LeBron’s L.A. coronation interrupted by the reality of conflict and challenges

For two hours, Staples Center looked like the NBA at the peak of its cultural power. Then it was hijacked by fisticuffs.
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Angelina Jolie Says She & NATO Chief Want To End Sexual Violence Against Women & Children In Conflict Zones

Movie star Angelina Jolie says she and NATO’s chief have agreed on ways to help the military alliance better combat the use of sexual violence against women and children in conflict zones.

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The Room-Final Conflict Part 2 – Rochelle Ragnarok

Rochelle Ragnarok - The Room-Final Conflict Part 2  artwork

The Room-Final Conflict Part 2

The Room, no. 8

Rochelle Ragnarok

Genre: Graphic Novels

Publish Date: December 17, 2013

Publisher: Rochelle Ragnarok

Seller: Smashwords

Seven people awaken to find themselves trapped inside a small room. With no memory of how they got there they find a camera, clock, cell phone, and several other items inside along with a thermometer which increases rapidly as the heat rises inside. With no food and no water they are forced to face a series of trials that would test them to the core in exchange for their freedom. Will they survive to gain their freedom? And will they discover who did this to them before it is too late?

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Gilmore & Roberts – Conflict Tourism – GR! Records

The increasing interest in folk (and Country) music will no doubt lead to the usual glut of wannabees of which very few will make any meaningful impact.
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The Final Conflict – Kenneth Zeigler

Kenneth Zeigler - The Final Conflict  artwork

The Final Conflict

A Tale of the Two Witnesses

Kenneth Zeigler

Genre: Religious

Publish Date: June 18, 2013

Publisher: Destiny Image

Seller: Destiny Image Publishers

Tears of Heaven, Book 5 Darkness consumes the planet as the Great Tribulation moves into its final and most critical moments. As history spirals towards its conclusion and creation imminently awaits the victorious return of Christ and His armies, Dr. Tom Carson, his family, and an elite resistance team rise up and engage the malevolent forces of evil in the battle of the millennium.   After establishing a secret base, Dr. Carson and his task force use supernatural technology borrowed from the saints of Heaven to declare all-out war against the beast and his false prophet.   While the resistance team cannot thwart prophetic events from unfolding, they are committed to pursuing and rescuing those whom the beast would seek to destroy—no matter what the cost.   Prepare for an action-packed, heart-pounding race against time as a group of ordinary people face off against the most diabolical forces the world has ever seen.

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Heroes of the Storm E3 2015: Eternal Conflict Expansion Trailer (Stream)


Debuted at the PC Gaming Show of E3 2015, Heroes of the Storm announces its first expansion.
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Infographic: Avoiding Family Conflict During The Holiday Season

The holidays are supposed to be a festive time, but when families gather together, arguments and negativity often threaten to spoil the occasion.

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Owen Pallett: The Consummate Musician, In Conflict

Last year, Owen Pallett played on Arcade Fire’s Reflektor and picked up an Oscar nomination for his score for Her. The songwriter explains the tensions at work on his highly personal new solo album.

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