El Chapo Courthouse Cops Ran Active Shooter Drill to Prep for Trial, Verdict

When drug kingpin El Chapo’s verdict comes down, law enforcement at the courthouse will be ready for the worst case scenario after running drills for an active shooter crisis … TMZ has learned. According to sources at the Brooklyn Federal Court…


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Dog the Bounty Hunter — El Chapo Will Be Captured Soon … But Not By Me (VIDEO)

[[tmz:video id=”0_jfibtj7k”]] Dog the Bounty Hunter is tapping out on tracking El Chapo … despite the $ 5 million bounty on the notorious drug lord’s head, and no price tag is going to change his mind. Dog says he learned a big lesson the…


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El Chapo Puts $100M Bounty On Donald Trump’s Wig Piece

Mexican drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán is still somewhere enjoying life, and probably a cerveza and taking in a soccer game. He’s also managed to find time to reportedly put a $ 100M bounty on the head of Donald Trump. 

Reports Latina:

El Chapo escaped from maximum security prison in Mexico earlier this year via ventilated, lit tunnel that exited in a house construction site nearly a mile away. The Mexican drug lord has evaded capture, and now appears to be doing some investigative work of his own.

According to TeleSurTV, El Chapo has increased the bounty on Trump’s head to a steep $ 100 million. An unnamed told the source that the drug lord was “mad” about Trump’s inflammatory statements about Mexicans.

“He wants Donald Trump dead,” the unnamed source added. “And he will pay any amount of money to have Donald Trump’s head.”

The threats have yet to be confirmed, although a Trump employee told Gossip Cop that the threat
“is no joke.”

With that in mind, we wish El Chapo nothing but the best and figure he’ll turn himself in when he feels ready to.

Also, to put things in perspective, Mexico has offered $ 3.8M for El Chapo’s capture.

Photo: Mexico Attorney General

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French Montana – El Chapo Is My Hero (VIDEO)

French Montana is putting ruthless, murderous drug lord El Chapo up on a pedestal — and the video of his shout-out to the notorious fugitive … is ridiculous.  French was out in Hollywood Wednesday night when a…


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Security Footage Of El Chapo Giving Jail The Deuces [VIDEO]

As more details about how Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán managed to escape from a maximum security prison in Mexico, again, are revealed, the more outlandish the situation becomes. Surveillance footage of El Chapo in his cell just before he leisurely made his escape has been revealed. 

Reports Gawker:

The video was released tonight during a press conference held by Mexico’s National Security Commissioner Monte Alejandro Rubido. In the clip, you can see Guzmán—who currently has a $ 3.8 million bounty on his head—pacing in his cell, from the bed to the shower and back. At one point, he disappears behind the shower stall before emerging again. He walks back to his bed, appears to put on shoes, then returns to the shower and drops through what we now know was a two-by-two foot hole in the floor, gone for good.

Did we mention that the tunnel was fully illuminated? Bruh…

Photo: YouTube

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