Since Anthony Davis decided to ‘be Westbrook’ the Pelicans are on a new level

Anthony Davis promises to dominate every night in a season that could shape the Pelicans for years to come. – NBA

Why McDaniels decided to stay with the Patriots

Josh McDaniels chose to return to the Patriots, thanks in large part, to his solid relationships within their program and especially with Bill Belichick. – NFL

Why ‘Teen Mom 2”s Leah Decided To Finally Focus On Taking Care Of Herself

Find out why “Teen Mom”‘s Leah decided to enter a treatment center for her mounting personal issues.

Diddy and Drake — We Decided to Become Partners … and We’re Gonna Make a Killing

Now we know why Diddy and Drake declared a truce … they decided peace can be highly profitable for both of them. We found out the former enemies met at 1:00 AM Monday at Mel’s Drive-In in West Hollywood … just the 2 of them,…


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