Episode 290 Scott Adams: Watching CNN Discover the Worst Case Scenario Develop

  • If the Democrats gain a bit of power, it might be good for President Trump

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Sex becomes a demonstration when attention is concentrated on observing specific techniques. There is no need for rehearsals; after all, all you are not going to prove anything to anybody. Your only duty here is to give out joy and receive joy in return. You give out joy best when you first get pleasure from it and make yourself more vulnerable to more enjoyment.
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News in Brief: Tearful Anthropologists Discover Dead Ancestor Of Humans 100,000 Years Too Late

JOHANNESBURG—Lamenting that there was nothing they could possibly do, tearful anthropologists announced at a press conference Thursday that they had discovered the bodies of 15 deceased human ancestors 100,000 years too late. “Not too long ago, these early people were alive and going about their normal daily lives, but sadly, by the time we scaled down the narrow 90-meter chute leading into the cave, they’d already been dead for at least 10,000 decades,” said visibly upset University of the Witwatersrand paleoanthropologist Lee R. Berger, bemoaning the fact that they could have saved the group of human predecessors if they had just reached the Rising Star cave system during the Pleistocene epoch. “We briefly considered resuscitation when we found their bodies, but after a cursory examination we knew that they were already gone. If we found them a hundred millennia sooner, this tragedy might have been prevented …

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Husband And Wife Discover They Crossed Paths As Kids, 16 Years Before Meeting

New Jersey couple Jourdan and Ryan Spencer met when they were set up on a blind date in 2004 — but they first crossed paths more than a decade before.

Several years ago, while watching home videos together, the couple came across some footage from 1988 (which you can watch above) when a 10-year-old Jourdan and her family were visiting Sesame Place amusement park in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. Jourdan was in line for the water slide and her family was waiting at the bottom for her to come down. That’s when Ryan, a then-13-year-old stranger, walked into the frame.

Jourdan’s mom, her sisters and Ryan in the glasses.

“Ryan walked past [in the video] and he said, ‘That looks like me,'” Jourdan told The Huffington Post. “We stopped it and rewound it and watched it again, it happened so quickly. We just kept watching it and rewinding it and watching it. We got out pictures of him at that age. There was no doubt about it — his ears, his nose, his horrible glasses, his choppy bangs — just no doubt about it.”

Both Ryan and Jourdan grew up in New Jersey and both of their families remembered visiting Sesame Place around that time. Still, when they told their friends about the discovery, no one really believed them. (Jourdan said she didn’t have a smartphone at the time to take a photo of the screen.)

They couldn’t even convince the naysayers otherwise because the video, which was kept at Jourdan’s parents’ home, went missing. The Spencers assumed it had been lost or destroyed when the parents’ house flooded during Hurricane Sandy.


It wasn’t until a family function two weeks ago, with all of Jourdan’s siblings in attendance, that the video resurfaced.

“We were watching home movies and we saw Sesame Place and went, ‘Oh, maybe this is it.’ And we said, ‘No no no, we lost that one,'” Jourdan said. “And then Ryan walked past. All of my siblings were here on that day. It was insane. Screaming, crying, everyone was so excited.”

Jourdan told HuffPost that she believes there are no coincidences and that things like this really do happen for a reason.

“It’s beyond what I can fathom in my mind,” she said. “It could be a movie.”

The couple now lives in Scotch Plains, New Jersey with their three children — Sophia, Max and Mabel. Their oldest Sophia, who is 6 years old, is fascinated by her parents’ story.

“She keeps saying, ‘How did Daddy know you were there?’ ‘Why were you there on the same day?’ ‘Was Daddy looking for you?’ Because there’s a part where it looks like he lost someone and is trying to find the people he was with. She wants to go back. She wants to know when we can go to Sesame Place.”

Courtesy of the couple

H/T NJ.com

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Researchers Accidentally Discover God

Some research-dudes in Denmark have expressed doubts about whether the so-called "God particle" (Higgs Boson) has really been discovered. The doubters say the experiments that allegedly found the God particle are not precise enough to know for sure.

Although the "God particle" is just a clever name, and has nothing to do with anyone's actual God, I have recently learned that the real, actual, literal God was discovered some time ago. The discovery doesn't get much mention in the article so you have to read between the lines.

To understand why I say the real God has been discovered, first you must know that something called techni-quarks are thought to be the fundamental bits of the universe. Humans, for example, are comprised of lots of different particles, but a techni-quark is just made of more techni-quark stuff. It has no parts that are different from the whole except in quantity.

Here's the quote from the article about techni-quarks that tells you God has already been discovered: "If techni-quarks exist, there must be a force to bind them together so that they can form particles," Frandsen said. "None of the four known forces of nature are any good at binding techni-quarks together. There must therefore be a yet undiscovered force of nature."

In my 2001 fiction book, God's Debris, I talk about a hypothetical fundamental particle and how someday we will understand that at the bottom of reality is nothing but one material (perhaps techni-quarks) plus the laws of probability. If that accurately describes reality, and I think it someday will, then here's the interesting part:

For all practical purposes, probability and God are the same thing. Both are cause-free forces that define the universe without over-specifying the details. Probability is the root cause behind motion, evolution, and eventually the writing of holy books.

In God's Debris I hypothesize in fiction form that probability is the only force that can never be understood or explained by science. And probability is the engine that drives every particle in the universe. Interestingly, probability looks just like intelligence if you back up far enough. Probability gave us natural selection and in effect "designed" every living creature through its rules. That's the same way humans create things: We try something and see how it works. If it doesn't work we discard it and try something new. That's evolution in a nutshell. And if it doesn't look like intelligence to you, I would say you have an overly romantic notion of what human minds are capable of. To me, human minds are just moist computers operating according to the laws of probability. Free will and intelligence are just illusion. You might argue that evolution is not an "intelligent" process, but I would argue that neither is anything else you do. Everything in the universe including our thoughts is nothing but techni-quarks bouncing around according to the laws of probability. Intelligence is an illusion, so we should not expect God to possess any of this illusion.

When I wrote God's Debris I imagined that science would someday discover that at the bottom of all reality is one fundamental piece of matter that conforms to the laws of probability to create every other piece of matter in the universe. That would be science's dead-end. Probability will never be understood. It is causeless and infinite. And because it is so consistent across time and space, one could say that fundamental force is the author of all we see.

I don't believe in a supreme being with a human-like personality because humans are, for the most part, fucked-up basket-cases, and it wouldn't make sense for an omnipotent being to have any of our flaws. But I do think science will someday hit a dead end and find that something – perhaps probability – just "is" and cannot be explained or changed. If you don't want to call that "God," I understand, but I also think we would be discussing semantics at that point, not concepts.

I'm overstating my case here, for fun. But I do think that someday science will hit a brick wall and realize that reality is nothing but one particle and a handful of simple rules of probability that cannot be further understood. If that isn't God, what is?

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