EXCLUSIVE: Pharrell Williams Features in Short Film for Chanel Collaboration

PARIS — Pharrell Williams has been a Chanel model, film star, composer and brand ambassador. This week, he will make his debut in his new role as codesigner of a capsule collection with the French luxury brand that is set to bow exclusively on Thursday at the opening of Chanel’s first flagship boutique in Seoul.
To mark the launch, Williams has stepped in front of the camera again for a short film featuring a gang of women and men on a nocturnal road trip, dressed in the rainbow outfits of the Chanel-Pharrell collection — think sweatshirts with embroidered graffiti, terry-cloth bucket hats and oodles of rhinestone jewelry.
In behind-the-scenes footage shared exclusively with WWD, the multihyphenate explained the process that brought him together with the late Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel’s creative director for 36 years, starting with their sneaker launch at the now-defunct Paris concept store Colette in 2017.
“This campaign and this film are about a capsule collection, something that they’ve never done in the history of the brand. They do that not with a designer, but with a musician with ambition and dreams,” Williams said.
The “Happy” singer, who has received 12 Grammy Awards and heads the multimedia collective I Am Other, was previously

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‪Pharrell Williams Teases Short Film for Chanel Collaboration‬

PARIS — The Chanel-Pharrell collection is landing soon: Pharrell Williams teased some looks from his eagerly awaited collaboration with the French luxury brand in a 15-second clip posted to his Instagram account on Friday. 
The segment shows a group of women and men lounging after dark, dressed in the rainbow outfits from the capsule. Williams is seen holding a glowing orb inside his mouth, to eerie effect, while in another scene, a television screen in a grand apartment shows black-and-white footage of the label’s founder, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, talking about elegance.

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Hard to believe this all started with writing it on my shoes in 2010. #CHANELPHARRELL @chanelofficial #ad
A post shared by Pharrell Williams (@pharrell) on Mar 22, 2019 at 10:01am PDT

Williams has a long-standing relationship with Chanel and the late Karl Lagerfeld, its creative director for 36 years, starting with their sneaker launch at the now-defunct Paris concept store Colette in 2017.
 The “Happy” singer, who has won 10 Grammy Awards and heads the multimedia collective I Am Other, was previously one of the ambassadors of the Gabrielle handbag, has walked in its runway shows and appeared in a movie directed by Lagerfeld for which

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Adidas Originals Unveils Collaboration With Ji Won Choi

TAKE FIVE: New York-based Korean fashion designer Ji Won Choi is the latest emerging talent Adidas Originals tapped to design a capsule women’s ready-to-wear collection.
“The idea was to take the very classic Adidas tracksuit and reinterpret it with my aesthetic in five different ways. I took the very iconic Adidas stripes and repeated it everywhere to create a consistent and cohesive visual language and merge it with the sportiness and playfulness of the brand,” Choi explained during the presentation.
The clothes were shown in a huge basement near Camden market during London Fashion Week. A colorful 3-D maze was built and models walked up and down on interconnected staircases as in an infinite loop.
Alex Weiland, the director of special projects at Adidas who discovered Choi on Instagram, said it’s “important for us to give a new platform for young designers. London has such an appetite for emerging design talents. So we decide to take her here.”
She said the first drop is slated for Feb. 23 at retailers including Kith, Dover Street Market and Barneys New York. A second drop in a black-and-white colorway will happen in May.

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Camaraderie, Collaboration Thrives at L.A. XBIZ Retreat

Following three solid days of back-to-back meetings, networking over dinners and nightly special events, XBIZ Retreat participants walked away with an emboldened sense of community and support.
XBIZ.com – Pleasure & Retail

Kelly Slater on Outerknown’s New Breitling Watch Collaboration, the 2020 Summer Olympics, and More

We caught up with surfing icon Kelly Slater in New York during the launch of the Superocean Heritage II Chronograph 44 Outerknown watch, the result of a year-long collaboration between his clothing brand Outerknown and Breitling. Read our full interview below.

Men’s Journal: How did you team up to make this watch happen?
Kelly Slater: Breitling contacted us [Outerknown, the clothing brand Slater co-founded in 2015] about a year ago to talk about this idea and putting together a group of a squad with [pro surfers] Stephanie Gilmore and Sally Fitzgibbons, who are both long-time friends of mine. Breitling really wanted to represent what we mean to our sport, and give us the opportunity to include Outerknown by letting us design the watch bands.

How to Surf for the First Time

So what’s unique about the band?
It’s made with Econyl, a yarn made with recycling fishing nets pulled from the ocean and then re-spinning back into a threading. We’ve created jackets that use it so the whole thing can be recycled. That was part of our beginning and why we launched the brand.

Superocean Heritage II Chronograph 44 Outerknown caseback
Superocean Heritage II Chronograph 44 Outerknown caseback (PPR/Breitling) Courtesy image

You’ve made your own surfboards and wave machines, so what made you get into clothing?
I just knew that something smelled a little fishy in the way clothing was made, so to speak. There was an epiphany moment. I was doing a fast for six days, I was just drinking water and about four or five days into that, I had just the clearest thoughts ever. I thought I’ve got to find out where our clothes are made when I was with another clothing company. I’ve got to find out who makes the clothes and where they’re made and what goes into it, and I need to know that whole thing because it’s provided me with so much in my life and I don’t know really anything about it. So, I started asking questions and I started getting roadblocks.

This sounds like a conspiracy theory.
I would say that it actually is. I went to a guy who worked for that company who was an artist—I’d known the guy for 20 or 30 years and figured he’d tell me. I went to his office, and I said, “Hey, I want to talk to you about something. I feel like I can get the answer from you before anyone else.” And he goes, “I don’t think you’re going to like the answers.” And he literally stood up and went and shut his door to his office and he said, “Alright, you want to talk about this? You’re just not going to like what you hear, because they’re going to buy everything as cheaply as they possibly can and make it for as little as possible, with people who don’t get paid very well, and don’t have a living wage and all that.”

Breitling Surfers Squad member Kelly Slater wearing his Superocean Heritage II Chronograph 44 Outerknown (PPR/Breitling) Courtesy image

You’d think for a clothing brand co-owned by a world-famous athlete, your photo would be plastered all over the website. But it’s not.
There were thoughts of calling it Slater, but I just want it to be about the clothing and more about the ideas than it was about me. My goal was to make good clothes the right way and let that stand the test of time. To me, it was more about creating this brand than it was trying to promote myself. Look, I’m proud of what I’ve done. It’s allowed me to have the access to create this company and get people that believe in the things I believe in and see what this could do in an industry that’s allowed that to happen because of what I’ve done. So, of course, I’m very proud of my accomplishments. I didn’t necessarily want to go and run the risk of being cheesy and “go buy Slater stuff.”

So are you adding clothing designer to your resume?
Well, the Apex Trunk is probably my signature piece because that’s what I live in. I worked on all aspects of the design on that trunk, but I don’t have the time to go in there and work on everything. I’m happy with it being tied to me saying the Apex predator. To me, I want to be a great white shark. When I compete, I want to be that top guy. It’s surprising that it’s not all neon though—when I was a kid everything on my surfboards was all orange and green.

Superocean Heritage II Chronograph 44 Outerknown packaging
Superocean Heritage II Chronograph 44 Outerknown packaging (PPR/Breitling) Courtesy image

I read that if you compete in the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, it might be your last competition?
Yes, I wouldn’t say it would be my last event. I’ll probably still surf events for five years after I compete here and there. But I’m looking at potentially next year being my last full-time competitive year. And if I made the Olympics, then I would probably still compete somewhat consistently in the beginning of that year 2020, just to keep myself fresh and alert on how I need to compete, so I won’t be nervous at that time.

The 65 Best Surf Spots in the World

What does it mean for surfing to make it into the Olympics?
I can clearly see either side of it. I could be totally fine without surfing in the Olympics and I can be totally behind it as well. I see the benefit of it, and I also see that we do have a world tour that determines the best surfer in the world each year over the course of a whole year and all different kinds of conditions and I think the best surfer of the year ends up being a world champion. The pressure that’s put on the Olympics, I think, is really going to make the cream rise to the top, because you’re going to have to be just so confident in your game and what you’re doing, and decisive about that on that day, that somebody who is just a natural is going to win that thing.

Breitling Surfers Squad member Kelly Slater wearing his Superocean Heritage II Chronograph 44 Outerknown
Breitling Surfers Squad member Kelly Slater wearing his Superocean Heritage II Chronograph 44 Outerknown (PPR/Breitling) Courtesy image

You’ve been known to chase waves around the world. How do you pinpoint where the surf’s going to be?
When I first started, I had no idea. I would wake up in the morning when I was a little kid I’d take the wax off my board and my friends and I would ride our bike as fast as you can down to the beach. And most days in Florida it was nothing. As a kid, I didn’t know what made waves, I just knew that sometimes I’d wake up and the waves are big, and the wind is good. Then as a teenager, I meet a guy named Sean Collins who had a thing called Wave Track, which turned into what is now probably the biggest surf forecasting site in the world called Surfline. I was good friends with him from the time I was about 13 or 14, and he used to show me swell maps and how he would get weather maps from, say, Australia in June and July. He would be able to read what the storms are doing near New Zealand and he would know 10 days later those were going to hit the California coast. So he would have a good idea of size and interval. And then you look at local wind charts to see how it’s going to be affecting the local conditions.

The Essentials: 5 Must-have Items for Surfing

I started to learn this stuff as a kid and then, through the websites and the apps that those guys have created over the years, it’s basically almost like you can self-teach any of this stuff. You go look at it and you get a good idea about how it works. But luckily there are still a few secrets about how to read them, because I love to go to Fiji and some of the websites will give an incorrect forecast and people don’t understand how to read it. If you know how to read it, it’s really obvious.

Breitling Surfers Squad member Kelly Slater wearing his Superocean Heritage II Chronograph 44 Outerknown
Breitling Surfers Squad member Kelly Slater wearing his Superocean Heritage II Chronograph 44 Outerknown(PPR/Breitling) Courtesy image

Once you hang up surfing competitively, what will you be doing?
I would say for probably a year or two I’ll travel more than I do right now. More short [surf] trips, just strike missions, like chase a swell. Right now I’ve been injured for the last year and a bit so I haven’t traveled, I haven’t chased a lot of swells down. But when I’m done competing full-time I’ll just have my eye constantly on what the ocean is doing around the world, and if I see a good swell in Namibia in July, I might go for two days. Last week, I was going to go to the Northwest coast of Africa and surf but I just kind of didn’t have the time.

Who is the next Kelly Slater?
The next guy is a kid name Eli Hanneman from Maui, he’s 15 and he’s unbelievable.

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Actress, Livari Cofounder Alysia Reiner Talks Cause-Related Collection and WeWork Collaboration

Two brands that are all about the communal — zero-waste fashion label Livari and WeWork are teaming for a multipurpose party.
Aimed at using the art of fashion as a medium for activism, New York-based Livari is launching its Collaboration Collection Nov. 27 at WeWork’s Times Square location. About 150 guests will get an earful about different causes, catch MPowered’s solar-powered light installation, walk through a museum-style tutorial, sample indie products like Foughnuts Baked Donuts and shop for cause-related limited-edition products.
Livari was started by actress Alysia Reiner of “Orange Is the New Black” and “Equity,” Claudine DeSola, founder of the Caravan Stylist Studio, and Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs, creator of the Tabii Just label and an organizer of the 2017 Women’s March on Washington, who now works full-time for the group. In between talking with Hilaria Baldwin for her podcast “Mom Brain” Monday and doing a B-roll for “Her Big Idea,” Reiner talked about how the event came together.
Through her environmentalist friend Erin Schrode, she connected with WeWork’s global head of social media partnerships Jacob Shwirtz, who is looking to do more community building among influencers and celebrities and more environmentalism. “What they’ve asked me to do is to have a desk

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Mary Katrantzou on Her Unlikely Collaboration With Victoria’s Secret

In the decade since starting her namesake brand, Mary Katrantzou has designed everything from sneakers to packaging for beauty products. One thing she’d never designed? Bras. So it came as a particular surprise when she got the call from Victoria’s Secret asking her to collaborate on a collection to be presented tonight at the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion show.
“It’s so unexpected, it’s so interesting,” Katrantzou said on Wednesday night at The Plaza in New York at one of the many 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion pre-game events, including the unveiling of the Swarovski-made Fantasy bra on Monday evening (also at The Plaza). “Sometimes you have certain things you want to happen and you manifest to happen and this something that came out of nowhere.…That conversation [with Victoria’s Secret] was interesting, just because of the values we both share about empowering women.”
Katrantzou said she was especially compelled to work with the lingerie giant to collaborate on the technical aspect of designing women’s underpinnings. “That was the exciting part. You always think of the anatomy of a woman when you design and how you create a second skin for the woman,” she said. “Perfecting the fit, you want to do the best you can. You want

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Louis Vuitton Sets New York Pop-Up for Grace Coddington Collaboration

CAT’S MEOW: Louis Vuitton will launch the collaboration between its women’s artistic director Nicolas Ghesquière and fashion editor Grace Coddington at an exclusive pop-up store in New York’s Meatpacking district opening on Friday.
The capsule collection, dubbed Catogram, was first unveiled at Ghesquière’s cruise show in May in the southern French hilltop village of Saint-Paul-de-Vence.
Sporting silk pajamas blending the LV monogram with her signature drawings of felines, Coddington told WWD at the time that the project was born out of her “Catwalk Cats” tome, originally published in 2006, though she updated the characters for the occasion.
“I know they all look the same, but actually, they’re kind of new. I tend to draw them all doing the same thing, because they’re all my cats, and then they’re his dogs as well,” she explained, referring to Ghesquière’s pets Léon and Achilles. “I hopes it makes you smile.”
The designer said he was drawn to Coddington’s quirky persona. “This cruise show is about eccentricity for me. It’s about how an individual can have his own proper style and can start a movement. I love this idea of someone eccentric that mixes things in her own way,” he said.

A bag from Louis Vuitton’s Catogram capsule collection. 


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Sabyasachi Unveils L’Oréal Paris, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Collaboration

Designer and Indian celebrity favorite Sabyasachi Mukherjee has dipped into cosmetics with beauty giant L’Oreal Paris, working with actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan for the 21-piece collection, which is now available for sale online.
While the makeup is positioned as a festive collection, Sabyasachi wrote when debuting the line on Instagram late on Monday evening that he wanted the range to feel classic and simple.
“For me, classic is iconic, because classic is unforgettable,” the designer said. “The whole world is moving towards a state of effective simplicity where classic will lead the way. Makeup will be more about a stronger, lasting identity. A winged black liner with a bold red mouth offset with a simple saree and wind-swept hair is perhaps an iconic Indian beauty look.”
RELATED: Exclusive: Indian Designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee is Going Global >> 
The campaign with Rai Bachchan was shot on July 15 at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Sabyasachi also shared how the look for the look for the packaging came together — inspired by a fountain pen that one of his team was using.
“It is sometimes funny how things just come together. We were all in deep discussion about the new packaging and nothing was quite working out. I wanted something

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Frank Ocean and Travis Scott Beefing Over ‘Astroworld’ Collaboration

Sad about Drake and Meek Mill squashing their beef? Don’t worry … Frank Ocean and Travis Scott have you covered, ’cause they’re at each other’s throats over a track on “Astroworld.” Sources close to the singer and rapper…


TMZ Celebrity News for Music

Diesel Cooks Up Fresh Collaboration With Berlin’s Mustafa Gemüse Kebap

EAT YOUR SHIRT: Just in time for Bread & Butter by Zalando, which kicks off in Berlin today, Diesel is dishing up a surprisingly tasty new collaboration: Diesel x Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap. The vegetable kebab stand in the city’s Kreuzberg district is legendary for its long lines of aficionados, often young tourists coming direct from the airport and willing to wait 30 minutes and more for what they claim is the non-plus ultra in döners. But don’t let the name fool you: unless you say “hold the chicken,” Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap will be packed with spit-grilled poultry, fresh and roasted vegetables, feta cheese, garlic, herbs or hot sauce, a spritz of lemon plus a secret last ingredient. All for 3.90 euros, or around $ 4.50 at current exchange.
As for the consistently irreverent Diesel, the Italian brand sent out a cookbook instead of a look book for this limited-edition line, produced in a 4,000-piece run. Cookbook takeaways include “Creativity is a super important ingredient. [It] comes after fresh tomatoes on my list,” from Mustafa. Or Diesel’s suggestion that “This collection is the new avocado on toast.”
The drop is comprised of a cap, four T-shirts and two sweatshirts featuring both Diesel and Mustafa’s

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Beach Boys hits get a classical spin in orchestral collaboration

The timeless California sounds of the Beach Boys have been given a new spin thanks to Britain’s Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Rough cut (no reporter narration).

Reuters Video: Entertainment

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Every Piece From Golfer Billy Horschel’s Ralph Lauren Collaboration

The Ralph Lauren brand was founded over 50 years ago, but even now, it’s still reaching new milestones. The company marked its first-ever collaboration with an athlete by partnering with PGA Tour golfer Billy Horschel on a new collection.

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EXCLUSIVE: Beltology Unveils Collaboration With André Saraiva

Start-up accessory brand Beltology is taking things up a notch as they launch their first collaboration with graffiti artist and sometimes restaurateur and nightlife impresario, André Saraiva. The limited-edition collection, Beltology x André, launches exclusively in Barneys New York’s retail locations and online June 2 during the retailer’s thedropLA@barneys events.
Beltology founders Andrew Heffernan and Anna Lundberg were local fans of Saraiva’s now shuttered Café Henri in New York when they approached him with the idea.
“We were looking to collaborate, but we thought he might be too big for our brand. But when we started telling him our brand’s story and talking we could see that he represents so many things we want our brand to represent: colorful, fun and carefree, plus he is so incredibly charming,” Heffernan explained.
The result is a limited-edition capsule collection of five new colorways of Beltology’s signature stretch woven belts, each belt has a pin with custom artwork by Saraiva and features a leather-wrapped buckle and foil stamp of his graffiti artist alter-ego “Mr. A.”

André Saraiva 

“I found my perfect belt many years ago in Paris and I always wanted to design my own in that style. My girlfriends always used to steal mine,” Saraiva lamented. He noted

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Filson and Danner Team Up for The Ultimate Fall Boot Collaboration

Filson has been turning out durable outdoor gear for over 120 years. And though Danner hasn’t been around as long (they’re a spring chicken by comparison, at just 85 years old), the Portland-based footwear maker has built up a similarly high reputation for manufacturing great boots. To hear that the two were teaming up for a collaboration meant a guarantee of hardcore, long-lasting quality — and that’s exactly what you’ll get with their new Grouse Hunting Boot.

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How Fall’s Coolest Boot Collaboration Was Inspired by the Great Outdoors

It’s hard to grow up in California and not develop a love for the great outdoors. No matter what part of the Golden State you live in, you’re generally only two hours away from a completely different climate experience, whether it’s the sandy shores of Huntington Beach, the snowy slopes of Big Bear, or the sunny countryside in Ojai. And fashion designer Phillip Lim, who’s from a town in Orange County called Westminster, can remember wearing UGG boots in all three places.

The post How Fall's Coolest Boot Collaboration Was Inspired by the Great Outdoors appeared first on Men's Journal.

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Björk Talks Lost “Magic” Wu-Tang Clan Collaboration, Jay-Z & More

Björk has been in the game since the 1970’s and has just released her ninth studio album Utopia. In a recent interview with FACT, the Icelandic musician reveals how a lost collaboration with RZA and the Wu-Tang Clan was “magic” and also how she nearly worked with Jay-Z as well.

From FACT:

Homogenic recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. Here’s something I’ve always wondered about that era in your career, as a big Wu-Tang fan: RZA is said to have recorded with you around that time, but the sessions never saw the light of day. What happened?

Ha! You know… I don’t know! I think what happened was… I wanted these kinda Icelandic, volcanic beats, and I was kind of struggling with it. I had done beats on my albums, but it takes me a long time to make them. And sometimes I get impatient and I want other people to do it, so I sit there and describe to them what I want them to do. So, I was in Spain, and Wu-Tang Clan were supposed to come to Spain. RZA was supposed to come. But then months passed. Then the album got finished and I delivered it. Then RZA was like, “I’m ready! Shall I come to Spain?”

Instead, I went to New York. We wrote a couple of songs together. And I just felt… sometimes when you do things and you don’t plan them it’s magic. And I really think what we made was magic. But I think because it wasn’t part of the whole Homogenic thing and it wasn’t part of what Wu-Tang were doing at the time, it was better as an idea, if that makes any sense?

In a later part of the interview, Björk adds that Jay-Z reached out to her to write for one of his songs but for reasons unspoken it never went down.

Read the entire FACT interview by following this link.

Photo: WENN

The post Björk Talks Lost “Magic” Wu-Tang Clan Collaboration, Jay-Z & More appeared first on Hip-Hop Wired.

Hip-Hop Wired

EXCLUSIVE: Chanel Sets Pharrell Williams Sneaker Collaboration for Colette Pop-up

PARIS — Karl Lagerfeld’s parting gift to Colette, the store that has counted him as its number-one customer for two decades, couldn’t be more fitting: a red-hot sneaker collaboration.
As part of its monthlong takeover of the concept store’s first floor, Chanel will launch an Adidas Hu NMD shoe specially customized by Pharrell Williams for the house. Further stoking anticipation, it has yet to release an image of the design, though unofficial photos have been circulating on streetwear feeds.
The music star is featured in the advertising campaign for Chanel’s Gabrielle bag, has walked the runway for the brand and once composed a song for a Lagerfeld-directed Chanel film, but this marks the first time Williams has designed a product for the label.
Other exclusives include limited-edition T-shirts designed by Lagerfeld, creative director of Chanel since 1983, and a music compilation by Michel Gaubert, who designs the soundtracks for its runway shows.
Chanel will take up residency at Colette from Oct. 30 to Nov. 25, and the store will close its doors for good on Dec. 20.
Inspired by Lagerfeld’s Antiquity-themed cruise collection, the decor of its pop-up will consist of a backdrop of draped ecru canvas punctuated by Plexiglas niches showcasing ready-to-wear and accessories.
Items from

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How Fall’s Coolest Boot Collaboration Was Inspired by the Great Outdoors

It’s hard to grow up in California and not develop a love for the great outdoors. No matter what part of the Golden State you live in, you’re generally only two hours away from a completely different climate experience, whether it’s the sandy shores of

This article originally appeared on www.mensjournal.com: How Fall’s Coolest Boot Collaboration Was Inspired by the Great Outdoors

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Karl Lagerfeld’s Vans Collaboration: See Every Piece

Calling all checkerboard sneaker fanatics—this collaboration is not to be missed.
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Todd Snyder and Timex Release Another Must-Have $138 Collaboration Watch

In a collector’s world where four- and five-figure watches get most of the spotlight, there’s something to be said for affordable timepieces, and for several years now Todd Snyder has been giving us plenty to talk about. 

Last year we proclaimed that Todd Snyder’s

This article originally appeared on www.mensjournal.com: Todd Snyder and Timex Release Another Must-Have $ 138 Collaboration Watch

Men’s Journal Latest Style News

Ringo Starr talks McCartney collaboration on birthday

Beatles drummer Ringo Starr celebrates his 77th birthday by announcing a new album, “Give More Love.” Rollo Ross reports.

Reuters Video: Entertainment

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‘Such A Perfect Fit’: David Gilmour And Polly Samson On 20 Years Of Collaboration

Watch the striking, animated video for David Gilmour’s “The Girl in the Yellow Dress,” from his new album Rattle That Lock. The song features lyrics by Gilmour’s wife, Polly Samson.

» EMail This

Rock : NPR


Billy Reid and Chef John Besh Cook Up a Collaboration

COOKING UP A COLLABORATION: Billy Reid, the Alabama-based designer, has joined forces with chef John Besh to release their first collaborative project — a specialty apron.
The apron, which retails for $ 95, is available in conjunction with the launch of Besh’s latest cookbook, “Besh Big Easy,” which features New Orleans cuisine, that’s being released today. A portion of the proceeds from each apron will benefit Besh’s nonprofit, the John Besh Foundation, which invests in local food producers and provides scholarships to minority city youth in the community.
The apron will be sold on Reid’s Web site, beginning at noon today, as well as all Billy Reid stores, Besh’s Web site and all 12 of his restaurants.
Reid, who operates a design studio in Manhattan near its Bond Street shop and at its Alabama headquarters, sells to boutiques worldwide and operates 12 stores domestically and an e-commerce site. It makes men’s, women’s, footwear and accessories.

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Exclusive: See the Entire Smashbox Holiday Collaboration Here First

Spanish artist Yago Hortal has teamed up with Smashbox for a collection of makeup and brushes inspired by the riotous splatters of color on his canvases. First, Google image search Hortal, because his paintings are incredible. Then, click through the full Smashbox Art. Love. Color. collection here—the products are so crazy colorful, they might just inspire you to create a masterpiece of your own.
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Sly Stone Featured On Funkadelic And Soul Clap Collaboration

Sly Stone has joined forces with production duo Soul Clap for “In Da Kar,” releasing a video for the song which was recorded during the pair’s 2013 sessions. The cut features Stone on the keys and vocals from Funkadelic fronter George Clinton. “It’s an undeniable driving song, and the video fittingly opens with the Soul Clap guys, decked out . . .”
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Kartell Teams Up with No. 21 for Shoe Collaboration

Kartell has teamed with Italian fashion label No. 21 to create a new shoe style for the next spring season.
Alessandro Dell’Acqua, founder and creative director of the Milanese upper contemporary brand, designed a flat sandal featuring a chunky sole and a feminine bow, which pays tribute to No. 21  shoes launched last season. In keeping with Kartell’s core business, the sandal, called “Knot,” is realized using plastic in a glossy variation for the knot, while the sole has a mat finishing.
The shoe style will be available in five colors — black, powder pink, mustard yellow, khaki green and burgundy.
“It was challenging to recreate the knot using a material like plastic,” said Dell’Acqua, who is at his first co-branding project with his N°21 brand. “All the knots are made by hand and Kartell showed to have the best technical skills to realize a product which looks beautiful, I think.”
The “Knot” sandal, which will retail at 180 euros, or about $ 203 at current exchange, is part of the Kartell à la Mode line, already including 6 shoe styles and a bag.
“During the upcoming Milan Fashion Week we will also launch a new bag realized in collaboration with a fashion brand,” said Kartell marketing

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Iggy Azalea Dropped Some Surprising News About Her Collaboration With Demi Lovato

Iggy Azalea revealed a surprising update about her planned collaboration with Demi Lovato.

Target’s “Plaid, Plaid World” Collaboration Surprisingly Wearable

Adam Lippes’ fall line is less tartan, more chic.

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Solange Shines Light On 15 Women For Her “Word To The Woman” Puma Collaboration


Before this shoot, I was in the middle of a two week whirlwind mixed with life, work and creative projects. I had a massive meeting in Amsterdam at G-Star headquarters then bounced around Europe. I briefly came back to New York, went away again, then returned to New York one day before this shoot.

I was counting down the days to the “Word to the Woman” shoot filled with excitement. I got to work super early that morning, partially because of excitement and partially because I knew I had to leave a bit early to make it to the shoot…I guess I am telling on myself at this point, but I completed everything I needed to at the office before I hopped in an Uber. Sitting silently in the backseat I was grateful it was just 7 minute zip from where I was.

We shot in a quaint two bedroom, cozy apartment, the way I like homes to feel. As I entered the room I greeted the team, DJ Lindsey (one of the featured women) and Solange before I headed into the wardrobe room.

I opened the door to the warmest welcome and one of the most beautiful smiles by Lizzy Okpo, who styled the shoot and put all my butterflies at ease. After checking out my outfit option I headed to hair and make-up, nestled in a little boys room full of toys. Apart of me wanted to dig through them like I was 5 but I sat down and started to get pretty! I am an adult after all.


I turned around and literally choked on my words. Neal Ferinah was doing my hair, I haven’t seen him in about 15 years and he has known me before I was even born (when I was still in my mother’s womb if we want to get exact). It was one of those moments when you know your stars are aligned and you are where you are supposed to be. What are the odds!

While he was adding some life to my fro, my teal and salmon nails were asked to be covered in white which I decided needs to be my new go to color, it popped beautifully against my skin.


Everyone was moving fast and I was almost ready. I was most excited about my eye makeup because that is the one department where I literally can’t do more then a black line. My eye makeup was bold and vibrant; beautiful tones of green and blues with a touch white to close the deal.


I quickly slipped into my nude ensemble, a color I don’t often wear because of my pale complexion but the two -piece was to die for, and Lizzy’s taste is impeccable.

My outfit was paired with the mono toned yellow suede Puma that I had already planned a few outfits around. I was a bit shy, nervous, anxious, and excited at the same time. The photographer, J. Quazi King was ready and so was I. The wall was white, the couch was concealed with a white throw, and the floors were wooden. I was briefed on the mood and took direction from Solange, you know a regular Wednesday afternoon!

She was so graceful as she showed me how to move and I realized I wasn’t quite there yet… as I chuckled to myself. I tried to give a “fierce mean face” which somehow turned into a big teeth bearing smile, I think I was just too happy to even think an angry thought. It looks a lot easier than it is! Trust mii daddy **Skepta voice**.

I really loved the details of the books wrapped in salmon colored newspaper to boost the palette of the shot. It was minimal, soft, fresh, and innocent…a part of me that somehow was captured through every detail of my carefully curated environment.


Once we got the shot, I headed back to the wardrobe room for the video segment post rolling around on the couch. It all kind of made sense in that moment. I realized what the campaign was all about. The empowerment of women through a series of various visual stories that all lead to a road of greatness.

I have always admired women who had a voice, power, or wisdom who were not afraid to share it. Women who may see the light in another woman and pushes her to shine brighter. Women who dare to be themselves, take risks, be vulnerable, and love on purpose. These women are somewhat rare, because it takes a very particular type of woman to do this. This woman is selfless, loving, strong, willing, and able all balled into one. Somehow Solange was able to delve into a sea of women and handpick a few that to her innovate and redfine roles from varied walks of life.

In that moment, I stepped outside of my 9-5, my love for music, and my never-ending hustle to be embrace that special moment and be happy. I was beyond honored to be hand selected by Solange alongside such powerful and inspiring women. Here are some of the other women featured:


























And if you don’t know… Now you know!
Head to www.wordtothewoman.com for the full experience and www.saintheron.com to shop the collection.

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Mick Jagger, Martin Scorsese ‘Vinyl’ collaboration

Mick Jagger is working once again with Martin Scorsese on a TV series about a New York record industry executive in the 70s. The series has been titled ‘Vinyl’.
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Farfetch and LACMA Team for Design Collaboration

ART MEETS FARFETCH:  The Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s 50th anniversary festivities are continuing with a partnership with luxury e-commerce marketplace Farfetch. A series of Los Angeles-based designers — including Anita Ko, Cathy Waterman, Clare Vivier, Greg Lauren, Gregory Parkinson, Irene Neuwirth, Jennifer Meyer, Monique Lhuillier, NewbarK, Rodarte and The Elder Statesman — have each created an exclusive piece of clothing, accessory or perfume as part of the Farfetch x LACMA initiative, an extension of the Wear LACMA project.
The pieces, which retail from $ 50 for a T- shirt to more than $ 1,000 for a dress, will go on sale on Farfetch.com Nov. 4 and in LACMA’s museum shop, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to benefit the museum. “Usually it’s only two or three designers, but because it’s our 50th, we’re offering 19 designers,” said Katherine Ross, founder of the Wear LACMA project, noting that Jennifer Meyer and Rodarte’s Kate and Laura Mulleavy have participated in the program in the past. “They’re all inspired by different things that spoke to them when walking through the gallery.”
Ross said the amount of items produced depends on the designer and cost of the piece. Rodarte will offer T-shirts and sweatshirts — more than 30 of each  — while Lhuillier

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Redman Recalls How Shaq Collaboration Came Together

Redman says that Shaq was one of the few athletes who could actually rap as well as play ball.

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We Can Officially Get Excited For Another Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill Collaboration

Meek Mill announced that Nicki Minaj will appear on his sophomore album ‘Dreams Worth More Than Money.’

Miley Cyrus Hints At A Possible Collaboration With Caitlyn Jenner

Miley Cyrus turns Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover into beautiful works of art, and hints at a possible collaboration they’re working on.

De Castelbajac Celebrates Petit Bateau Collaboration

AHOY, MATEY: “This is the world’s first diving suit — made by Paco Rabanne,” Jean-Charles de Castelbajac said jokingly as he pointed to a futuristic-looking 19th-century steel diving suit on show at the Musée national de la Marine in Paris.
The designer was giving fashion editors a tour of the museum, located opposite the Eiffel Tower, ahead of a cocktail party on Tuesday night to celebrate his capsule collection for Petit Bateau. Guests were treated to a mini fashion show and a live set by local band Presque l’Amour, which wrote a song to mark the collaboration.
Full of nautical references — including striped sailor tops, a yellow waxed cotton rain cape and a southwester — the collection taps into de Castelbajac’s love of the sea. “Before becoming a designer, I wanted to be a marine commando,” he revealed, as waiters circulated with trays of rosé and sardine tins containing fishy treats.
De Castelbajac stopped in front of a scale model of a container ship, noting that “Shades of Tomorrow” — an exhibition of his paintings set to run at Seoul’s Nemo gallery from June 12 to 26 — features images of what he dubbed Soul Tankers.
“In my paintings, I use the metaphor of these boats that transport

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Lost Kendrick Lamar And Lady Gaga Collaboration Surfaces

A lost collaboration between Kendrick Lamar and Lady Gaga has surfaced online. The track, “Partynauseous,” which was originally slated to appear on Lamar’s 2012 album good Kid, mAAd city, was initially scrapped by Gaga due to disagreements with his team.
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The One Thing You Need from the Lulu Frost + West Elm Collaboration

A jewelry case with an art deco twist.
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Martha Wash And Tony Moran Get Free On A New Collaboration

2015-03-11-1426091268-852267-MarthaWashSinglecover.jpgWhat do you get when you put the soulful and legendary voice of Martha Wash together with the award-winning remixer and songwriter Tony Moran: A hit! Over the years the duo has made music together that not only found a place on dance floors across the world, but also on the charts. Last year their collaboration “I’m Not Coming Down” reached #2 on the Billboard Dance Club Charts. Now they’re back with a new anthem called “Free People.”

“In a time where people Photoshop their faces because they worry about if they’re too thin or too fat or too ugly or too dark, you should just care about the way you want to look for yourself. You have the power,” Moran says about the song he wrote and produced.

For years Wash has personified the message in “Free People.” From her early days with Sylvester with singing partner Izora Armstead to hits like “Just Us” as Two Tons O’ Fun and then later as The Weather Girls with “It’s Raining Men,” Wash has never let preconceived notions on image stand in her way. She set the music industry on fire in 1991 when she sang the lead vocals on C&C Music Factory’s #1 hit, “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now),” but failed to receive credit because her size was deemed unmarketable. She won a lawsuit, and by speaking up for herself, it is now mandatory for artists to receive rightful credits on albums and music videos.

“Free People,” which is already climbing up the charts, is a continuation of both Wash’s and Moran’s positive outlook on life. Over the years I’ve talked with Wash many times. When I begin asking her questions she starts giggling and says, “Lord, don’t you have enough info?” The fact is no matter how many times you speak to Wash, you always leave feeling inspired and free.

2015-03-11-1426091758-5396898-MarthaWashandTonyMoran.jpgTony, on your Facebook page recently you said of Martha Wash: “She is still undisputed.” What do you like about working with Martha?

Tony Moran: I’ve worked with a lot of artists over the years of all different calibers. She’s been able to find something that defines herself to generations older and younger. I know every time I cut a record with her, something good is going to come out of it.

Martha, what is it about Tony that you love?

Martha Wash: He’s worked with the best over the years and made hits for them. He’s been able to do that year after year. We just go in the studio and talk about what needs to be done and basically do it. We’re comfortable enough with each other that we can read each other and figure out where a song needs to go.

Tony: People are constantly being introduced to her voice. We are basically underdogs working together. It’s not like we have Clive Davis’ staff with us. We’re looking to put out good music in a time where music is in such a state of purgatory with streaming and mashups. The one thing you can really hold on to is an artist’s performance, and Martha has always been there to make herself available.

“Free People” is about being comfortable with yourself. Martha, Tony mentioned how new generations are always discovering your music. What would you like new and old fans to know about you? Who is Martha Wash?

Martha: Just little ol’ me. I’ve been around for a minute. I just like all types of music. Music has been the big mainstay for me as a person and an artist. As a child I could only listen to gospel music. Then as I got to be a teenager, I started listening to the radio, and I learned to appreciate all types of music–rock music, Motown and R&B. I’ve been an artist who doesn’t want to be put into one particular box. Although people know me for doing dance music, I’m always trying to move ahead of that and go into different types of music like my last album “Something Good.” It was pop and rock and people were really surprised I did that, but that was the direction I wanted to go in. I wanted to get out of dance music for a little bit to show people that I did other types of music.

And now you’re back with dance music! What keeps drawing you back in?

Tony: What pulls her back is that I know her address, and I’m there waiting outside wearing a street blanket with new material!

Martha: I’ll do a little bit of that [dance music], but the focus is still on other genres of music or something totally out of the box.

The gay community has consistently supported you, no matter what style you’re singing. Why do you think they have always been there for you?

Martha: I think it really goes all the way back to working with Sylvester and then Two Tons O’ Fun. It’s been good for over 30 years. They have been supportive of Two Tons O’ Fun, The Weather Girls and then the solo career. I’ve always appreciated that.

One of your hit songs is “Carry On.” Over the years how have you managed to do just that during some of the down times?

Martha: Oh, a lot of faith and a lot of prayer! There have been times when I thought of giving up. Then I think, “Okay, so you’re gonna quit; now what are you going to do?” I never came up with an answer, so here I am!

Do you ever get tired of singing “It’s Raining Men?”

Martha: Oh no! No! It’s a song that everybody is waiting to hear. I can do a whole show, but if I don’t sing that song, people get upset!

What is next for you, Martha?

Martha: Probably do some more pop and rock. I have a new song coming out with Evelyn Champagne King and Linda Clifford—The First Ladies of Disco. We recorded a song called “Show Some Love,” and it’s all about positivity. We have to show love to everybody. This world is really kind of crazy. We’ve gotten off the track of being nice to one and other and loving people. You have to show positivity to everybody regardless of who or what they are.

You’ve both always been able to convey that message.

Martha: I try, and you have to love yourself as well. Sometimes when you show kindness to someone else, it makes you feel better about yourself.

Tony: That’s my nature, too. Live and let live. I get so much satisfaction watching other people learning and doing their thing.

“Free People” is available now on iTunes. For more information on Martha Wash visit: www.marthawash.com. For more on Tony Moran visit: www.tonymoran.com
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The Kate Spade Saturday and West Elm Collaboration Is Here

Start your decorating with this fun new collaboration!
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Costume National in Collaboration With Marina Abramovic

Creative director Ennio Capasa and Marina Abramovic are joining forces for her performance at The Art of Elysium’s annual “Heaven” gala.

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Costume National in Collaboration With Marina Abramovic

Creative director Ennio Capasa and Marina Abramovic are joining forces for her performance at The Art of Elysium’s annual “Heaven” gala.

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Pharrell Williams Celebrates Collaboration With Adidas

It was at the 2014 Grammys that Pharrell Williams debuted his Vivienne Westwood hat – and now he tries on his other hat – clothing designer.

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Kathleen Hanna Expands on Dream Miley Cyrus Collaboration

Earlier this week, riot grrrl icon Kathleen Hanna turned a few heads when she asked Miley Cyrus over Twitter if she’d be interested in making an album “that only you are daring enough to make.” The offer, though surprising, wasn’t out of left field as Cyrus had posted two pictures on Instagram of…
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Billy Corgan Calls Tommy Lee Collaboration 'Supersonic Pumpkins'

Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee’s appearance on Smashing Pumpkins’ upcoming record Monument to an Elegy came after Billy Corgan exclaimed “We really need to get someone like Tommy to play on this song” he has revealed Pumpkins guitarist Jeff Schroeder replied “Well why don’t we reach out to him?” and now…

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