Bhad Bhabie Uses Lil Kim As An Example For Her Skin-Darkening Debacle

"The girl went and got a nose job to have a smaller nose like white people."

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Browns humiliated in Monday Night Football debacle

Monday started off ugly and didn’t get any better for the Browns, who had no answers to the 49ers’ onslaught in a lopsided loss. – NFL

Behind the NHL’s Kid Rock debacle

The league has ignited another firestorm of controversy with the musical act for the All-Star game. We explore that decision, plus NBA ‘fights,’ innovation from the ECHL, Jersey Foul of the Week, the Flyers’ new power-play and much more. – NHL

News in Brief: Ranking Women Somehow Not Issue In Miss USA Debacle

NEW YORK—As backlash against the Miss USA pageant continues to spread following controversial anti-immigration remarks made by the contest’s owner, Donald Trump, sources confirmed this week that the overt ranking of women is somehow not a part of the ongoing nationwide outrage. Trump’s inflammatory comments have reportedly prompted NBC to drop the event from its schedule and sparked a number of debates regarding decency and propriety, none of which were said to include placing women onstage and assigning them a number corresponding to their physical appearance. Sources went on to note that lining up 50 bikini-clad women so that millions of viewers could scrutinize their bodies and make their own ratings that they could then compare to the scores of the official judges was, for some reason, completely absent in the recent controversy, which instead focused wholly on whether the spectacle should be shown on a major …

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