Chinatown – Roman Polanski

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Roman Polanski

Genre: Drama

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Release Date: June 26, 1974

Landmark movie in the film noir tradition, Roman Polanski's Chinatown stands as a true screen classic. Jack Nicholson is private eye Jake Gittes, living off the murky moral climate of sunbaked, pre-war Southern California. Hired by a beautiful socialite (Faye Dunaway) to investigate her husband's extra-marital affair, Gittes is swept into a maelstrom of double dealings and deadly deceits, uncovering a web of personal and political scandals that come crashing together for one, unforgettable night in…Chinatown. Co-starring film legend John Huston and featuring an Academy Award-winning script by Robert Towne, Chinatown captures a lost era in a masterfully woven movie that remains a timeless gem.

© © 1974 by Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

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Raf Simons Takes Over Chinatown with Rain Gear and Replicants

Under the Manhattan Bridge, to din of subway cars above, Raf Simons presented his Spring 2018 menswear collection.
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Fashion’s Favorite Yoga Instructor Opens a New Chinatown Studio

Photographed by Steven Klein, Vogue, October 2002

Models, actresses, and many a Vogue editor swear by the yoga classes Krissy Jones has been teaching out of a private studio in SoHo. Jones, who trained as a dancer, specializes in a blend of Katonah yoga—itself a hybrid of traditional hatha yoga, pranayama breathing techniques, and Taoist teachings—with active vinyasa sequences that result in “a bit richer of a practice,” she says.

Now Jones has partnered with her fellow teacher and Katonah trainee, Chloe Kernaghan, to open Sky Ting Yoga, an airy, light-filled new Chinatown studio offering a menu of classes as dynamic and challenging as their own. “All of the teachers are rock star teachers and have followings,” Jones says. “We kind of curated the schedule so that I’d [want to] go to anybody’s class.” Also on offer are workshops and exotic yoga retreats—upcoming trips include an August jaunt to Turkey and a December sailing tour of Thailand—which Jones promises will offer “a balance between yoga and vacation life.” The studio’s name reflects this unpretentious attitude: Though ting is Chinese for place, “we also like it because it sounds kind of Jamaican,” Jones explains. “We don’t really chant or ‘om’ or do much of that. We’re a little more accessible and teach to the present-day New Yorker who just needs to chill out and do some backbends from being on a computer all day.”


Photo: Courtesy of Skyting Yoga

The 2,000-square-foot duplex space, which opens July 10, features a rotating selection of artwork (first up are photographs and paintings by Nick Poe, who designed the space, and Thomas McDonell), a plant-filled practice room complete with stuffed giraffe mascot, and a roof deck for meditation sessions and workshops. An on-site boutique will sell chic yoga gear from Nike and Live The Process, and natural beauty products from Ben Shen. And the nearby health-conscious hangout Dimes—whose fashionable fans are bound to be Sky Ting regulars—has signed on to provide to-go meals and snacks. “We’re hoping to give the community a place to hang out,” Jones says. “You’ll want to be here all day.”

Sky Ting Yoga, 55 Chrystie Street between Canal and Hester Streets, NYC;

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