Jussie Smollett Demands Team Develop Plan to Fix His Image

Jussie Smollett knows his career’s on the line, and he’s tasking his team with pulling off the highly improbable — making him likable again. Sources close to the “Empire” star tell TMZ … even though his criminal record’s scrubbed clean, he’s in crisis…


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Universal Pictures To Develop Musical Inspired By Prince’s Music

The motion picture film giant has acquired music from Prince's estate to make the film.

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Episode 290 Scott Adams: Watching CNN Discover the Worst Case Scenario Develop

  • If the Democrats gain a bit of power, it might be good for President Trump

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Warner Music Signs Deal to Develop Biopics/Docs Based on Artists Like Led Zeppelin, Coldplay and More

The deal, between Warner Music and U.K. production house Catalyst, opens the door for films about the label’s entire roster of artists, including Neil Young and Prince.
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Levi’s and Google Team Up to Develop the Next Wave of Wearable Tech

The two Bay Area brands are working on a project that weaves smart threads into the fabrics you already wear.
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