HIV Dating Site Profiles – Five Valuable Tips You Needs To Consider

It will be easier they obtain the wrong understanding of you. Here’s a month-by-month search the rearview mirror at AIDS in DC. It comes with more than 10,000 people Washington State living with HIV.
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Why You Should Consider a Laser Facial

A spa facial is great, but you can really get one at home: wash, exfoliation, steam, blackhead removal, mask, lotion. What’s your bathroom not outfitted for? Laser facials. We spoke with Kelly Rheel, owner of Flash Lab Laser Suite in New York City, about why you might want to get zapped.

What Does a Laser Facial Do? 

There are different machines, but some of the most sought-after models shoot lasers at skin to boost collagen production to make your face look healthy and feel softer. Lasers can reduce acne scars, improve tone, and remove tattoos. The FDA-approved Clear and Brilliant machine is widely available and costs about $ 400 per treatment. You’ll notice a change after one session, but some people will want to do three to six monthly treatments. (Many spas offer package deals.)

What Men Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal

What Does it Feel Like?

It stings, but it’s over in about 15 minutes. Some treatments go deeper into the skin, and your technician will apply numbing cream half an hour before you get going. (Also, a pre-treatment whiskey helps.)

Will I Be Red in the Face?

Your skin will be pink and warm to the touch for up to 24 hours, then feel rough for up to three days. It’s not so severe that you have to hide out. Just hydrate and use a moisturizer with SPF.

How to Take Care of Fingernails



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Consider the Lilies – Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Orchestra At Temple Square & Craig Jessop

Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Orchestra At Temple Square & Craig Jessop - Consider the Lilies  artwork

Consider the Lilies

Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Orchestra At Temple Square & Craig Jessop

Genre: Classical

Price: $ 11.99

Release Date: May 6, 2003

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5 Things You Should Consider When Buying a Pre-Owned Watch

When it comes to shopping for your next luxury watch, you should begin your search by first asking yourself a few simple questions.

“What is your budget? Start there,” says Nathan Nerswick, a client services manager at Crown & Caliber, the Atlanta-based online watch shop where you can sell luxury timepieces and buy everything from a used OMEGA Speedmaster to a Rolex GMT-Master II.

“A lot of people don’t want to talk about money, but I think that’s kind of a baseline,” Nerswick tells Men’s Journal in the video above. “You need to be able to say, ‘Hey, I’m willing to spend $ 5,000.’ Cool, let’s look at $ 5,000 watches.”

Inside the Lab: Crown & Caliber, the Online Luxury Watch Shop

Knowing your budget can help you narrow down your search, especially when you’re looking at the endless options online. Next, Nerswick explains to also focus on the other watches you own. “There’s a big difference between it being your first watch or your fifth watch,” he says, “and so that can really inform the direction we’re going.” But there’s plenty more to consider, especially for the place you’re buying the watch from.

“When you’re looking to buy a watch from anyone—certainly online—the No. 1 thing you need to ask them is if they have actual trained watchmakers,” says Jason Allen, Crown & Caliber’s chief marketing officer. The online shop has its own in-house watchmakers in Atlanta who authenticate and work on every watch that goes up on the brand’s website.

Find out even more must-know watch-buying tips from the pros at Crown & Caliber above.

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Not a crazy idea: Oscars should consider an ensemble category

After flirting with adding a “popular film” category, the Oscars might have an answer for bringing more sizzle to their show hiding in plain sight — at least if Wednesday’s Screen Actors Guild nominations are any guide — by introducing a “best ensemble” statue. – RSS Channel – Entertainment

GamersGate: The World's Largest Online Game Store

Consider Phlebas (Unabridged) – Iain Banks

Iain Banks - Consider Phlebas (Unabridged)  artwork

Consider Phlebas (Unabridged)

Iain Banks

Genre: Sci Fi & Fantasy

Price: $ 24.95

Publish Date: May 6, 2011

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4 Things to Consider to Get a Guy’s Attention

Trying to get a guy’s attention can be quite intimidating and scary for many. The ability to show your confidence is likely to be the most important factor to consider, although there are many other things that can be helpful to get someone’s attention.
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22 Foods to Consider Nacho-ifying This Weekend

At New York City's just-opened Burlap Sack—an eatery that specializes in potatoes topped with delicious things (like meats, veggies, sauces, and cheese)—they serve something called Totchos. Behold, Totchos—an already-popular-in-DC-and-Seattle dish that's a hybrid tater-tot nacho…

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Muslim Matchmaking: 3 Key Issues to Consider When Dating Arab Women

Dating Arab women online is now more popular than ever across the world. Muslim dating has moved up to the next level in matchmaking technology to equal the trend in the Western world. But there are some important cultural considerations when aiming to date an Arab lady.
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For Blended Families, Consider Prenups And Trusts – Total Return – WSJ

The growing number of so-called blended families has led to financial agreements to help assure how parents’ assets will eventually be apportioned among children who may be a mix of his, hers and theirs.

Divorce – The Huffington Post

Need to File for a Divorce!

10 Things To Consider When Hiring A Nanny

In early 2014, former live-in nanny Diane Stretton made headlines when she refused to move out of her former employer, Marcella Bracamonte’s, home. Marcella, a mother of three, claims she fired Diane for failing to perform the live-in nanny duties they had verbally agreed upon, but Diane alleges Marcella had grown overly demanding and that she was harassed and tortured during her employment. Watch as the women come face to face on Dr. Phil’s stage for the first time since Diane moved out.

Finding a caregiver for your family can be stressful. Dinah Hutson, owner of Hutson Nannies, offers these tips on how to avoid a nanny nightmare.

1. Consider finding a candidate through a nanny agency that has a solid reputation. Not only do most reputable agencies do all the leg work of vetting candidates for you and doing background checks, but they can also help you create a contract to govern the relationship and terms between you and your nanny, which can be a critical document.

2. Interview candidates thoroughly. Ask them specific questions that relate to your family. Find out what their past job duties were and if they are willing to do the tasks you are looking for help with. Talk about your parenting and discipline styles, and find out if the prospective nanny will agree to follow your lead.

3. Consider the candidate’s relevant childcare experience. Has this person actually been paid to care for a child before? A prospective nanny should have at least one year of cumulative prior experience as a paid childcare provider. Experience could be as a teacher, daycare provider, camp counselor or babysitter/nanny.

4. Get at least three childcare related references. These references should not be from family or friends — only from people who were your candidate’s supervisor, parents of children he/she previously cared for, or co-workers in a daycare center or similar position. If the candidate has no recent references, that’s a huge red flag. When checking references, be smart. Think like a detective, and do not give the reference any information up front. Ask the reference to give you the dates, duties, schedule, ages of the kids, etc. You want to make sure his/her story matches the prospective nanny’s.

5. Consider the candidate’s education and make sure it fits with your family’s needs. Many agencies require a high school diploma/GED, but a college degree or applicable professional certification is a plus. If it’s important that your nanny take on a teacher-like role, then the educational level of the person may be of consideration.

6. How would the candidate respond in an emergency? Find out if he/she is certified in pediatric CPR and First Aid. Make becoming certified in pediatric CPR/First Aid a prerequisite to employment.

7. Do a background check. A reputable agency will run a background check for you. If you are not using an agency, then it is advisable to run your own. The minimum most agencies do is a county and federal criminal check and a sex offender database check, so you ought to consider at least that. In addition, if the nanny is going to drive your child anywhere, you should also run a DMV check. And, if the nanny will handle your money/credit card, a credit check is a good idea. A drug test is also recommended.

8. Check the candidate’s legal status. A person can be a legal resident or in the United States with a visa, but that does not mean he or she is legal to work in the U.S. Ask the prospective nanny to prove their status by filling out an I-9, before offering a position.

9. Trust your instinct. If you don’t have a good feeling about someone — regardless of how they appear on paper or what former employers have said — don’t hire him/her. Likewise, if the candidate is inconsistent in communication, eg, not responding to texts or phone calls in a timely manner, consider that a red flag.

10. Arrange a trial day. If you’re not using a nanny agency, it may be a good idea to set up a playdate with the prospective nanny or have him/her shadow you for a day before you offer a position. It’s a good idea to see this person interact with your children to see if he or she is a good fit with your family.

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8 New Year’s Resolutions Every Family Should Consider Making

What do you wish for your family in 2015? Less yelling? More time together? A chaos-free home? Dr. Phil shares eight resolutions that every family should consider making.

1. Take inventory and prioritize.
If you want to turn chaos into harmony and rhythm in your household, you have to be willing to challenge everything. Nothing is sacred. You may have to change your lifestyle, rearrange your schedule or drop some of your commitments in order to fully benefit your family. Are your children involved in too many activities? Are you so busy you never have time alone with your spouse? Ask yourself what’s really important to you and your family.

2. Recognize what you’re doing to contribute to the problem.
You may be very loving and well-intended, but you could be making critical mistakes. Are you a control freak? Do you never say no even when you’re overscheduled? Do you ever have time to sit and enjoy your children? Think about what changes could start with you.

3. Learn to delegate.
Oftentimes, mothers take it all on themselves when their children are old enough to lend a helping hand. You can’t do everything. Divide up the labor and responsibilities so you’re not so worn out all the time. Give your kids specific tasks that they can each be responsible for. Your kids will appreciate it. It’ll make them feel helpful, and you’ll have more to give them in return.

4. Eat meals together as a family.
If everyone has a different schedule and you don’t ever gather together for a family meal, you are missing an important part of a cohesive family. Make a commitment to sit down for a family meal as often as you can. Everyone needs to get around the dinner table and talk about the day. Turn the TV and phones off, and turn the chaos down. You can enjoy this time together, laughing and talking.

5. Create family rituals.
Plan something fun for everyone to look forward to, like game night once a week. It can be a time to de-stress, decompress, relax and have fun together without the TV on or the phone ringing. Do your children like to bake? You could have a weekly baking night. Find special things to do every holiday or birthday. Your kids may roll their eyes, but they’ll be grateful for the time together.

6. Schedule family meetings.
Taking just a short amount of time to gather and calmly talk about the week, what’s coming, what’s expected, and to ask questions can really bond a family. It’s also a good time to organize the schedule, work out family problems and allow everyone to be heard.

7. Make each child feel special.
Make a commitment to have “dates” with each of your kids. Find one thing you can do that’s unique to each child that you don’t do with the other kids. While family time is critical, the time you spend with each child individually is also vital to who they become as adults.

8. Nurture your relationship with your spouse.
One of the most important things you can do for your children is to take care of the relationship between their mom and dad. Don’t stop being friends and lovers because you’ve become parents. Schedule in date night for just the two of you regularly in the new year. Remember why you fell in love in the first place.

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K-Pop Stars Consider Legal Action Over Use of Music in ‘The Interview’

South Korean hip-hop stars claim that a contract was never signed for their song ‘Pay Day’
Music News Headlines – Yahoo News

Why It’s Finally Time to Consider the Straight Razor

You might want to reevaluate the way you’ve been removing hair from your face all these years. Style