The Illusionist – Neil Burger

Neil Burger - The Illusionist  artwork

The Illusionist

Neil Burger

Genre: Drama

Price: $ 4.99

Rental Price: $ 4.99

Release Date: April 2, 2019

Set in early 20th-century Vienna, a stage magician uses his magic to win back the great love of his life from a brutal enemy, her fiancée, who is also the powerful crowned prince of Austria.

© © 2019 Moonstone Entertainment

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Katy Perry in a Burger Costume Kinda Turned On Celine Dion at Met Gala

[[tmz:video id=”0_rct0vqfd”]] Celine Dion’s got a thing for hot beef patties, or at least hot beef on Katy Perry — ’cause she was jonesin’ hard when she spotted Katy’s Met Gala costume. Queen Celine was making her way through The Standard, High Line…


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The Upside – Neil Burger

Neil Burger - The Upside  artwork

The Upside

Neil Burger

Genre: Comedy

Price: $ 14.99

Release Date: January 11, 2019

Philip is a disabled white billionaire, who feels that life is not worth living. To help him in his day to day routine, he hires Del, an African American parolee, trying to reconnect with his estranged wife. What begins as a professional relationship develops into a friendship as Del shows his grouchy charge that life is worth living.

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Kel Mitchell Campaigns for Cardi B, Chance the Rapper to Join ‘Good Burger’ Sequel

[[tmz:video id=”1_j8ezoqvn”]] Kel Mitchell didn’t skip a beat — but he did skip over Kevin Hart – when asked which current huge celebs he’d like to have cameos in the “Good Burger” reunion. We got Kel outside A Simple Bar in…


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Order Up! The Burger Bot Is (Almost) Ready for Business

It slices tomatoes, it grinds meat, it even cooks a burger! A restaurant in San Francisco is using a robot to make its burgers. Is this the future of the food industry?
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Puma Swede to Open Burger Restaurant in Sweden

Swedish adult star Puma Swede has announced she is opening her first restaurant, “Puma Burger,” in Sweden the final week of October. – Pleasure & Retail

The Strange Science of the Veggie Burger That Bleeds

It’s called the Impossible Burger and it looks, feels, tastes and smells like ground beef, even though it’s made entirely of plants. It’s all thanks to science and genetically engineered yeast. WIRED explores how close it comes so to the real thing and if it’s 100% safe.

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The Game Sued for Skipping on $8,500 Burger Tab, Game Calls BS

The Game hired a burger joint to cater his shindig, but went radio silent when it came time to pay the piper … so says the owner suing the rapper, but Game says the owner’s lying her ass off. The owner of Big D’s Burgers sued Game claiming the…


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Kenan & Kel Reunite For “Good Burger” Skit On Jimmy Fallon [VIDEO]

Jimmy Fallon is definitely eating this week and he invited all his 80s babies viewers for a late night snack at Good Burger. Yes, that Good Burger.

It has been nearly 20 years since Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell entertained Nickelodeon audiences with their fast food goofball film Good Burger (and much longer than that for its inception on the kid’s variety show, All That) and they reunited for an instant classic of a skit The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Kel returned to form as clueless Good Burger employee Ed as Fallon recalled his early days of earning an honest paycheck. Black Thought also made a great cameo appearance right before Kenan shocked the crowd as character Lester Oaks, completing the circle of golden nostalgia. The reunion was especially monumental, seeing the two longtime acting buddies have been enduring a cold war for many years.

Prepare to get your laugh on with Jimmy Fallon’s Good Burger sketch down below. For fries at the bottom of the bag, hit the flip to see Kel’s behind-the-scenes point of view.

Photo: NBC

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Party Girl – Marie Amachoukeli, Claire Burger & Samuel Theis

Marie Amachoukeli, Claire Burger & Samuel Theis - Party Girl  artwork

Party Girl

Marie Amachoukeli, Claire Burger & Samuel Theis

Genre: Romance

Price: $ 12.99

Rental Price: $ 3.99

Release Date: September 15, 2015

Angelique is a 60-year-old bar hostess in a cabaret located near the border between France and Germany. Despite her age, she’s a party girl and lives for the moment. At night, she seduces men so they can buy her drinks. As time goes by, clients become rare. But Michel, her regular client, is in love with her. One day, he asks Angelique to marry him. Will she settle into a life of companionship and comfort and give up her beloved lifestyle?

© © 2015 Cinema Guild

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Attend a Burger Battle at The Hall; Geek Out at a Panel Discussion on the Overlap of Food and Music

Attend a Burger Battle at The Hall; Geek Out at a Panel Discussion on the Overlap of Food and MusicPlus, a tomato-themed meal at Millennium and a beer dinner at The Market.TENDERLOIN — Chefs from The Whole Beast, Wesburger and BurgerSF (the guys from Causwell's) are battling it out for best burger at The Hall's Burger Battle on Sunday, August 30. Tickets include the three burgers and two beers, with a portion of the proceeds benefitting Bay Leaf Kitchen. UNION SQUARE — Catch a panel discussion on how the worlds of food and music intersect (hello, Outside Lands) this Wednesday, August 26 at The Commonwealth Club. …

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Cops Fed Dylann Roof Burger King After Arresting Him Because He Was Hungry

Law enforcement being lauded for the apprehension of Dylann Roof need to reflect on militance used on this case versus other national newsmakers.

Shortly after his arrest on the morning of June 18 for the murder of nine innocent Black people in Charleston’s Emanuel AME church, Shelby, North Carolina police officers fed Dylann Roof Burger King because the poor sap hadn’t eaten “in a couple of days.” On the house, of course.

Via Charlotte Observer:

Shelby police Chief Jeff Ledford told the Observer on Friday that authorities found a .45-caliber handgun in Roof’s car.

In Shelby, the FBI handled Roof’s initial questioning, Ledford said. Shelby police’s lone conversation with the mass-murder suspect was about food. Earlier in the day, Roof had bought water and chips at a south Charlotte gas station. Now he was hungry. Police bought him food from a nearby Burger King, Ledford said.

“He was very quiet, very calm. He didn’t talk,” Ledford said. “He sat down here very quietly. He was not problematic.”

Just so we’re clear, a suspected–and obviously guilty–murderer who prompted a statewide manhunt deserved “to have it his way.”

Via Yahoo:

“He had promised us that when something big happened, that we would be contacted and would be asked to be there,” said Strickland Maddox, one of a handful of pastors who answered the chief’s call to action after Roof’s capture.

“Organized chaos,” Ledford later called it. “Because there were so many moving parts.”

Including feeding the unexpected arrestee.

“He hadn’t eaten, they said, in a couple of days,” Maddox told Yahoo News. “They bought him a hamburger. They just sent out for it. I guess one of the police officers went and picked it up.”

Ledford confirmed that this purchase was made.

“He did have something to eat while he was there, and he was secured in cuffs the entire time,” the chief said.

Remember, Freddie Gray got arrested with a switchblade and couldn’t even make it to the police station with his life. Meanwhile, Roof confessed to gunning down people in a church with racist motives and gets his stomach’s whims satisfied, as if the prison wasn’t serving slop later on that day.

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Photo: ABC News

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Mr. “Piece Of Burger” Courtney Barnes Arrested For Shoplifting [Photos]

So much for Courtney Barnes’ fifteen-minutes of fame.

The would-be Internet star who got national coverage on Wednesday for an outlandishly flamboyant news interview, is being accused of being a thief, swindler and attention whore.

Reports The Clarion-Ledger:

Courtney Barnes, the star of this week’s WLBT viral video, has turned himself into Ridgleland and Jackson police

Ridgeland Police’s John Neal said Barnes turned himself in on two contempt of court charges relating to $ 1,688 of 3 unpaid traffic tickets around 2 p.m. Thursday afternoon, accompanied by his mother.

After it was determined he could not settle his outstanding charges this afternoon, Ridgeland police contacted Jackson Police who said Barnes was wanted on a misdemeanor shoplifting charge.

Neal said Barnes was released on his own recognizance with his mother and sent to JPD to handle the shoplifting charge. Barnes is due for a hearing in Ridgeland court June 23 at 8 a.m.

Television crews interviewed Barnes on the scene of an accident after a police chase involving a Jackson Police car Monday. His quotes of “he twist around like a tornado, girl” and “on my way to get a piece of burger” gained national attention Wednesday.

Swell-O-Phonic owner Ron Chane said Barnes was wanted for shoplifting.

“It’s all an act to get attention,” Chane wrote in a Facebook comment to WLBT. “He has no regard for anyone but himself…You’ve got somebody hurt in a car wreck and this loser is trying to catch his 15 seconds – enjoy it buddy – you’ll be locked up soon.”

When WAPT showed Barnes the alleged shoplifting photo, he pleaded the Fifth Amendment and stated he didn’t know who was in the picture. They were also the lone media outlet who didn’t air the Courtney Barnes interview because they felt it seemed suspect as hell.

Flip through the gallery below to see flicks of Barnes in the hat he was accused of stealing. Bruh!

Photos: Facebook, Instagram, Ridgeland Police Department, WAPT News

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