Catfish First: Kaden Actually Met Adriana In Person — And Then She Got Shady

MTV’s ‘Catfish’ experienced a first-ever in its televised history — get all the details.

Nev Schulman Says Ariana Grande’s Interested in Guest Hosting on ‘Catfish’

[[tmz:video id=”0_fj0zz7mj”]] Nev Schulman says he’s flattered to have an uber-famous fan, who also follows him on Instagram — and now he’ll get a trifecta … IF he gets Ariana Grande to join him on “Catfish.” And, yes … he’s saying there’s…


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The Ultimate Letdown: This Man’s Catfish Refused To Meet Face-To-Face

For the first time ever, Nev and his co-host weren’t able to bring someone face-to-face with their ‘Catfish.’

The Balance – Catfish and the Bottlemen

Catfish and the Bottlemen - The Balance  artwork

The Balance

Catfish and the Bottlemen

Genre: Alternative

Price: $ 9.99

Release Date: April 26, 2019

© An Island Records Release; ℗ 2019 Universal Music Operations Limited

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Catfish Poll: Was Deven A Victim — Or A Habitual F-ckboy?

On this week’s ‘Catfish,’ the ‘victim’ wasn’t quite as innocent as he seemed.

Catfish Rejection: Should Alice Have Been Brutally Blunt With Nique?

A woman’s ‘Catfish’ turned out to be exactly who she thought she was — but they still didn’t have a happy ending.

Catfish Con: This Young Woman Was The Victim Of ‘Master Manipulation’

A college student named Aubri discovered she and her ‘Catfish’ were living under the very same roof.

The Blame Game: Was Dallas Being Victim Shamed By His Catfish?

A man named Dallas was hoodwinked by a ‘Catfish,’ but did he have a hand in his own fate?

Catfish Poll: Did Truth Imagine A Romance With Ray’Quan?

A fashion designer fell in love with a handsome young man on ‘Catfish’ — but the feeling wasn’t mutual.

Catfish Poll: Will Chelsea And Lennie’s Lovefest Really Last?

A woman and her online beau had a happy ending on ‘Catfish,’ but will their relationship really go the distance?

Instagram Affair: Did Sheila Really Nab A Love & Hip Hop Star…Or A Catfish?

On this week’s ‘Catfish,’ a woman told Nev and guest host Nick Young that she was in love with a star from ‘Love & Hip Hop.”

Disappearing Act: Is Rachael’s Catfish Off The Grid For Good?

A woman seemed to get her happy ending on MTV’s ‘Catfish’ — until her online beau disappeared yet again.

‘You’re Covered In Cheetos Dust’: These Catfish Enemies Read Each Other For Filth

Insults were tossed and shade was thrown on this week’s ‘Catfish’ — get a recap on the drama-filled episode.

‘Is This A F*cking Joke?’: Nae Wasn’t Laughing When She Learned The Identity Of Her Catfish

A young woman got the shock of her life when her online beau was revealed on this week’s ‘Catfish.’

Catfish Romeo: Was Joshua Really In Love With Breana?

A young woman’s ‘Catfish’ professed his undying love for her, but not everyone believed he was being truthful.

‘You Had It Coming’: This Raging Catfish Was Out For Revenge

This week’s ‘Catfish’ had a jaw-dropping climax — get all the details.

Con Artist Countdown: Vote For The Most Evil Catfish Ever

On the latest ‘Catfish: Keeps It 100’ special, Max and Nev counted down the most villainous frauds ever. Now it’s your turn to vote for who you think was the worst!

The Difference Between Using Photoshop And Being An Outright Catfish

After Savenia used Photoshop on her own images, she felt she’d catfished Dylan.

Catfish Match: Are Zak And Garrett Really ‘Perfect’ For Each Other?

Zak and Garrett had an instant connection during tonight’s ‘Catifsh’ episode — but will their love last?

Is This The Last We’ll See Of Infamous Catfish Mary?

Former ‘Catfish’ Mary returned as the love hopeful during tonight’s brand-new episode.

Oh, Hell No: This Catfish Shut Down Her Shady ‘Beau’ Like A Boss

‘Catfish’ Cierra perfectly shut down her love hopeful Lawrence.

How This Man Went From Catfish To Godfather

During tonight’s ‘Catfish’ episode, love hopeful Kim asked Matt if he would be her daughter’s godfather.

Did Catfish Tyler Sabotage A Possible Relationship With Alyssa?

Tyler may have sabotaged a relationship with Alyssa during tonight’s ‘Catfish’ episode.

Catfish Poll: Would You Ever Marry Someone Like Wayne?

On this week’s ‘Catfish,’ Robin turned down Wayne — and left behind a life of luxury.

He Said/She Said: Do You Believe Robert Or His Catfish Ashleigh?

There are two sides to every story, as proven on this week’s episode of ‘Catfish.’

Catfish Promises: Did April Give Dean A Fair Chance?

April’s ‘Catfish’ turned out to be exactly who he said he was — but their ending still wasn’t exactly a happy one.

Catfish Commitment: Will Kelsie And Brandon Eventually Settle Down Together?

A single mom’s ‘Catfish’ turned out to be the real deal!

‘My Mom Is Worth Millions: Is Her Husband A Catch Or A ‘Catfish’?’

Deanna was on a family vacation in Malaysia when she met James, a Nigerian whom she later married — even though she lives in Canada and he’s in Nigeria. 

In their six years of marriage, Deanna says she has visited James eight or nine times, but he has been unable to come to Canada because, she says, he was denied a visitor’s visa. She estimates that she has spent up to $ 500,000 on travel, some gifts like jewelry and watches, and sending some cash. “To me, that’s not high. That number doesn’t jar me,” says Deanna, who is a successful business owner.  

“There’s no doubt that if the Canadian government could see us together, they would believe that our marriage is definitely real. I want to get to be with my husband,” Deanna says in the video above. “I want us to be a normal man and wife.” 

But Deanna’s son and brother say they believe she is being “scammed,” which both Deanna and James vehemently deny. “He’s living like a king in a third-world country. I see Mom being James’ cash cow, and he knows it,” says her son, Jordan. “He’s going to keep that coming as long as he can.”  

Why does James have passports with different ages and names? What do Deanna and James’ marriage documents reveal? See what Dr. Phil uncovers and how Deanna responds when the marriage she describes as “perfect” may not be what it seems. 

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This Pretend-Victim Orchestrated Her Very Own ‘Catfish’ Episode

On this week’s “Catfish,” a woman pretended to be a victim just so she could get on the MTV show!

Whose ‘Catfish’ Story Do You Believe: Andria’s Or Christina’s?

Whose “Catfish” story do you believe: Andria’s or Christina’s?

Catfish And The Bottlemen Hit Conan

Catfish and the Bottlemen hit the stage for a live performance on Conan earlier this week. The Welsh rockers offered up a performance of their track “Cocoon” on the show, which also featured guest appearances by Ryan Reynolds and Judy Greer. The band shared news of the performance on Instagram offering up a photo from backstage, writing, “WERE ON CONAN TONIGHT!”
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Here’s How A Grammy-Nominated Artist Became A ‘Catfish’ Victim

Here’s how a Grammy-nominated artist became a “Catfish” victim.

Who Did ‘Catfish’ Trez Deceive More: Tiana Or Aisha?

Who did “Catfish” fraud Trez deceive more: His internet crush Tiana or his baby mama Aisha?

The Balcony – Catfish and the Bottlemen

Catfish and the Bottlemen - The Balcony  artwork

The Balcony

Catfish and the Bottlemen

Genre: Alternative

Price: $ 6.99

Release Date: September 15, 2014

© ℗ 2014 Communion Group Limited under exclusive licence to Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited

iTunes Store: Top Albums in Alternative

What’s Worse: A ‘Catfish’ Who Lies About Her Identity, Or One Who Lies About Her Past?

Which ‘Catfish’ offender is worse: One who lies about her identity, or one who lies about her past?

Here’s How Max Joseph Made The Most Of His ‘Catfish’ Return

Look back at Max Joseph’s outstanding return to ‘Catfish’ after a brief hiatus.

Watch ‘Catfish’ Guest Host Angel Haze Drop Some Serious Wisdom On This Online Liar

Here are Angel Haze’s best bits of advice from tonight’s ‘Catfish’ episode.

8 Charlamagne Tha God Quotes That Prove He Should Be A Permanent Third ‘Catfish’ Host

Charlamagne Tha God appeared on the Season 4 premiere of ‘Catfish’ and did a bang-up job — here are his best quotes.

Catfish And The Bottlemen Announce Second Brixton Academy Show On November 7th 2015

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Finding love is difficult for anyone, but doing it when you’re deployed for a majority of the year is nearly impossible. On tonight’s episode of “Catfish,” Jeff, an active navy sailor from Florida, found himself at a standstill. He’d been Internet-dating a nurse named Megan — who’d sent him a Facebook friend request accidentally —… Read more »

‘Catfish’ Poll: Is Miranda Really Into Gabby — Or Just Trying To Save Face?

The possibility of seeing true love — or even just friendship — blossom out of questionable online connections is half the appeal of “Catfish,” and though we’d like to believe Miranda found that on tonight’s episode, we’re not so sure. The 21-year-old reached out to Nev and Max about her online boyfriend, James, whom she… Read more »

This Man Had All The Tools To Catch His ‘Catfish’ — But Didn’t Use Them

The lovesick on “Catfish” seek out the help of Internet detectives Max Joseph and Nev Schulman because of the duo’s technological expertise and superior snooping, but it’s possible they’d be bested by John, the enamored hopeful featured on tonight’s episode. As an IT professional, the Detroit resident has made a career out of sorting through… Read more »

Remembering The ‘Catfish’ Who Were (Pretty Much) Honest About Their Identities

It’s rare in the world of “Catfish,” but once in a blue moon, Internet gurus Nev Schulman and Max Joseph help to uncover a very uncommon breed of people who are (for the most part) telling the truth about their identities. On last week’s episode, we got our first taste of honesty during Season 3,… Read more »