Decoding all those ‘Stranger Things’ ’80s pop culture references

It’s 1985, and the only thing Hawkins, Indiana, has more of than bizarre supernatural/pseudo-scientific phenomena is a plethora of pop culture touchstones. One can be a major “Stranger Things” fan and either be too young to have any memories of the over-the-top decade in which Season 3 is set, or emerged from the Reagan Era with too-fuzzy recall, perhaps owing to when you didn’t “Just Say No.” – RSS Channel – Entertainment

GamersGate: The World's Largest Online Game Store

Decoding Robert Mueller’s Russia Investigation | WIRED25

WIRED contributing editor Garrett M. Graff, who covers special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, authored the magazine’s June cover story about Mueller’s time in Vietnam, and wrote “The Threat Matrix: Inside Robert Mueller’s FBI and the War on Global Terror.” Graff breaks down the investigation’s status, the big outstanding questions, and where the investigation is likely to go after the midterm election.
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Decoding McDormand’s mention of ‘inclusion rider’

Few people watching Sunday night’s Oscars knew what Frances McDormand was talking about when she ended her Best Actress speech with the term ‘inclusion rider,’ sending viewers scrambling on search engines and social media to find out its meaning.

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