Episode 529 Scott Adams: Declining Sex, Trade War, Cognitive Blindness, Sleepy Joe, HOAXES


  • Heard it with my own ears…saw it with my own eyes!
    • No…you didn’t, just watch FULL video, read FULL transcript
    • HOAX VICTIMS: I REFUSE to view proof that I’m wrong!
  • Dismantling a person’s world view in real time…
    • …triggers cognitive dissonance
    • NOBODY says… “I’ll look at the transcript, see if you’re correct”
  • 2 Jewish people I’ve personally spoken too…
    • …attended the Charlottesville event, thought it was about statues
    • They obviously did NOT support Nazis at the event 
  • “Fine People” HOAX is a LOAD BEARING WALL for the other HOAXES
    • Debunk that HOAX, other HOAXES will be naturally challenged
  • Troll indicator flags
    • Cat or cartoon icon for their account
    • Followers are around a couple hundred followers
    • They attack the target person…NOT the person’s argument
    • Appears to be a centralized, organized, psychological attack
  • Heartbeat bills, are they compatible with Roe v Wade?
  • Poll says men are having far less sex
    • AOC says that’s because men can’t harass women anymore
    • Are there more obvious reasons for men having less sex?
    • Men are becoming feminized…in general, not all men, just in general
    • Do women want to have sex with feminized men?
  • Tinder allows women to always choose the more attractive guys
    • Why would they pick less attractive guys?
    • 20% of men get the majority of Tinder sex opportunities
  • AG Barr appoints VERY tough, experienced US Attorney John Durham
    • Durham will investigate the origins of the Russia Collusion HOAX
  • 3 attacks on Saudi tankers…no reporting or speculation on who did it?
    • What does it mean that NOBODY is even speculating?
  • China trade talks and the possibility of a deal…eventually
  • Sleepy Joe Biden…where has he gone?
    • Is the media refusing to cover him, ignoring him?
    • Do the Democrat kingmakers think Biden is weak on key topics?
  • Imagine a debate between Biden and Kamala
    • What would the audience be thinking, watching during that debate?
  • January 2020, we might see huge amounts of Democrat depression
    • President Trump might be polling at untouchable levels
  • Nuclear HAS to be a giant part of the climate change solution
    • Twice now, Juan Williams on The Five…can’t hear “nuclear”
    • Cognitive Blindness, nuclear options don’t even register
  • One President Trump tweet about nuclear development, options
    • Green New Deal people couldn’t ignore nuclear options

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