NHL Power Rankings: The driving force for all 31 teams

The season is taking shape, and every team is forming an identity. Here’s the one thing (a player, a line or something else) carrying all 31.
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Driving In Nashville, TN

Nashville Traffic Rules

Forget the traffic rules you learned elsewhere. Nashville has its own version of traffic rules…..Hold on and pray.

There is no such thing as a dangerous high-speed chase in Nashville. All Nashvillians drive like that.

All directions start with, “Get on Old Hickory Blvd”…which has no beginning and no end.

The Chamber of Commerce calls getting through traffic a “scenic drive.”

The morning rush hour is from 5:00 to 10:00.
The evening rush hour is from 3:00 to 7:00.
Friday’s rush hour starts Thursday morning.

If you actually stop at a yellow light, you will be rear-ended, cussed out, and possibly shot. When you are the first one on the starting line, count
to five when the light turns green before going to avoid getting into the way of any cross-traffic.

[DUH~MUN`~BREE~UN] Demonbreun can be pronounced only by a native.

Construction on I-40/440/65/24 is a way of life and a permanent form of entertainment.

All unexplained sights are explained by the phrase, “Oh, we must be in Bordeaux!”

If someone actually has his turn signal on, it is probably a factory defect.

The minimum acceptable speed on I-65 north between the KY State line and Trinity Lane is 115. Anything less is considered downright sissy.

The wrought iron on windows in south Nashville isn’t ornamental.

Never stare at the driver of the car with the bumper sticker that says, “Keep honking. I’m reloading.” In fact, don’t honk at anyone.

If you are in the left lane, and only going 75 in a 55 mph zone, people are NOT waving at you when they go by.

I-40 east is our daily version of NASCAR, with a perpetual caution flag.

If it’s 100 degrees, Thanksgiving must be next weekend.

Received from FranCMT2.
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‘Ray Donovan’ Actor Pooch Hall Dangerously Recorded His Kids While He Was Driving

[[tmz:video id=”0_8moa9lsc”]] “Ray Donovan” actor Marion “Pooch” Hall put his kids in danger with some questionable behavior behind the wheel … months before his shocking DUI arrest. We did some digging and found a video Hall recorded and posted…


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Driving Miss Daisy – Bruce Beresford

Bruce Beresford - Driving Miss Daisy  artwork

Driving Miss Daisy

Bruce Beresford

Genre: Drama

Price: $ 6.99

Rental Price: $ 0.99

Release Date: December 13, 1989

Winner of four Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Actress (Jessica Tandy), and receiving more nominations than any other movie that year, this is the touching tale of an unusual quarter-century friendship between an eccentric elderly Southern Jewish matron and her loyal, black chauffeur. Starring Oscar-winner Morgan Freeman ("Million Dollar Baby," "The Shawshank Redemption") and Dan Aykroyd ("Ghostbusters"), co-starring Patti LuPone (TV's "Life Goes On") and Esther Rolle (TV's "Good Times") and directed by Bruce Beresford ("Tender Mercies"). The Today Show says it "comes close to perfection…to see it once is to remember it forever…" Selected by the prestigious American Film Institute as one of the 400 greatest American films of all time.

© © 1989 Warner Bros.Entertaniment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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# Summer 2018: Driving with Jazz – Holiday, Freedom, Happiness – Jazz Music Collection, Instrumental Jazz Music Ambient & Classical Jazz Academy

Jazz Music Collection, Instrumental Jazz Music Ambient & Classical Jazz Academy - # Summer 2018: Driving with Jazz - Holiday, Freedom, Happiness  artwork

# Summer 2018: Driving with Jazz – Holiday, Freedom, Happiness

Jazz Music Collection, Instrumental Jazz Music Ambient & Classical Jazz Academy

Genre: Instrumental

Price: $ 5.99

Release Date: July 13, 2018

© ℗ 2018 Mood Jazz Ambient Rec

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Florida Woman Arrested For Driving Down Highway With Ex-Boyfriend on Hood

Patresha Isidore mugshot

Source: Broward County Sheriff’s Office / Broward County Sheriff’s Office

Remember that video that went viral of a car flying down the highway, with a man on the hood? Well, the woman at the wheel of the whip has been arrested.

Did we even have to tell you where she was from?

Reports 10TV.com:

A woman is behind bars after she allegedly sped down a South Florida highway with a man on the hood of her car.

CBS Denver identified the suspect as Patresha Isidore. Isidore allegedly drove off with a car belonging to her ex-boyfriend, Junior Francis, last Sunday.

According to an arrest report, Francis climbed on the hood in an attempt to stop Isidore. However, police say she continued driving, eventually getting onto Interstate 95.

Isidore drove with Francis on the hood for about 19 miles before she was stopped, according to police.


But here’s the kicker, Francis reportedly doesn’t want to press charges.

Battered man? Guilt because he did some f*cksh*t that warranted this “lesson”? Florida Man and Florida Woman having an understanding?

Whatever the reason, the struggle is real. Also, keep both of them off the road, people besides themselves could get hurt.

Lastly, by the looks of her mugshot—what else has she done?

Photo: Broward County Sheriff’s Office

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You’re Driving Me Crazy – Van Morrison & Joey DeFrancesco

Van Morrison & Joey DeFrancesco - You're Driving Me Crazy  artwork

You’re Driving Me Crazy

Van Morrison & Joey DeFrancesco

Genre: Jazz

Price: $ 10.99

Release Date: April 27, 2018

© ℗ 2018 Exile Productions, Ltd. under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment

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John Cena Has The Answer To One Of Your Biggest Driving Pet Peeves

New PSA aims to solve a frustrating problem on the streets.
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Blake Shelton Gives Gwen Stefanis’ 11-Year-Old Kingston A Driving Lesson

The country star took Gwen’s oldest son for a spin in Oklahoma’s icy mud-filled fields and got hilariously stuck. Blake even tried to place the blame on Kingston, who is definitely to young to drive and Gwen happily caught it all on video for her Instagram followers. See the muddy rescue here.

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What Uber Learned from a Year of Self Driving

Ride hailing company Uber took to the streets of Pittsburgh in late 2016 with self-driving cars. Here’s what riders and the company learned from letting robots take the wheel.
WIRED Videos

CISAC Music Royalty Collections Grow to $8.4 Billion, Even With YouTube & Others ‘Driving Down the Value of Our Works’

CISAC, the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers, which collects data from 239 collection management organizations in 123…
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Driving Design – The Technology Shaping Tomorrow’s Innovation

Explore the tech moments that redefine what’s possible with Designer Thomas Meyerhoffer, from the birth of the Internet to tomorrow’s cutting-edge innovations.
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Real Housewives of Orange County’s Shannon Beador Rushed to Hospital Before Daughter’s Driving Test

Shannon BeadorShannon Beador is recovering from a traumatic incident this afternoon in Orange County.
Shortly before her daughter Sophie was scheduled to take her driver’s license test, the Real…

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Meek Mill Arrested, Charged With Recklessly Driving Motorcycle

Meek Mill just caught another L. The Philly rapper was arrested in NYC for recklessly driving his motorcycle in Harlem. 

The real struggle is that it seems he drew the attention of the authorities after posting footage of himself riding a dirt bike on social media.

TMZ reports that someone called 911, and the cops picked up Meek at 10:16 pm on Thursday night (April 17). Witnesses said they saw a group of people popping wheelies and riding dangerously down the streets of Harlem.

The police then went to social media to identify Meek.


Harlem streets are full of people on illegal dirt bikes during the summer. Most of them aren’t famous rappers, though.

Also, the Internet has already thrown chill out the window. See footage of the arrest on the flip.

NYC octane!!!!

A post shared by Meek Mill (@meekmill) on

Photo: WENN.com

The post Meek Mill Arrested, Charged With Recklessly Driving Motorcycle appeared first on Hip-Hop Wired.

Hip-Hop Wired

Meek Mill Arrested and Charged For Recklessly Driving Motorcycle (UPDATE)

9:02 PM PT — Meek has been officially arrested and charged with reckless endangerment. He was picked up by NYPD at 10:16 PM after a 911 call was made by witnesses who saw a group of people popping wheelies and riding dangerously down the street. Law…


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Aaron Carter Arrest, Cops Say He Was Driving and Bombed Field Sobriety Test

Aaron Carter was spotted behind the wheel — despite his claims — before cops busted him … this according to the police report.   TMZ obtained the report, which contradicts Aaron’s claim that cops never saw him driving, and therefore…


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Hillary Clinton’s ‘Fight Song’ is driving some people nuts

Hillary Clinton’s ‘Fight Song’ is driving some people nutsCelebrities perform “Fight Song” for a video played at the Democratic National Convention. It’s Hillary Clinton’s fight song, but some listeners don’t have a lot of fight left in them. Before and after the Democratic nominee takes the stage at rallies, her campaign inevitably plays the 2015 pop hit “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten.

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News in Brief: Report: Distracted Driving Results In More Than 5,000 Unfinished Texts Each Year

WASHINGTON—Describing the findings as “deeply troubling,” the U.S. Department of Transportation released a report Tuesday revealing that the growing epidemic of distracted driving is responsible for more than 5,000 unfinished text messages a year. “Far too often, drivers concentrating on their phones instead of the road lose control of their vehicles and get into accidents, tragically cutting short the messages they were attempting to type,” Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said of the report, which reviewed six years’ worth of gruesome automobile crashes that ended the texts of the drivers involved. “Of all these messages that were lost, many were very brief and still had many more words to go. Now, we will never know what they might have said, or where they might have been sent. Their abrupt, mid-sentence endings were both sad and unnecessary.” The report strongly urged citizens to avoid texting while driving, noting that …

The Onion

Rihanna — Lewis Hamilton Is Driving Me Wild … All Night Long (VIDEO)

Pretty clear evidence Rihanna and Lewis Hamilton are a thing now — they popped up at the same NYC club together … fresh off their Barbados bump and grind session. RiRi and the Formula 1 driver left 1OAK in NYC…


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Kylie Jenner and Tyga Spotted Driving Her Birthday Ferrari Amid Crash Rumors—Plus, See Her Sexy Bikini Pics!

It looks like Kylie Jenner and Tyga have landed back in Los Angeles.

The pair were spotted riding around in SoCal today in the birthday girl’s new Ferrari, which was gifted to her by…

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Driving Towards the Daylight – Joe Bonamassa

Joe Bonamassa - Driving Towards the Daylight  artwork

Driving Towards the Daylight

Joe Bonamassa

Genre: Blues

Price: $ 11.99

Release Date: May 22, 2012

© ℗ 2012 J&R Adventures

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Streams, led by ‘Uptown Funk,’ driving music market in US and UK

Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk" featuring Bruno Mars is a trans-Atlantic hit.The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) revealed in its mid-year report that streams are up 80 percent — a trend it expects will be bolstered further with Apple Music's entry into the market. Leading streams was Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk!," which has been played 45 million times via audio streaming this year. Both audio and video streaming showed considerable growth: 2015 has seen 12.5 billion video streams, for a year-on-year increase of 98 percent.

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American Voices: Samsung Introducing ‘Clear Truck’ To Make Driving Safer

Samsung is working to develop a “clear truck,” which works by using a camera installed on the front to livestream the road ahead onto a mounted video screen on the back, letting drivers see “through” the truck. What do you think?

The Onion

Anthony J. Fera Arrested For Allegedly Beating Gay Man Who Complained About His Driving

A Texas oil executive was arrested earlier this month for allegedly beating a gay man and calling him a “faggot” after the victim reportedly complained about his driving.

Anthony J. Fera, 51, got into a dispute with Andy Smith and his husband, Paul Von Wupperfield, who were walking down Austin’s Colorado Street in April when Fera pulled out of a parking lot in his pickup truck, according to the Dallas Voice.

(Note: The following contains explicit language.)

Smith, 47, said Fera’s truck “came barreling out of the parking lot on our left, almost hitting us,” according to a statement given to police that was cited by the Voice.

“I hollered out, ‘You nearly hit us.’ To which the driver replied, ‘Fuck you faggot,’” Smith said, per the Voice.

Fera allegedly stopped his truck in traffic and argued with Smith over the anti-gay slur. Then, Fera reportedly beat Smith, who was knocked unconscious for 30 to 45 seconds, and drove away.

Smith suffered a broken nose and cuts on his face, the Austin American-Statesman reported.

The Houston Business Journal says witnesses photographed the pickup truck and its license plate, which led police to Fera, who is president of Houston-based MidStar Energy, a company that provides oil and gas field services.

“I’m very grateful to the Austin Police Department and the many witnesses who stepped forward and offered help,” Smith told the Dallas News. “I’ve received a lot of support and love from my family and friends.”

Fera has been arrested several times in Texas and Pennsylvania. He’s now facing assault charges, and the Voice reports that it will be up to prosecutors to decide whether to pursue hate crime charges.

Fera declined to comment to local media and attempts by The Huffington Post to reach him through his company have not been successful. This story will be updated if Fera responds.

(h/t Raw Story)

— This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

Gay Voices – The Huffington Post

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Denni O’s Amateur Sluts And Real Swingers 91: Driving In Reverse

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Amateur Pay Per View

Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and George Ezra driving British male success

A new analysis of music sales by the BPI reveals that in 2014 British Male Solo Artists enjoyed their strongest UK sales share in over 15 years.
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Bieber pleads guilty to assault, careless driving in Canada

June 04 – Justin Bieber pleads guilty to assault and careless driving charges in Canada. John Russell reports.

Reuters Video: Entertainment

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Justin Bieber Pleads Guilty to Assault and Careless Driving in Canada

Justin BieberHave Justin Bieber’s legal woes finally come to an end?

The singer’s attorney tells E! News that there was a resolution today in the outstanding assault and careless driving…

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Actress Lindsay Lohan taken off probation in driving case, prosecutor says

Lindsay Lohan has completed her community service in a 2012 reckless driving case and is now off probation for the first time in eight years. Bob Mezan reports.

Reuters Video: Entertainment

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followJOJOE – “Driving Me Crazy”

San Diego, CA’s own followJOJOE unveils his latest VEVO premiered visual for “Driving Me Crazy.” This serves as the first single for his soon to be released self-titled EP.

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The Forces Driving Work & Life

The Blonde believed I was having an affair, and she was right. There were late nights, the meetings and chatting online, my mind was often elsewhere and I was distant at times, and I always had excuses why we couldn’t spend time together. But its not what she thought.
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How to Stop Teens from Texting while Driving

You would become a billionaire if you built a device to stop teens from texting and driving. The insurance companies would love it.

I think I figured out an elegant way to stop teens from texting. Yes, I could form a company to produce the product myself. But building a company takes time, and luck, and patent applications, and lots more. I would be dicking around trying to form a company while thousands of people die in the meantime.

So I'm going to release this idea for anyone who wants to take a run at it. I think insurance companies would be first in line. And I think they can act faster than I can.

Before you understand my solution, let me give you some context.

All newer cars have a standard jack that lets consumers add third-party devices that interact with the car's electronics. The jack is usually under the dashboard and most people have never seen it. Devices already exist that plug into that jack and record data about the car's operation.

The brute force method of preventing texting while driving involves, for example, having an app on your teen's phone that interacts with the plug-in device and shuts off texting functions while the car detects movement. That device already exists. I think AT&T offers one.

The problem with that approach is that whenever the teen is moving as a passenger in a car, or on a bus, texting is disabled. All the app knows is that the teen is in motion.

The problem no one has yet cracked is how to identify the driver of the car and disable that one phone's texting capability while allowing texting for passengers and public transit users.

That's the problem I solved.

My insight is that the problem lies with psychology, not technology. Here's my solution.

Like AT&T's solution, a device is jacked into the car's port below the dashboard. (You literally just plug it in.) The device works with an app that your teen has on his phone. That technology is all standard stuff.

All I am changing is the psychology, and to do that we require some tweaks in the software.

My solution requires one person to register as the non-texting driver for the specific vehicle or else a text alert will go to parents saying the car has no designated driver and is in motion.

That's it. That's the psychological fix. Think this through with me…

For starters, the passengers are all free to text, even if they have the app on their phones, because they have not registered as the driver of the moment. The speed of the vehicle is irrelevant to them.

If your teen is driving alone, he can still text and drive. The technology does not prevent it. But what does happen is that an immediate text is sent to a parent alerting of the behavior. And I can imagine also sending that data directly to the car insurance company as a way of knowing if the non-texting discount can apply.

I think it is important to allow texting and driving because sometimes the driver might hand his phone to a buddy and say, "Text my dad that we're heading to Bob's house." Or maybe the teen is stuck in stop-and-go traffic and just needs to tell his Mom, "home in 10." That's reasonably safe, but the parent will get an alert text anyway, including the highway speed at the moment of the text. If the car is at rest, the parent doesn't care. If the text says, "Eric says to tell you we are heading to Bob's house," it is obviously from a friend in the car, and again the parent isn't concerned.

My idea assumes that teens are selfish. (Fair enough?) Imagine a car full of teens, each with a phone, each texting continuously during the ride as passengers. Would any of those teens volunteer to be the designated driver – just to fool the app – so the real driver can text and drive? I don't think so, at least not often. Teens have lost the ability to be car passengers without texting. It isn't even a thing anymore. They need texting like they need air.

A teen is dumb enough to ride in a car with a driver that is texting, but that teen is too selfish to give up his own right to text. A system that relies on honesty, good judgment, or dependability will always fail with teens. But a system that depends on teens being selfish has a good shot at working.

Best of all, this system gives the teen passengers an easy way to protest if the driver somehow tries to beat the system and text anyway. Teens aren't good at saying, "Drive safely and don't text." But teens are great at saying, "Dude, I'm not going to be your designated non-texting bitch."

Your brain is now busy thinking of ways your teen can thwart my clever system, and those ways surely exist. No system is hole-free. But I think this system takes a huge bite out of the problem.

This is a big deal. If you can't think of a serious flaw in the system I described, we just fixed a big problem. And if there is a flaw I don't see, perhaps this discussion will spark a better idea in one of you.

Let's see if we can do something good today.


Scott Adams
Co-founder of CalendarTree.com     
Author of this book 

Twitter Dilbert: @Dilbert_Daily

Twitter for Scott: @ScottAdamsSays

Dilbert.com Blog

Texting and Driving – update

Here's a short video of Katie Curic interviewing an entrepreneur with a device like the one I described a few posts ago to prevent teens from driving and texting.

The difference, I think, is that in my concept I required one driver to register as the designated driver in order for the car to start.

I can't tell if there is an easy way for teens to defeat the product in the video. But if the teen only has one car, and the device is in it, I can see it working well so long as it also notifies a parent whenever the device is removed from the port.

Dilbert.com Blog

Patrick Schwarzenegger — He’s Driving the Party Bus … NOT Miley

Miley Cyrus has gotten a bad rap, allegedly corrupting her new BF Patrick Schwarzenegger, but we’ve learned he’s an insane partier who is actually pushing her beyond her limits. Celebs who have partied with both Miley and Patrick tell TMZ ……


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Bobby Shmurda — ‘Driving Force’ In Murderous Gang … Prosecutors Claim

Rapper Bobby Shmurda was a “driving force” in a gang that committed murders and other violent crimes … this according to NY prosecutors.Prosecutors from the NYC Special Narcotics Office just released their indictment, claiming more than 15…


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Exclusive: The Band Perry to Play High School Concerts to Promote Safe Teen Driving

The Band Perry will be touring all fall in support of 2013’s Pioneer, both on their own headlining dates and as part of Blake Shelton’s Ten Times…
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