Episode 1245 Scott Adams: Let’s Discuss the Capitol Protest and Elon Musk’s Prediction

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  • We NEED to know elections are credible
  • Why not take 10 days for a confidence audit?
  • We NEED an honest free press…we don’t have one
  • Supporting protests while condemning violence
  • NO fraud evidence has been court reviewed
  • Why they don’t want Assange free to speak

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FBI investigating Kanye West and Elon Musk Twitter hack

Hackers used the hijacked accounts to successfully obtain approximately $ 120,000 (£95,700) in Bitcoin.
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Welcome to the Future Which Is Mine – Not Elon Musk & Scott Dikkers

Not Elon Musk & Scott Dikkers - Welcome to the Future Which Is Mine  artwork

Welcome to the Future Which Is Mine

Not Elon Musk & Scott Dikkers

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Publish Date: October 2, 2018

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Pablo Escobar’s Bro Considers Suing Elon Musk Over Flamethrower Idea

Pablo Escobar’s brother says Elon Musk ripped off the “not-a-flamethrower” idea and beat him to the punch — but now he’s got his own (hot) take on the gizmo … and a possible legal fireball for Elon.   The late Colombian kingpin’s bro,…


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Elon Musk Confirms At #E32019 You Will Be Able To Play Games & Watch YouTube In Your Tesla

Elon Musk Confirms 'Fallout Shelter' & More Apps Coming To Tesla Cars

Source: Charley Gallay / Getty

Tesla Cars can already do a bevy of things regular vehicles cannot, speaking with Bethesda Games, Todd Howard at E3, Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk confirmed the Tesla owners will be able to play games, watch YouTube and use more apps in their electric cars on the ample built-in touchpad screen.

Musk revealed that drivers will be able to play Fallout Shelter, Bethesda’s free mobile game based on the popular Fallout franchise that was released in back in 2015. The game will be joining the list of already confirmed titles which includes the insanely challenging platformer Cuphead, Atari Classics such as Missile CommandAsteroidsLunar Lander, and Centipede which all arrived in the vehicle last August.

Not a gamer, no problem, Musk also confirmed that the popular video streaming app YouTube will also be coming to his Tesla vehicles as well. He flexed creative muscle, even more, when he revealed that drivers will be able to play a game called Buggy Racing 2 by using the car’s steering wheel, accelerator, and brake showing off the fantastic capability in a clip.

Other things Musk spoke on during the panel included his next big launch and even a weird”hits blunt” moment where he suggested that human existence could be someone’s video game and we are all the characters in the game.


No word on when the updates will arrive in the Tesla cars but when they do we will definitely update you on it. You can watch the entire panel featuring Musk below.

Photo: Charley Gallay / Getty

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Short Sellers Coming For Elon Musk’s Company On Twitter With $TslaQ Hashtag In Hopes To Cash In

$  TslaQ Hashtag

Source: Spencer Platt / Getty

Elon Musk should be riding a wave of momentum right now. Just recently his company Tesla announced its new crossover SUV, the Model Y and unveiled a leasing option for the model 3. But there is a growing group consisted of crowd-sourced short sellers on a mission to see Musk and his company fail so they can take advantage and make some money.

If you click on the $ TslaQ hashtag on Twitter, you will see a concerted effort from short sellers (investors who profit from stocks declining) to expose Telsa and its CEO Elon Musk in hopes to see the company’s value crash and burn. In a detailed report from the Los Angeles Times, writer Russ Witchell breaks down just how intricate this crowd-sourced effort is.

From having their own fleet of pilots called the Shorty Air Force who fly over lots exposing hundreds of cars sitting and a ground effort called the Shorty Ground Force who gather images of cars just collecting dust tell a different story than what Elon Musk’s Twitter timeline is saying.

Per The Los Angeles Times:

“Ten days left in the quarter, and they’re just sitting there,” said Machine Planet, peering down at the remote landscape outside Lathrop. Tesla bought those trailers to aid what Chief Executive Elon Musk said will be an unprecedented wave of new car deliveries in March. But to Machine Planet — that’s the name he uses on Twitter — the scene just confirms his suspicions that there are lots all around the U.S. filled with unsold Tesla cars. (He and others claim to have counted 52.)”

“If you spend any time on the Twitter hashtag $ TslaQ, you know what this means to Tesla short sellers. They believe the lots full of new Model 3s — and Models S and X vehicles, too — show Tesla has reached a cliff in demand for its vehicles. When the rest of the world finally admits the company’s days as a fast-growth story are numbered, they say, its stock price will crash, creating a bonanza for investors who, like Machine Planet, have bet big that Tesla’s shares are grossly overvalued.”

Again while they have done extensive research on the company gathering all kinds of info and photos, Musk is telling a different story about his company and business is good, and the cars are moving.

We will just have to see if Musk’s dream of owning the road, sending people to space and equipping homes with solar panels will come to fruition.

Photo: Spencer Platt / Getty

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Elon Musk Hopes To Block Ex Grimes & Azealia Banks From Tweet Lawsuit Hearing

Elon Musk during 'Elon Musk Answers Your Questions!' at SXSW

Source: WENN.com / WENN

Elon Musk triggered a fraud investigation and a fine from the Securities Exchange Commission after he fired off a tweet that he was going to take his company Tesla public at $ 420 per share. At the time, the tweet was made with his ex-girlfriend Grimes and Azealia Banks in his presence and investors in a lawsuit against him with to subpoena the women but Musk’s legal team is hoping to block the move.

Bloomberg reports:

“It is readily apparent that this is more of an effort to sensationalize these proceedings than a legitimate attempt to preserve evidence,” attorney Dean Kristy said in a filing Thursday in federal court in San Francisco.

The Tesla shareholders say the former girlfriend, Canadian singer Claire Elise Boucher, also known as Grimes, may have first-hand knowledge about what Musk was thinking Aug. 7 when he shocked the world with a tweet: “Am considering taking Tesla private at $ 420. Funding secured.”

The investors claim Musk and Tesla manipulated the company’s share price. They allege Musk lied about funding to push the shares higher and ambush short sellers betting against the company.

The investors cite news media accounts placing Musk in the company of Boucher, and rapper Azealia Banks, around the time of the tweet. They contend it’s not unreasonable to subpoena Boucher and Banks to ensure the preservation of anything in writing that might be relevant to the lawsuit — Twitter and Instagram messages in particular.

Banks responded to news of the filing by Musk’s attorney, writing, “This is going to get extremely ugly” before deleting the post.

Photo: WENN

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Elon Musk’s Boring Company Plans to Dig a Tunnel to Dodger Stadium

The proposed 3.6-mile route would take fans from the metro to the parking lot, saving them from hellish LA traffic.
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Don’t Believe What They Say About Fall Fashion, Elon Musk, or ICE: 10 Headlines We Trolled This Week

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Elon Musk’s Master Plan Culminates in the Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 isn’t just a new electric car, it’s the culmination of over a decade of careful strategic planning to achieve Elon Musk’s goal: to accelerate humanity’s transition to sustainable energy.
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