Step back, Denver: James Harden conducts clinic on Nuggets’ defense

The Nuggets threw every defense at James Harden that they could think of, but the Rockets’ star broke Denver down with crafty passes and big shots. – NBA

Sharks top rankings of all 31 NHL teams’ defense groups

The Erik Karlsson trade caused a seismic shift in the defensive landscape in the NHL. Where do all 31 teams rank? – NHL

Remade Rams defense starts slow, then slams the door

The Rams’ new-look, big-name defense looked out of sync in the first half, but two fourth-quarter interceptions put the game away. – NFL

Fantasy hockey position preview: Defense

There are only a few high-end fantasy defensemen this season. So how should you approach the blue line in your drafts? – NHL

Episode 119: Scott Adams Presents a TDS Defense for Peter Strzok (pro bono)


  • Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) and Peter Strzok


I fund my Periscopes and podcasts via audience micro-donations on Patreon. I prefer this method over accepting advertisements or working for a “boss” somewhere because it keeps my voice independent. No one owns me, and that is rare. I’m trying in my own way to make the world a better place, and your contributions help me stay inspired to do that.

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Episode 87: Roseanne’s Ambien Defense


  • Ambien is classified as a “hypnotic” drug
  • Roseanne says tweets were at 2AM on Ambien 
  • Ambien manufacturer (Sanofi) says racism not a known side effect
  • Sanofi took a despicable position on the matter
  • Sanofi blamed the likely VICTIM of their drug


I fund my Periscopes and podcasts via audience micro-donations on Patreon. I prefer this method over accepting advertisements or working for a “boss” somewhere because it keeps my voice independent. No one owns me, and that is rare. I’m trying in my own way to make the world a better place, and your contributions help me stay inspired to do that.

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Celtics push Cavs to the brink as Tatum, defense spark Game 5 rout

Jayson Tatum stole the show and Boston’s defense stymied LeBron in the second half. Now the Celtics head back to Cleveland with a chance to end King James’ Eastern Conference reign. – TOP

The return of the Warriors we know: Steph and defense

Steph Curry and the Warriors had three days off to ponder a bad Game 2 loss in Houston. Back home for Game 3, Curry and his team unloaded on the Rockets. – TOP

O.J.’s Defense Lawyer Shawn Holley Says He Didn’t Necessarily Confess

[[tmz:video id=”0_8zrk64z7″]] Attorney Shawn Holley, a member of O.J. Simpson’s “Dream Team” that got him acquitted of double murder, says she was disturbed by Simpson’s interview with Judith Regan, but it doesn’t necessarily mean he committed the crime.…


TMZ Celebrity News for Celebrity Justice

Meryl Streep Blasts Harvey Weinstein for Using Her in Defense of Sexual Misconduct Suit

Meryl Streep’s pissed Harvey Weinstein used her for his defense in one of the class action lawsuits against him … and she’s not having any of it. The Oscar-winning actress says just because it’s true that Weinstein wasn’t sexually inappropriate or…


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Line of Defense #1 – Ricardo Sanchez & Brian Ching

Ricardo Sanchez & Brian Ching - Line of Defense #1  artwork

Line of Defense #1

Ricardo Sanchez & Brian Ching

Genre: Graphic Novels

Publish Date: October 8, 2013

Publisher: DC Comics

Seller: DC Comics

The Insurgents are determined to regain control of Arkangel, and their moment will come when Commander Dansing makes an inspection tour of Nightbridge Station. But when Akasuki Svenson gets her orders, she makes other plans!

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Defense fuels sweep of Packers; Vikings one step closer to first-round bye

Minnesota recorded its first shutout win since 1993 and now awaits the result of the Panthers-Bucs game to find out if it has secured a bye. – TOP

Jones, defense keep Falcons in playoff hunt

The Falcons overcame three interceptions from Matt Ryan and picked off Saints quarterback Drew Brees late to seal a key NFC South victory. – TOP

News: NASA Hoping To Get In On Some Defense Funding With Plan For Torpedo-Equipped Orbital Telescope

WASHINGTON—Discussing plans for a new space-exploration project that it said could also potentially be the most advanced weapon system in the U.S. military’s arsenal, NASA confirmed Thursday it was trying to get in on some of the nation’s defense spending by designing a torpedo-equipped orbital telescope.

Agency officials told reporters they hope the state-of-the-art space observatory, which would allow astronomers to study the furthest reaches of the observable universe and would also hold a payload of 16 torpedoes, catches the attention of the Defense Department and ultimately scores them a sweet piece of the military’s $ 610 billion annual budget.

“This satellite has the ability to detect cosmic radiation from 13.5 billion years ago, greatly furthering our knowledge of how galaxies first formed after the Big Bang, and we installed some torpedo launchers on the side there as well,” said NASA senior project scientist Diane …

The Onion

Brandi Glanville — Says Truth is a Defense vs. Joanna Krupa in Smelly Vagina Lawsuit

Brandi Glanville may have figured out a way to stave off Joanna Krupa’s defamation lawsuit … by forcing Joanna to come clean about her vaginal odor. Brandi’s lawyer has fired off a series of written questions which Joanna must answer under oath,…


TMZ Celebrity News for Celebrity Justice

Love Advice: In Defense of Ciara and Single Moms

By Josie Pickens

“Let’s just be honest. Let’s just be real.”

Being a single mother doesn’t take away from a woman’s desirability or her desires, and that frightens way too many people, especially (it seems) too many men. This is the greatest takeaway from the spectacle we’ve seen this week surrounding a photo being circulated of singer/single mom Ciara attending beau Russell Wilson’s Seattle Seahawks training camp — where Ciara’s adorable son Future Zahir embraces Wilson on the field, wearing Wilson’s Seahawks jersey.

If you’re a single mother like I am, the photo may have touched you in a deep place, because it represents something that many single mothers find important: a relationship where one’s child feels comfortable and adored by one’s new partner.

At the very top of my list in my needs from a partner is that he love and care for my daughter deeply, like she’s his own. This is non-negotiable and the first commandment in being in a serious committed relationship with Jo. Apparently, having a partner who bonds with a single mom’s child is an issue for some women and tons of men — including comedian Lil Duval and rapper T.I., who feel that baby Future is too young to be so close to a man who’s not his father. I was glad to see that Amber Rose corrected Duval on his tweets about Ciara being a negligent mother and calling him out on his double standards.

Here’s the thing(s):

If we’re going to place the weight and responsibility of raising children on mothers, we have to trust and respect them. Mothers love their children deeply and are fiercely protective. Most mothers are not going to introduce their children to danger, whether in the form of a bad nanny or a shady boyfriend. When women have children, their priorities shift towards whatever is in the best interest of their child (most times to their detriment).

I know too many women who don’t date at all as single moms because so much of their lives focus on their children and dating can be too complicated and exhausting. We haven’t seen one clue that Ciara is anything but a dope and devoted mother to Future Zahir. I believe she’s handled her breakup with Future impeccably, and has moved on happily with her life. The side-eyes Ciara is receiving for even daring to date post Future are annoying at least and probably misogynist.

And speaking of side-eyes, Ciara is not on an award tour (like A Tribe Called Quest) promoting an album no one even knows the name of, because every media opportunity available is used to throw shade at her ex. But in the age-old African tradition of keeping it real, this is child and mother number four for Future, and most believe his and Ciara’s engagement ended because Future refused to be faithful. If we should be questioning anyone’s ability to be a devoted parent putting his or her child’s best interest first, we are investigating the wrong parent.

Next: Single moms are desirable. Being desirable is exactly how they became mothers in the first place. It’s not rocket science or Common Core math. Additionally, single mothers are better mothers when they live full, healthy and happy lives, which includes love, dating and sex. If we want to see healthy, well-adjusted children, we have to give single moms space to breathe and experience life outside of motherhood, while also acknowledging that such breathing and experiencing often intertwines with mothering.

If Ciara was running around still single and being a bitter Betty, we’d be complaining about that. As a matter of fact, we attack single moms all the time for being too concerned about their exes lives, while touting single fathers as awesome for the same kind of (often faux) concern.
Single mothers leaving the fathers of their children behind and finding love again disrupts our antiquated ideas about womanhood and motherhood. We’ve trained ourselves to believe that life stops for women when they become mothers, whether in committed relationships or not. We are doubly upset when a woman chooses to leave a relationship after having a child and also has the audacity to be happy.

Black women particularly have been cornered by a narrative that says partnering once is almost impossible. So seeing women like Ciara partner again (with a man who also loves her child) is, like, unicorn-level unbelievable. And, well, most men who have children view the mothers of their children (and the children themselves) as some kind of possession. That, folks, is a whole ‘notha post.

I’m a daddy’s girl and so is my daughter. If a father is present, active and loving, no other man will upset the bond he shares with his child. Ciara and tons of single moms are continuing their walk towards love and bliss with their children in tow, and we will all deal.

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Need to File for a Divorce!

Jon Stewart’s ‘Daily Show’ Finale: ‘The Best Defense Against Bulls— is Vigilance’

Jon Stewart may have signed off from The Daily Show after more than 16 years hosting the Comedy Central late-night show, but he urged viewers to… Music News

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Chelsea Manning Defense Fund Flooded With Donations

A legal defense fund for Chelsea Manning, the former Army intelligence worker sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking secret documents to WikiLeaks, has been flooded with donations, exceeding its goal with more than $ 125,000 in 48 hours.

“The level of grassroots support for this campaign has been truly impressive. Close to 1,100 donors in just 48 hours made their voices heard for Chelsea’s cause,” Trevor Timm, executive director of Freedom of the Press Foundation, said in a statement. “It really shows how small donations can add up to something huge. Because of this success, we’re raising our goal to the full amount Chelsea Manning’s attorney has estimated will be needed to bring the case through oral arguments in the Army Court of Appeals. We’re confident, with your help, we can get there.”

Nancy Hollander, Manning’s attorney, said contributions to the crowdsourced fund are “beyond our wildest dreams.”

“We are grateful for this outpouring and continued support as we travel down this long road,” Hollander said.

Manning, 27, is imprisoned at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas for giving hundreds of thousands of government files to WikiLeaks, including information on U.S. operations in Guantánamo Bay and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Formerly Pfc. Bradley Manning, she will be eligible for parole in about 2020.

Manning began the process of transitioning to a woman last year, and was approved for a gender-reassignment hormone therapy in February. It was the first time the Defense Department has authorized such a treatment for an active service member, and followed a lawsuit pressing the military to allow Manning’s transition.

Manning and her legal team are pursuing an appeal of her conviction, with the hope of reducing her prison term. Prior to the fundraising campaign, Manning had collected about $ 40,000 in donations to cover legal fees.

First Look Media, the news organization created by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, announced the campaign on Wednesday, and pledged to match $ 60,000 in donations. According to the statement, $ 10,000 of the match will come from First Look’s prominent investigative journalist, Glenn Greenwald, who has led coverage of former National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden’s disclosures of government spying on ordinary citizens.

Greenwald explained the campaign in a post for First Look’s investigative news outfit, The Intercept:

“Whatever else one thinks of Manning, she should not face limits in her ability to pursue her legal rights with full zeal, nor should her already difficult circumstances be exacerbated by worries over how to pay legal fees,” he wrote. “Her actions redounded to the benefit of all of us, and it’s incumbent on those who are able to do what they can to help her defend her legal rights. It’s in our collective interest to ensure that whistleblowers are able to receive a full, vigorous defense of their rights, and that the government’s pernicious anti-transparency theories be contested.”

 The campaign continues to accept donations, which can be made here.

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Just Played In Defense of the Batmobile

Just Played - Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile - Thumb

A lot of people have expressed their distaste of the Batmobile in Arkham Knight. We actually had a blast driving around Gotham City and want to set the record straight. Videos Hub

Fox News Channel to Lindsay … Here’s Our Defense … Cokehead Seems to Fit

Fox News Channel has responded to Lindsay Lohan’s lawsuit over a comment a guest made about Lindsay and cocaine — truth is a defense. FNC has come out swinging, referring to LiLo this way:  ”Admitted cocaine user and long-time addict Lindsay…


TMZ Celebrity News for Celebrity Justice

Suge Knight hires new defense attorney

Suge Knight hires a new lawyer, Tom Mesereau, the attorney who successfully defended Michael Jackson against child molestation charges. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

Reuters Video: Entertainment

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News in Brief: Report: Underpaid Migrant Laborers Working 18 Hours Per Day On FIFA Legal Defense

ZURICH—Following a massive U.S. Department of Justice indictment alleging that high-ranking members of the global soccer organization conducted widespread financial fraud, sources confirmed Thursday that underpaid migrant laborers are currently working roughly 18 hours a day preparing FIFA’s legal defense. “We have reason to believe that dozens of malnourished, impoverished workers are being exploited by FIFA for their labor as they attempt to build a defense strategy for charges including bribery, money laundering, and racketeering,” said Human Rights Watch spokesperson Reed Brody, noting that the laborers, who originate from countries including Bangladesh, Thailand, and Senegal, have been reviewing financial records and filing subpoenas for hours on end in a fetid, dimly lit boiler room inside FIFA headquarters. “Some of those working to research relevant RICO cases are said to be as young as 14 years old, and we know of at least three cases of workers who …

The Onion

In defense of Kanye’s Billboard Music Awards performance

"Great artistry is about eliciting a reaction," writes Billboard's news director.
News, reviews, interviews and more for top artists and albums – MSN Music
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Learning Self Defense With ‘Hawaii Five-0’s’ Alex O’Loughlin

I was interested when I heard Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children was offering, for a $ 300 donation, a women’s self-defense class taught by mixed martial arts champion Egan Inoue and “Hawaii Five-0″ star Alex O’Loughlin.

I signed up, thinking, what a great idea for a column.

But then I got flustered. I tend to get unglued around movie stars, especially around ones I admire such as O’Loughlin.

I hoped Civil Beat Editor Patti Epler would talk me out of the story, saying it was too lightweight. Civil Beat prides itself on its hard-core investigative reporting.

But Patti liked the idea. And if you think about it, there is nothing lightweight about Inoue and O’Loughlin’s kindness and generosity to want to help Kapiolani Hospital, where hundreds of sick children are cured and 6,200 babies are born each year.

As it turns out, there was nothing to worry about. When I arrived at Inoue’s Moiliili gym for the self-defense class, my concerns flew out the window.

The calming factor was O’Loughlin looked different from his “Hawaii Five-0″ Steve McGarrett character. He said he had grown a beard on his recent trip to Australia and spoke to us in his native Australian accent. He warned us he was going to get very sweaty, very messed up.

Instead of his intense TV persona, he was relaxed and funny. His Australian accent made the difference. For instance, when he was talking about potential dangers to women from rapists, in his Aussie-speak, the word rapist was pronounced “rye-pist.”


I don’t mind telling you, I love “Hawaii Five-0″ with its glamorized island scenery and the high fantasy episodes with O’Loughlin and his crew taking down villains each week.

It was great to see O’Loughlin talking so sincerely to the group of 22 women about the importance of learning to protect themselves.

O’Loughlin said he has supported Kapiolani Medical Center for the entire five years he has been on Oahu because the hospital once cared for a friend’s very sick child.

“This is raising money for a great cause but also to teach you something practical if, God forbid, any of you should get into a sticky situation,” he said.

O’Loughlin knows self-defense. When “Hawaii Five-0″ is not in production, Inoue said O’Loughlin comes to the gym to work out with him almost every day. O’Loughlin is a four-stripe blue belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu.

The first self-defense move Inoue and O’ Loughlin taught us was how to break free when an attacker grabs you by the arm. It was called a wrist escape.

The women in the class partnered up to learn how to break free with one woman in the pair being the attacker, the other the victim.

Inoue emphasized that the goal of women’s self-defense is to escape rather than trying to pulverize the attacker with the type of complicated karate moves favored by Kono Kalakaua, the female cop on “Hawaii Five-0.”

“It is not about eye gouging or kicking someone in the groin. You want to get away from your assailant,” said Inoue.

If you are difficult to control, your attacker will give up and go after someone else who’s easier to pin down, said Inoue.

O’Loughlin and Inoue walked around the room correcting us as we practiced our wrist escapes.

Afterwards, O’Loughlin tested each of us as he played the rapist role, grabbing each of us tightly by the arm, forcing us to break free.

The next move we learned was how to get up and get away after an attacker has thrown you on the ground.

Usually a person tries to get up by leaning forward. In this case, that would be dangerously closer to the attacker. Instead, Inoue showed us how to get up while moving backwards to get up and run away from the attacker.

My partner for the exercises was Kapiolani Medical Center’s chief operating officer, Martha Smith.

Smith said Inoue and O’Loughlin’s self-defense class is a wonderful fundraiser for Kapiolani because it tends to attract many women who might never have donated to the hospital before.

This would be a different crowd from the gala ball, silent auction set.

“It’s a chance to learn something useful and get a good workout as you get to spend time with a celebrity like Alex,” said Smith

There were some military wives in the class and one woman had come to Honolulu all the way from Italy to attend. She said she planned her vacation around it.

The final self-defense move we learned was called “a simple sweep.” It is a move for a woman to use when she is on the ground on her back, face up, with her attacker choking her as he straddles her body — one of the most vulnerable situations possible.

With your attacker already on top, you lift up your thigh, bend your knee and then press your bent knee between you and your assailant’s torso and use your leg strength to scissor him off, throwing the attacker face down on his stomach. Then, of course, you jump to your feet to run away.

Inoue told me after the class that one of his self-defense students used this move on an ex-boyfriend after he broke into her apartment and climbed into bed with her.

“She did a simple sweep, getting her ex-boyfriend off her and then pressing him into an armlock so hard she broke his arm. While her ex lay on the ground writhing in pain, she called the police,” said Inoue.

Hey, I thought you said self-defense was about getting away, not about hurting someone.

Inoue said, “She was so angry at what her ex-boyfriend for what he did, she wanted to hurt him. In the end you do what you have to do.”

This is true. You never know what you will do when you are threatened. I found that out a long time ago when I faced a dangerous situation.

It happened when I was living on the West Side of New York while attending Columbia University. One Sunday night, a man broke into the living room of my apartment, entering through French doors off my roof garden.

Instead, of locking my bedroom door and hiding quietly as I had always planned in my rehearsals for possible break-ins, I burst out of the bedroom and ran directly at the intruder, yelling “What are you doing here? Get out.” Luckily, he turned and ran out the doors to the garden where he climbed over to the next brownstone building to get away.

Just as Inoue said, “You never know. You do what you have to do.”

It is not always easy to escape a violent attack or intrusion. And sometimes, there is no escape for a woman.

After the 90-minute session, each of us got a certificate, a T-shirt and a chance to have our picture taken with Inoue and O’Loughlin.

The event raised $ 14,800 for the hospital. Last year, it raised $ 10,500.

O’Loughlin also donates time to the Boys and Girls Club, Donate Life America and Taylor’s Gift.

“It’s important to me,” he said. “Life is only worth what you give back. I have been very lucky. It is my responsibility to help.”

O’Loughlin follows a tradition of charitable acts that began most generously by actor Jack Lord, who played McGarrett in the original 1968-80 “Hawaii Five-0″ series.

Lord and his wife, Marie left their entire $ 40 million estate to be divided among 12 Hawaii non-profits.

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Jeremy Jackson — I Stabbed a Gangbanger with a Clown Tattoo … In Self Defense

Former “Baywatch” star Jeremy Jackson was arrested for stabbing a man, but he says it was self defense in the midst of a wild party.  Jeremy was jailed Saturday, after cops nabbed him for allegedly burglarizing an Airbnb. Police say during the…


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The Game — He Threatened to Shoot Me … Hoops KO Was Self Defense (VIDEO)

TMZ obtained video of The Game unloading a punch on an opposing player during a pick-up basketball game — but we’re told the guy threatened to unload a gun in Game’s ass before the fight. Sources connected to Game tell us the rapper says the…


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In Defense of Cara Delevingne’s ‘Bad’ American Accent

Author and YouTuber, John Green, widely known for his New York Times bestselling novel, The Fault in Our Stars, publicly released the movie trailer for his book, Paper Towns, this past Thursday. Paper Towns, directed by Jake Schreier, is about a teenage boy, Quentin, played by Nat Wolff, who is in search for his longtime high school crush, Margo, who is played by Cara Delevingne.

So, let’s talk about Cara Delevingne here. Immediately following the release of the Paper Towns trailer, it went viral — and so did the opinions about it. I opened my Twitter app only to see a myriad of people straying away from the actual concept of the trailer’s plot only to talk about Cara’s “bad” American accent. Is there really such a thing or are people looking for any excuse to criticize here? I believe that there is NO such thing as having a bad American accent. Cara is used to speaking in her native tongue, a British accent. There are such things as bad British accents, yes, because it’s obvious to tell when someone isn’t a British native, but a bad American accent? What is that?

There are so many different ranges of how people talk, let alone so many different kinds of people in the United States that for America that to claim to have one particular accent is ludicrous. Anything that doesn’t sound British, Australian, Indian, Canadian, Sweden, etc. is pretty much considered an American accent today. Depending on what part of any country you grew up in, you’re going to sound a tad different. For example, in America, we have our Brooklyn, Southern, Californian, Wisconsin, etc. accents. To really capture an honest American accent, all you have to do is sound average, and needless to say, far from fancy. Maybe that’s why people were criticizing? Margo’s character was also said to be portrayed as much more dull in the trailer than in the actual book, but we have to think about people who haven’t read the book when we talk about filmmaking.

Cara is the perfect actress to play Margo because not only is her American accent dull and average, but it’s perfect for a character you’re not supposed to really figure out at all. That’s the whole point. You hear in the trailer Quentin saying, “Margo always loved mysteries. Maybe she loved them so much, she became one.” There’s no such thing as a bad American accent, cynics, but there is such a thing as brilliant acting. Cara’s accent is what really makes this film all the more climactic and exciting. For people who haven’t read the book and watch the movie, they’ll be left wondering what happens next, or boggle their brain trying to figure out Margo, when, thanks to Cara’s acting, is hard to decipher.

So to the people out there who were criticizing, you must try to see that there is a reason behind everything, and this one was that anyone but Cara could have been casted, but Cara is the only one to really give Margo the meaning her character deserves. I’m not saying Cara is a dull person at all, but her ability to act like someone who knows how to play her cards with a straight poker face is a valuable concept of acting that, for any actress to ever accomplish, especially for Cara so early in her acting career, is something to be praised endlessly for.

I’m stoked to see how Paper Towns plays out for Cara when the movie is released this

I’m stoked to see how Paper Towns plays out for Cara when the movie is released this coming July. It’s not her first time acting, as she has starred in 2012’s Anna Karenina, and will be making future appearances in Pan and Tulip Fever. However, Margo will be Cara’s first major starring role debut.

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Suge Knight’s Defense — I Have a Blind Spot … My Left Eye

Suge Knight’s defense in his murder case will involve a glock … glaucoma. Suge’s lawyer tells TMZ, his client is legally blind in his left eye … the result of glaucoma which is a side effect of diabetes. Attorney Matthew Fletcher says when Suge…


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Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds, A-Rod Spring To Patriots’ Defense Over Deflated Footballs

NEW YORK—Calling the recent scandal nothing more than a witch hunt, famed athletes Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds, and Alex Rodriguez issued a joint statement Tuesday vehemently defending the New England Patriots against accusations that the team chea…

The Onion

Egypt Gay Bathhouse Trial Criticized By Defense Lawyers

CAIRO (AP) — Defense lawyers for 26 men arrested in a televised raid by police looking for gays at an Egyptian bathhouse criticized the prosecution’s case Sunday, saying it is based on a faulty investigation and only one police officer’s testimony.

The raid was part of an ongoing crackdown on gays in Egypt, described by activists as the worst in more than a decade. While consensual gay and lesbian relationships are not specifically outlawed in Egypt, there is a societal taboo against same-sex couples. A private TV station’s crew filmed the men’s arrest, saying it tipped off police to a bathhouse “hosting men sex orgies.” The televised raid outraged activists.

One lawyer representing 14 of the men, Islam Khalifa, told the court Sunday that the defendants suffered “psychological duress” from the publicized arrests, which defamed and endangered both them and their families in conservative Egypt. He said having the television crew there violated the men’s right to privacy and Egypt’s constitution.

Of the 26 men, 21 have undergone medical examinations to see if they had had anal sex. Three of men had trauma that required further examination, defense lawyer Tarek al-Awadi said.

The men face charges including debauchery and performing indecent public acts. Such vague terms can apply to prostitution or even public display of affection.

Their trial began Dec. 21. On Sunday, the men stood in a small cage in the court, some with hoodies covering their face. Two wept in front of journalists, who were not allowed to approach them.

Family members were not allowed to attend the session, apparently to avoid outbursts as lawyers discussed details of the case. Angry family members largely refused to speak to the journalists gathered there, accusing them of trying to slander their relatives.

“We are innocent! We were scandalized! No one in our family is gay!” one screamed.

As the defendants left the courtroom, one relative chanted: “Raise your heads up high. Acquittals, God willing.” Once in a security vehicle to be return to jail, family members shouted: “You are men! You are men!”

The trial will resume Monday.
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In the Dog’s Defense, Pineapple Leaves Do Look Sharp

Who knows what could happen if this fruit got into the wrong hands?!
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