Ermenegildo Zegna to Stage Spring 2020 Show at Former Industrial Complex

INDUSTRIAL VENUE: Alessandro Sartori has gotten attendees of his Ermenegildo Zegna shows accustomed to unexpected and often gargantuan locations.
For the upcoming spring 2020 show, the label’s artistic director has selected a former industrial complex, known as Area Ex Falck, located in Sesto San Giovanni on the outskirts of Milan. The show is scheduled at 8:30 p.m on June 14.
“This place allows me to continue to tell the story of incredible and unexpected venues in Milan through their essence. It’s a continuum: what a place meant in the past continues to live in the present and will continue to live in the future with a different soul,” Sartori told WWD.
The designer also teased the #usetheexisting dedicated show hashtag.
The show venue was home to Italy’s storied iron and steel company Falck, which was founded in 1906 and then converted in the Nineties to the production of energy from traditional and renewable sources. Dented by decreasing sales during the Seventies, the company dismissed the Sesto San Giovanni plants.
The original industrial site comprised five different plants called Unione, Concordia, Vulcano, Vittoria and Vittoria S, which covered 32 million square feet in the Sixties. The exact spot for the Ermenegildo Zegna show inside the area

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Kering Negotiating Lease for Saint Laurent’s Future Industrial Complex

SAINT LAURENT’S TUSCAN HUB: Kering is said to be negotiating the lease of a building in Scandicci, outside Florence, for its Saint Laurent brand, according to a note issued by the Italian town’s municipality.
CDP Investimenti, which is part of the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, a financial company controlled by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, has initiated exclusive negotiations with the French luxury group to lease the Palazzo delle Finanze in Scandicci. The cement, three-story building dates back to the 1991 to 1994 period and covers almost 310,000 square feet. It was meant to house the Center of the Ministry of Finance, but it has never been fully finished or used.
Kering had no comment on Friday.
According to the note, a change of destination of the building has been approved, and it can be recovered and destined to production activities.
Local media speculate that Compagnie Financière Richemont was also eyeing the building and the note, without naming the group, said CDP had received another offer by a company “operating in the luxury sector at an international level.”
Mayor Sandro Fallani said the goal is to “save a neglected [location] and to transform it in a unique development opportunity that would bring employment, excellence

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Bruce Hornsby’s New Album Is Complex and Untrendy. That’s Why It’s So Good.

For his 21st album, the songwriter takes daring, rewarding turns on a record that addresses a complicated world.
Rock Music
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Birdman Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex [VIDEO]


Source: Earl Gibson III-Getty / Getty

When you’re a Cash Money Millionaire the sky is the limit when your are popping tags. Birdman dropped several bands on a recent shopping trip with Complex.

He was joined by Joe La Puma on the newest episode of Sneaker Shopping. The two toured the vast selection at Flight Club’s Los Angeles location as they discussed Baby’s style throughout the years.

Stunna detailed gravitating towards the Reebok brand in the early years of the label. “We were more into the Chuck Taylors and Reeboks. You know Nike was a fad at the time but our projects; we were Reeboks and Girbauds [jeans].

When asked why he has historically shied away Jordans he admitted that he didn’t stan for the highly sought after kickz. “I love Jordans but I don’t know the collection like that. I[‘m a Michael Jordan fan but I never been big into the shoes” he explained.

Naturally his sponsorship deal with Lugz was also a topic. Birdman cited the partnership as very lucrative. “They bought me houses. My house in New Orleans they paid for that; three million dollars”.

After the discussion Baby gets to doing what he does best; shopping. He gifts his entire entourage pairs of Jordans, Yeezy’s and Air Force One’s for himself costing him almost 9K. #MustBeNice

Video of the shopping trip below.



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Michael B. Jordan & A$AP Ferg Appear On Tonight’s Complex X Fuse Finale

Michael B. Jordan Wings Of Death Complex x Fuse Finale

Source: Complex / Complex

It’s still a Black Panther kind of vibe around these parts and for those who couldn’t get enough of the film’s co-star, Michael B. Jordan are in for a treat tonight. The buff actor and A$ AP Ferg are set to appear on the set of Complex x Fuse‘s finale episode, with the pair running down what they have going on behind the scenes and more.

Jordan will be running down his role as the villainous but complicated Erik Killmonger and taking in some “Wings of Death” with Sean Evans and then holds court with Complex News’ Natasha Martinez for more on Black Panther.

Fergie Is The Name will be in the building to debut his new documentary, Forever Ferg, to the masses, of course repping the A$ AP Mob per usual.

We’ve already taken a quick peek at Jordan going sneaker shopping with the Complex crew, and tonight’s show will give fans a little more to chew on.

The finale of Complex x Fuse airs tonight Wednesday, February 21st at 11pm ET / PT on Fuse.

Photo: Complex

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Songs We Love: Open Mike Eagle, ‘Brick Body Complex’

Open Mike Eagle resurrects Chicago

Gentrification becomes violence personified as the rapper dons a hero’s mask to humanize the housing project’s demise in the premiere of his tragicomic video.

(Image credit: YouTube)

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ADULT ENTERTAINMENT NEWS UPDATE:Gabby Love’s top pick! Click and enjoy!

Complex “Blueprint” Series Interviews Angie Martinez [VIDEO]

Angie Martinez didn’t become the “The Voice of New York” overnight. The Brooklyn native put in years of work before being a Hip-Hop radio icon. She recently sat down with the Complex Blueprint series to discuss her monumental come up and more.

With a parent in the radio business Angie developed an interest in broadcasting at a very early age. “I remember growing up and hearing my mother say things [like] ‘Oh these jocks, I hate when they love the sound of their own voice.’ I had that insight of the other side of radio as a kid because I always heard that from her” she explained.

Martinez also details her professional entry into the game as an intern for Power 96 Miami. The opportunity didn’t come via a job interview but rather as a second chance to get her teenage years in order after developing a habit of not attending school. “My mother found out eventually and she shipped me to Miami.”

Ang also credits Funkmaster Flex as the one who gave her the first shot at airtime when she was his board operator saying “he would get on the mic and he wasn’t really comfortable so he would wind up talking to me.”

The original Butter Pecan Rican also talks ultimately leaving HOT97, writing her first book and drops multiple jewels on how to advance one’s brand. A definite must watch for any fan of the culture.

You can peep the twenty minute plus interview in its’ entirity below.

Via Miss Info TV

Photo: Complex / David Cabrera

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Welcome To The World’s Only ’90s Nostalgia Retreat Complex

Are you tired of the world we currently live in? Wanna get back to a simpler time, when things made sense? Maybe … the ’90s?!

Introducing the new ’90s Nostalgia Retreat!

From the trends to the celebs to the day Kurt Cobain died, at the ’90s Nostalgia Retreat, you can experience everything that made the 1990s the best decade that has ever existed.*

*Except for swing dancing. That was terrible. We all know it. Someone was asleep at the wheel for that one.


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Design FX – The Maze Runner Exclusive: Building the Mechanical Grievers & Complex Maze Set

Based on the hit YA novel of the same name, the upcoming flick The Maze Runner takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. To create the vast maze and relentless mechanical creatures called Grievers, FX experts Method Studios used technical and complicated special FX. Mike Seymour breaks down the tech behind the film.

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