Chasing Perfect – Helena Coan

Helena Coan - Chasing Perfect  artwork

Chasing Perfect

Helena Coan

Genre: Documentary

Price: $ 12.99

Rental Price: $ 4.99

Release Date: July 9, 2019

This is the untold story of the unique and extraordinary creativity of Frank Stephenson, one of the most important and influential car designers working today. Frank’s designs range from high-concept hypercars such as the $ 1.1 million McLaren P1 and Maserati MC12 to reimagined ‘everyday’ design icons like the new Mini and Fiat 500.This film is a singular and charming portrait of Frank, a man whose life is inseparable from his work. From his first ever design through to his current re-invention of the London taxi cab and his work on bespoke military watches, Chasing Perfect focuses on the mechanics of Frank’s mind and the development of his creative process, from his constant and unexpected sources of inspiration in nature through to his final ground-breaking designs, including his most ambitious project to date: Lithium’s electric VTOL flying taxi.Frank’s creative processes stems from Casablanca, Morocco in the ’60s, then Istanbul and Spain, where his father opened a car dealership and Frank’s love for cars and design was born. The exploration of Frank’s innovative design is told through his infectious personality – his industry-leading talent, his love of his pet dog, his unrelenting enthusiasm, passion, humour and his obsession with good design. This is the story of a designer whose infectious enthusiasm and extreme dedication has led him to succeed beyond the automotive world, a person whose imagination and almost childlike awe of the world has reshaped the industry.

© © 2019 Salon Story Limited

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Chasing Eva – Camellia Hart

Camellia Hart - Chasing Eva  artwork

Chasing Eva

Camellia Hart

Genre: Contemporary

Publish Date: April 7, 2016

Publisher: Camellia Hart

Seller: Camellia Hart

Three ebooks for the price of one… This week only! Chasing Eva – FREE (original price: $ 3.99) Loving Eva – $ 0.99 (original price: $ 3.99) Killing Eva – $ 2.99 (original price: $ 3.99) When Eva and Clive meet in the office elevator fifteen years after they've seen each other last, their mutual attraction not dulled one bit, they're tempted to explore their intense, undeniable, chemistry further. But then Eva discovers that the sinfully gorgeous Clive is the powerful businessman who's causing her company's downfall. She's determined to sway her newfound enemy to reconsider his betrayal. They're not even halfway through that debate, when they're drawn to each other with a force neither of them anticipates. Having lived through her share of disloyal relationships Eva's sworn off heartbreaker men. No way she'll fall for this assertive, enigmatic playboy. But Clive isn't one to give up that easily, or at all for that matter. She doesn't know, he's been chasing Eva since their first kiss fifteen years ago. *First book of  three book series :    Book 1 – Chasing Eva   Book 2 – Loving Eva   Book 3 – Killing Eva  *Underlying suspense  continues  in  Loving Eva  and  concludes  in  Killing   Eva .  *Two  bonus chapters  are at the end.

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Chasing Perfect – Melanie Shawn

Melanie Shawn - Chasing Perfect  artwork

Chasing Perfect

Melanie Shawn

Genre: New Adult

Publish Date: November 30, 2015

Publisher: Red Hot Reads Publishing

Seller: Online Advantage Marketing, LLC

They’d been best friends since elementary school, knew each other’s secrets, and supported each other in times of need…Sandy Cooper and Hunter Blakely were there for each other no matter what…until one epic graduation night changed everything… For Sandy, her sexy best friend knew too much of the life she wanted to get away from. She wanted to start fresh but also keep the one constant in her life; his unwavering friendship and support. And she was willing to push her growing feelings for him down in order to protect their special friendship. Hunter always knew that the gorgeous blonde was all he wanted, and even though her rejection hurt, he was willing to do whatever it took to prove to her that they belonged together in every way. When it comes to Chasing Perfect , sometimes you don’t have to travel very far.

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Jonas Brothers’ Chasing Happiness: 11 Revelations From Their New Doc

The Jonas Brothers’ new Amazon Prime documentary, “Chasing Happiness,” has arrived. Here are the 11 biggest things we learned from watching.

Chasing the Dragon – T.K. Leigh

T.K. Leigh - Chasing the Dragon  artwork

Chasing the Dragon

T.K. Leigh

Genre: Suspense

Publish Date: May 11, 2015

Publisher: Carpe Per Diem

Seller: Tracy Kellam

RECOMMENDED FOR AGES 18 & UP DUE TO STRONG LANGUAGE, EXPLICIT SEXUAL SITUATIONS, AND VIOLENCE. He’s trying to protect his heart…  She’s a shell of the girl she once was… Can he chase away the demons threatening to destroy her? Mackenzie Delano craves control. After tragedy strikes during her freshman year of college, she compensates for the helplessness she felt by micro-managing every aspect of her life, from her business life to her social life…to her love life. But she wasn’t expecting to cross paths with a mysterious man who seems to invade her every thought. Tyler Burnham has been living his life with one rule in mind…never fall in love. Focusing solely on his career, he is able to remain a detached observer of life… Until a case is dropped in his lap, forcing him to form an intimate relationship with a sharp-tongued woman in order to obtain the location of a man deemed an enemy of the State. When Tyler finds himself falling for Mackenzie, will he be able push his feelings aside and recover the information he needs? Or will he put the mission and their lives at risk to follow his heart? ***Note – Chasing The Dragon is the first book in a two-book duet and is a spin-off of T.K. Leigh's USA Today Bestselling Beautiful Mess series. It is not necessary to have read that series in order to read this duet, but it will contain a mild spoiler from the third book in the Beautiful Mess series, Gorgeous Chaos.***

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Chasing Liberty – Andy Cadiff

Andy Cadiff - Chasing Liberty  artwork

Chasing Liberty

Andy Cadiff

Genre: Romance

Price: $ 12.99

Rental Price: $ 2.99

Release Date: January 9, 2004

Teen sensation Mandy Moore ("Racing Stripes," "A Walk to Remember") stars as the U.S. president's 18-year-old daughter who gives the Secret Service the slip to go on a road trip unsupervised by the earpiece set. While incognito, she meets a mysterious stranger who reluctantly aides in her escape. Also starring Emmy and Golden Globe-nominees Mark Harmon (TV's "NCIS," "Freaky Friday"), and Jeremy Piven (TV's "Entourage," "Scary Movie 3"), Emmy-nominee Annabella Sciorra ("What Dreams May Come," TV's "The Sopranos"), and Matthew Goode ("Match Point," TV's "Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister").

© © 2004 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

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Chasing Christmas Eve: A Heartbreaker Bay Novel, Book 4 (Unabridged) – Jill Shalvis

Jill Shalvis - Chasing Christmas Eve: A Heartbreaker Bay Novel, Book 4 (Unabridged)  artwork

Chasing Christmas Eve: A Heartbreaker Bay Novel, Book 4 (Unabridged)

Jill Shalvis

Genre: Romance

Price: $ 24.95

Publish Date: September 26, 2017

© ℗ © 2017 Harper Audio

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Chasing Justice – Danielle Stewart

Danielle Stewart - Chasing Justice  artwork

Chasing Justice

Book 1 of the Piper Anderson Series

Danielle Stewart

Genre: Suspense

Publish Date: November 3, 2014

Publisher: Danielle Stewart

Seller: Danielle Stewart

Piper Anderson has been given a fresh start in the picturesque town of Edenville, North Carolina. But her plans of settling into a normal life are derailed when she witnesses a prominent judge in her community committing a violent assault. Running from her own past and fueled by a passion to make the judge answer for his crimes, Piper is forced to decide if she’ll play by the rules or achieve justice in her own way.  Complicating things further, Piper finds herself fighting a powerful attraction to rookie cop, Bobby Wright. Although she’s increasingly enamored with Bobby, his staunch belief in the justice system is in stark contrast to her own. She may not share his opinions about the effectiveness of the law, but she certainly can’t deny how safe she feels when she’s in his arms or how every kiss leaves her desperate for more.  For Piper, the idea of finally living an ordinary life with a man to love is tempting. However, fate keeps placing the judge, quite literally, in her path. Will she decide the only way to win is to be as wicked as the judge, but with righteous intentions? And more importantly, will Bobby choose to let her go, or follow her as she crosses the line and takes justice into her own hands? 

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Chasing Mavericks – Curtis Hanson & Michael Apted

Curtis Hanson & Michael Apted - Chasing Mavericks  artwork

Chasing Mavericks

Curtis Hanson & Michael Apted

Genre: Sports

Price: $ 4.99

Rental Price: $ 2.99

Release Date: October 26, 2012

Gerard Butler, Elisabeth Shue and Hollywood newcomer Jonny Weston star in this inspiring true story of courage and friendship the whole family will love. When 15-year-old Jay Moriarty (Weston) discovers that the mythical Mavericks surf break is real, he reaches out to local surfing legend Frosty Hesson (Butler) to train him to ride it. What begins as a mentorship turns into an extraordinary bond that transforms both their lives, as Jay and Frosty learn valuable lessons about conquering fear in pursuit of your dreams. Featuring the most spectacular wave footage ever captured on film, Chasing Mavericks is packed with action and drenched with excitement!

© © 2012 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and Walden Media, LLC. All rights reserved.

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Chasing Ice – Jeff Orlowski

Jeff Orlowski - Chasing Ice  artwork

Chasing Ice

Jeff Orlowski

Genre: Documentary

Price: $ 7.99

Rental Price: $ 0.99

Release Date: November 16, 2012

CHASING ICE is a "visually breathtaking" (Variety), Academy Award®-nominated feature documentary about one man's mission to change the tide of history by gathering undeniable evidence of our changing planet. It has been hailed by the public and critics alike as "The most important documentary of the year." (Detroit News)

In the spring of 2005, acclaimed National Geographic photographer James Balog headed to the Arctic on a tricky assignment – to capture images to help tell the story of the Earth's changing climate. Even with a scientific upbringing, Balog had been a skeptic about climate change and a cynic about the nature of academic research. But that first trip north opened his eyes to the biggest story in human history.

Within months of his first trip to Iceland, Balog conceived the boldest expedition of his life – The Extreme Ice Survey. With a band of young adventurers in tow, Balog began deploying revolutionary time-lapse cameras across the brutal Arctic, by helicopter, canoe, and dogsled, to capture a multi-year record of the world's changing glaciers. Battling untested technology in subzero conditions, Balog finds himself at the end of his tether, risking both his career and his well-being. As the debate polarizes America and the intensity of natural disasters ramps up globally, he comes face to face with his own mortality. It takes years for him to see the fruits of his labor. But his hauntingly beautiful videos compress those years into seconds. His Extreme Ice Survey captures ancient mountains of ice in motion as they disappear at a breathtaking rate.

CHASING ICE depicts a heroic photojournalist doing everything in his power to deliver hope to our carbon-powered planet and contains "spectacular images of places few people have ever seen." (NPR)

© © Chasing Ice 2012

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Chasing River (Unabridged) – K.A. Tucker

K.A. Tucker - Chasing River (Unabridged)  artwork

Chasing River (Unabridged)

K.A. Tucker

Genre: Romance

Price: $ 15.95

Publish Date: July 7, 2015

© ℗ © 2015 Simon & Schuster Audio

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Chasing the Sun – Tracie Peterson

Tracie Peterson - Chasing the Sun  artwork

Chasing the Sun

Tracie Peterson

Genre: Religious

Publish Date: March 1, 2012

Publisher: Bethany House Publishers

Seller: Baker Book House Company

Tracie Peterson Embarks on a New Texas Series When her father disappears in war-torn Mississippi, Hannah Dandridge finds herself responsible not only for her younger siblings but for the ranch her father recently acquired on the Texas plains. Though a marriage of convenience could ease her predicament, she determines to trust God for direction. Wounded soldier William Barnett returns to his home only to discover that his family's ranch has been seized. Though angry and bitter at this turn of events, he's surprised to discover that it is a beautiful young woman with amazing fortitude who is struggling to keep the place running.  Hannah, desperate for help, and William, desperate to regain his family's land, form an uneasy truce. But nearby Comanche tribes, the arrival of Confederate soldiers, and a persistent suitor all threaten the growing attraction that builds between them. Will they be able to set aside their own dreams and embrace the promise of a future together?

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Chasing Perfect: A Fool’s Gold Romance, Book 1 (Unabridged) – Susan Mallery

Susan Mallery - Chasing Perfect: A Fool's Gold Romance, Book 1 (Unabridged)  artwork

Chasing Perfect: A Fool’s Gold Romance, Book 1 (Unabridged)

Susan Mallery

Genre: Romance

Price: $ 11.95

Publish Date: May 1, 2010

© ℗ © 2010 Brilliance Audio

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Flashback: See Sugarland Duet With Adele on ‘Chasing Pavements’

At the 51st annual Grammy Awards, Sugarland took home a pair of trophies for their single “Stay.” But while the golden gramophones certainly boosted their profile, it was their cross-genre performance with Adele that introduced them to a more pop-savvy audience.

Following a bare bones but passionate take on their Grammy-winning ballad… News