Tech Support – Bon Appétit’s Brad & Claire Answer Cooking Questions From Twitter

Bon Appétit’s Brad Leone and Claire Saffitz use the power of Twitter to answer some common questions about cooking. Brad and Claire offer their chef support to the internet masses, answering questions about food dehydrators, kombucha and more!

Brad’s new show It’s Alive: Goin’ Places is now available on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon FireTV, and Android TV. Claire’s new show Bon Appétit’s Baking School launches later this month.

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Alaskan Dawn – Edie Claire

Edie Claire - Alaskan Dawn  artwork

Alaskan Dawn

Edie Claire

Genre: Contemporary

Publish Date: January 27, 2015

Publisher: Stackhouse Press

Seller: Edie Claire

AN iBOOKS TOP-25, USA-TODAY BESTSELLING ROMANCE! FIRST in the PACIFIC HORIZONS series. In these connected romantic novels, characters facing tragedy, heartbreak, and painful family secrets are drawn to the wild beauty of the natural world. Breaching whales and howling wolves refresh their spirits, but only human love can heal their souls… Haley knew that carrying her twin sister’s baby would be a sacrifice. She just didn’t know how great. Pregnant, overworked, and driven to the end of her rope by the neediness of the sister and widowed mother who depend on her, a high-powered young attorney seeks refuge with a week’s vacation on the Alaskan coast. As overachiever Haley soaks up the serenity of her unexpectedly agreeable surroundings, she finds something else she doesn’t expect — deep feelings for the wildlife-loving boat captain who reminds her how to laugh. With her unborn niece or nephew on the way and thousands of miles of ocean between their lives and careers, Haley and Ben settle for a friendship. But back home in California, the emptiness in Haley’s heart begins to fester. When her pregnancy takes a frightening turn, she must examine what really matters — and rediscover the childhood dream she never realized she had lost.

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Only Tease – Emma Claire In A Sexy Secretary Outfit

Only Tease - Emma Claire

What better way to start of the work week than with a sexy secretary like Emma Claire. This blonde bombshell is wearing a cute purple blouse with a very short miniskirt. She gives the camera lots of naughty upskirt views, showing off all of her long, luscious pantyhose covered legs and black g-string. This secretary definitely would make any office a lot more exciting.

Visit Only Tease and see lots more of Emma Claire. There’s already five exciting photo sets featuring Emma inside of Only Tease with six more photo sets and a video in line to be released soon. I can’t wait for her French Maid photo set to go live, it’s going to be truly exciting.

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Only Tease

Let the Sunshine In – Claire Denis

Claire Denis - Let the Sunshine In  artwork

Let the Sunshine In

Claire Denis

Genre: Romance

Price: $ 14.99

Rental Price: $ 4.99

Release Date: April 27, 2018

Juliette Binoche delivers a luminous performance in the deliciously witty, sensuously romantic new film from acclaimed director Claire Denis (White Material). Isabelle (Binoche) is a divorced Parisian painter searching for another shot at love, but refusing to settle for the parade of all-too-flawed men who drift in and out of her life. There's a caddish banker (Xavier Beauvois) who, like many of her lovers, happens to be married; a handsome actor (Nicolas Duvauchelle) who's working through his own hang-ups; and a sensitive fellow artist (Alex Descas) who's skittish about commitment. What reads like a standard romantic comedy premise is transformed, in the hands of master filmmaker Denis, into something altogether deeper, more poignant, and perceptive about the profound mysteries of love.

© © 2018 Curiosa Films – FD Production – Ad Vitam – Versus production

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VOICE/PRESENCE/ABSENCE – Malcolm Angelucci, Chris Caines, Simon Charles, John D’Arcy, Amy Evans, Michael Farrell, Iben Have, Walli Hoefinger, Christiane Hommelsheim, Diane Hughes, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, Sarah Keith, Ansa Lønstrup, Alessandro Mistrorigo, Claire Nashar, Anne Pender, Christine Piper, Jessie Scott, Yuji Sone, Birgitte Stougaard, Prithvi Varatharajan & Jessica Wilkinson

Malcolm Angelucci, Chris Caines, Simon Charles, John D'Arcy, Amy Evans, Michael Farrell, Iben Have, Walli Hoefinger, Christiane Hommelsheim, Diane Hughes, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, Sarah Keith, Ansa Lønstrup, Alessandro Mistrorigo, Claire Nashar, Anne Pender, Christine Piper, Jessie Scott, Yuji Sone, Birgitte Stougaard, Prithvi Varatharajan & Jessica Wilkinson - VOICE/PRESENCE/ABSENCE  artwork


An interdisciplinary dialogue on voice and the humanities

Malcolm Angelucci, Chris Caines, Simon Charles, John D’Arcy, Amy Evans, Michael Farrell, Iben Have, Walli Hoefinger, Christiane Hommelsheim, Diane Hughes, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, Sarah Keith, Ansa Lønstrup, Alessandro Mistrorigo, Claire Nashar, Anne Pender, Christine Piper, Jessie Scott, Yuji Sone, Birgitte Stougaard, Prithvi Varatharajan & Jessica Wilkinson

Genre: Art & Architecture

Publish Date: November 6, 2014

Publisher: UTS ePRESS

Seller: Belinda Tiffen

Voice/Presence/Absence collects international contributions from academic scholars and practitioners, together with recorded live performances of artists, writers, musicians and poets, creating the space for a discussion on the role of voice in contemporary humanities. Voice/Presence/Absence is conceived as a dialogue: between a variety of interpretive frameworks and definitions of voice; between different objects of study (from contemporary art to post-dramatic theatre, from radio-voices to recorded poetry and audio-books, from pop music to novels, from the voice of trees to the one of birds, etc.) and, most important, between artists, performers and the world of academia.

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Only Opaques – Emma Claire In Stockings

Only Opaques - Emma Claire

Today at Only Opaques you can enjoy this sexy video featuring a blonde bombshell named Emma Claire. She’s at the office, dressed as a sexy secretary. She looks very formal, yet extremely sensual in this grey and black outfit. I’m sure there’s more than a few guys that wouldn’t mind spending some time working along side Emma while she’s wearing that outfit, especially if they get more than a peek at her stocking covered legs. She’s wearing a pair of sheer black stockings and suspenders that will definitely get your attention.

Inside Only Opaques you can watch this video streaming from the website via the Flash Player or download it to your computer and enjoy it anytime you want. It’s Emma Claire’s second video for Only Opaques. She also has four photo sets. The other scenes featuring Emma are hot, but this one is definitely my favorite.

Visit Only Opaques right now and see everything that the site has to offer.


Always Have – Claire Kingsley

Claire Kingsley - Always Have  artwork

Always Have

Claire Kingsley

Genre: Contemporary

Publish Date: December 14, 2017

Publisher: Claire Kingsley

Seller: Draft2Digital, LLC

Kylie's best friend Braxton is the hottest man she's ever known, with a rock hard body and a smile that melts the panties off every woman he meets.  Except Kylie. Mostly. Kylie is anxious to get off the dating carousel and find something real. Despite the way Braxton tends to suck the air from her lungs, she knows he's trouble. He's just another player, and she's tired of the game. But Braxton isn't the man she thinks. The real reason he's sh*t with women is simple. None of the women he's with are the one he wants. None of them are Kylie. He wants to love her in every way imaginable, but there's always something in the way. So he stays her friend, watching her date men who are too stupid to realize how special she is. Always worried the next one won't be. The next one will be the man who takes her from him forever. Loving Kylie risks every fiber of their friendship, but losing her might be more than Braxton can take.

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Kings (Chaos #5.5) – Claire Farrell

Claire Farrell - Kings (Chaos #5.5)  artwork

Kings (Chaos #5.5)

Claire Farrell

Genre: Fantasy

Publish Date: August 30, 2015

Publisher: Claire Farrell

Seller: Smashwords

Set between books five and six in the Chaos series, Kings is a brief look into the lives of Drake and Brendan. After sealing the rift, Drake hears word of his wife’s sickness only to find that the cause is exactly what unites his enemies against him. Brendan’s journey across unexplored waters is only beginning, and if he finds what he’s looking for, he’ll owe a determined woman a throne by his side. But can he do it? Whatever course of action is taken next, they will change their world.

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Sacrifice (Chaos #6) – Claire Farrell

Claire Farrell - Sacrifice (Chaos #6)  artwork

Sacrifice (Chaos #6)

Chaos, Book 6

Claire Farrell

Genre: Fantasy

Publish Date: October 18, 2015

Publisher: Claire Farrell

Seller: Smashwords

As a king’s life hangs in the balance, alliances are made then broken. Only trickery can help Cara protect those she cares about, but when her enemies show their true face, she realises the truth: every distraction feeds Chaos. Cara’s not the only one searching for a legendary treasure, not the only one reaching for power. The journey’s not over, but at the end of every path lies Sacrifice.

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Blight (Chaos #5) – Claire Farrell

Claire Farrell - Blight (Chaos #5)  artwork

Blight (Chaos #5)

Chaos, Book 5

Claire Farrell

Genre: Fantasy

Publish Date: April 30, 2015

Publisher: Claire Farrell

Seller: Smashwords

As the blight spreads, destroying the land, Cara’s new subjects turn on her, and Brendan and Drake are no longer there to help her. The Darksiders thought she’d be pliable, or maybe even a miracle-worker, and it’s not as easy to scrub away Sadler’s influence as she thought. But Scarlet isn’t her only priority any more, and once the ceremony to swear her in as regent is done, it’ll be time for Cara to join forces with the kings, find a way to stop the blight, and prove to the fae that she can be the leader they need. It took a Darksider to steal the throne; it’ll take a faery queen to keep it.

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Queen (Chaos #3) – Claire Farrell

Claire Farrell - Queen (Chaos #3)  artwork

Queen (Chaos #3)

Chaos, Book 3

Claire Farrell

Genre: Paranormal

Publish Date: May 30, 2014

Publisher: Claire Farrell

Seller: Smashwords

Three kings. Two queens. One heir. Chaos will rule… The Chaos series so far: One Night with the Fae (Prequel Companion) Soul (Chaos #1) Fade (Chaos #2) Queen (Chaos #3)

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Usurper (Chaos #4) – Claire Farrell

Claire Farrell - Usurper (Chaos #4)  artwork

Usurper (Chaos #4)

Chaos, Book 4

Claire Farrell

Genre: Contemporary

Publish Date: November 21, 2014

Publisher: Claire Farrell

Seller: Smashwords

It’s been a year since Cara returned to the human realm with her daughter, and the fae have come knocking again. The game of kings is still being played, power is the ultimate prize, and Scarlet is an asset every court wishes to acquire. As Sadler’s next move is revealed to be his deadliest yet, and Scarlet’s burgeoning powers begin to develop into something that can’t be hidden, Cara realises that something more significant than a faery promise is needed to protect her family. It’s time for her to build on what she started in Sadler’s court. But although the game is seductive, the price of winning might be too costly for a human to pay.

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Fade (Chaos #2) – Claire Farrell

Claire Farrell - Fade (Chaos #2)  artwork

Fade (Chaos #2)

Chaos, Book 2

Claire Farrell

Genre: Fantasy

Publish Date: March 28, 2014

Publisher: Claire Farrell

Seller: Smashwords

Cara Kelly should have left the faery realm now that it has a king to rule all, but nothing is ever that simple. The real king is trapped in the Fade, and Cara's journey is just beginning. Guilt-ridden by the fact Brendan's soul was sacrificed for hers, she's determined not to desert him after his one pure act of goodness. Time is running out; even if she makes it past all of the dangers of the Darkside, a shade might await her in the Fade. Running from enemy and friends alike, she sets out on a path that will lead headfirst into danger. Even if Cara makes it to the Fade, even if a goddess watches over her, she doesn’t trust all of her companions, she still has to find a way home, and freeing Brendan could cause a war between the two faeries she cares about. And all the while, Chaos grows unchecked.

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Soul (Chaos #1) – Claire Farrell

Claire Farrell - Soul (Chaos #1)  artwork

Soul (Chaos #1)

Chaos, Book 1

Claire Farrell

Genre: Fantasy

Publish Date: November 8, 2013

Publisher: Claire Farrell

Seller: Smashwords

A novel inspired by the short story collection, One Night with the Fae. Soul is the first in a brand new series by Claire Farrell. Cara Kelly’s life is going nowhere when she’s lured to a faery festival. There she sees darkness and magic, madness and lust, and she comes out the other side with new eyes and an addiction to the fae. When the faery who saved her life returns to her, Cara knows there’s something wrong. Two souls exist in one body, and both need her, but to help one, she’ll end the life of the other. At first, her mind is made up, but both souls know how to charm her. As the days pass, it becomes clear that the faeries need a leader, and Cara finds herself sucked into a world where morals don’t exist. The truth of her past is hidden in the magic, but all Cara needs to do is survive the king’s coronation, then the fae will let her go forever. But that’s not what she wants anymore, and it’s getting harder and harder to tell the difference between a king and a half-blooded solitary fae. Cara’s losing her way, and her heart, to the fae, but there’s still her life, and her humanity, left to lose. The Chaos series so far: 1. Soul 2. Fade 3. Queen Coming late 2014 – Usurper (Chaos #4)

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Northern Delights – Claire May

Claire May - Northern Delights  artwork

Northern Delights

Claire May

Genre: Religious

Publish Date: March 14, 2017

Publisher: Claire May

Seller: Draft2Digital, LLC

Kate Williams has been living a miserable life ever since her father died. Her step-mother, Bertha is a bitter, vengeful woman and the dark bruises on Kate’s arms serve as a daily reminder as to just how bad some days can get. When an opportunity presents itself, Kate decides to take a chance on finding true love and happiness. With the help of her dearest friend, Laura, and the vivacious Mrs Livingston, she soon embarks on a journey that will see her leave Kansas and head north to Montana to become a mail order bride. Ethan Wright knows heartache. At just twenty two years of age, he’s certainly lived through his fair share. Both his Ma and Pa are gone, and now too is his older brother, leaving him the sole guardian of his adorable, yet mischievous young niece, Emily. But Ethan doesn’t know the first thing about raising a little girl. His farm is suffering, and he’s fallen terribly behind on the domestic front. He’s drowning in pots and pans and if he doesn’t do something soon, then little Emily might just be taken away from him for good. So Ethan does the only thing there is left to do, he sends off a letter for Boulder Valley’s first ever mail order bride. Northern Delights is a sweet tale of loss and longing, hardship and grief. It’s a story of romance that defies the common definitions, finding love and beauty in the most unexpected places. “We’ll be each other’s light in the darkest of days.” Northern Delights is Book 1 in the Encompassed Mail Order Bride series.

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Adam Levine Reveals Surprising Emotional Connection to The Voice’s Dave Crosby and His Daughter Claire

Adam Levine, The VoiceSay it with us now: Awwww!
As if viral video stars Dave Crosby and his daughter Claire hadn’t already stolen our hearts a million times over with their adorable duets of Disney…

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Claire Louise in her Sexy Blue Lingerie

Claire Louise is a real cutie and she certainly turns heads anywhere she goes but when she shows off in her lingerie over at Only Tease she gets all of the attention! Claire Louise isn’t a spotlight hog though, she is more than happy to share the spotlight with her kinky girlfriends at Only Tease and these girls certainly are kinky! Just watch as they get naughty for the camera slipping out of their cute outfits. Those perky teen tits and those long succulent legs are enough to drive any man absolutely insane!

Take a look at these photos of Claire Louise as she starts off by showing off in her cute blue lingerie set. That soft blue nightie clings to all of her curves in just the right places and those delicious chocolate colored stockings look absolutely amazing on her long legs. As she climbs up on the bed Claire Louise lifts up her lingerie and flashes a peek at her sheer mash panties and with a smile she goes on to show you all of her secrets! She even flashes a peek at those perky tits!

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Only Tease

Why Theatre? – Claire Abernathy, Lisa Bohn & Tim Bohn

Claire Abernathy, Lisa Bohn & Tim Bohn - Why Theatre?  artwork

Why Theatre?

Claire Abernathy, Lisa Bohn & Tim Bohn

Genre: Performing Arts

Publish Date: August 22, 2016

Publisher: Arkansas State University

Seller: Lisa Bohn

Throughout time, Theatre has asked the essential questions of our world. Why are we here? What are we meant to do? How do we connect to ourselves and our community? This theatre appreciation textbook provides a succinct, streamlined way to investigate the questions of theatre, providing a solid foundation on which to build classroom activities and explorations.

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Emma Claire In Her Tennis Outfit

Emma Claire has always been the athletic type of girl and when she got the chance to show off in her cute tennis outfit you can bet she had a lot of fun! All of the girls over at Only Tease have a lot of fun showing off their favorite outfits for the camera  though! There isn’t a website on the net that you can find with as many delicious tight teen teases willing to show off every inch of their body as they slowly strip out of their cute outfits. These hot teens are as hot as they get and they just can’t wait to take you to the edge and back again!

Take a look at these pictures of Emma Claire as she starts off showing off her short pleated tennis skirt, and her tight white polo shirt that squeezes those delicious tits tight. As she lays back on the kitchen counter she flashes a peek at her naughty panties and those delicious long legs of hers sheathed in her tall white knee socks. It’s not long before Emma has slipped out of her shirt though and is flashing her perky titties in her soft satiny bra. After that it doesn’t take much convincing to get that skirt off either!

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Only Tease

Barefoot at Sunset – Roxanne St. Claire

Roxanne St. Claire - Barefoot at Sunset  artwork

Barefoot at Sunset

Roxanne St. Claire

Genre: Contemporary

Publish Date: June 12, 2016

Publisher: South Street Publishing

Seller: Roxanne St. Claire

BAREFOOT AT SUNSET When widower Mark Solomon arrives in Barefoot Bay for his 30th high school reunion, he’s not quite prepared for the onslaught of memories or the attention from interested single women who’ve gathered for the annual event on the beach.  He’s ready to ditch the whole thing and resume his life as an adventure-seeking world traveler until he discovers a woman sobbing on his doorstep…and has an idea. By her own admission, advertising copywriter Emma DeWitt is jaded, jilted, and jobless,  but she goes over the edge when she learns that the resort villa that was supposed to be the site of her romantic honeymoon is occupied by a single man.  But when the sexy silver fox who’s staying in the villa surprises her with an irresistible offer to pose as his fake fiancée, Emma sees a way to have her week in paradise and begin healing her broken heart. Mark believes every person has only one soulmate…and he’s met, married, and buried his.  Emma believes that love is a marketing concept created to sell fairy tales and expensive weddings. What if they are both wrong…and completely right for each other?

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Claire Bubble Butt Screwing

Claire Robbins showing off her awesome blowjob and gets cock shoving in her rear.

The post Claire Bubble Butt Screwing appeared first on Phat Sexy Ass .

Phat Sexy Ass

Claire Zinn, Joanna Donna, Milo Kuniz

The Wild Party Girls crew throw out shirts, hats and panties to get sexy girls of all make and model to flash any part of their body. Girls pull down or take off their tops, stripping off their bikini bottoms to get some panties. These three get naked in the pool and kiss each other, grabbing asses pressing their bodies against each other. Inside a suit they take a shower to clean off licking and sucking the water off perky round tits. All three ladies dry off by rolling around on the bed and groping each other.

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These Photos Prove Just How Awesome the ’90s Were for Claire Danes

The actress reflects on her “Winona Ryder years,” the designer who taught her about fashion, and the latest season of Homeland.
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The Beauty Bride – Claire Delacroix & Deborah Cooke

Claire Delacroix & Deborah Cooke - The Beauty Bride  artwork

The Beauty Bride

Claire Delacroix & Deborah Cooke

Genre: Historical

Publish Date: January 16, 2013

Publisher: Deborah A. Cooke

Seller: Deborah A. Cooke

More cherished than gold are the Jewels of Kinfairlie, and only the worthiest of men may fight for their love…The Laird of Kinfairlie has unmarried sisters, each a gem in her own right. And he has no choice but to see them all wed in haste. Lady Madeline's heart is not for sale…especially not to a notorious outlaw like Rhys FitzHenry. Yet Madeline's hand has been sold, to none other than this battle-weary warrior with a price on his head. A more dutiful maiden might cede to the Laird's command and meekly accept her fate, but Madeline has never been obedient. She decides to run away, though she never dreams that Rhys will pursue her. She does not expect this taciturn man to woo her with fanciful stories, much less that each of his enthralling tales will reveal a scar upon his shielded soul. She never imagines that a man like Rhys could imperil her own heart while revealing so little of his own feelings. When Rhys' past threatens his future, Madeline takes a leap of faith. She dares to believe him innocent – and risks her own life to pursue a passion more priceless than the rarest gem.

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Party Girl – Marie Amachoukeli, Claire Burger & Samuel Theis

Marie Amachoukeli, Claire Burger & Samuel Theis - Party Girl  artwork

Party Girl

Marie Amachoukeli, Claire Burger & Samuel Theis

Genre: Romance

Price: $ 12.99

Rental Price: $ 3.99

Release Date: September 15, 2015

Angelique is a 60-year-old bar hostess in a cabaret located near the border between France and Germany. Despite her age, she’s a party girl and lives for the moment. At night, she seduces men so they can buy her drinks. As time goes by, clients become rare. But Michel, her regular client, is in love with her. One day, he asks Angelique to marry him. Will she settle into a life of companionship and comfort and give up her beloved lifestyle?

© © 2015 Cinema Guild

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Only Tease – Emma Claire In A Maid Uniform

Only Tease - Emma Claire

Would you like to have Emma Claire stop by your place today or better yet tonight to do some cleaning? This sultry looking blonde is wearing a very sexy french maid uniform. When she’s wearing that outfit it really doesn’t matter if she gets any work done or not. She looks amazing posing in the kitchen, slowly teasing out of her uniform and revealing her red lace bra, matching boyshort panties and sleek black stockings. If that wasn’t enough, wait until the only thing that she’s wearing is her stockings and suspenders.

This exciting photo set featuring Emma Claire was just added to Only Tease today. Every day they add brand new photo and video sets for you to enjoy. And not just one new set, sometimes as many as three or four to keep you always entertained. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find a sexy lady in an erotic outfit that really gets your heart beating.

Click here to visit Only Tease.

Only Tease

Sweet Seduction Sacrifice – Nicola Claire

Nicola Claire - Sweet Seduction Sacrifice  artwork

Sweet Seduction Sacrifice

Nicola Claire

Genre: Contemporary

Publish Date: February 22, 2013

Publisher: STR Limited

Seller: Draft2Digital, LLC

"I'm going to give you memories to last a lifetime, Genevieve Cain. I promise you that." With a loser ex-boyfriend threatening her dream business, Sweet Seduction, Genevieve Cain is forced to go to a lawyer to finalise things once and for all. Gen knows she's only good for one dream in her lifetime, so when she meets senior partner, Dominic Anscombe, in the foyer of the law firm's building, she dismisses any delusional ideas her mind creates involving his very fine body. But Dominic is intrigued by Gen's run-away mouth and if there's one thing to say about Dominic Anscombe, he knows what he wants and when he finds it, he sets out to take it, claim it and possess it – completely. Kidnappings, shootings, dream-shattering moments, hot investigators and just as hot lawyers, everything comes to a head when Genevieve sacrifices something so precious for something even more so. And it wasn't the sacrifice she thought she'd make. The sweetest of sacrifices, the most worthy offering. But can she believe Dominic has fallen as hard for her as she has for him in such a short time? And can she allow herself a second dream in her life, by letting him in? Love at first sight has never been so dangerous and so very delicious at the same time. Sweet Seduction Sacrifice (Sweet Seduction Series, #1) is an Contemporary Romantic Suspense set in Auckland, New Zealand. (Approx. 390 pages in length.) The premise behind this series is foremost love at first sight. It does exist, I'm living proof of that. Mix in alpha males who know what they want and when they see it, set out to take it, claim it and possess it – completely – then add in danger, excitement and a dash of intrigue and you've got an adventurous, romantic, knock-your-socks off story. Each book is set around the Sweet Seduction store; a seductive shop offering delicious caffeine, decadent chocolate and divine music, all designed to seduce the senses. And I sincerely hope Sweet Seduction seduces yours. – Nicola Claire

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Senator Claire McCaskill Dishes on Sexism in Politics

Remember 2012? It was only three years ago the country was knee-deep in election season as President Obama sought a second term, Taylor Swift was rounding out her Kennedy phase, and the media got a…

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The Rogue – Claire Delacroix

Claire Delacroix - The Rogue  artwork

The Rogue

Claire Delacroix

Genre: Historical

Publish Date: February 8, 2013

Publisher: Deborah A. Cooke

Seller: Deborah A. Cooke

Dear Reader—  Seductive and mysterious, Merlyn was the laird of Ravensmuir—never had a man so stirred my body and soul. I gave myself to him—willingly, trustingly, passionately—and we soon wed. Then a horrible revelation emerged, shattering my innocence and my marriage… Five years later, Merlyn returned to my doorstep, desperate for my help. The scoundrel swore he was haunted by memories of me, that a treasure locked in Ravensmuir could clear his name. Yet I could not surrender to his will again. Now he is said to be murdered and Ravensmuir has fallen into my hands. But even as I cross the threshold of this cursed keep, I hear his whisper in the darkness, feel his caress in the night, and I know that Merlyn has told me but part of his tale. Should I do as is right and expose his lair? Or dare I trust my alluring but deceptive spouse—the rogue who destroyed my heart? —Ysabella

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YouTube Star Claire Marshall Shares Her Best Beauty Tips and Products While Shopping

It’s easy to see why people like makeup artist and YouTube Star Claire Marshall. Yes, she posts makeup tutorials on her channel, but she also shares many of her personal experiences (including a recent, and…

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Style Notes: Sophia Amoruso Joins ‘Marie Claire’; Lime Crime Cosmetics Receives FDA Warning Letter

Style news you can use (possibly).

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Darlings of Urban Fantasy – Chrissy Peebles, W.J. May, Dale Mayer, Claire Farrell, Holly Hook, Suzy Turner, CM Doporto, Kaitlyn Davis & Tiffany Evans

Chrissy Peebles, W.J. May, Dale Mayer, Claire Farrell, Holly Hook, Suzy Turner, CM Doporto, Kaitlyn Davis & Tiffany Evans - Darlings of Urban Fantasy  artwork

Darlings of Urban Fantasy

Chrissy Peebles, W.J. May, Dale Mayer, Claire Farrell, Holly Hook, Suzy Turner, CM Doporto, Kaitlyn Davis & Tiffany Evans

Genre: Paranormal

Publish Date: October 27, 2013

Publisher: Dark Shadows Publishing

Seller: Draft2Digital, LLC

8 thrilling stories in one volume 8 sexy heroes. 8 strong heroines. This is eight works of fiction from some of today's most exciting authors.  A star-studded anthology of thrilling, action-packed and totally swoon-worthy first books by your favorite women authors. Book 1 – IGNITE (Midnight Fire Series Book One) By Kaitlyn Davis Book 2 – CRUSH (The Crush Saga) by Chrissy Peebles Book 3 – ELEMENT, Part 1 (The Natalie Vega Saga) by CM Doporto Book 4 – STAKE YOU by Claire Farrell Book 5 – TEMPEST by Holly Hook Book 6 – SEVENTH MARK (Hidden Secrets Saga) by W.J. May Book 7 – DANGEROUS DESIGNS (Book #1 of the Design Series) by Dale Mayer Book 8 – THE GHOST OF JOSIAH GRIMSHAW (The Morgan Sisters) by Suzy Turner KEEPER by Tiffany Evans (BONUS two-chapter excerpt)

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Miley Cyrus’ Newest Role? Marie Claire Cover Model

The 2015 VMA host appears as September’s cover story and talks sexism and her foundation for helping LGBT and homeless youth.

British Designer Claire Barrows Hosts Pop-up, Revamps Website

SECRET STORE: To coincide with the launch of her revamped Web site, Claire Barrow will host a “secret” pop-up store, offering limited-edition designs beginning Aug. 7. Shoppers can sign up on to receive a code to gain access to shop at the pop-up.
The online shopping area will offer 24 pieces including silk scarves, ruffle tops, tote bags, shirts, sew-on patches and leather coats and jackets. Designed exclusively for the store, the pieces have been hand-painted by Barrow. In addition, she’s selling a series of leather iPhone cases designed together with The Case Factory. The price range is 20 pounds, or $ 31, for a painted patch to 1,500 pounds, or $ 2,340, for a lambskin leather swing coat.
“It’s a pre-collection, but very limited edition, each thing having been hand-painted, dyed, etc. by myself,” Barrow told WWD. “Like all my collections, it has a story behind it. The idea of hand-painting things to sell online inspired the collection because it got me thinking about art you can wear and e-commerce; it’s a bit like being in the [museum] gift shop rather than the gallery. From this idea I constructed a curated ‘gift shop’ range of products for a make-believe museum of ancient erotic

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Rest For The Wicked – The Claire Wiche Chronicles Book 1 – Cate Dean

Cate Dean - Rest For The Wicked - The Claire Wiche Chronicles Book 1  artwork

Rest For The Wicked – The Claire Wiche Chronicles Book 1

Cate Dean

Genre: Paranormal

Publish Date: April 16, 2012

Publisher: Cate Dean

Seller: Smashwords

She's running from her past. And running out of time.Claire Wiche is an ordinary woman, running her Wicca shop, The Wiche's Broom, in an ordinary California beach town. But Claire wasn’t always ordinary, and she isn’t quite human. She hides a secret, and a past she thought she had put behind her.A past that is about to explode into her present.When it does, and everyone she loves is in danger, Claire must face up to her past – and become what she left behind in order to save them.NOTE: This is a short novel, at just over 40,000 words (125 pages), and has some graphic scenes not suitable for the under 17 readers. As one reviewer stated: "This ain't no Harry Potter."

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Love Beyond Time – Bethany Claire

Bethany Claire - Love Beyond Time  artwork

Love Beyond Time

A Scottish Time Travel Romance

Bethany Claire

Genre: Paranormal

Publish Date: November 17, 2013

Publisher: Bethany Claire

Seller: Bethany Claire Books, LLC

Discover The First Installment in Morna's Legacy Series (Scottish Time Travel Romances) by USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Bethany Claire It began nearly four hundred years ago. The Conall clan and all their people were murdered in a surprise attack, their beloved castle and all evidence of who destroyed them burned to the ground with their bodies. In the centuries following, archaeologists searched through the ruins looking for any evidence of what or who had caused the untimely demise of such a powerful Scottish clan. All efforts were fruitless, until a spell put in place by an ancient Conall ancestor finally began to work its magic… Texas kindergarten teacher, Brielle Montgomery, finds comfort in the mundane routines of her life, but when her archaeologist mother asks her to accompany her on a dig in Scotland, she decides to step out of her comfort zone. Once in Scotland, they discover a secret spell room below the castle ruins, and Bri finds herself transported back in time and suddenly married to the castle's ill-fated Laird. Now, she must work to change the fate of his people, all while trying to find a way to return to her home and century. But with each passing day, Bri finds herself falling more deeply in love with her new husband. If she can find a spell to bring her home, will she use it? And if she stays, will it ultimately mean her own death as well? ˃˃˃ "Be swept away by Bethany Claire's miraculous love story that transcends time and space. Sexy, Scottish, time-travel. It doesn't get much better than this." DeWanna Pace, NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Scroll up and grab a copy today. Read all the books in Morna’s Legacy Series . You should read them in the following order: Love Beyond Time (Book 1) – Now FREE on iBooks! Love Beyond Reason (Book 2) A Conall Christmas – Novella (Book 2.5) Love Beyond Hope (Book 3) Love Beyond Measure (Book 4) In Due Time – A Novella (Book 4.5) Love Beyond Compare (Book 5) Love Beyond Dreams (Book 6) Also Available: Morna’s Legacy Box Set #1 (Contains Love Beyond Time, Love Beyond Reason, A Conall Christmas, and Love Beyond Hope)

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Escorted – Claire Kent

Claire Kent - Escorted  artwork


Claire Kent

Genre: Contemporary

Publish Date: December 15, 2012

Publisher: Noelle Adams

Seller: Draft2Digital, LLC

She hired him to take her virginity…but now she wants even more. Lori might be a popular romance writer, but she's never been anything but a flop with sex and love in her personal life. Still a virgin at twenty-six and increasingly frustrated by her inexperience, she decides to take matters into her own hands. She hires a talented, sexy male escort to take care of her inconvenient virginity. She assumes one time with Ander will be enough, but she never dreams how much pleasure he can make her feel. Once isn't nearly enough. Twice isn't enough either. Soon, she becomes one of his regular clients. Lori knows that nothing would be as foolish as falling in love with her paid escort, but she's never been wise with her heart. And, despite his professionalism, he doesn't seem entirely immune either.

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Kindred – Nicola Claire

Nicola Claire - Kindred  artwork


Nicola Claire

Genre: Paranormal

Publish Date: May 7, 2012

Publisher: STR Limited

Seller: Draft2Digital, LLC

"You may not be aware, ma douce, but not all vampyre have a kindred, some will live out their existence without such beauty in their lives. I have waited five hundred years for you." Vampires, shape shifters, ghouls and magic users abound in a world where the Norms, (those humans without paranormal abilities) are ignorant of the creatures of the night and the supernatural species that live alongside them. Lucinda Monk is a bank teller by day and a vampire hunter by night, but she wasn’t always a part of this world. Thrown into a heady mix of powerful people and sensual beings, she’s had to find her way practically blindfolded in amongst the creatures of the night. But she’s a capable and realistic kind of girl. Her motto: never show fear. But, there's something different about Lucinda, something those creatures she hunts, want. In order to stay one step ahead of the enemy she has to let the enemy in. In all his compelling, seductive and delicious ways. Sleeping with the enemy has never meant so much before. But, can she trust him? From the urban streets of the city, to the dark alleys and sinful bars that promise a wickedness a girl from the farm has never before been exposed to, Lucinda gets drawn irreversibly into the dark side of life. And if the Master of the City had his way, she would always be his. For eternity. Kindred (Kindred Series, #1) is an Adult Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance set in modern day Auckland, New Zealand. (Approx. 448 pages in length.) Kindred – "A sacred match, a suitable partner for a joining. To be a kindred there must exist a connection between the Nosferatu and their chosen; only those suitably compatible will be kindred to the other".   At its heart Kindred is a romance story, that just happens to feature sexy vampires, vampire hunters, and a kindred connection between the two never before seen. – Nicola Claire

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18 Questions For Claire Dearing From ‘Jurassic World,’ Who Ran From Dinosaurs In Heels

Potential spoilers if you have yet to see “Jurassic World.” Also, go see “Jurassic World.” It’s awesome.

Claire Dearing, played by Bryce Dallas Howard, is a woman in charge. And not in charge of just anything, but in charge of the second iteration of a famous dinosaur amusement park, which is newer and, supposedly, safer than ever. When a mishap leads to (SPOILERS!) the biggest and meanest dino getting loose, she’s forced to run around the park as she helps love interest Owen Grady, played by Chris Pratt, save the day.

Hero indeed. And she does it all in heels. Which is cool, if you overlook the fact that she doesn’t do much? Also, turns out Howard had to specially train for her action sequences because of her wardrobe. Which begs the following questions …

1. Really?

2. There were no extra boots available anywhere around the park?

3. Shouldn’t someone have been in charge of stocking extra field gear?

4. Did Claire actually sprain her ankle about two minutes into the action and just took it like a champ for the rest of the movie?

5. What does it say about Owen’s physical endurance when a person burdened by heels can keep pace with his sprinting?

6. How many toes did she fracture?

7. Will she need podiatric surgery right away, or … ?

8. Is Claire the real hero of “Jurassic World”?

9. Might she have kept a pair of running shoes in her car?

10. If not, couldn’t she have sent someone else to fetch her practical footwear?

11. Or made one of her underlings go tradesies?

12. Doesn’t going barefoot seem preferable to stilettos?

13. Honestly, wouldn’t the heels have just broken off at some point due to the strain?

14. Who designed those things?

15. Are they the real hero of “Jurassic World”?

16. Does she regret the sartorial decisions she made that day?

17. Could the heels have been Claire’s idea of a last-ditch weapon against toothy predators?

18. Would that have justified her wearing them??

The world may never know.

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Thirst (Ava Delaney #1) – Claire Farrell

Claire Farrell - Thirst (Ava Delaney #1)  artwork

Thirst (Ava Delaney #1)

Ava Delaney Original, no. 1

Claire Farrell

Genre: Paranormal

Publish Date: November 28, 2010

Publisher: Claire Farrell

Seller: Smashwords

Part vampire, the only thing greater than Ava Delaney's thirst for human blood is her capacity for guilt. When she accidentally turns a human into her minion, she does her best to set him free – but her attempts land her in the middle of a potential vampire civil war. With the help of some new friends with ambiguous loyalties, Ava tries to save her human . . . and herself.

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Wolf Hall: Tudor Music (Music from the Original TV Miniseries) – Claire van Kampen & Phil Hopkins

Claire van Kampen & Phil Hopkins - Wolf Hall: Tudor Music (Music from the Original TV Miniseries)  artwork

Wolf Hall: Tudor Music (Music from the Original TV Miniseries)

Claire van Kampen & Phil Hopkins

Genre: Classical

Price: $ 9.99

Release Date: June 9, 2015

© ℗ 2015 VIA Records

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Barefoot in White – Roxanne St. Claire

Roxanne St. Claire - Barefoot in White  artwork

Barefoot in White

Roxanne St. Claire

Genre: Contemporary

Publish Date: May 12, 2014

Publisher: South Street Publishing

Seller: Roxanne St. Claire

The resort and spa that grew out of the hurricane-ravaged Barefoot Bay is now home to the “Barefoot Bay Brides” — a destination wedding service specializing in dreamy “I do’s” on the beach.  The company is run by three women who are gifted in the art of creating a perfect wedding day…but haven’t yet found their own happily ever after.  All that’s about to change… Up first, destination wedding consultant Willow Ambrose  has fought a battle with the scale for much of her life, but she has finally won the war.  By putting her past behind her and cutting off all contact with anyone who knew her before and, of course, controlling everything she can, Willow has carved out a new body and a new life.  But when she comes face to face with someone who left an indelible mark on her heart years before, all that threatens to crumble. Navy SEAL Nick Hershey is on medical leave, doing a friend a favor as a stand in “man of honor” at a beach wedding.  He might not be that interested in the nuptials, but the wedding planner catches his eye the minute they meet.  When he realizes Willow is really a girl he knew in college — and a girl he unintentionally hurt to the core — he knows he has some making up to do. Willow has learned how to beat every temptation…but Nick’s  sweet as candy kisses just might be the one thing she can’t resist.   But the closer they get, the more the past threatens to tear them apart.  Can they overcome their history in order to have a forever future?

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‘Outlander’: What’s Next For Claire After ‘The Watch’ Episode?

Caitriona Balfe discusses with Access Hollywood how hard Claire Fraser will fight to get Jamie back in ‘Outlander.’

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Claire Castel – Scandalous Girl

Claire Castel – Scandalous Girl

To make this a truly special event, the young libertine, famous for her scandalous sexuality, has chosen a most appropriate theme: lust. – Gangbang & Orgy

‘Outlander’: New Claire & Jamie Photo & Video Sneak Peek

Starz has released a brand new "Outlander" trailer and a fresh photo of Jamie and Claire Fraser!

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Featuring Claire Heart at

Published on: 2014-05-14 10:53:00

Claire Heart takes her thong off to reveal her round ass
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Claire Castel: Becoming A Whore

Claire Castel: Becoming A Whore cover

Dreams of sodomy, exhibition in the subway, interracial and midnight gangbangs on a construction site, threesomes in a lingerie store, a quickie in the restroom on a boat on the Seine river before and orgy in a bourgeois apartment

One might wonder what goes on in Claire Castel’s head for sex to be such an obsession. Going through all these experiences, Claire Castel slowly becomes a true expert in sexuality. Her deep throats get deeper and deeper, with the most intense double-penetrations and she cums under showers of sperm. As if on a long apprenticeshop toward becoming the best whore in Paris.

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Dreams of sodomy, exhibition in the subway, interracial and midnight gangbangs on a construction site, threesomes in a lingerie store, a quickie in the restroom on a boat on the Seine river before and orgy in a bourgeois apartment…

Categories: Pantyhose/Stockings International Feature Euro Anal Fetish

Scene Number: 4

Orientation: Straight

Studio Name: Marc Dorcel

Anal Pay Per View