Discipline – W.J. May

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W.J. May

Genre: Paranormal

Publish Date: October 6, 2019

Publisher: Dark Shadow Publishing

Seller: Draft2Digital, LLC

USA Today Bestselling author, W.J. May, brings you the highly anticipated continuation of the bestselling YA/NA series about love, betrayal, magic and fantasy. Be prepared to fight, it's the only option. Not every fairytale has a happily ever after… For the first time in hundreds of years, the five kingdoms were at peace. United by the band of young heroes who'd won the Great War, the realm had entered a time of wealth and prosperity unlike anything it had known before. New families. New Beginnings. Old alliances were on the mend.  But such a thing can never last. When Katerina and Dylan's teenage daughter finds herself at the center of a strange prediction, she and her friends are swept away on a wild adventure that may very well claim all of their lives. Old evils are lurking the shadows. A secret new darkness is waiting to take hold. Can the new band of heroes stop it in time? Or has their happily ever after finally come to an end? Be careful who you trust.  Even the devil was once an angel. ORIGINAL SERIES: Queen's Alpha Series:  Eternal Everlasting Unceasing Evermore Forever Boundless Prophecy Protected Foretelling Revelation Betrayal Resolved The Omega Queen Series: Discipline Bravery Courage Conquer Strength Validation Approval Blessing Balance Grievance Enchanted Gratified

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Discipline: Heal Thyself, Pt. II – Steven Page

Steven Page - Discipline: Heal Thyself, Pt. II  artwork

Discipline: Heal Thyself, Pt. II

Steven Page

Genre: Pop

Price: $ 9.99

Release Date: September 14, 2018

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Episode 126: Dre Baldwin, Expert on Discipline, Building Confidence, and Mental Toughness


  • What’s the biggest obstacle to discipline?
  • Succeeding against perceived odds
  • The mental state of “I’m gonna make this happen”
  • Dre’s skill stack approach: More skills…more options
  • Wanting vs. deciding to take action
  • Effective self-promotion
  • Transitioning from doing nothing to doing something
  • Dre Baldwin contact Info:


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Sources: Rockets mad no discipline for Clippers

The fact that the LA Clippers’ Blake Griffin and Austin Rivers avoided disciplinary action from the NBA after Monday’s contentious home game with Houston has left the Rockets shocked and disappointed, team sources told ESPN.
www.espn.com – NBA

The Sixth Discipline – Carmen Webster Buxton

Carmen Webster Buxton - The Sixth Discipline  artwork

The Sixth Discipline

Haven, no. 1

Carmen Webster Buxton

Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Publish Date: March 22, 2011

Publisher: Carmen Webster Buxton

Seller: Smashwords

Ran-Del Jahanpur is a warrior of the Sansoussy Forest, trained in both the mental and physical Disciplines of his people. He thinks he's prepared for any danger the forest might hold, but his skills prove useless when he's caught in a hi-tech trap. Soon Ran-Del finds himself in a city so alien it might as well be another world—machines speak, vehicles fly, and his captors' weapons can inflict pain without touching him. Every time Ran-Del tries to escape, he's foiled by a technology he doesn't understand. As terrifying as the city is, his kidnapper, the enigmatic Baron Hayden, exudes a jovial affability that worries the Sansoussy even more. What can such a powerful man want with a Sansoussy warrior, who can neither read nor write and knows nothing of city ways? The Baron's daughter Francesca clearly knows more than she's saying, but Ran-Del's psy sense tells him only she's being truthful, not what she's thinking. And it's only after it seems that Ran-Del has escaped the city and its dangers, that he finds out how thoroughly he has been caught.

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Angels say Hamilton facing MLB discipline

Los Angeles Angels outfielder Josh Hamilton was scheduled to meet Wednesday with MLB officials in New York about a disciplinary issue, the team confirmed.