Episode 1155 Scott Adams: Hunter’s Laptop and the Disappearing Story, and More

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  • Programming sexual preferences
  • Hunter Biden’s laptop contents, and the spin
  • Grifters and crooks
  • Joe Biden’s calendar
  • Kamala Harris masked staff spreading COVID19?
  • CNN current headlines review

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Disappearing Edges Tap Dancer Candace Owens Suspended By GoFundMe For Lying On Black People

Convention De La Droite In Paris

Source: NurPhoto / Getty

Candace Owens is a darling of the far-right due to her “Sure I’ll tap dance for you massa” antics but that doesn’t mean the jig hasn’t been spotted, and not just by Black people. The top tier, self-hating buffoon has been suspended by GoFundMe due to her gaslighting antics.

According to the Daily Beast, Owens was suspended due to harsh word she aimed at the late George Floyd. Despite the man’s murder literally inspiring global protests against police brutality, the Notorious C.O. determined it necessary to try to slander the man’s name.

“GoFundMe has suspended the account associated with Candace Owens and the GoFundMe campaign has been removed because of a repeated pattern of inflammatory statements that spread hate, discrimination, intolerance and falsehoods against the black community at a time of profound national crisis,” said the platform in a statement. “These actions violate our terms of service.”

Reportedly, Owens was raising money for the Parkside Cafe in Birmingham, Alabama, whose co-owner, Michael Dykes, went on social media to call Floyd a “thug.” He also multitasked and called protesters “idiots” via text message, which also made it online. Don’t shed a tear, because Parkside Cafe is still getting the money that was raised, and they’ve also apologized for Dykes being a headass.

Yep, that’s the type of hill Candace Owens chooses to fight and die on. This is where we point out that there are receipts that Owens, who was once anti-Trump, is pretty much a scammer, as documented by our NewsOne peeps right here.

Owens went on Twitter to kicker her usual conservatives are under attack malarkey. But hey c00ns are gonna c00n.


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Episode 604 Scott Adams: Talking About FaceApp, Disappearing Democrats and More


  • The amazing near-future potential for merging people and machines
  • Are we the cloned minds or simulations of people who lived before?
  • Immigration is broken, “the machine” versus “the philosophy”
  • Ted Cruz and AOC working on some things together
    • Donations to help increase comfort at the detention centers
  • Viewer questions for Scott

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The post Episode 604 Scott Adams: Talking About FaceApp, Disappearing Democrats and More appeared first on Scott Adam's Blog.

Scott Adam’s Blog

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s Disappearing Blemish

Rep. Gabbard joined us on TMZ Live and says the red dot wasn’t on her chin at all on Wednesday … and she has no idea what the spot could have been. She’s clearly not concerned about it and is ready for the rest of her campaign.  Rep. Tulsi…


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Disappearing Act: Is Rachael’s Catfish Off The Grid For Good?

A woman seemed to get her happy ending on MTV’s ‘Catfish’ — until her online beau disappeared yet again.

Case of the Disappearing Diamonds (Original Staging) – Adventures of Nero Wolfe

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Case of the Disappearing Diamonds (Original Staging)

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Elvis Costello’s ‘Unfaithful Music and Disappearing Ink’

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Review: Elvis Costello’s ‘Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink,’ a Memoir

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