5 Shocking Crimes Committed By Senior Citizens

By Pauli Poisuo,Israel SH,Julia Lange,Christian Markle,Tee Ngin Rui  Published: June 10th, 2019 

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Jake Paul Sued Over His Security Allegedly Making Racist Citizen’s Arrest

4:30 PM PT — Jake Paul’s lawyer tells TMZ … Jake was not present during the citizen’s arrest. The lawyer adds Jake was not even aware of the citizen’s arrest at the time it was made.   Jake Paul’s security roughed up a neighbor and falsely…


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The Pop-up Economy: Citizens of Humanity, Janessa Leone Partner at The Platform

Call it a pop-up economy. Perhaps a combination of retail uncertainty, high rents and fickle shoppers, the pop-up shop may soon need to change its definition as more and more of them appear in Los Angeles, and persist longer than the intended period. But the concept has not worn out its welcome at The Platform, the hipster retail collective in Culver City, Calif., which from the get-go has welcomed these “temporary” shops along with permanent ones.
One of the first to open there two years ago, The Edit by Freda Salvador and Janessa Leone, a partnership between the independently owned shoe brand and hat brand, respectively, has graduated to permanent status and is welcoming a pop-up of its own, with L.A.-based premium denim brand Citizens of Humanity.
The tie-up, which opens May 17, marks the first time The Edit has incorporated apparel items into its store, which necessitated bringing in some new fixtures and dressing rooms along with incorporating the jeans on the existing shelves with accessories.

Janessa Leone, pictured in Citizens of Humanity’s digital style feature. 
Courtesy Citizens of Humanity

The idea came about after Citizens asked Leone to be in an “at-home-style” feature for its digital platform. She then invited them to do

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Things You Didn’t Know About Dating for Senior Citizens

What Are the Advantages of Older Men Dating Younger Women? Dating younger women can have many perks for older men. This is an attractive pairing for both even though older men dating younger women is considered taboo by some people.
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I Tell You How Citizens Can Fix Health Care (Now that Congress Failed)

Congress just proved something that we all suspected: They are the wrong tool for fixing health care. The topic is too complicated, the politics are too corrosive, and the money interests are too strong. That’s why citizens will step in and fill the gap with their own proposals. I expect to see a number of citizen-created health care proposals emerge soon. To that end, I thought I would get the ball rolling by framing the problem in this short 4-minute video. This is how any large business would approach the problem of spiraling healthcare costs. Here is the graphic from the video clip:

The advantage American citizens have in 2017, that we never had before, is a populist president who can sell the bejeezus out of a health care plan if someone could come up with one that makes sense. But for that to happen, Congress first had to do a hard faceplant in the asphalt, to show the country they are not the right tool for the job. That phase is complete. Time for the next phase.

You might enjoy reading my book because Congress is broken.

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You Guys, This Is Adorable: A Dating Show for Senior Citizens

Between the new season of the Bachelorette premiering next week and increasingly weirder shows like Married at First Sight on the primetime lineup, it might seem like every angle of dating on TV has been…

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This Adorable Dating Show Helps Senior Citizens Find Love

True love can strike at any age—and now, there's a new reality show to help those sparks fly for the 55 and older crowd. It's called Never Too Late to Date, and it airs on…

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