have different responses to life, and different suggestions for him.

Two things: the first has to do with him, the second with you.

He knows by now that his parents are different people. All parents are. As long as each parent’s suggestions are not injurious in any way, validate this. After listening to how he might deal with the situation, you can let him know how you might do things. If his other parent has shared a different response, be open to hearing about it. You can always encourage him to try the different suggestions and see which one works for him. It is best to stay away from identifying one way as the “right” way, which will only indirectly put him in the middle of you and your ex-partner.

And as for the worried mommy, conscious parenting is HARD. Parenting is one of those places in life where we really have to learn about surrender because so much is not in our control: what happens to our child when s/he’s not with us, how others will care for him/her. Surrendering, letting go and trusting are critical skills if we are to survive parenthood with our mental health intact. Whatever helps you get to a place of surrender, practice it.


Recommended Exercise: It seems like you’ve already experienced some letting go through the experience of your divorce. Letting go of people, circumstances, and even habitual patterns of thinking that no longer serve us is really an on-going practice, and necessary to get what we want in life. Here are further thoughts and an exercise on letting go, for some, the hardest thing to do. Try when boundaries are not enough, and thanks for sharing.

Want Eva to respond to your life dilemma? Send me your letter via the contact page at to contribute to The Eavesdropping Project.

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Skyline High School Teacher Loses Her Job After Bullying a Student With an Instagram Post

Skyline HighOne Colorado teacher learned a very valuable lesson.

According to local reports, Traci Gauthier, a visual arts teacher at Skyline High School in Longmont, Colo., “is no longer…

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Michael Sam Tells Oprah Heartbreaking Childhood Bullying Story (VIDEO)

Coming out as a gay athlete takes courage — just ask Michael Sam, the first openly gay player drafted into the NFL. In his first television interview since being cut from the Dallas Cowboys, Sam opens up to Oprah about the painful experiences he endured as a child.

One of eight children, Sam grew up in the small town of Hitchcock, Texas. Of his five brothers, one was killed, and another was declared dead after going missing. Sam says his remaining older brothers were always getting into trouble and known around town as the “damn Sams.”

“They used to abuse me daily,” Sam says in the above video. “Maybe just for fun. Maybe because I was different.”

“They called me a lot of things,” he says. “They called me fag, they called me gay — anything you could think of, just to hurt me.”

Sam threw himself into sports, and in the seventh grade, received his first honors in football, basketball and track. “For the first time in my life, I got a trophy,” he says.

“Validation,” Oprah nods.

“Yes, and my mom was so proud of me and it was the first time any of her kids had achievement that high,” Sam says. “It was most valuable player. And I was so proud of those trophies.”

But his joy quickly was shattered. “My older [brother], he was so jealous and he just broke them in front of me, and it was just the saddest thing,” Sam says. “I couldn’t have anything without them destroying it or taking it from me.”

Oprah’s full interview with Sam airs Saturday, December 27, at 10:30 ET, following the premiere of the exclusive “Michael Sam” documentary at 9 p.m. ET on OWN.

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