Countdown to Infinite Crisis (2005-) #1 – Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka, Judd Winick, Phil Jimenez, Ivan Reis, Rags Morales, Jesús Saíz & Ed Benes

Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka, Judd Winick, Phil Jimenez, Ivan Reis, Rags Morales, Jesús Saíz & Ed Benes - Countdown to Infinite Crisis (2005-) #1  artwork

Countdown to Infinite Crisis (2005-) #1

Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka, Judd Winick, Phil Jimenez, Ivan Reis, Rags Morales, Jesús Saíz & Ed Benes

Genre: Graphic Novels

Publish Date: January 24, 2017

Publisher: DC Comics

Seller: DC Comics.

Everything you knew about the DC Universe changes and it all begins right here with a prelude issue to the DCU mega-event INFINITE CRISIS! Superstar writers Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka and Judd Winick team with a bevy of artists for a story that alters the very face of the DC Universe for years to come!

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Shark Fin Crisis – Siwoo Kim

Siwoo Kim - Shark Fin Crisis  artwork

Shark Fin Crisis

Siwoo Kim

Genre: Graphic Novels

Publish Date: May 14, 2013

Publisher: Moon Stealers Publishing

Seller: Moon Stealers Publishing

Do you know shark finning is practice of catching a shark, slicing off its fins, and dumping the still living shark back into the ocean? The shark that is dumped into the water gets drowned or gets shred into pieces by other sharks. Author of this comic book, Siwoo Kim is 11 years old boy. He had a graduation exhibition about animal right, and this book is one of his taking action for whom weren’t at his exhibition. He wanted to tell others about shark fin crisis that is going around the world, so we can stop shark finning. This book is about how sharks die because of us for shark fin soup.

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Toilet-to-Tap Water and Other Ideas That Could Save Us From the Next Water Crisis

Would you drink recycled toilet water? Scientists and engineers are betting on it as they look for innovative new ways to prepare for a warmer drier climate.
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5 Heartbreaking Side Effects Of The Opioid Crisis In America

By Abraham Mireles,Jordan Breeding,Markos Hasiotis,Andrea Meno  Published: January 15th, 2018 

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The Phoenix Crisis – Richard Sanders

Richard Sanders - The Phoenix Crisis  artwork

The Phoenix Crisis

The Phoenix Conspiracy, no. 3

Richard Sanders

Genre: Science Fiction

Publish Date: December 31, 2012

Publisher: Shadowmire Media

Seller: Smashwords

A storm is brewing. Eager war fleets patrol the edges of human space, waiting. The leaders of the Phoenix Conspiracy are poised to usher in The Hour of Ascension. And it is up to Calvin to expose the conspiracy before the Empire collapses in a firestorm of civil war. Deadly isotome weapons remain at large, forces across every border are arming for war, and now even the monarchy itself is threatened by the chaos. From the blood-soaked soil of Renora, where the very strength of the Empire is tested, to the political maneuverings of the Imperial Assembly, the stability that once safeguarded human-kind is now merely a memory. Meanwhile the deadliest assassin in the galaxy lurks in the shadows, ready to change the course of history—if his god wills it. And Shen's life hangs by a thread. The Organization, the Akiras, CERKO, the Advent, the Phoenix Ring… it all comes down to this moment. And the question on everyone's mind is, can the Empire survive? Or will it be lost to the tempest.

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Bruno Mars Donates $1 Million to Aid Victims of Flint Water Crisis

Bruno Mars, Jingle Ball 2016Bruno Mars is spreading some of his 24K magic to help people who are in need.
During a stop on his sold-out 24K Magic World Tour, the powerhouse singer surprised the audience at the…

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Box Office: ‘Our Brand Is Crisis’ Bombs in Career Low for Sandra Bullock

Bradley Cooper cooking dramedy ‘Burnt’ is also getting scalded as Halloween weekend brings more bad news at the North American box office, where ‘The Martian’ will stay at No. 1 in its fifth outing.

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Our Brand Is Crisis (2015)

Our Brand Is Crisis (2015) Opens Friday, Oct 30, 2015

A Bolivian presidential candidate failing badly in the polls enlists the firepower of an elite American management team, led by the deeply damaged but still brilliant strategist “Calamity” Jane Bodine.

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‘Our Brand Is Crisis’: TIFF Review

Sandra Bullock and Billy Bob Thornton star as rival political consultants embroiled in a Bolivian election in David Gordon Green’s new film.

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Midlife Crisis, Marriage Crisis Or Both?


What do you do when someone you thought you knew like the back of your hand mutates into someone you don’t recognize?

The midlife crisis. Or that’s what we tend to call it.

She says maybe she never really loved you. She wants to be independent. She hangs out a lot more with her divorced girlfriends. Suddenly, you go from being the man she wanted to grow old with to the guy she wouldn’t be caught dead with.

He starts working out. Guards his cell phone. Buys new, smarter-looking clothes. It’s classic but you don’t want to see it. Then he lets you know there’s “someone else”. He met her on Facebook. And he wants a divorce.

You’ve been married 32 years.

It’s a crisis all right. A midlife crisis maybe. A definite marriage crisis.

CBS did a report in 2011 on the current research on midlife. It stated that the huge majority of folks take midlife in stride. Psychological theories add that when you have led a life where you have been able to follow some passion or interest, whether it’s your job, your family, an activity or talent, that you will be fulfilled. In midlife, you become someone who wants to give back. To your community. Your culture. Your family. Your relationships.

Erikson, who developed a theory of the stages of human development, defined the issue in midlife as the decision between “generativity” and “stagnation”. You are going to blossom or wilt. If happy, you know what you stand for.

Most midlifers fare pretty well.

Yet those that are not content get a lot of attention. Because they can cause a lot of hurt.

The two things — a marriage crisis and a midlife crisis — can obviously be intertwined. One of the partners in the relationship becomes unsure of themselves. Of their choices. Of what their life means. What have they missed? How much time is there left to enjoy? To learn? To experience? That frantic self-doubt and fear can lead to leaving a partner, who seems to symbolize only what was. Not what could be.

Cathy Meyer, the divorce support expert for, stated that men have midlife crises out of fear. Fear of death. Fear of aging. Fear of losing power. Women? Out of an awareness of opportunity. Ms. Meyer’s observation is that women’s focus has been more about getting children grown, security established. After that is done, her own life opens in an exciting, even seductive way. She further reports that if someone has not been attentive to their own needs — has made their whole life about others — making a living or raising children — no matter their gender, they are more likely to be drawn toward drastic change in midlife.

Esther Perel, a highly sought after speaker on the subject, believes that infidelity can emerge from happy marriages as well as unhappy ones. That they are more about reconnecting with parts of the self that are being rediscovered or perhaps discovered for the first time.

If you believe yourself to be in a midlife crisis:

A midlife crisis can be distinct from a marriage crisis

Maybe your partnership is in trouble. Maybe you have fallen into a rut. Have stopped expressing gratitude. Maybe there are some dynamics or issues that have always been disappointing that you are tired of. That if you talked about, might be changed.

If that’s the case, you can confront those things. Try to do something about them. If your partner is willing. Often, if they hear you are considering ending your commitment, their desire to listen and change will increase.

Perhaps you are in a midlife crisis. All by yourself.

A question I ask:

“What makes you think you have to leave your partner to find the fulfillment you desire?”

You need to figure out what your life is missing. Something you have been afraid to try. Or too busy to develop in yourself. As Ms. Perel would say, discovering yourself.

It may mean really changing things. Asking your partner to hang in there with you and adapt. Maybe you decide that the high-powered corporate world is no longer for you and you want to retrain as a massage therapist. Maybe you want to train for a marathon. Go to college for the first time.

Try to discover that first. See what happens in the relationship if you get more excited about your own life.

If your partner is in a midlife crisis:

What if you are on the receiving end? If you get told that your partner is unsure of his or her commitment to you? Maybe they have even involved someone else?

Much of the response to this question lies in the context. The situation. There is one thing I have learned.

Know if you are considering divorce, that it will always be only yours. Not your mother’s. Not your best friend’s. Not your therapist’s or your lawyer’s. Yours. You will be living whatever benefits come from it, and what painful consequences might be. Wait until you feel ready to make that decision.

If you are getting feedback that you are being terribly self-destructive, then you should probably take that into account.

But it’s still your choice.

You can find more of Dr. Margaret on her website,! SUBSCRIBE and receive a free copy of her eBook, “Seven Commandments of Good Therapy”, a basic guide on how to evaluate a potential therapist or your current therapist.

Originally published by Midlife Boulevard.


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Infographic: How Greece Can Solve Its Debt Crisis

Currently in negotiations with the European Central Bank, Greece faces an uncertain future as it attempts to prevent financial collapse in the midst of its debt crisis. Here are some potential ways Greece could solve its economic woes:

  • Try renting out extra space above Thessaloniki to bring in more income
  • Avoid frivolous spending on things like health care and a national infrastructure
  • Appoint a special finance minister charged with groveling at Angela Merkel’s feet
  • Increase number of hourly tours of Parthenon
  • See if populace can think up another new branch of science, form of government, philosophical mode of thought, or basis for Western culture that can be licensed for quick cash
  • Plunder the Turks
  • Place tourism ads in Golf Digest and Woman’s Day magazines
  • Finally end Greece’s outdated practice of paying Rome a 30 million denarii tribute each year
  • Patiently remind creditors that money is just a …

The Onion

Joaquin Sabina: 500 Noches para una Crisis – En Directo – Joaquín Sabina

Joaquín Sabina - Joaquin Sabina: 500 Noches para una Crisis - En Directo  artwork

Joaquin Sabina: 500 Noches para una Crisis – En Directo

Joaquín Sabina

Genre: Concert Films

Price: $ 15.99

Rental Price: $ 3.99

Release Date: March 3, 2015

En 2014, J.Sabina cruzó el charco para su primera gira en solitario por América en 3 años. Este concierto recoge la gran actuación que ofreció en el mítico Luna Park de Buenos Aires, con las canciones de "19 días y 500 noches" como protagonistas.

© © 2015 Sony Music Entertainment España S.L.

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European Entertainment Stocks Fall as Greek Crisis Hits Markets

Stock market declines in Europe Monday morning were the sharpest in six months after Greece moved closer to a possible exit from the euro zone.

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News in Brief: Family Enters Crisis Talks After Learning Restaurant Has 45-Minute Wait

SKOKIE, IL—Convening several steps back from the hostess stand for an ad hoc round of discussions, members of the Kalpern family reportedly entered crisis talks Wednesday after learning that the wait for a table at the Cheesecake Factory would be 45 minutes. “Okay, we have two real options as I see it: We could tough it out here or head down to Village Crossing where they have a Chili’s and an Outback Steakhouse,” said father and chief negotiator Mark Kalpern after tabling a motion by his daughter that they just leave and pick up a pizza on the way home. “Forty-five minutes is pretty long, and we’ll need to find Grandma a place to sit if we stay here and wait. Of course, by the time we get to another restaurant and see what the wait is there, it might end up taking just as long. So …

The Onion

Can 2 Fat Survive a New Crisis? | 2 Fat 2 Fly | Oprah Winfrey Network

With their budget running thin, 2 Fat 2 Fly tries crowd funding to generate extra cash and Corey’s wing-stuffing machine is put to the test. When The Fonz suffers a major setback, tensions reach a boiling point and the future of 2 Fat may be in jeopardy.

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Winfrey provides leadership in programming and attracts superstar talent to join her in primetime, building a global community of like-minded viewers and leading that community to connect on social media and beyond. OWN is a singular destination on cable. Depth with edge. Heart. Star power. Connection. And endless possibilities.

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Can 2 Fat Survive a New Crisis? | 2 Fat 2 Fly | Oprah Winfrey Network
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Moscow International Film Festival to Screen Fewer Films Amid Currency Crisis

Its state funding remains the same in rubles but is much lower in foreign currency.

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Was Foul Play Involved In Bobbi Kristina’s Medical Crisis?

A 911 call gets released that brings up the question, was foul play involved in Bobbi Kristina Brown’s medical crisis? Roswell Police clarify that there is still an ongoing criminal investigation o…

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Sony Hires ‘Scandal’ Crisis Specialist

Judy Smith is a crisis management expert and the inspiration for the ABC show’s Olivia Pope

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Chronicling the Gun Crisis in Philadelphia – Our America with Lisa Ling – OWN

Tune in for an all-new episode of Our America with Lisa Ling Thursday at 10/9c.
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While other news outlets no longer have the resources to chronicle the relentless pace of nightly shootings and murders, Jim MacMillian and Joe Kaczmarek keep the discussion alive. Together, Jim, an award-winning journalist and Joe, a photojournalist, focus on finding solutions through their website,

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How to Make It Through Any Life Crisis

Welcome to the Lifemageddon, when your life is full-on crumbling and the universe seems to be plotting against you. We’ve all been there. Here’s how to get through it intact. Sex & Love (RSS) Article Feed
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'The Normal Heart' Director Ryan Murphy Recalls Coming Of Age During The HIV/AIDS Crisis

“Glee” and “American Horror Story” director Ryan Murphy spoke at length about his much-anticipated adaptation of “The Normal Heart,” which is set to air on HBO later this month.

In an appearance on HuffPost Live this week, the openly gay Murphy described his personal journey with the project, which is based on Larry Kramer’s seminal 1985 play about the HIV/AIDS crisis in New York City.

“I grew up thinking if I was intimate, I would die,” Murphy recalled.

Murphy and his husband, David Miller, are the proud fathers of Logan Phineas Miller Murphy, who will turn 2 years old in December. Both of those factors, he said, were part of his decision to tackle the project.

“I don’t think that I would have the rights that I have today without Larry Kramer and the men and women who fought that fight because it really was a civil rights fight,” he said. “Larry Kramer was very ahead of his time … The issues that Larry wrote about…are even now more modern and topical.”

Joining Murphy during the HuffPost Live were many members of the all-star “Normal Heart” cast. Among them was Taylor Kitsch, who congratulated Michael Sam for becoming the first openly gay man to be drafted by the NFL over the weekend.

“When I saw the draft…I mean, it’s awesome,” Kitsch said of Sam’s on-camera kiss with his boyfriend, Vito Cammisano. “Let’s keep moving forward.”
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