Edu-Tunes: Volume 1 – Emily Hendricks

Emily Hendricks - Edu-Tunes: Volume 1  artwork

Edu-Tunes: Volume 1

Original Music Made by Educators

Emily Hendricks

Genre: Music

Publish Date: November 17, 2020

Publisher: Emily Hendricks

Seller: Emily Hendricks

Music has been a very large part of my existence for most of my waking life. As a performer, I learned the value in showing your work, including all the mistakes, the emotion and the identity the music holds within it. As an educator of digital music and sound art, my constant goal is to transfer this notion to students of all ages: "Identity is a moving portrait, an ever-changing work of expression that is never final. Music speaks to this identity, carrying with it emotion, story and perspective, leading others down the path you create." Enjoy this unique musical compilation, which includes original music made by seven educators from around the world during the fall season of 2020.

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